The Future

Under the current administration, our enemies, such as Iran, who kill Americans and threaten to kill more, are seen as our allies. At the same time, we push aside our true friends like Israel. We spend far more than we can afford and we ignore the Constitution, which is the basic foundation for our unique and successful system of government. We are a great people who have been ill served by the majority of our elected officials in Washington. We must turn around this troubling and destructive course.

The solution to our current problems can be found in our Founding documents, the gift of our Founding Fathers. They gave us First Principles, which have served us well — when we followed them. We must rediscover the principles that include the dominance of the Rule of Law. Government that governs least governs best. Remembering this and practicing it again, will bring our country back to the shining example of how free people prosper.