Democracy, capitalism, and open debate are the foundations of a free society. They give us political freedom, economic freedom, and intellectual freedom. Dictatorship, socialism, and thought control are the tools of tyranny. Government bureaucrats have refined the art of using claimed crises, like global warming or pandemic, to justify greater and more arbitrary exercises of government power and violations of Constitutional rights. With each crisis government powers grow and more freedoms are surrendered. But, after crises inevitably abate, the increased scope and intrusiveness of government remains.

After just nineteen months of Democrat control of Washington, more than three-quarters of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Inflation, driven largely by astronomical government spending and the soaring cost of fuel, is melting the salaries and savings of all Americans. The war on our 100-year supply of fossil fuels has crippled America’s ability to easily meet our own energy needs and help our allies counter Russia’s weaponization of gas exports. Parents are told that they have no right to know what their elementary school children are being taught and that last season’s boy’s average athlete is this year’s girl’s record breaker. Our immigration laws are totally ignored by leftists trying to radically change America, allowing many criminals and terrorists to walk over the border and then get secretly transported to communities all across the country. Career criminals and the mentally ill steal and assault, knowing that prosecutors will not prosecute and judges will release without bail, freeing the thugs to commit another dozen crimes before they again stroll through the revolving door of progressive justice. The sultans of social media systematically erase any conservative comments they can find, and journalists arrogantly lie to put and keep their liberal friends in power. These are the issues that any conservative who goes to Washington must tackle and solve.

America is the most heterogeneous nation in the world, and the Conservative Party believes that our Constitutional freedoms, cultural diversity, and opportunity-rich economy make discrimination rare. Systemic racism is a lie. The loudest shouts of discrimination come from those demanding cash and standing they have not earned in an honest and fair merit evaluation.

The New York State Conservative Party is proud of the role it played in supporting and electing our favorite son Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton in 2016, and we believe the “Make America Great Again” revolution will revitalize in 2022 and into the future.

Government is the ultimate necessary evil. It comes about for both good and bad reasons. Government should provide for the common defense, whether that be against a foreign army, or a pack of predatory teenagers. But, it also offers opportunities for ambitious and power-obsessed individuals to acquire power that can be used to subjugate and enslave ordinary people. Increasingly, the contest between the national Republican and Democrat parties has evolved into a battle between freedom and tyranny. The New York State Conservative Party fights for freedom. This National Affairs Platform is our statement of what must be done to defend the Constitution and keep America free.