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Could you keep 958 people out of harms way 24/7?

Leave it to Governor Cuomo to mandate — not legislate — a new tax on drivers in New York State.  Drivers, are being placed in an unbecoming category akin to a smoker, being taxed for everything possible.  New Yorkers payed an average of $.45 per gallon in 2018, the 5th highest in the nation.  Soon (Jan. 1, 2021) New Yorkers will have to pay a fee for congestion pricing in New York City. Crossing the bridges and tunnels and driving on the Thruway are also ways to tax those driving in New York.  Yesterday, Governor Cuomo decided license plates that are 10 years old, MUST be replaced for a $25 fee and if you want to keep the same license plate, it will be an additional $20 fee.  But you should be happy, you can vote on which license plate New York State will go with.  Since one of the prototypes is of the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, don’t bother to vote; the Governor hasn’t told you yet, but that will be the winning plate.

Some legislators are not happy about the Governor’s license plate plan.

Piece by piece, Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neill, are doing all they can to demoralize New York’s Finest.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the NYPD: we stand with you!  You are the finest, you keep New Yorkers and those visiting the greatest city in the nation safe.  Events are safe because of your dedication to the rule of law.  We SALUTE you and all that you do to keep New York safe.  We understand the trauma of being first on the scene of a horrific accident or murder.  We understand that you are always on duty and often have work on holidays unable to be with your families.  Stand PROUD. Stand STRONG.  36,000 police officers protect approximately 8.623M residents, considering there are four shifts, each shift, would equal about one police officer for each 958 residents.  Who dares to say they do not do a phenomenal job…other than their Commissioner and Mayor de Blasio?

Victor Davis Hanson has some great insight on elected officials and what issues they campaign on.

Will Chamberlain writes in Human Events how Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just watching “The Squad” dominate the Democratic Party.  The Speaker better assert herself soon, before all is lost.

Rich Lowry opines on the left’s vile smear of America’s founding.

Helen Raleigh weighs in on the Hong Kong crisis in National Review.

Do you ever wonder why health care costs so much?  New York issues emergency rules targeting abuse of medical exemptions for student vaccines; this new rule requires doctors to fill out detailed forms about the legitimate medical reason.  Government keeps requiring more paperwork, thereby, less quality time with sick patients.

Ken Girardin exposes more fallout from the Janus v AFSCME decision.

Nancy Pelosi, what happened? We thought you were the Speaker of the House.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, apologies to Native Americans for mistakes.  Mistakes?  They were not mistakes, Sen. Warren, they only became mistakes when you were called out on them.   A Massachusetts newspaper, the Boston, blasted Sen. Warren for her vile rhetoric that increasingly targets law enforcement.  The Washington Times explains that her plan to “fix America” require $5 trillion in new taxes – and that is just for starters.  The progressives may want her ideas, but it would be you and I paying for them, and we cannot afford one more penny in taxes.

Steven Malanga, writes in City Journal about the cost of bad intentions; Progressive policies threaten a new era of urban dysfunction.

We can also look at the firing of Officer Daniel Pantaleo (see our press release here) as another example of what happens when progressive policies are embraced by local officials.  Every police officer will think twice before they react to situations and that hesitation could very well lead to death of innocent people or the police officer themselves.  As Rafael A. Mangual writes in today’s NY Post: Progressives promote disrespect for cops — at our peril.

David R. Henderson wrote Socialism Has Failed. Period.  Progressives know that socialism has failed, which is why they call themselves progressives.  One can change the name, but the failure will remain the same.

The economy in real life: ‘As good as it gets’  U.S. productivity increases 2.3% in second quarter.  Kudlow: ‘There’s no recession on the horizon’

The fact that the economy is good allows for irresponsible administrations to spend far too much;  Salaries ‘gone wild’: Carranza cronies pocket pay hikes as high as 35%.  And lets the progressives believe that raising the federal minimum wage would be a good idea; however, it would drop the hammer on the most vulnerable workers.

Please Bernie, your ideals are so misguided, isn’t it time to retire?

