Law Enforcement

The primary responsibility of government is to protect citizens from crime and violence, apprehend and punish criminals, and uphold the rule of law. Any person who advocates “defunding the police,” because they think the justice system is racist is unfit for any elective office. The rights of victims and the safety of officers legally performing their duties should be the highest priority of law enforcement.

The Democrats who control the most dangerous urban cities do nothing to find the guns that gangbangers, robbers, and killers use, but they never stop trying to disarm decent citizens who obey the law.

Under Democrat administrations, national law enforcement and investigative agencies, like the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and CIA, have been used to selectively intimidate, surveil, and prosecute critics of progressive policies. Parents trying to question radical school boards have been labeled terrorists by the DOJ, but pro-abortion mobs are allowed to illegally threaten the families of Supreme Court justices right in front of their homes. Antifa riots, attacks on pro-life centers, and wolf pack looting are ignored by leftist prosecutors. A conservative President will clear out the crooks who have violated their oath of office.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Canceling federal law enforcement grants allocated to jurisdictions that defund their police or nullify qualified immunity.
  • Denying locales that do not fully cooperate with immigration enforcement any access to federal criminal databases, such as fingerprint, ballistic, and firearms registration matching.
  • Removal of a US Attorney who fails to enforce federal criminal laws against rioting, civil disturbance, or destruction of federal property.
  • Protecting every law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense by limiting local restrictions on the Constitutional right to bear arms.