Foreign Affairs

President Trump showed that his “America First” policy was simply a recognition that our enemies must be peacefully confronted at every opportunity, and we must work with our allies in a balanced approach that would advance American goals as well as those of our partners. The United States should respect the sovereignty and culture of countries seeking only to maintain their independence and build better lives for their people.

Putin has shown us that today’s Russia is still the country where millions were killed to consolidate the communist state. And, too many American businesses ignore the fact that today’s China, which supports the Russian slaughter in Ukraine, is still the fascist dictatorship built just 60 years ago by Mao on the mass graves of 45 million Chinese. These two regimes are sworn enemies of our free nation and are using every opening, whether overt or covert, to weaken and defeat America.

The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • Requiring developing countries to choose between the U.S. or Communist China. Nations that allow their territory to be used to expand Communist Chinese economic and military power should be barred from receiving any American foreign aid and should be subject to punishing tariffs. 
  • Expelling Russia from the United Nations Security Council. If the General Assembly does not act, the United States should abandon the U.N. and work to form a new international organization open only to countries that respect human rights and peace.
  • Barring Russian and Communist Chinese citizens from universities that host science programs that contribute to America’s military defense.
  • Continued moral and economic support for all people around the world under attack for their faith, especially Christians under attack in the Middle East and Africa. 
  • Full support of Israel by the U.S. against Palestinian and Islamist terrorism and aggression.