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Statement from State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on New York City Vaccine Card Requirement

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Statement from State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on New York City Vaccine Card Requirement

August 4, 2021

“Mayor Bill de Blasio’s punitive and impractical vaccine card requirement for entering restaurants and theaters is bound to create confusion and hostility among New Yorkers and the businesses that serve them.  Civil liberties aside — and there are serious issues at stake here — vaccine cards are easily forgeable and shop owners can’t be expected to be able to verify them. The expense of hiring extra personnel to check cards, moreover, is more than many of these restaurants can financially endure.

“The mayor’s plan also defies logic: if both vaccinated and unvaccinated New Yorkers can pass along Covid-19 to others, what would this plan accomplish other than punish New Yorkers who choose not to be vaccinated?

“New Yorkers can also expect the de Blasio plan to creep into all areas of private business. What’s starting at restaurants and theaters may soon logically expand into every type of shop and office. Inside space is inside space, no? Do we really want to live that way?

“Underage New Yorkers used to flock to underground shops in Times Square and other places to buy fake paper driver’s licenses to get them into bars. Next, entrepreneurs will be selling fake vaccine cards — guaranteed.

“This is an ill-conceived idea that will put an unworkable burden on businesses, drive a wedge between city residents, and kickstart new underground forgery businesses. New York doesn’t want any of those things. Mayor de Blasio should scrap this plan before it begins.”


Governor Andrew Cuomo is in total denial; continues to make excuses for his conduct.

Governor Cuomo, the photos you used in your live press statement, were taken in public places with people who were more than willing to be welcomed in your established manner; there is NO comparison with a very public display and what happened in the privacy of the encounters as described to the Attorney General’s investigators.

Your press conference, was undoubtedly designed to provide an explanation of your egregious behavior, it did not.  In fact, it made it even more egregious, now that we know you have personal knowledge of sexual misconduct.  Nothing you can say, do, ask forgiveness for, will change the fact that you crossed the line.  As you noted, you are the Governor of New York State, and while only “human” like the 19 million people who live in New York State, as Governor you are expected to be a leader – a person to set a good example — not a debaucher who believes he is permitted to caress an assistant in your employ or the general public.

The Attorney General’s report noted New York governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, among them current and former state employees, in violation of federal and state law, yet stated the report is “is civil in nature and does not have criminal consequences.”  National Review is reporting that Anne Clark, one of the lead investigators for the probe, said prosecutors may look at the evidence contained in the report and determine whether to press charges.

It is imperative that criminal charges are filed; if not, how will any person ever have faith that they will be protected from such unwarranted, harassing and degrading actions by an employer, or for that matter another individual.

Governor Cuomo stated, in his presser, he will have yet another training session for himself and employees.  With out his resigning and facing criminal charges it will just as meaningless as the one state employees are required to take now.

NY Attorney General: Gov. Cuomo Sexually Harassed Women.

Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, probe finds.

BREAKING: Cuomo Investigation Report Released.

Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in violation of state and federal law, NY AG finds.

Investigation finds Cuomo sexually harassed several women, violated laws.

Cuomo refuses to resign after bombshell sexual harassment report.

Flashback: Democrats Used to Love Andrew Cuomo Like He Loves Harassing Women.

Busted: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Crafted Response to Governor Cuomo’s Scandal.

BreakingAlbany DA criminally investigating Cuomo, will request evidence from AG sexual harassment probe.

Lawmakers to consider next steps as chances of a Cuomo impeachment increase.

In other news:

In another blatant display of abuse of power:  NYC to be first in nation to require proof of vaccination for indoor restaurants, gyms, shows.  DeBlasio still clings to the Castro regime’s lust of control.

Cuomo Pushes Private Businesses to Mandate ‘Vaccine-Only’ Admission.

A Conservative Plan to Replace the Progressive Welfare State in 2024, by Donald Devine.

