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Governor Cuomo thought the applause was for him…

The Syracuse Post Star’s editorial simply says “NY must own nursing home mistakes, learn from them” and we couldn’t agree more.  We cannot go back in time and hold our loved ones as they suffered from this deadly disease, but we certainly can learn from the mistakes made and never, ever repeat them.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is deflecting blame to President Trump; however, it was the Department of Health that issued a mandate on March 25 that required nursing homes to admit/readmit CIVOD-19 patients.  We ask that AG William Barr investigate what led NY to have an extremely high number of nursing home deaths, and if you haven’t signed our petition to AG Barr, please do so now.  The more signatures obtained, the louder our voices will be, please circulate to friends and family to also sign.  Thank you.

Here are the clips for Governor Cuomo’s pressers on May 22, May 23, May 24, May 25 and May 26.  (Caution, do not watch all of them one after another, listening to his self-congratulations and blaming others will wonder if you are in never-never land.  He continues his swipe at the federal government, President Trump, and blames them for not closing down Europe, albeit, we did know and it was well publicized that nursing homes were extremely susceptible to the rapid spread of COVID-19, a fact completely ignored when demanding nursing homes take COVID-19 patients back.)

Bob McManus writes in the NY Post:  Andrew Cuomo managed to kill Grandma — and New York’s economy too.

Gov. Cuomo thought the applause was for him

In case you missed this, Dan Gainor:  Andrew Cuomo and brother Chris make a mockery of journalism, viewers and CNN.

Does This CDC Study Deliver the Knockout Blow in the COVID Lockdown Debate?

From the Washington Times:  You are not going to die from COVID-19.

Michael Barone wrote this in the NY Post on Friday:  Coronavirus pandemic shows how risk-averse Americans have grown. (Those who partied at the Lake of the Ozarks probably disagree)

Let’s End the CARES Act’s Work Disincentive That’s Hurting Employers.

Across the Wide, Growing American Divide.

10 Key Education Recommendations for Reopening the K-12 Classroom.

Great question!  Why did NYS use out-of-state workers to process unemployment claims?  (It is no surprise that the Governor’s Administration said only one-subcontractor used out-of-state workers.)

The New Deal Made the Great Depression Worse. Let’s Not Repeat It.

US will pay for companies to bring supply chains home from China: Kudlow.

Frank Vernuccio opines in why Obamagate is worse than Watergate.

ObamaGate isn’t a ‘distraction’ — it’s about outrageous abuses.

A tale of two contact-tracing apps: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand.

Abortion: The overlooked tragedy for black Americans.

Pick me, Pick me! I want to be one of the 10!

Governor Cuomo’s presser on Wednesday certainly had an eye-opener that begs the question, if only 10 people are allowed to attend religious observations, who chooses the 10 people allowed to attend?  Has Governor Cuomo attended church lately?  The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, near the Executive Mansion, can hold approximately 1000 people and yet Gov. Cuomo thinks only 10 should be able to attend.  How did you arrive at only 10 people, Governor?  Mindboggling.  Is there a limit for the big-box stores?  Grocery stores?  In NYC the grocery stores are not as big as the Cathedral and I’m pretty sure there are more than 10 people in the store at the same time.  But the micromanager-in-chief has decreed only 10 people can attend religious services.

I’m also surprised that Governor Cuomo continues to speak down to those who listen.  He said he must explain social distancing to the communities hardest hit by COVID-19.   He also noted that government cannot mandate behavior…well, if one states a business will lose their license to do business, how is that not mandating the owner’s behavior?  Hopefully these updates will end soon.  (Gov. Cuomo noted he hates to repeat himself…perhaps, he should listen to these pressers.)  If you listen, and you should listen to the pressers, you will hear him AGAIN defend his handling of the number of deaths in New York’s nursing homes.  Be prepared, it is difficult to stay calm as his arrogance displays itself.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a hypocrite on life, death and nursing homes: Devine.

End New York City’s lockdown now!

The rest of our nation is beginning to pay attention to the real Governor Cuomo:  Why oh why is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo being praised for his coronavirus response?

With Cuomo Under Scrutiny, New York Switched to Undercounting Deaths in Nursing Homes

Can you believe that 3 current state legislators think now is the time to legalize marijuana?  I guess they believe the projected money raised by ingesting pot is more important than the health problems to the lungs during this coronavirus pandemic.  Hypocrites!  But that isn’t news.

