Patriots across our great nation are asking this question. Are we going to continue to abandon our time honored values and beliefs? Or are we going to, in the words of William F. Buckley, Jr., “Stand athwart history and yell Stop!”

Are we going to resign ourselves to the mess we are in or are we going to continue to demand that our Government control our borders, enforce our laws, stop excessive spending and abide by our Constitution?

The challenges before us are formidable. Our mettle will be tested as we fight to take back control of our nation. If we put our shoulder to the wheel, we can turn back the forces of disunion and defeat.

The 2016 election may be one of the most important in our country’s history. With that in mind, the Conservative Party has promulgated the following National Affairs Platform, which outlines our priorities for re-establishing those core values that made America great.