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Daily Update

E. J.  McMahon begins his Op-Ed in today’s New York Post with this, “The budget adopted by New York’s Legislature last week was described by Gov. Cuomo as “the best plan that the state has produced. . . in decades, literally.”  If this is truly the “best” New York can do, we’re in even more trouble than we thought.”  Read the rest of his Op-Ed here.

Chairman Mike Long thinks Senate GOP members opened themselves up to potential primaries from the right after acquiescing to Gov. Cuomo’s push for a $15 minimum wage and statewide paid family leave program.  Read the rest of Ken Lovett’s article here.

Tom Precious writes in his Buffalo News column how unions were the big winners in the 2016 Budget while small business needs were ignored.  Little did we know that when Gov. Cuomo told us in 2011 that New York was open for business, he only meant businesses run by unions. 

E. J. McMahon also brings up the looming problem of how to pay for the personal income tax the Governor is touting in the budget.  Why do we get the feeling that the “benefit” will cost us more in the long run?

PBA President Pat Lynch has some insight as to why there has been a rise in city shootings and slashing’s. 

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Politico how the discretionary funds in this year’s budget have grown to a total of $1.49 billion.   

Mayor de Blasio is finally livid over the questionable nursing home flip.

George J. Marlin gives us a look at the dark side of progressivism. 

Weekly Wrap-Up

With last night’s budget announcement, Gov. Cuomo declared New York “the progressive leader” thanks to the new $15 minimum wage – showing that his main priority is and always will be politics and ideology, not good policy.

The budget contains new regulations like the $15 minimum wage and paid family leave; a huge spending increase for union-controlled schools, another increase in “transportation spending” that is supposed to fix roads and bridges (a promise New Yorkers have heard time and again) and an overall spending increase; but no ethics reforms to curb corruption in Albany. 

Here is one list of winners (unions, big government) and losers small business owners, good government, democracy). 

Some think the budget’s tax cut is a worthwhile accomplishment – but it doesn’t kick in until 2018, and even then, will it make a difference if more and more taxpayers leave the state?  (Remember, it’s already happening, and “progressive” trendsetter California – an inspiration for Cuomo and the liberals – is leading the way here too.)

What do you think – what’s the worst part of the new state budget? Who gets hurt the most with this new deal? Do you think tax relief is enough to make up for the new “progressive” mandates?  Vote now in our new Weekly Poll.

New York is making national political news with our primary just around the corner. 

Trump leads on the Republican side, and Hillary’s ahead for the Democrats – but is Hillary losing her grip on New York?

Bernie Sanders is breaking fundraising records, and a “Never Hillary” group is forming to match the “Never Trump” uprising on the Republican side.

The New York Post says our state deserves a debate between the left-wing candidates. 

Hillary’s got some nerve, you have to give her that. 

Have a great weekend!

Daily Update

Most news reports are saying there is an agreement on the NYS Budget, but like Obamacare, those who are voting on the Budget will not really know what it contains until after it passes.  The news, however, on the minimum wage is distressing, as it appears that Governor Cuomo’s union-backed increase is included, despite the outcry of many who opposed the job-killing increase.  Former comptroller candidate, Harry Wilson, spoke to Fred Dicker on Monday, (Mr. Wilson begins at the 23:30 mark) countless editorials and economic studies and our own efforts (see previous posts and press releases) on behalf of the taxpayers. The Bully-in-Chief uses his bully pulpit to enforce what he wants. New York’s decline will escalate dramatically if Republicans lose the NYS Senate in this presidential year, as opposed to the death by a thousand cuts it currently is experiencing with the Governor, Assembly Speaker and Independent Democratic Conference Leader coalescing for their agenda. Taxpayers have one hope — give the Republicans the majority.  If not, New York State will become New York City or a modern day ghost town.

Scott Stringer’s empty empathy for small businesses.

How liberal policies destroyed black families.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis harmed residents with illogical demands and now his decisions are seriously skewering taxpayers

Here is an excellent article on why selecting Supreme Court Justices — in fact, all Judges — is so important. 

The Daily Signal thinks the Little Sisters may have some hope– even without Justice Scalia.

What is government’s role in private pensions?  The United Mine Workers of America’s pension fund is nearing insolvency and some lawmakers want to bail it out despite the fact that Social Security is also nearing insolvency and little hope that Social Security will survive.



Daily Update

Rob Astorino opines on Gov. Cuomo’s disastrous plan to raise the minimum wage.