E. J. McMahon writes in Empire Center what the 2019 census data tell us about NY “places.”

We Were Never Asked to Approve the Shutdown

The Media’s Double Standard on States’ Different Approaches to COVID-19.

What’s the Real Data? A Look at the Relevant Statistics of the COVID-19 Pandemic

What if the government has it all wrong about COVID-19?

Reopened states revive economy as doomsday predictions don’t materialize

Obama’s Man in China Now Beijing’s Man in Washington

Democratic Party official admits to stuffing ballot boxes in Philadelphia elections

Today’s presser with Governor Cuomo.  (BTW, he keeps repeating himself and telling us how great a job he is doing.)  Cuomo is confused by all the different things we are learning about COVID-19 and slams the feds again for giving non-accurate information from the very beginning…. like letting Europeans into America.  I guess he just wants the first reaction, and then let everything stay exactly as the first reaction was reported.  Don’t keep studying the situation, don’t learn new things.  Obviously, Gov. Cuomo, is not a student of science, if we live in his narrow non-scientific world, Columbus would not have sailed across the ocean to discover a whole new world, Dr. Salk would never have discovered a vaccination to eliminate polio and John Glenn would not have gone into outer space, just to name a few things.

CDC Now Says CCP Virus ‘Does Not Spread Easily’ From Contaminated Surfaces.

Tucker Carlson says releasing some prisoners during COVID outbreak is an effort “to destroy society”

New York and American has lost a true friend: Richard Gilder, R.I.P.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

Is the pressure to reopen New York getting to Governor Cuomo?

Governor Andrew Cuomo continued his attack on the federal government again at today’s presser.  While not being specific (as to whom he is blaming), he continually reminds every who will listen that no one (who should have known) said the virus was in Europe, only China, and that the coronavirus that hit New York so hard was from Europe.  Obviously, he is saying that he had no way of preventing the unusually high number of deaths because the virus was from Europe, not China as the federal government said.

As you listen to today’s presser, you, like me, will hear how these pressers are no longer about informing the public about coronavirus; they are now about going after federal bailouts and how the corporations are getting all the benefits.  Again, slamming the feds for not bailing out states that have not been prudent with their finances throughout the years and now the police, fire and teachers will have to be cut.  Then he has the audacity to say this should not be a political process.  Oh, and if you didn’t know, Andrew Cuomo is the vice president of the National Governor’s Association, a fact that he has worked into his presentation for about a week now.   Wow, the digs at Trump are not as subtle as in the past.  Today he said “you have to be smart… (to be in government) and followed up with “you’re not going to tweet your way through this.”  Andrew Cuomo fancies himself as a national figure and yearns for the office of United States President.  (While he won’t admit it, what he really desires is to be elected to a higher office than dear old dad was…so pitiful.)  Someone should tell Governor Cuomo that he really should not do daily updates and more; they are boring and his platform will ultimately show the nation that he is not ready for prime time…on second thought, he may be ready for the comedy channel as he tries so hard to let people think he can be funny.  BTW, who was that “unbiased” reporter that asked the Governor a question at the 33.03 mark?  Andrew Cuomo answers her allegations with a totally political answer.   Governor Cuomo was correct when he said answered a question that included this gem, “we do not have that kind of relationship (with the feds) that they are looking for gratuitous advice from me.”

A piece of advice, Governor: one can never really walk back a thoughtless, heartless comment.

This is very interesting.  I can’t help but think that Erie County was just granted a coronavirus “Buffalo Billion” gift.  I have no problem with Buffalo/Erie County in starting Phase 1, but it is also very important for all of New York to reopen.  Please tell me that Governor Cuomo isn’t still playing favorites with Buffalo.

Perhaps, Gov. Cuomo is just coming to the realization that he has been too heavy handed on the reopening:  Cuomo reopening Albany region, allowing small Memorial Day gatherings

Assemblyman Gottfried repeats his call for a truly independent probe of the nursing home coronavirus crisis.  We agree – truly independent so please sign our petition calling on Attorney General William Barr to investigate the many errors that contributed to the 5500 plus deaths in NY’s nursing homes.


Sweden’s Top Infectious Disease Expert Says COVID-19 Lockdowns Are Not Based on Science. History Shows He Could Be Right.