House Democrats Now Lining Up to Punish Israel on Behalf of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.  Speaker Pelosi when will you control your children?  Or perhaps, you are looking forward to losing you Speaker’s post?

State Conservative Party and the Five NY City Conservative Party Chairs United in Denunciation of Pantaleo Firing

For Immediate Release

August 19, 2019

Contact:  Shaun Marie 518-356-7882

  State Conservative Party and the Five NY City Conservative Party Chairs United in Denunciation of Pantaleo Firing

Brooklyn, NY – Caving to political pressure, the NYPD fired Officer Daniel Pantaleo today, for simply doing his job.  It was obvious that Officer Pantaleo would be fired when Mayor de Blasio proclaimed that Garner’s family was “going to get justice … in the next 30 days” during a Democratic presidential primary debate on July 31.  Mayor de Blasio politized the unfortunate and untimely death of Eric Garner in his quest for president, in complete disregard to the fact that Officer Pantaleo was not indicted by a grand jury.

“The Conservative Party disagrees with NYPD Commissioner O’Neil’s decision to fire Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo.  Multiple investigations on various levels and a Grand Jury probe determined that his actions did not violate the law,” said Conservative Party State Chairman Jerry Kassar.

The Bronx County Chairman William Newmark, agreed with PBA President Pat Lynch who stated that “O’Neill chose politics over the police officers he claims to lead.”

Thomas M. Long, who chairs the Queens County Conservative Party organization questioned in the wake of this decision “the ability of the NYPD to turn around plummeting morale.”

Brooklyn County Chairwoman, Frances Vella-Marrone, stated “the system up until this point worked.  It evaluated the information as presented and concluded that Pantaleo was innocent.  The Commissioner’s decision is unjust.”

“I would expect in light of this firing that all NYC police officers will be extraordinarily cautious in doing their jobs knowing that the department will not back them,” stated Manhattan Party Chairman Stuart J. Avrick.

Harold Wagner, Chairman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, “I dare say the men and woman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, many former law enforcement members themselves, would strongly disagree with this highly political decision.”

Essentially, every police officer just had their ability to do their job – enforce laws and protect every person – curtailed and seconded guessed by police haters, and possibly hesitate not knowing if the action taken will lead to their dismissal.  New Yorkers are less safe now, knowing that every decision made by police officers will be judged by those who were not present and only know the results.


Welcome to Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up for Aug. 16, 2019!


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made a very disgusting comment while appearing on Fox News last week. He called abortion a “sacred choice” for women, showing how the act of murder has become a religious sacrament to modern godless liberals.

De Blasio also refused to answer questions about Virginia Governor Ralph ‘Coonman’ Northam’s infamous comments endorsing infanticide. He denies the truth that these are the type of abominations that occur inside abortion clinics, but pro-life activist and NewsMax commentator Maria McFadden Maffucci is correcting de Blasio’s lies.

“I wrote about one such baby here, Melissa Ohden, who in 1977 survived a saline abortion, and was left on the table to die — but an attending nurse couldn’t stand watching her gasp for breath and rushed her to the NICU,” she wrote.

“Those who deny the humanity of babies are the ones desperately putting up smokescreens,” she added.

Under de Blasio’s rule over NYC, he has allowed abortions to skyrocket to epidemic levels. There are now four times as many abortions as there are homicides in the city. De Blasio’s leftist legacy as NYC Mayor will be defined, in part, by inhumane cruelty toward the unborn.


Convicted sex predator Jeffrey Epstein was found dead on Saturday morning in his jail cell in what the fake news media is calling a suicide, but many skeptical observers are calling a homicide.

The coroner’s report released on Thursday indicated that broken bones were found in Epstein’s neck, which would be very unlikely if he hanged himself. That type of trauma is far more likely to happen during a strangulation, however, it is possible to be caused by suicide.

President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr are calling for a full investigation into Epstein’s mysterious death and claim that justice will still be served for Epstein’s victims despite his mysterious demise.

“Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death,” Barr said in a press release this weekend.

