Foreign Affairs

America’s withdrawal from world affairs has jeopardized our national security. Four years ago when the Conservative Party discussed Foreign Affairs in our last National Affairs platform, we warned of the dangers that Iran posed in developing nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, not only for America, but also for the entire world, our worst fears have come true. President Obama has gone from defending America to making an alliance with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, in a harebrained attempt to secure our nation.

We have refused requests for non-military assistance from our allies in Ukraine and the Baltic States, allowing Russia to be more aggressive.

The President has directed animus at Israel while embracing Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. If we continue down this path, the world will become more dangerous and our enemies will get more threatening.

The Conservative Party strongly believes that the United States must return to the role of leader of the free world. This does not mean sending troops where our national interests are not at stake. It does mean confronting our enemies so they know if they cross red lines they will be pushed back.

Our allies must be treated as friends, not put on par with our sworn enemies.

Once again, we should use non-lethal tools at our disposal to support people who are being oppressed by tyrannical regimes. The use of these smart power tools played a large role in the United States defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold War that lasted 50 years and produced no casualties.