National Defense

Our nation’s defense resources should be used to protect the United States of America. In the recent past we have used these resources in the futile attempt to transplant Western values and systems to culture ill prepared to accept them, often resulting in damage to American foreign policy interests and increased danger to American citizens. We support acting to prevent and decisively responding to attacks on our country.

We are disturbed by reports that some of our military services are enforcing politically correct policies that are not improving our defensive capabilities. One ludicrous policy had the Department of Defense paying for sex change operations. We are pleased the Trump Administration ended this outrageous policy.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • The Trump Administration’s upgrading and modernizing of our military capabilities.
  • Repairing and improving programs that assist our veterans.
  • Using military force as a last resource.
  • Responding vigorously when the United States is attacked.
  • Keeping our military preparedness at the highest and most advanced levels.
  •  The President’s authority to make military decisions, as Commander and chief, when emergencies arise that threaten our people.
  • The formal Declaration of War before large scale military action can be taken.