The Economy

After decades of losing millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, the Conservative Party applauds the Trump Administration policies that has dramatically reversed the outflow of jobs. America is creating jobs at home at a faster pace than ever before. In addition to jobs, wages have increased for most workers and taxes have decreased. The statistics prove that this economic expansion is impacting workers at all levels of society. Black and Hispanic employment is at the highest level ever. We urge the continuation of these America First economic policies.

The Conservative Party Supports:

  • Continued lowering of taxes on working citizens.
  • Continued reduction in Federal regulations.
  • Using America’s economic strength to negotiate bi-lateral trade deals which benefit American workers, American business, and American farmers.
  • Encouraging American business to relocate their overseas plants back to the United States.
  • Free market capitalism and vigorously opposes the drift toward socialism. No socialist society is a free society. We support freedom.