Un-furloughing the Economy.

Mitch Daniel pens a message to the class of 2020.

Gov. Cuomo proves he has little respect for life at its beginning and at its end.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home crisis intensified over the weekend with these news reports:  Soaring nursing home coronavirus deaths don’t match official NY state tallies; MANY NURSING HOMES PURPOSEFULLY UNDERREPORT COVID-19 DEATHS, SOURCES SAY; Who Sent COVID-19 Positive Patients Into Nursing Homes?; Cuomo Defends Nursing Home Policy: ‘Older People, Vulnerable People Are Going to Die.’ What really attracted national attention was Sunday’s presser when King Cuomo responded to a question with, “How do we get justice…who can we prosecute?  People are going to die…the heath care wants for nothing…Older people are going to die…despite all that you do.”  You really have to listen to the condescending tone as he speaks.  To hear him say “older people are going to die, no matter what you do” knowing full well that his Commissioner of Health required nursing homes to admit/readmit COVID-19 patients on March 25 is beyond belief.  How does the governor sleep at night?  I really should not be that shocked knowing that he has no respect for life which he made painfully clear when he signed a bill that is a death warrant on innocent unborn lives on January 22, 2019 with a huge smile.

Rep. Elise Stefanik calls for fed probe of Cuomo’s nursing home policy.  You can add your voice by signing our petition here.

Gov. Cuomo’s presser today, was not quite as outrageous as yesterdays.  It does, however, show just how far the governor will go to find a doctor that promotes the facts that Gov. Cuomo wants to hear.  Dr. Bhett is a leading geo-statistician at the Imperial College of London and appeared to be thrilled that Gov. Cuomo was following his statistical models and how Gov. Cuomo is following his guidelines.  Cuomo insists “It all about the math…that is how the future will be determined, especially with reopening New York.  However, we will never go back, we must advance and go forward and overcome what has happened.” Gov. Cuomo says that is the American story; we will overcome and be better because of what we have gone through.  He is right about that; we will be stronger because we will NOT be kept under his thumb for much longer.  We are Americans, and we, the people, run the government.  Gov. Cuomo continues to hold pressers and throw his set of “facts” around controlling the opening of New York.  As the weather improves and as other states show his set of “facts” are incomplete and set forward to control human beings, he will come to the realization that we, the people, are strong and will rise up as Americans have always done.  The world speaks English for a reason, Gov. Cuomo.

Angry New York business owners demand end to coronavirus lockdown.

Andrew Cuomo’s budget secrecy means added trouble for NY’s local governments.

Blame governors for the coronavirus deaths in nursing homes: Goodwin

5 Key Provisions in Democrats’ COVID-19 Bill That Will Hurt Our Economy.

If you still have doubts that China is hiding their involvement in the coronavirus crisis read this.

Pandemic Spotlights New York State’s Close Political Ties with Beijing.

Mark Levin examines the full extent of Obama administration surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Gowdy Explains Which Part of Flynn Unmasking Is a Felony.

NYC shootings spike nearly 200% this week compared to same time last year.

‘Compassionate’ crime wave: proof NYC releasing too many people from Rikers.

Who not to vote for: Meet the Slate of Socialist Insurgents Running for Office in New York.

Governor Cuomo: New Yorker’s need answers as the nursing home crisis gets deeper.

The NYS nursing home crisis just became more heart wrenching…and disturbing!  The NY Times is reporting that the Cuomo Administration inserted a provision to a pending budget bill protecting nursing homes from lawsuits over their failure to protect residents from death or sickness caused by the coronavirus.  This is very disturbing considering that the NYS Department of Health issued a directive on  March 25 (rolled back just last week) that bars nursing homes from refusing to admit “medically stable” coronavirus patients.

On April 20, the NY Post reported that Gov. Cuomo said he didn’t know anything about the directive.  On April 23, Gov. Cuomo said:  Nursing homes have ‘no right’ to reject coronavirus patients with a caveat that if they couldn’t handle the medical needs nursing homes should contact the state for help. On May 13, Gov. Cuomo said ‘We did everything we could,’ regarding of nursing home crisis that saw 5K deaths

As one follows the news on the horrific number of COVID-19 deaths it becomes apparent that many mistakes have been made…there are no guidelines for a pandemic this invasively deadly.  It was apparent from the very beginning that we were in uncharted waters.  Knowing this does not excuse the fatal errors made.