“Basically what we’re saying is we want an investigation. I want a full investigation, and that’s what I absolutely am demanding. That’s what our attorney general, our great attorney general is doing. He’s doing a full investigation,” Trump said to reporters in New Jersey on Tuesday.

I do not necessarily believe in conspiracy theories and I certainly support Attorney General Barr’s call for an investigation into Epstein’s death. The circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death indicate clearly that mistakes were made and only an investigation will resolve the questions.


 President Donald Trump is looking to expand the real estate holdings of the United States by acquiring Greenland.

Trump is looking to use his real estate acumen to add to America’s greatness, similar to founding father Thomas Jefferson when he secured the Louisiana Purchase. Greenland is considered an autonomous territory of Denmark, but Trump intends to make the Danes an offer they cannot refuse.

He has talked about the idea frequently with lawmakers, and is apparently serious about making an effort to make the deal happen. He has White House aides currently exploring the possibility of an acquisition right now.

“What do you guys think about that?” Trump reportedly asked a room full of his close associates last year regarding the purchase of Greenland, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Do you think it would work?”

Previously, former administrations had wanted to get a hold of Greenland, often called the Hamptons of the arctic circle. Under President Harry Truman, the U.S. tried to buy Greenland in 1946 but failed, and Secretary of State William Seward had inquired about the possibility all the way back in 1867.

They may have lacked the ability to pull it off, but things may be different for the master negotiator in the White House right now. The dealmaker-in-chief has the will and the talent to make history, bringing Greenland and its tremendous natural resources into the U.S. sphere of influence where it belongs.


Twitter Locked McConnell Campaign’s Account For Posting Video Of Protesters Outside Senator’s Home

President Trump Proven Right as Third-World Countries Urge Citizens to Avoid Baltimore

Pelosi Hits McConnell With ‘Moscow Mitch’ Label

Another Voice: Fusion voting ain’t broke; NY doesn’t need to fix it

EDITORIAL: Another sign of waste in New York

I disparage your country as a Congresswoman, but you should welcome me in.

Michael Goodwin opines that the rot of journalism ethics at New York Times has turned into leftist plague.

Trump must make it clear: The US stands squarely with Hong Kong’s people.

Rafael A. Mangual writes in City Journal that we can’t imagine what cops go through and as you read it, your heart will be touched, unless your name is Chirlane McCray whose organization, ThriveNYC (funded with taxpayers’ money) dissed a cop mental health event over Blue Lives Matter sponsorship.  Petty reasoning; petty people withdrew from helping our men and women in Blue who put their lives on the line every day for every person in New York, including the employees of ThriveNYC.

Rod Watson, writes in the Buffalo News Of bag bans, SAFE Act and more: Time to check the water in brain-dead Albany.  Pay close attention to his last sentence, for the general public, it certainly hits the nail on the head.

Bill Hammond explains in The Torch that health price controls are failing.

If You Want A Reason Why Israel Barred Anti-Israel Democrats from Entering, Just Look What They Wrote on Their Itinerary.

Ilhan Omar blasts decision to bar her from entering Israel.

The Foundation for Economic Education has a great article that every one running on the Democratic line, either for president or even to become a local town official, should read, especially since it is written by one of their own.  What George McGovern Learned from Running His Own Business.

Sen. Gillibrand, at one time a strong supporter of the NRA, now wants to prosecute gun owners who don’t hand them over.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano:  Doing something to the Second Amendment for the sake of appearance would be disastrous.

Two down; only 23 more to go.

Uh Oh: Guess Who’s Underperforming in Early Primary States — And Who Could Fail to Qualify for Upcoming Debates?

Walter E. William’s asks the question:  How Important Is Today’s Racial Discrimination?

Liberal Democrats in the US Senate send a warning to the US Supreme Court based on a gun case filed in New York.

Over 50% of NYCHA employees earned overtime; the question becomes why were so many apartments still in disrepair?  Reprehensible.

Kyle Sammin writes in National Review about a socialist predecessor of Ocasio-Cortez in Congress.  Mr. Sammin’s article gives his readers a good history lesson; one that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez should be aware of since her beliefs are so similar to those of Congressman Vito Marcantonio.

