The Right To Life

Throughout the history of the Conservative Party we have worked with Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Independents. In recent years the Democrat Party has taken such a radical turn Left we find ourselves at loggerheads with them on issue after issue. Our differences have become monumental and none more glaring than on the issue of Right to Life. Democrats have adopted the barbaric policy of sanctioning the aborting of children as they are emerging from the mother’s womb. Having lost battle after battle in the abortion wars, the Democrats have adopted a policy that is inhuman.

 The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • Organizations that oppose abortions by offering counselling, prayer, and other assistance to expectant mothers.
  • The appointment of pro-life Justices.
  • The banning of assisted suicide. In countries that have legalized assisted suicide, government sanctioned “suicides” have skyrocketed. Studies have shown emotionally unstable elderly people are often badgered into ending their lives for the supposed benefit of their families and society.
  • Restrictions on taxpayer dollars being used to facilitate abortions.