Deroy Murdock writes:  Critical Race Theory Mutilates Centuries-Old Legacy of Interracial Cooperation.

Everyone is entitled to retire, but this mans retirement will be a great loss to those who truly depend on his genuine humanity.  Woodson Center Celebrates 40 Years of Transforming Poor Neighborhoods as Founder Announces Retirement.

A report from the Heritage Foundation:  COVID-19 and Federalism: Public Officials’ Accountability and Comparative Performance.

Texas Man Gets 11 Years for Buying Homes, Cars With $25 Million in COVID-19 Relief.  (And you can be certain he isn’t the only scammer…)

America Not So Racist After All, Black Ex-Cop Concludes in Reality Check.

Despite Union Efforts, School Choice Gains New Ground.

The WOKE world is becoming a nightmare…

Scott Walker opines in the Washington Times on The life lessons that shaped Ronald Reagan.

Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review that COVID-19 Has Given Us Progressivism Unleashed.

Imagine If They Hadn’t Lied to Us for The Last 18 Months

Gordon G. Chang:  China Ambushes Top American Diplomat.

Analysis: NYS’ personal income tax levy more than twice the amount of national average

Is it possible that comedy, by liberal comedians, may be the answer to cancel culture:  Liberal Twitter Up in Arms as Bill Maher Trends Again for Mercilessly Mocking the Woke Left. There is more on Bill Maher reaction in the Daily Wire.

Pete Hoekstra writes about Freedom of Speech: A Vulnerable Right in Gatestone Institute.

Cuomo Is Begging New Yorkers to Come Home, But Why Would They?

Judson Berger writes in National Reviews:  Our Decadent, Reckless Government.

Schumer: Democrats ‘on track’ to pass bipartisan deal, $3.5T budget.

As Expected, the ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Packed with Liberal Absurdities.

The evidence is clear: Democrats are pushing America toward economic disaster.

Voters are rightly blaming Biden for inflation.

Larry Kudlow asks the question in the NY Sun:  Will Schumer ‘Go Pelosi’ on Masks? And Mysteries of the Democrats.

This headline, in the Chicago Sun-Times, is discouraging:  Over 1,000 victims, 126 dead, just 2 convictions (emphasis added): 6 years of mass shootings in Chicago.

Chris Farrell writes about Betraying the Cuban People, Again in Gatestone Institute.

A Liberal Pop Star Just Condemned Socialist Tyranny in Cuba.

Living With Lenin.

I would say that the NY Times has lost its pride in America with when it printed a guest essay piece blaring this headline; however, Mark R. Levin writes in his latest book American Marxism (Chapter 6) that the NY Times always leaned to the far left.  Watch Mark Levin’s July 31, 2021 Fox News program here.

Does anyone (besides the Biden family) really have any doubt that there was a real probability of a COVID-19 lab leak?  Wuhan lab report questions reasoning behind air safety and waste treatment systems renovations.  More on this report here: Republican investigation reportedly ‘proves’ COVID leaked from Wuhan lab. One more on this bombshell report;  Rep. McCaul on House GOP’s bombshell Wuhan lab report: ‘Greatest cover-up in human history’

Dr. Fauci, you are not the only disease expert!  Disease Expert Tells CNN: Most Masks Don’t Really Work Against Wuhan Coronavirus.

Robert Knight writes about The COVID-19 war on children.

Despite what the WOKE world wants you to believe America was not founded by atheists and deists.

AMA faces backlash after opposing putting sex on birth certificates.

Michael Goodwin opines on Joe Biden’s failing first crisis.

Really Mr. President?  Another broken promise… Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill carves out broad exemptions from ‘Buy American’ mandates.

The three C’s: Cuomo, Covid and Commission on January 6th; how not to instill confidence in our government.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a true believer of his own lies: Goodwin  Here is just one snippet in Mr. Goodwin’s op-ed published in the July 28 New York Post: “A Democrat at birth, he early on worked with Republicans who controlled the Senate so he could triangulate with centrist Dems. Now that far-left Dems control both houses, he has pummeled them into submission, striking fear into their timid hearts.”

