National Defense

The world becomes more dangerous when expansionist communist dictatorships think America is led by cowardly and irresolute individuals. Weakness promotes aggression.

Biden’s horrendous handling of our nation’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving behind 9,000 Americans and $84 billion in military equipment, then his failure to vigorously and rapidly support Ukraine against Putin’s invasion and slaughter demonstrates that Biden is incapable of fulfilling his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief.

The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • The U.S., in collaboration with NATO, immediately supplied Ukraine with all non-nuclear military equipment needed to stop the Russian invasion. 
  • Building the Australia/UK/US military alliance (AUKUS) by providing Australia with a full complement of strategic weapons and expanded basing facilities, and expanding and coordinating regional defense with Japan. 
  • The U.S. and its allies expanding military freedom of navigation and flight patrols throughout the South China Sea, including the Taiwan Strait, and determined pursuit enforcement of the 2016 Hague Court decision dismissing China’s claims to territorial waters belonging to Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines.
  • Modernization, to the full extent permitted under international agreements, of the U.S. strategic nuclear inventory.
  • A declaration that Iran and North Korea are in violation of nuclear weapons agreements, and collaborate with our allies to prevent the deployment of such weapons by these rogue regimes.
  • Elimination of “woke” policies that do not support the military’s warrior mission.
  • Repairing and improving programs that assist our veterans.
  • A resolution deploring Biden’s domestic political exploitation of the Strategic Petroleum and Diesel Reserves, and demanding that the Reserve be restored to its level under President Trump.