When it comes to health care, socialists are at the forefront; Elad Vaida asks this question,  if Medicare is for all, why not Chevrolets for all, in his Daily Signal article.

‘Medicare for All’ Will Further Lower Physician Morale.

Meet the titans of finance, tech and philanthropy funding New York’s socialist surge.

Maria McFadden Maffucci writes in Newsmax how Bill de Blasio is wrong to call abortion a ‘sacred choice.

Claws out after Trump administration overhauls ‘bureaucratic’ Endangered Species Act.

Mark Krikorian opines on Trump’s Commonsense Rule on Immigrant Welfare Use.

Christopher Tremoglie writes in National Review that conservatives need courage.  (As a side note, he should come to New York State where he would meet a lot of conservatives with courage.)

Robert Knight gives insight into the scary lessons from history.

A gun case filed in New York has stirred liberal democrats in the US Senate to send a stunning warning to Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or face restructuring.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Universal Background Checks.

Gregg Jarrett: Comey’s FBI was running a secret counterintelligence operation against Trump, new docs show.

The waning days of summer coincide with the waning days of Mayor de Blasio’s quest to be president.

The Post-Journal writes about the two Parties challenging  the authority of the commission that seeks to impose public financing of campaigns and end fusion voting.

How pathetic that Bill Maher roots for recession so that Trump loses in 2020; how can anyone want people to go through another recession just to be certain Trump loses in 2020?  And then NBC’s Richard Engel agreed with Mahar.

If it isn’t bad enough that the two above are calling for a recession, Beto has the audacity to call Trump supporters racists, again.

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times that if Joe Biden is the best Democrats can offer, party is in trouble.

Trump Administration to Crack Down on Visa Applicants Who Would Rely on Public Services.  Fox has a related article here.

Michael Goodwin had a great article over the weekend:  The New York Times modifies its motto to fit leftist agenda.

Time to get off the presidential want to be train and take care of New York City, if you can, Mr. Mayor.

Victims of the $15 minimum wage.   The Beat also looks at the high cost of the minimum wage.

State losing high-earning millennials, study shows.

Cuomo’s still dodging accountability, restoring DiNapoli’s powers.

Common Sense in Free Fall on College Campuses.

How sick is it to have a person (@ashley_barnhill) tweet out the following message to her 11.6K followers: “men against abortion are just jealous they’ll never know how good it feels to kill a baby.” What is even sicker is the people who liked her tweet and retweeted it.  The woman has no heart, nor does she have a soul.

Welcome to the Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up for Aug. 9, 2019



New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a desperate attempt to buoy his flailing presidential candidacy, squared off head-to-head with Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night.

“I’m never going to agree with you. You drive me crazy!” Hannity yelled at the spectacularly unpopular public official.

Hannity forced de Blasio into defending socialist policies like massive new tax hikes and government benefits for illegal immigrants.

“Do you think right now your viewers feel that it’s OK that the wealthy have as much as they have and pay as little in taxes as they do?” de Blasio said about his proposal to hike taxes.

“I want everybody who’s here (in New York) to get health care because what’s happening right now? Folks go to the emergency room because they don’t have a doctor, and who’s paying for it? The same taxpayers,” said de Blasio of his support for subsidized health care for illegals.

Many liberals are not happy that de Blasio was willing to sit down with Hannity, and the interview did not likely do him any favors with his party’s radicalized base.

“Millions and millions of Americans are watching and we shouldn’t stereotype them,” de Blasio said on Monday. “A lot of those folks watching are working people who are listening to change in one form or another. And I think it’s important to challenge those right-wing voices. And while we’re having a presidential election, we have to speak to all of America.”

The risk may have been worth it for de Blasio, as there was nothing to lose. Polling at zero percent, there is nowhere to go but up for the nation’s worst mayor.


 The Speaker of the Assembly said this week that he didn’t think adding new penalties and laws on offenders was the right solution for the current trend of throwing water on law enforcement officers.  The NYS Assembly’s reputation has always been one of leniency toward criminals. This year they eliminated cash bail for non-violent offenders and supported drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants and passed the DREAM Act that uses tax-payers money to fund aid to illegal immigrants for college.   With this history, it any wonder that the leader of the Assembly would not stand up for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day in order to keep every person safe?