Did Governor Andrew Cuomo anticipate or know just how devastating the coronavirus would be when he slipped protections for nursing homes and the health care industry into the budget on April 2. Why wouldn’t families be given the opportunity to bring their loved ones home?  The NY Times article begs the question:  What did Governor Cuomo know and most importantly why did he not tell us?  Why was the provision to safeguard nursing homes quietly submitted into an obscure voluminous budget bill?  If it was that imperative to pass, why wasn’t it a stand-alone bill that would be discussed on the floor by all the members?  How many times does legislation rushed through have to have detrimental effects before legislators learn not to rush legislation?  Governor Cuomo, how many patients died needlessly and now their families have limited options to sue because your administration slipped in this provision on April 2 the same day it was voted on?

Sign our petition for an independent investigation into the nursing home crisis here.

Gov. Cuomo is praising Speaker Pelosi’s Bill that is a progressive’s dream.  You really must listen to his praise of the $3 trillion Bill and the need to get out of this highly partisan moment.  Wow, he speaks of how terrible it was that we were caught so short-handed in having enough medical equipment.  Governor,  shouldn’t your Commissioner of the Department of Health let you know we had a problem, after all, you have been governor since January 1, 2011 with democrats in control of the Executive Branch since Jan. 2007.  Alert:  Towards the end of the presser, Gov. Cuomo states that a business will re-open at their own peril…unless, of course, one had a friend that slipped a provision at the last minute to the budget.   

Bob McManus says:  Andrew Cuomo has better ways to get federal aid than issuing threats.

This is a must read:  In Charts, How Big Blue States Outspend Red States.

Ben Shapiro write in the Daily Signal how the Obama Administration shattered the rule of law.

12 Urgent Actions to Reopen America and Prevent an Economic Depression.

Supreme Court Eyes Ballot Harvesting Case That Could Affect Election Integrity Across Nation.

The Therapeutic Campus

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

Assemblyman Gottfried makes a strong case for an independent investigation of New York’s nursing home crisis.

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, long time chairman of the Assembly Health Committee, is right when he notes that AG James and the Department of Health are not the right entities to investigate the high number of nursing homes deaths in New York State.  Tom Precious’s article in the Buffalo News is excellent in pointing out the background that has led to numerous calls for an independent investigation.  The Conservative Party urges you to join our efforts to have Attorney General William Barr investigate this heart wrenching additional crisis in New York.

Seriously?  And yet, Andrew Cuomo thinks the Department of Health can investigate itself.  Sign our petition here.

Could Property Taxpayers in New York Feel the Pandemic Pinch?  Personally, I don’t think the question is could, but how big an increase will it be.

Mayor Clueless:  As he talked layoffs, de Blasio spent $2 million on hiring and promotions in City Hall.

Unleash the entrepreneurs America needs to build a post-coronavirus economy.

From National Review:  Yes, the Flynn Dismissal Upholds the Rule of Law.

Why is Obama Panicking Now?  – The Importance of Understanding Political Surveillance in The Era of President Obama…

It looks like President Obama ordered up phony RussiaGate scandal.

How ‘Stakeholder’ Movement Could Hinder Economic Recovery From COVID-19.

Economic Well-Being Matters, Too.

This is a must-read article to enlighten the citizens of NY what they pay per pupil for education; 91% more than the national average.  The next time Gov. Cuomo stresses we need more money for education, remember this article.  NY school spending hits new record.

Gee, Senator Schumer did Dr. Fauci let you down?  Dr. Fauci Dismisses Narrative of ‘Confrontational’ Relationship with President Trump in Question from Sen. Loeffler.

Oh my, Gov. Cuomo is calling for a federal bill that has no handouts for “greedy corporations.”  Gov. why is it okay for greedy states?  You started the year with a $6 billion deficit and offered a budget that did not close the deficit, made smoke and mirror adjustments, knew about coronavirus, closed down New York’s’ economy, you continue to keep it closed (despite the fact that even your facts have 66% of the newest cases among people who are staying home) and expect the federal government to bail you out?  Where are the feds supposed to get the money from?  We all pay federal, state, and local taxes, every family pays all taxes and every level is losing income.  So, every level will have to make the sacrifices.  He mentions education, see the paragraph above on how much NY spends on education.  And unfortunately, our students do not reflect the fact that New Yorkers pay 91% more than the national average.  The simple fact is New York spends too much from A to Z, from Montauk Point to Buffalo, in every aspect of NY government.  While I am at, why aren’t NY’s gasoline taxes fixing New York’s infrastructure?  Without a doubt, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, inherited his father’s gift of speaking…and the inability to truly understand how to be a fiscally responsible politician.

