We continue our support of legal immigration while we vigorously oppose illegal immigration. We support increasing our policing resources along the Southern Border. Previous Administrations have allowed dangerous criminals – gang members and sex traffickers — to invade our country. This must stop.

“Birth Tourism” has become a  business by which companies – for a steep fee – provide women the opportunity to come to America on a tourist visa to give birth, get medical care, get citizenship,  then return to their homeland; it is different than “anchor babies” born to poor women who come to stay in America.  The Conservative Party calls on the US Congress to pass legislation that ends the business of “birth tourism” whose only goal is to provide US Citizenship.

 The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • Building a wall to keep out illegals.
  • Increased resources for ICE and our Border Control forces. We applaud the brave men and women who control our borders and defend our nation.
  • We support President Trump’s ban on immigration from states that sponsor terrorism.
  • To reduce the risk of pandemics, visa applicants from China should be required to provide a saliva sample at a US consulate no less than eight days before arrival and be subject to enhanced temperature screening at immigration control.