This just in from Assemblyman Gary Finch...             “A $15 an hour minimum wage is an extension of the failed policies that have led us to climb down the ladder of success. It is an extension of the failed policies that have made our state dead last in business climate. Instead, we need to cut taxes and reform regulations so that talented job creators and innovative entrepreneurs invest in our communities. They’re the ones who can build ladders of opportunity for the working poor to climb up into the middle class,” said Finch.  

The Empire Center lets us know where Gotham’s money comes from.

Budget talks continue, the State of Politics has the latest here.  Politico New York has more here.

Hillary and the State Department lose again

The North Carolina bathroom debate continues here, here and here.

The CATO Institute opines on the Friedrichs Decision as did the New York Daily News editorial.

Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.

Daily Update

Unions have a big win in the US Supreme Court today, in great part due to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.  The 4-4 decision leaves in place the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals favoring the Teacher’s Union.  However, the decision does not does not set a national precedent, which many believe would have changed if Justice Scalia had lived to give his decision. 

How ironic is it that both Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, banned travel to North Carolina — after the state legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a bill overriding a bill passed by the city of Charlotte that gave new legal protections for LGBT individuals, including transgender people the right to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify — despite the fact that they traveled to and celebrate Cuba where freedoms are almost non-existent.

It is looking like the legislative leaders are about to cave to the political pressures of radical unions according to this report on, in defiance of the many strong arguments against such an increase in the minimum wage.  The Daily Signal looks at what will likely happen in California after yesterday’s announcement of going forward with a $15 per hour wage and what will likely happen in Washington, D. C.  Here is what Investor’s Business Daily says about California’s new minimum wage. 

Why is it that so many people have lost their backbone?  Here are articles ontwo republican governors, one a total wimp and one who does not cave to pressure.  Thank you, Governor Pence!

Betsy McCaughey opines on Hillary’s preposterous ideas to fix Obamacare.

The Obama Administration is funding several non-profit groups to naturalize green card holders to vote against Donald Trump, according to the Daily Caller.

If Sheldon Silver ever gets out of jail, he won’t be able to practice law.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.


Daily Update

More on why the Governor demands a $15 minimum wage was covered in Friday’s New York Post editorial.  Read it here.

Liberty Street Economics shows that upstate job growth, once thought to be expanding, is actually holding steady at a paltry 0.5 percent.  One has to ask what raising the minimum wage would do to the anemic growth rate. 

Apparently, Governor Cuomo is “cautiously optimistic” that his demands for an increased minimum wage will be reached by Friday.  However, with an additional $2.2 billion need for certain state agencies be included, and where is that additional money coming from?  You don’t have to answer because we all know it is coming from New York’s beleaguered taxpayers.

Speaking of beleaguered taxpayers, Enough with the MTA’s multibillion-dollar bungling.

Senate candidate, Chris McGrath,  running in Long Island, takes a strong stand on term limits, a position that we champion.  When term limits are established, toothless, window-dressing commissions like JCOPE could be eliminated.

If you are still confused about Hillary’s “email/server” problem, the Washington Post has a rather lengthy article explaining how Hillary’s email scandal took root.  Here is more about Hillary’s email problem from the

AG Loretta Lynch dutifully follows President Obama’s undermining of the criminal justice system.  Shame on both of them!

Kurt Schlichter gives us a short history lesson on what could be our future if we fail to make the right choices in this pivotal election year.  Read his thoughtful article For America, the Fall of the Roman Empire Is the Best Case Scenario here. 




Weekly Wrap-Up

To bolster his own legacy, President Obama this week stood in the shadow of Che Guevara and the Castro brothers, and even tried to exploit America’s history to celebrate the Cuban “revolution.” 

The Washington Times notes that, despite claims from the Left, America’s Cuba policy hasn’t been a complete failure

The Daily Signal has six questions Obama should have asked Castro – but instead, the President welcomed the Castros’ America bashing and was treated like nothing more than a puppet

Cuban dissidents were frustrated by Obama’s trip, and the country’s political prisoners were left in the lurch. 

And the President didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the Brussels terrorist attack, since there was a much more important baseball game taking place.

Now in Argentina, Obama is bashing Americans himself and literally dancing as the world burns.

What do you believe was the most shameful part of Obama’s Cuba trip? What do you wish most for the Cuban people? And why do you believe Obama is so critical of America when he is overseas? These are the questions in our new Weekly Poll – give your answers today!

Speaking of Brussels, this week’s attacks mark a terrifying new focus for ISIS. 