BTW, Governor Cuomo, yes,  it is true that emergency personnel wear protection while working with COVID-19 patients which certainly is one explanation why they are getting the virus at a lower rate, but, it can also be that because they are exposed to the virus they may be building up antibodies.   If we use the time from now to the fall, perhaps we can escape a second deadly wave by being exposed also; a naturally occurring “vaccination.”


Governor Cuomo’s rules … how long will New Yorkers abide by the ever-changing rules.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Gov. Cuomo admits he was wrong to order nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.  Gov. Cuomo admits he was wrong?  Did we read that right?  “Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally admitted — tacitly and partially, anyway — the mistake that was state health chief Howard Zucker’s order that nursing homes must admit coronavirus-positive patients.”  Ah, the key words are “tacitly and partially,” that makes more sense because we all know that Gov. Cuomo seldom says he is wrong.  As the NY Post front page notes: 5,200 deaths too late.

Cuomo’s nursing home reversal is too little, too late for those now dead: Goodwin

If you agree, please join the thousands of people who have signed our petition.

The Real Center of the Pandemic.

King Andrew is still moving the goal posts.  Any questions that he may have changed his mind, just watch today’s daily presser here.  Today’s presser also continues to deflect blame on why New York’s COVID-19 numbers are so high.  He reiterates that during January, February and March hundreds of thousands of people landed at JFK and Newark from Europe who must have been sick without the experts (while not saying the Trump Administration, but certainly implying it) did not sound the alarm and did not stop travel from Europe until COVID-19 was established here.  Experts may agree that the COVID-19 on the east coast is from Europe; however, it does not mitigate the fact that sick patients were sent to nursing homes where everyone knew it would spread like fire through dry grass.  Sign our petition here.

Governor Cuomo will keep us in PAUSE if we let him.  The democratic controlled Legislature gave him the ability to do as he deems fit while they avoid Albany and are content letting him use his bully pulpit to frighten the citizens of New York.  Last week he noted 66% of all new hospitalizations were people sheltering place and fewer NY healthcare workers are being infected with COVID-19 compared to public.  Andrew Cuomo, it is time to follow the facts.  Stop moving the goal posts and let people get back to work.

It’s Time for Some Commonsense ‘MommySense’ on COVID-19 and Personal Freedom“Right now, the biggest crisis in our country isn’t the virus; it’s government “controllers” using the pandemic to seize power we never gave them and big-government cheerleaders in the media instigating it.” (emphasis added by cpnys)

As COVID-19 Panic Subsides, It’s Time for a U-Turn on the Road to Serfdom.

As Cuomo’s billionaire panel seeks to ‘re-imagine’ NY, critics flag concerns.

Bob McManus covers education goals in Cuomo’s “re-imagine” world.

Givers and Takers.

Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America.

Michael Flynn Finally Seems to Be Getting the Justice He Deserves.

Flynndicated: What Trump Administration Officials are Calling Michael Flynn Post-Exoneration.

CPNYS is being blocked by Twitter AGAIN!!  We are working on resolving this; however, when you are dealing with algorithms making decisions it is difficult to find humans to reach.  Please bear with us as revive @cpnys and my desktop computer that decided it was time to quit and join a recycling center.

Governor Cuomo says “all human life has the same value”… but he has yet to prove that he believes what he says.

Long Island calls for federal probe into coronavirus deaths at nursing homes; if you agree that a federal investigation is necessary, please sign our petition here.

Yesterday, Gov. Cuomo was surprised that 66% of COVID-19 patients were staying at home and today he said NYC healthcare workers catch coronavirus at below-average rate.  So staying at home doesn’t really help and perhaps the exposure to COVID-19 helps build a better immunity to the virus.  So, the obvious question to Governor Cuomo is:  Why is all of New York State still in lockdown with little hope of it ending soon?

Science and the Constitution say: End the lockdowns.

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History.