It appears that Speaker Heastie and the democratic controlled Assembly would prefer to coddle criminals than the men and woman who risk their lives to keep New York City safe.

Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, who appeared on America’s Newsroom this morning, is right when he states this is  common sense legislation. When the Speaker said adding new penalties and laws wasn’t the right solution, essentially he gave the thugs carte blanche to continue – and possibly escalate – the attacks on NY” s Finest.


The people of New York must be getting sick of the nanny state, if the approval rating of Governor Andrew Cuomo is any indicator.

Siena College released a poll on Tuesday showing that Cuomo’s approval rating is the lowest it has been since he was elected Governor in 2011. Only 34 percent of voters believe that he is doing a good or excellent job while a stunning 64 percent of voters rated his job performance as poor or fair.

Some of Cuomo’s worst hits as Governor from this year alone include giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, eliminating religious exemptions for vaccinations, banning the use of single-use plastic bags, and mandatory socialist benefits for farm workers.

Cuomo is particularly unpopular with Republicans, independents and residents of upstate New York. Basically, anyone in the state of New York who can’t stand the tax-and-spend Controller-in-chief
at this point.


Twitter Locked McConnell Campaign’s Account For Posting Video Of Protesters Outside Senator’s Home
Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Hell No!’ to Red Flag Gun Confiscation
Trump Suggests Regulating Video Games In Wake Of Mass Shootings
Joaquin Castro Posts Names, Employers Of Trump Donors
–  Re-sinking CUNY

DNC Fundraises Off Mass Shootings In El Paso And Dayton
Department of Education to Probe Athletic Program Allowing Transgender Females to Compete With Girls

Peter Strzok Sues DOJ And FBI Over Firing, Claims His Anti-Trump Texts Were Protected Free Speech
Michelle Malkin Warns Conservatives about the Dangers of Red Flag Legislation


If Mayor de Blasio was foolish enough to believe he had a chance of becoming president, he ended it after last night’s appearance with Sean Hannity..

Assemblyman Carl Heastie, Speaker of the NYS Assembly, won’t back felony charges when the NYPD is attacked by civilians throwing water.  Speaker Heastie said “ that boosting criminal penalties and putting more offenders in prison for dousing is punitive.”  The Bill seeks to amend the Penal Law,  adding throwing or spraying water on the police officers a Class E Felony which does not require jail time.  Speaker Heastie should know a Class E Felony does not necessarily put a person in jail.  Chairman Kassar notes, in the same article, that Speaker Heastie is sending the wrong message.


Cuomo’s stalls again, he likes the system the way it is and will stall as long as he can.

Kudos to Niagara County for filing a law suit over the green light law which allows illegal immigrants to be granted a drivers’ license.

The link between pot and mass shootings may be closer than we think.

Tammy Bruce writes How Democrats exploit a tragedy in their ghoulish play for power.

Andrew P. Napolitano’s article in the Washington Times is one of the best he has written.   Supreme Court: Right to bear arms protected by highest category of liberty recognized by law.

The Daily Signal tells us that guns saved these Americans from assault and robbery in July.

De Blasio spars with Hannity over guns, taxes and Meatless Mondays.

It is shameful that we need a Bill that would allow victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities to sue.

What We Lose When We Erase Thomas Jefferson.

‘It’s a Form of Legal Trolling’: AOC Tries to Brush off FEC Complaints Against Her and Her Ex-Chief of Staff

Do you think “The Hunt” will be Universal’s biggest flop in their history?  Or will the real deplorables make it a huge financial success?

Walter W. Williams opines on Was Trump Right About Baltimore?

According to the left, we are “deplorables”, yet, it is their own actions that are deplorable.

How quickly the left turns on their own is laid out in this article by Everett Piper.  Like piranhas, the left attacks all that do not agree with their gospel and do all that they can to force their agenda on everyone.  Yet it is the right that is defined as doctrinaire.