Hillary has criticized Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for their calls for greater surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods – but all she has to offer are clichés and platitudes

In the presidential race, as Ted Cruz continues to build support, John Podhoretz warns him and John Kasich that the GOP convention will never nominate them

This week marked the six-year anniversary of Obamacare, but it was more of a wake than a birthday party. 

Meanwhile here in our state, New York City is finally getting serious about the recent, alarming rise in knife violence. But labor unions and their lawmaker allies refuse to get serious about how many jobs the $15 minimum wage will eliminate – and the more jobs that are lost, the more New York’s population will collapse.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Daily Update

Politico New York writes that legislators are considering a slower ramp-up for the minimum wage.  Michael Durant, state director of NFIB, correctly notes that “By floating carve-outs the governor is acknowledging that there will, in fact, be serious consequences for small employers and our family farms,” he said. “That in and of itself should give any member of the Senate Republican conference pause before agreeing to such a terrible proposal.”

How does a commission designed to oversee ethics maintain its integrity when the executive director used to work for the Governor?  This is the third consecutive director who has ties with Governor Cuomo, JCOPE conducted a nationwide search for a replacement and received more than 200 resumes and the one chosen has ties to the Governor?  Predetermined comes to mind, so does waste of taxpayer’s money.  Casey Seiler, writing in the Times Union has more insight on the JCOPE appointment.

The Empire Center, a true watchdog of government waste, released its latest critique on the costly extension of one of the Taylor Law’s provisions.  They also issued a press release on the salaries at the Port Authority leading to this editorial in today’s New York Post.

The Daily Signal give us insight into Europe’s breeding ground for terrorBenny Avni skewers President Obama’s reaction, or should we say, lack of reaction.  Almost like the gentleman in the photo used in the NY Post piece…a man nonchalantly walking past a critically injured man lying on the floor.  Obama did take time away from “The Ballgame” to speak to ESPN reporters to explain we can’t let terrorist “disrupt people’s ordinary lives.”

Obamacare is 6 years old today…the Daily Signal takes another look at how it is working, and gives us 6 broken Obamacare promises.

Former Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey was right on Obamacare and she is right on this.

Investor’s Business Daily opines on how astute former President Bill Clinton was on Monday.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.



Daily Update

The continuing battle between the FBI and Apple may be nearing resolve as the FBI stated in a court filing that an “outside party” they may have found another way to access the device.

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito was in Albany yesterday with a laundry list of wants, passage of the Dream Act, raising the minimum wage and paid family leave, reinstating the Commuter Tax and imposing tolls to enter the more congested and transit accessible parts of Manhattan all fiscally irresponsible ideas.  Additionally, the Council Speaker is asking for legislation to completely overhaul the pre-trial detention system to eliminate the concept of money bail and leave only the option of remanding without bail, releasing, or releasing with conditions.  Speaker Mark-Viverito is term-limited (her term ends in 2017) and she is determined to accomplish her left of Mayor de Blasio’s progressive views before she leaves office.  

Petition opposes undocumented workers teach. The Board of Regents approved the regulation earlier this month, but an open comment period is underway.  Download and submit the petition here

Healthcare providers issued a dire warning Monday on the impact of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed $15 minimum wage, saying services will be cut and organizations will close without new state funding to pay for the raises.  The state — New York taxpayers — can hardly afford the numbers they are talking about, “hospitals put the extra cost of a $15 minimum wage at $570 million, with the overall cost rising to $2.9 billion when nursing homes and home care agencies are included.” 

The NY Daily News wants President Obama to “Give ’em Hell” referring to Cuba’s human rights outrages.  But as they note in the editorial President Obama didn’t even dispute the differences between Cuban prisoners and Gitmo detainees. Sadly, the White House even justifies imprisonment of Cuban dissidentsHere is one man’s take on how President Obama’s “historic” trip has not helped Cubans one iota. 

Brussels Attack Shows Lawful Intelligence Collection Has Never Been More Important.  Our thoughts and prayers for the innocent victims and their families.

Bill Clinton slams “awful legacy” of the last eight years.  Sometimes, the former president is pretty astute.

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell. 