Over Half of U.S. Counties Have Had No COVID-19 Deaths.

Now we know why Gov. Cuomo keeps stressing in his daily briefings that no one knew that COVID-19 came to New York via Europe and that closing down flights from China did not stop COVID-19 (ultimately trying to deflect blame back to President Trump while attempting to lay out a defense for him and reluctantly to de Blasio.)

While expensive, this is the next must have for every hospital.  I wonder if George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg would be willing to purchase some for nursing homes and hospitals.  Perhaps, since Gov. Cuomo said today that “all human life has the same value” and we must “protect human life” he would consider having his campaign fund make a donation so some nursing homes can purchase some, or host a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the purchase of some for nursing homes.  I think it is the least he can do considering how many human lives have been lost in nursing homes under his watch.

You Can Observe a Lot by Just Watching.

Mr. Mayor:  why dodge the question?   De Blasio dodges questions on using coronavirus crisis to overhaul schools.  Unless, of course, you believe that Richard Carranza’s message to NYC kids: Working hard is for suckers is a good message to send to our youth.  (Knowing your history, you do.)

Cuomo encourages voters use absentee ballots as judge reinstates New York Democratic presidential primary, but, it may not happen since New York state appeals ruling requiring it to hold June Democratic primary.

Workers Are Asking to Be Laid Off, Because COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits Pay Better than Work.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

Does Governor Cuomo enjoy moving the goal posts?

I will say this much for Governor Andrew Cuomo, he certainly emulates his father’s gift of public speaking.  However, when you listen to his pressers every day, the condescending double talk takes its toll.  When his father used to address the press, one would walk away and say, what did he just say? He had a habit of saying something then in the next paragraph contradict what he said in the previous paragraph.  Andrew Cuomo has long called for an end of politics during the COVID-19 crisis, yet his daily pressers continue to be totally political.  Watch today’s presser here.  (Today’s presser also states, again, that the administration had/has alternatives to COVID-19 patients being readmitted to nursing homes…not what the DOH indicated in the March 25 memo.  The Governor is certainly good at deflecting blame and quick to set the “facts” to fit his narrative of the day.)

Gov. Cuomo’s hubris in stating that New York’s budget wasn’t a problem prior to COVID-19 typical of his sidetracking any issue he may be responsible for not doing well.  The fact, Gov. Cuomo, is that New York was facing a $6 billion shortfall.  Now due to COVID-19 (including some unnecessary spending by your administration) NY is facing a $13 billion deficit.  You expect the federal government to subsidize this deficit and say they are being irresponsible for not doing so.  Quick question Governor, where is the federal government supposed to get the money from?  The current  National Debt Clock shows the US is rapidly approaching $25 trillion in national debt including $3.1 trillion in national debt (mostly, I believe from the COVID-19 spending.)  So, Governor Cuomo, is the federal government just supposed to print more money for the states that haven’t managed their budgets well?  In other words, give NY money so I can continue to be a savior and not make any cuts I don’t want to.

A piece of advice for Gov. Cuomo and every other proponent of keeping the lockdown in place, please read Rich Lowry’s op-ed in today’s New York Post.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s says no region of NY ready to reopen under safety rules.  (Perhaps when he and Chris played football as kids, Andrew was Lucy and Chris was Charlie Brown; in his grown-up role he is still Lucy and all the residents of NY are Charlie Brown.)

Every day brings more heart wrenching news:  Additional 1,700 Coronavirus Deaths Reported in New York State Nursing Homes.  New York state cannot investigate this on-going tragedy.  If you agree with us, please sign our petition calling on AG William Barr to initiate a federal investigation.

I stand by what I said in an earlier blog post:  Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Labor dropped the ball when they knew New York was going on lockdown.  The DOL was completely unprepared, a simple, give us two weeks to get up to speed would have saved the stress that is still ongoing for those who need to buy groceries, medicine, pay rent and bills.

As eye-opening as the headline is, the full article is not quite that disconcerting.

The swamp still has to be drained, and now is a good time to eliminate unnecessary and redundant government.

Should We Pay Everyone $2K Per Month During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Frank Herbert Was Right: Fear Is the Mind-Killer.

Under this Doctor’s Care, Most COVID-19 Patients Are Recovering. Here’s His Unusual Approach.

When it comes to churches blue states tend to be more restrictive when reopening.

