The Economy

Government has grown to the point that it is a burden on our economy. The Federal Government is actively involved in micromanaging our capitalist system — dictating private sector decisions over how business is conducted. Obamacare has wreaked havoc and driven up the cost in the private sector. The Obama Administration’s push for minimum wage increases is diminishing the number of entry-level jobs. The Federal Reserve has gone from a nonpartisan entity to actively pursuing controversial policies. The Fed’s political decisions contributed to the 2007-8 economic downturn and has done little to improve the economy in the last 8 years. The Conservative Party agrees with Steve Forbes when he advocates that the Fed should be eliminated.

Our economy also suffers because unelected bureaucrats are allowed to promulgate burdensome regulations that stifle innovation and creativity. A problematic mindset governs most of our national representatives in Washington. It has led to policies that punish entrepreneurs and small businesses, the most productive Americans. This must end. The Conservative Party believes that government involvement in micromanaging every aspect of business must be rejected.