America needs Biden to step up and lead the way to normalcy.

Biden Immigration Policies Threaten Pandemic Recovery.

It’s not a border crisis anymore — it’s border chaos.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden’s border crisis is a national emergency. Dems’ shocking amnesty ploy must be stopped

COVID has become a media-driven panic disconnected from facts.

From ‘Yes we can’ to ‘No, you moron’: Dems have selves to blame for vaccine hesitancy.

Bet on Rand Paul against Anthony Fauci.

CDC’s Mask Guidance Will Backfire.

Chris Cuomo Invited the ‘Unvaccinated Only’ California Restaurant Owner on His Show and Immediately Regretted It

From the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required); Two False Narratives About the Capitol Riot.

Teary Capitol Police Officer Who Testified About January 6 Previously Defended Violent George Floyd Riots In Kenosha.

Banks: This Is What Pelosi Doesn’t Want America to Know About Security Breakdown on January 6

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) tells us about A New National Climate Army explaining that Democrats want to pay young Americans to tell you how to behave.

A look at the facts tells you the left is propagating a false racist narrative.

With all the serious stressful news lately, it is a relief to read about how some elitists apparently do not know how to budget.  He should ask a single mom who manages on less than 15% of what he earns.

President Biden, did you see this?  Seattle mayor calls for more police after six shootings in one weekend.  Why does George Soros continue to destroy the safety of Americans?

‘We have the votes’: Senate advances Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal.

Senate Votes to Advance $1 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Proposal.

What You Need to Know About Boondoggles in Senate Infrastructure Bill.

The Elites’ Abuse of Average Americans.

New Rubio Bill Would Force Big Tech Firms to Disclose Censorship Requests From Government Officials.

From American Spectator:  China Will Win Only if America Allows It.

James Edwards writes in the Washington Times:  Supreme Court gives China a technology innovation advantage over U.S.

From Gatestone Institute: Disband the FBI.  “It is now time to clean house and restore the public’s trust in the “premier investigative agency” of federal law enforcement.”  (Well worth the read.)

Woke CEOs are undermining the democratic process.

Fund the police — it saves lives.

Emperor “Pinocchio” Cuomo is flexing his muscles.

Andrew Cuomo’s ever-escalating lies.

Cuomo claims he always tells ‘the truth’ on COVID-19 — except when he doesn’t.

From City and State:  A timeline of Cuomo’s fight for political survival.

File both of these under “scorched earth”:  Cuomo again questions integrity of AG’s sexual harassment investigation and Cuomo says nursing home probe was political and ‘cruel’.  (Remember this is Emperor Cuomo’s statement on June 16, 2020:  “Fire Through Dry Grass”: Andrew Cuomo Saw COVID-19’s Threat to Nursing Homes. Then He Risked Adding to It.)

Nick Riesman digs deeper into what the DOJ ending the civil rights investigation means:  Q&A: What the nursing home inquiry’s end means.

From the Empire Center:  The Health Department’s FOIL Responses Signal an Indefinite Wait for Pandemic Data.

Also from Empire Center:  Sales Tax Receipts Surge Statewide, Filling Local Government Coffers.

Excellent piece by Jeff Minick in Intellectual Takeout:  In a World of Widespread Slavery, America’s History Is Not Exceptional.  (If you children/grandchildren are subjected to the CRT theory, this is a first-rate piece for them to counteract it, or at the very least to read.)

Only US clarity can prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Communist China’s New Plan: Digital Currency.  This is a must read.  Then there is this:  Amazon job posting points to company’s growing interest in cryptocurrency.  (Is or will the financial bitcoin market place eventually squeeze out the US Dollar?)

Liz Peek: Biden wrong on inflation – president ignoring these realities Americans see every day.