Man-made antibody ‘neutralizes’ coronavirus for first time, study shows.

Potential coronavirus vaccine enters clinical trial, could be ready by end of year.

The only Pulitzer the 1619 Project deserved was for fiction.

Corey Johnson’s deranged slam of Samaritan’s Purse — which only helped NYC.

Governor Cuomo stop micromanaging; by doing so, you are making things more difficult to manage.

Robert Knight opined in Sunday’s Washington Times that the democrats’ moral compass (is) broken beyond repair.

Sunday’s NY Sun — The Flynn Case: Liberal Press Fails To Speak Up for Its Own Principles.

5 Keys to Understanding the Tangled Michael Flynn Case.

Please let this person (and her squad) be one term members of Congress.  AOC’s Baseless Accusation That the US Is a “Brutal, Barbarian Society

Guy Benson’s Analysis: The Left’s Stunningly Hypocritical Talking Points on the Biden Allegation

Saturday’s NY Post reported that NYC nursing home’s staggering coronavirus deaths don’t match state reports.   The news continues to be devastating when it comes to nursing homes in New York State.  Governor Cuomo continues to deflect criticism, especially during today’s presser.   While it was not possible to hear the last question clearly, it was about the brewing scandal around high number of deaths in NY’s nursing homes.  Listen to his answer.  This is the first I’ve heard about having nursing homes dedicated to only coronavirus patients.  Yes, it is good that Governor Cuomo wants and investigation; however, the investigation must be independent from New York State.  If you agree, please sign our petition here.

I included this article because the headline seems to provide important information.  It is too bad that we have to click on the “Awesome Table” to access the information.  This is what happens when you click on:   To continue, Google will share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with Awesome Table. Before using this app, you can review Awesome Table’s privacy policy and terms of service.  Thanks, but no thanks; who needs Google to share more of our personal information.  There must be another way to access what laws Governor Cuomo has changed in the last 55 days of our lockdown.

Yancy Roy writes in Newsday How the COVID-19 virus has impacted New York state finances.  “If he moves to reduce spending, Cuomo’s financial plan suggests a 10% cut for state agencies; and an $8.2 billion cut in direct “aid to localities” — a broad category that includes K-12 education, higher education, transportation/public transit and health care/Medicaid.”  We believe every area of government will be forced to reduce their spending – raising taxes is the last thing New York can afford to do.  With that being said, we believe first responders, including law enforcement, fire and EMT’s should have the least number of cuts as their primary responsibility is to protect the lives of our citizens.

Conservative States Should Not Be Forced to Bailout Broke Democratic States.

Meat Supply Disruptions Are the Bitter Harvest of the “Non-Essential Worker” Fallacy.

A Poorer Economy Means a Sicker World.

Reopen Society Now:  Every day on lockdown we further destroy our economy, our sanity, and our liberty.

The Impact of COVID-19 on America’s Economy.

REMINDER:  “Constitution Isn’t Suspended” for COVID-19, Attorney General Barr Warns Public Officials.

Don’t get your hopes up about May 15. What it really means for NY coronavirus shutdown. This article is geared for Syracuse readers, but does give a fairly good idea what the rest of New York is in for.

NYC school czar Richard Carranz is obviously part of the squad that believes you should never let a crisis go to waste:  DOE could end screening for top NYC schools after coronavirus pandemic.

New York’s extremely political governor decries politics while displaying his patronizing political self during his daily COVID-19 pressers.

The extremes on both ends of the political spectrum continue to amaze me with their bitter rants and holier-than-you attitudes.  A person (male) just called cpnys and used every swear-word possible, prayed that an airplane destroy the building we are in, wished death and destruction on me and my whole family, said we are killers, called conservatives communist scum and a few other choice names that I would rather forget.  All because we posted a flyer telling people where rallies to open up New York will be held tomorrow.  To state this male is unstable is an understatement.  We only posted a flyer, we are not the organizers, we understand the need for social distancing and masks, and no where did we say that the reader had to go!  It was an informational flyer; here is the information, if you want to use, fine, if not, that was fine with us also.  The caller hid their caller ID, did not identify himself, and hung up before I could ask him if he felt better now that he exercised his freedom of speech.  It amazes me that he believes he is the only one that can exercise that right.  I really hope that he is a regular reader of this blog; it may just educate the insufferable loser.

