60th Anniversary Journal

Dear Friends of The Conservative Party:

Welcome to our Sixtieth Anniversary Reception!

The Conservative Party, over its history, has been a leading voice in both the state & national conservative movements. Many leaders of the conservative movement have been from New York. Giants such as Jim and Bill Buckley, our party’s founder J. Daniel Mahoney, and our late Chairman Mike Long are just four of the conservative leaders that called New York home.

Tonight, Mike Long deserves special mention. He brought us election victories, national acclaim, and stable leadership without ever compromising his beliefs. He was a mentor to many, including myself. His loss is immeasurable.

I believe Mike would be proud of us tonight. We expect game-changing wins this election day. Our statewide ticket has the liberals on the defensive. Our Congressional candidates will increase our numbers and influence in Washington. They are pivotal in returning the House to conservative control. The losses we have experienced in the State Legislature will be reversed with noticeable gains expected in our State Senate and Assembly delegations.

They are excellent candidates who speak up on our issues. And, unlike any year in my memory, the liberal-democratic leadership in both our state and nation have produced policies that made our streets so unsafe that citizens are afraid to go out in the dark or even shop during the day. Inflation makes that very same shopping near unbearable at check-out. On social issues, our values have been relegated to the back bench. Patriotism is ridiculed while the woke try to cancel all that makes America the greatest nation.

But all that is about to experience a shock wave as the first steps for change occur on November 8, 2022.

Mike Long would have been pleased to know that Larry Kudlow is our guest speaker and John Gizzi our Ronald Reagan award recipient.

They were both friends of Mike. Both have been, in various ways, great contributors to the conservative movement.

Larry Kudlow, through an enormous variety of undertakings including government roles as far back as Ronald Reagan and as recently as Donald Trump, has been a voice for conservative focused economics and common sense. He is a financial sage to many and a media personality with a large committed following.

John Gizzi, our Ronald Reagan Award recipient, has a remarkable career in journalism. Currently the White House Correspondent for Newsmax, John is a prolific writer who seems to know everyone in Washington.  A former editor of Human Events, he is a member of Young America’s Foundation National Journalism Center.

Enjoy your evening. Help us have a great Election Day. Know we are there to fight for you and look forward to our next battles.

Thank you for supporting the New York State Conservative Party’s 60th Anniversary Journal. You can view the entire journal by clicking here.


Gerard Kassar
State Chairman