Daily Update

President Obama and his family are on another sightseeing tour, only this time, it is in direct disregard for the families of Frank Connor, Werner Foerster and the untold stories of thousands of families who the Castro brothers have thrown into jail for the suppression of internal dissent.  Here is more on the four dangerous criminals Cuba is protecting.  While the President and his family soak up the adulation of the Cuban President, Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with the FARC guerillas to assess the progress of the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and FARC.  Just so you know, The Department of State designated the FARC as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997, and many of its leaders have been indicted in the United States on charges of narcotics trafficking.  Castro lectured the US “double standards” and demand that we return the “illegally occupied” Guantanamo Bay.

According to this NY Daily News article, there is no agreement to raise the minimum wage, yet.  If you subscribe to our emails, you know that we are firmly opposed to raising the minimum wage.  Read our press releases on the opposition memos we have distributed to the members of the state Legislature.  You can amplify our voice by signing our Petition to Stop the Madness and return it to us (Conservative Party of NYS, 486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209) for presentation to Majority Leader John J. Flanagan. 

Tired of voting? Here’s good news: The city’s Campaign Finance Board might soon do the choosing for you.

Why is Supreme Court Judge Alice Schlesinger still a sitting Judge?  Opinions like this endanger all New Yorkers. 

Why bother to test applicants at all, if this is one of the items the FDNY deems important. Seriously, African Killer Bees?

It is disturbing that the NYPD Commissioner is rather nonchalant over the spikes in knife slashings and stabbings.  Commissioner, it matters where, how and why they happen.  Every person needs protection.

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week President Obama played politics with the Supreme Court, of course. Alexander Hamilton would not be pleased. 

It’s important for conservatives to stand united, because so many vital issues hang in the balance – from gun control and the right to life, to Obamacare and amnesty, to religious freedom, national security and “global warming” regulations.

Harry Reid, though, is confident that the GOP will cave and do Obama’s bidding. 

As this battle plays out, the New York Post reminds us that Republicans are playing by the Democrats’ rules – but really, the Biden Rule is a good guide for the GOP in this fight.

The Biden Rule holds that, “once the political season is underway… action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. That is what is fair to the nominee, and essential to the process.”

Do you agree with Joe Biden that the Senate should wait until the end of the “political season” and let the next President fill the Supreme Court vacancy? Do you think Harry Reid is right – that the GOP will inevitably cave in to the Obama Administration?  Which issue are you most concerned about if President Obama is allowed to twist the Supreme Court to the left? 

Those are the questions in our new Weekly Poll – I look forward to seeing the responses!

Also this week: The Obama Administration finally does the right thing and admits that ISIS is guilty of genocide – but the decision is probably more about Obama’s legacy than human rights.

It seems that Hillary is “confused” again – or just lying: It’s hard to know when she makes the patently outrageous claim that no Americans died in Libya on her watch. 

Finally this week, Marco Rubio crashed and burned… Trump seems poised for victory here in New York… John Kasich may well be Trump’s best political friend right now… and not everyone agrees with Mr. Trump that we’ve “had enough” debates

Have a great weekend!

Daily Update

President Obama is going to Cuba on Sunday and will attend a state dinner with the dictator, excuse me, President of Cuba, Raul Castro.  His wife and children will accompany him, but there is no mention that Mayor de Blasio and his wife will go back to where they honeymooned. 

This is where they are going — to a country still protecting some of America’s most wanted terrorists. These still-dangerous revolutionaries roam the island, disenchanted about all things American.  Four of them — Joanne Chesimard, William Guillermo Morales, Victor Manuel Gerena and Charles Hill — hail from US-based domestic terror organizations whose violent track record includes bringing about the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two members of the US military, as well as perpetrating a string of 159 bombings that have destroyed the lives and families of many more.  Read the rest of the NY Post article by Rick Fuentes here.

Let us not forget the pain that Joseph Connor lives with every day since the murder of his father by FALN members who bombed Fraunces Tavern and still roam free in Cuba.

Mayor de Blasio is closing his controversial fund-raising arm…but will it be gone forever?  I would not be surprised if it reappears in the future.

Governor Cuomo and his union compatriots have spent $1.72 million on lobbying aimed to increase the minimum wage.  The fight for fifteen is a union driven effort determined to disregard the damage it will do to non-union New Yorkers.

Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi said the governor opposes the Senate GOP budget plan that would cut virtually all state aid from communities that don’t cooperate with immigration officials.  He went on to say that “Our strength is its diversity and that’s something that stood whether we had Democratic mayors, Republican mayors or independent mayors.”  Mr. Azzopardi, (Governor Cuomo and Speaker Heastie) the difference is that the people you are referring to came here legally!!  The GOP proposal should be adopted immediately.

Governor Cuomo gets bad advice…from his sister.