We are also defined as “deplorables” I have to ask: after reading this who are the deplorables?   Then read this and ask yourself again, who are the deplorables?

Demagogic Clown: AOC Declares Trump ‘Directly Responsible’ for El Paso Mass Shooting.

Al Gore will be quite upset when he reads this:  Former NOAA scientist from climate-change alarmist to ‘denier’

Inslee’s ludicrous climate plan would cost US households $75,000.

“I have no knowledge that…” a favorite quote by those who want to deflect the possibility they knew something wasn’t above-board.   Gov. Cuomo is fond of that phrase and used it again on Monday during a radio interview and then went on to say that a current ethics criticism was “baloney.”

As Chairman Kassar said in the Conservative Party press release today, Cuomo fatigue is being reflected in his poll numbers.

NYPD chief James O’Neill fires back at Cuomo over water-dousing incidents

Heather Mac Donald writes in today’s NY Post:  Why ‘policing is racist’ is such a poisonous lie.

New York City businesses struggle after minimum wage increase.

File this under:  Grasping at Straws.  Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok files wrongful termination suit.

Siena Poll Confirms What Conservatives Already Recognized: Cuomo Fatigue Is Showing

For Immediate Release

August 6, 2019

Contact:  Shaun Marie

518-356-7882 @cpnys


Siena Poll Confirms What Conservatives Already Recognized:  Cuomo Fatigue Is Showing

 Brooklyn, NY – Today’s Siena Poll confirms what Conservatives suspected during the latest legislative session; Governor Andrew Cuomo’s popularity is declining.  Chairman Gerard Kassar noted that Governor Cuomo’s support of granting illegal immigrants a driver’s license, letting killer’s out of prison, ending cash bail for non-violent offenses, congestion pricing and the plastic bag surcharge are contributing to his declining popularity.

While the Siena Poll showed support for certain well-intentioned items, for example, the farmworkers labor rights bill and the lowering of carbon emissions, support of these bills will also decline when the costs to implement hits the consumer’s wallets.

Chairman Kassar noted “while Governor Cuomo believes this has been his most productive legislative session yet, the Siena Poll results show that Governor Andrew Cuomo is not fully in sync with New Yorkers and that includes many in his own Democratic Party.”


# # #

Guns are inanimate; evil people must be stopped.

Seriously Governor Cuomo, is this how you stand up for law enforcement?  The men and women who protect New York City deserve more respect.

America’s collective heart is shattered, once again, by senseless violence perpetrated by evil.  Yes evil.  How else can you explain the cold-blooded killing of 31 innocent people just shopping or having some drinks with friends?  There is no doubt these atrocities must end; the question is how to end them.  It is pathetic that a man who believes he is the right person to lead this nation, exploits this tragedy for the sake of politics.  More gun control, as called for by the NY Post editorial board, is also, not the answer. has a good response to the NY Post editorial board.  The truth is, there are many steps that have to be taken to eradicate the profound evil that is a cancer trying its best to overpower our nation.  We must strengthen families, we have to respect life – from inception to natural death, we must provide respected mental health services to those who demonstrate the need, and everyone should practice the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.  One can disagree with another person’s views and have reasonable discussions, no one is saying everyone has to agree about everything, but there is no need to be disrespectful of another person’s beliefs.

President Trump is calling for “red flag” laws.  The New York State Legislature passed a “red flag” law this year and the Governor signed it.   The Buffalo News has a rather comprehensive article on how the law would work – in NYS.

Michael Goodwin writes democrats fearing 2020 election scramble for panic button with loser candidates.   Even Bill Mahar thinks democrats are “blowing it” with “left-wing extremism.”

Soros Pours $5.1 Million Into New 2020 PAC.

Editorial: Fix bail laws to give judges more discretion with violent offenders.

The Beat writes about Janus, one year later.

Mayor de Blasio, can you do anything right, or do you just think you are entitled to everything?

AOC’s problem.  Rashida Tlaib’s problem.   Press scrutiny or what happens when you think you are invincible.