The Conservative Party has always supported limited legal immigration as essential for any society. However, illegal immigration cannot and should not be tolerated. Rewarding illegal aliens with social services is destroying the fabric of our society. We oppose blanket amnesty for those who break our immigration laws. We support construction of a security wall on our border with Mexico and stronger surveillance at every possible entry into our country.

Congress must compel localities that shelter illegals to enforce immigration laws by cutting federal funds and imposing fines on sanctuary cities and states.

San Francisco, a sanctuary city, released an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. He shot and killed a young American woman who died in her father’s arms. It was Obama and San Francisco’s liberalism on immigration that allowed this illegal alien felon to walk our streets freely. This insanity must stop, the Conservative Party no longer asks, but demands that a wall be built through the length of our Southern border and that our immigration laws be strictly enforced.