The Economy

The printing and giveaway spending policies of the Democrat Congress have wrecked the broadly successful economy crafted by President Trump. The pandemic caused a massive increase in spending with poorly crafted Democratic programs allowing many billions to be stolen through fraud and mismanagement.  This massive increase in spending, coupled with fuel shortages engineered by misguided environmental policies, has caused inflation that diminishes the real income of all workers. Unleashing America’s oil and gas production will roll back most price increases and bring inflation under control.

The Conservative Party Supports: 

  • Lowering taxes on working citizens.
  • Reversing the Biden war on American fossil energy.
  • Reductions in Federal regulations.
  • Using America’s economic strength to negotiate bi-lateral trade deals which benefit American workers, American business, and American farmers. 
  • Encouraging American businesses to relocate their offshore plants and operations back to the United States. 
  • Free market capitalism vigorously opposes the drift toward socialism.