The COVID-19 news in New York State is not getting any better; yes, the number of admissions to hospitals are trending down as are the number of deaths.  However, the more we learn about the miss steps and grave errors in judgment made by the Cuomo Administration regarding  nursing homes especially, the more we know an independent federal investigation must be impaneled to look into the allegations.   Spectrum News is reporting that the state has ended this policy allowing positive COVID- 19 nursing home staffers to return to work.  All I will say about that is they obviously knew it was another grave mistake and quickly recalled it when exposed by the press.

Andrew Cuomo’s attacks show absurdity of bailout demands.

Ahh, but the public loves how Governor Cuomo is handling the COVID-19 crisis.  Question for Governor Cuomo:  Should the federal government bail you out on this mistake?   (I guess he forgot the old proverb, haste makes waste.)  Granted some of the money has been returned, but we don’t know how much or if we will get it all back.

As Gov. Cuomo has become prone to say, the facts matter.  Well, here are some facts for you Governor.

Edwin Schindler, Esq. has some more facts that Governor Cuomo won’t like because he would rather have his bully pulpit to attack Senator Mitch McConnell.  (But don’t let politics enter the discussion, right Governor?)

Leading CEO on Coronavirus Recovery Panel Wary of Government Power Grab

Food for thought:  COVID-19 Lockdowns May Destroy Our Immune Systems.

Coronavirus and the Risky Mix of Bailouts, Big Business, and Big Government.

Coronavirus lockdown: New York, New Jersey residents losing patience with governors’ reluctance to give firm dates for reopening.

Life after Coronavirus: Bet on Less Change Than You Hope or Fear.

Do you believe in miracles?  This would be one.  How public transit could change as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted.

This is good advice for every school district in New York State:  In NYC’s coronavirus budget crunch, cut bloated schools bureaucracy first.

Where are Elliot Ness and the Untouchables when we really need them?  FBI Agent Questioned Whether ‘Goal’ of Flynn Interview Was ‘To Get Him Fired’, Handwritten Notes Show

Indian Point nuclear-reactor shutdown a huge blow to New York’s environment.

The totalitarian Chinese communists tried to stomp out economic inequality forever. They failed.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

Join a Rally to Free New York on May 1

Gov. Cuomo plays blame game for coronavirus’ American invasion.  “All you need is one person to get on a plane. As it happened, one person got on a plane, and went from China to Europe, and then it went from Europe to New York.”  Gov. Cuomo, you are such an arrogant know-it-all, ready to blame everyone for not being as smart as you.  I want to know why you allowed the state Department of Health to require nursing homes to take back COVIC-19 patients, when you knew “this treacherous virus spreads through nursing homes like fire through dry grass.”  You knew and yet you defend and deflect the directives given by your state Department of Health.  Shame on you.

David Keene writes in the Washington Times:  Easing COVID-19 restrictions: Desperate citizens dismissed as deplorable Trumpsters.

We need more reporters like Charles Hurt; very serious with a super sense of humor.  Dictator Trump, enemy of the press, hurt by openness to press.

Here is Matt Vespa’s take on the “Trump told you to drink bleach” kerfuffle.

Dennis Prager writes about our dress rehearsal for a police state.

Daniel G. Murphy writes in the NY Post:  I’ve worked the coronavirus front line — and I say it’s time to start opening up.

Jim Geraghty opines in National Review on line that we’ve held our breath for long enough.

No Policy Can Save Lives; It Can Only Trade Lives.

From the Gatestone Institute,  Coronavirus: China’s Global Intimidation Campaign

Still desperate for headlines (and looking for a job to access/replenish donations for the Clinton Foundation):  Hillary Clinton to endorse Joe Biden.

Jerry Dunlevy writes about China’s crime against humanity in the Washington Examiner.

I am beginning to firmly believe that we should require those who seek to run for public office have some years in private business to understand how private business raise money and stay in business; that they just cannot raise their prices and price themselves out of business.  A lesson voters have to understand also so they stop electing people who promise them what they want and can only deliver when they raise taxes.

Bennett & Leibsohn:  Coronavirus response — compare Florida with New York, and look at the results so far.

Sen. Rick Scott writes don’t reward states’ bad decisions in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required.)

Wise conclusion from Nicole Gelinas:  New York City needs to slash its spending — or face receivership.