How Congress Keeps Putting Us Further into Debt.

It would be wise for democrats to read this — Reckless tax and spending spree will cripple the economy and possibly the Democratic Party – but they wouldn’t take heed; they would only say it is republicans playing political games in an effort to create problems for the Democratic Party.

Americans have already tired of Biden’s hyper-partisan agenda: Optimism in nation’s future plunges after 6 months.

From Hunter Biden to COVID-19 cases, White House is tripped up on transparency.

Call me cynical but this is not a coincident, rather an elaborate plan by design they were hoping no one would notice:  Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Has Had Deep Ties to China Since 2014.

11 Examples of Why Government Shouldn’t Go After Lawful Gun Industry.

File this under “elitist hypocrites” Democratic-led cities efforting for defunding police spent millions on private security.

Dr. Anthony Fauci…did he or didn’t he stretch the truth when he appeared before Congress?

Mississippi’s Case against Roe.

Mississippi Brief in Crucial Supreme Court Abortion Case: Overturn Roe and Casey.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gun violence emergency order shows why unchecked executive powers are so dangerous.

Team Cuomo continues its underhanded attacks on his investigators.

Joe Biden’s unity vow ‘left’ behind: Goodwin.

Dan Gainor: Biden talks bipartisanship by trashing conservatives as liars, QAnon and ‘Jim Crow’.

Biden tells fleeing Cubans to get lost — while flooding the southern border.

The Cuban People Deserve Freedom: Where Is the US Help?

The Cracking Fault Lines of Our ‘Well-Meaning’ COVID Despots.

Peter Schweizer writes about Peter Daszak and the Virus in Gatestone Institute.

Fauci Can’t Get His Own Facts Straight, Yet the Government Wants to Decide What’s ‘Misinformation’ on Social Media.

Flip-Flop Fauci Defends U.S.-Funded Research at Wuhan Lab: ‘We Have Always Been Very Careful’.

Beienburg & Riches: CRT and more – here’s how we get politics out of our classrooms and keep it out.

Lawrence Solomon writes that Systemic Racism Exists.  (This is one of those “must read” articles.)

Thank you and kudos to San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone!

Hunter Biden to Meet with Potential Buyers in a Move Which Goes Against Assurances from White House.

For Once, The Washington Post Almost Gets It Right.

Setting the Record Straight on Wealth Inequality.

Hamilton, The Musical, Will Be Getting At Least $30 Million in Federal Aid. Hamilton, The Man, Is Partly to Blame.

Liberty and Liberal Education.

How the West Lost God.

‘Do You Know What’s in the Books Your Kids Are Reading?’: Homeschool Curriculum Founder.

What Joe Biden and Henry VII Have in Common.

Where the Money Goes, No One Knows.  FEMA stonewalls Congress on how much it’s spending to relocate illegal immigrants to cities and towns around the country.

Biden Administration Spending $3 Million a Day to Suspend Border Wall Construction: Senate Report.

Feds Drop Case Against Chinese Researcher: Surprise Move Greenlights More Chinese Espionage in US.

How a Tiny Communist Party Took Over the Politics of a Whole American State.

China Spurs Domestic Military Sector With Stolen Tech, R&D Investment: Report

Media Turn From Trump to His Supporters and Find Totalitarianism.  (Read it before you wonder why we are linking to it.)

ICYMI:  DOJ will not investigate Covid-19 nursing home policy.

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19.

Robert Knight opines on how the NFL salutes woke culture.

The NFL Fumbles the National Anthem.

Victor Davis Hanson: How did the Democratic Party of JFK, Bill Clinton turn into a woke neo-Maoist movement?

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Americans who support socialism choose to be deaf and blind to its perils; Cubans continue to plead for America’s freedoms.

Bob McManus opines in the NY Post:  Shootings, lawless peddling, open prostitution: NYC has lost all self-respect.

But if you are Cindy Adams, you have a little different assessment of New York City.

Media Finds Mark Levin’s ‘American Marxism’ Book Too Counterrevolutionary

Speech suppression is habit-forming.

The Media Strive to Control Us Completely

 Pete Hoekstra writes about Enemies of the State in Gatestone Institute.

Con Coughlin, also writing in Gatestone Institute, says It Is Time for Regime Change in Communist Cuba.

Sen. Rick Scott Outlines 3 Ways to Help Cuba.

Finally, a token response:  Biden Slaps New Sanctions on Cuba’s Communist Regime

Nikole Hannah-Jones Praised Cuba as ‘Most Equal’ Country in the Western Hemisphere.  Instead of trying to change America into a Cuba like state, through writings like your 1619 Project, why don’t you move there?

Jason Chaffetz: Hunter Biden keeps cashing in on his family name – there’s only one way to paint this scheme.

Not all politicians are divisive … three very different Senators just introduced a bill to reclaim the powers of Congress.  Read about it here.

Stefanik Nails Why Pelosi Is So Afraid of Republicans on Jan. 6 Select Committee Decision.

Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller introduces bill to protect college students from abortion drugs.

Repudiating Roe: the pernicious doctrine of ‘stare decisis’.

Allison Schrager writes in City Journal about Universal Basic Wealth.  If you want to reduce inequality, these new proposals aren’t the way to do it.

The Daily Signal writes that Federal Education Officials Backpedal on Pushing Critical Race Theory in Schools.

If he is spending this much on defunding police, how much is he spending on Critical Race Theory being adopted by every education system from kindergarten through a doctorate?

Missouri Teachers, CRT Advocate Plotted to Hide Social Justice Curriculum from ‘Trump Country’ Parents.

Pompeo: Biden Administration Inviting UN Racism Experts ‘Enormous Mistake’

Larry Kudlow writes in the NY Sun:  Biden’s Pipeline To Nowhere: It’ll Build Back Russia Better and The $4 Trillion Forecast for Biden: ‘Go Woke, Go Broke

Shades of Clinton: Joe Biden used private email to send government information to Hunter.

Question for AOC:  If you truly believe in socialism why do you live like a capitalist?

Did anyone really think they would be okay with it?  China Rejects WHO Plan for Second Phase of COVID Origin Probe.

Sometimes you need good news, hopefully this idea will work (when used by those with good intentions; think of the raging fires in the west coast, especially California).  Drones are zapping clouds with electricity to create rain in United Arab Emirates project.

In this corner…

Isn’t this interesting?  Cuomo staff attendance records withheld for ‘law enforcement purposes’

Carl Heastie uses his control of NY education policy to serve teachers unions.  The NY Post editorial points out “Heastie wouldn’t have become speaker in early 2015 without the assent of the New York State United Teachers and its city affiliate, the United Federation of Teachers, and ever since he has overwhelmingly hewed to the unions’ positions on adding more school funding, hiking taxes on high earners, opposing charters and fighting teacher-accountability measures.”

Bill O’Reilly writes in Newsday:  UN racism envoy will fan the flames.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about the American Descent into Madness.

Rich Lowry writes about the Assault on America’s National Identity.

Jim Gilmore opines in the Washington Examiner that Joe Biden is inciting political violence.

Liz Peek: Calling Reagan 2.0 – Biden, Dems’ radical policies wrong for US. Here’s how we get back on track.

Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company…someone please explain to me why this makes me uneasy.

Sen. Rand Paul vs Dr. Anthony Fauci.  More about today’s “heated” hearing from Fox News.

AOC, a product of the adoring media, really thinks the outlandish vitriol she preaches is proven; obviously a product of the failing US education system.

Dr. Carson: I’m glad the left is pushing critical race theory because ‘people are waking up’.

How ‘equity’ ideology plunged South Africa into inequality and chaos.

Leftist Business Executive Condemns Milton Friedman, But Did Exactly What Friedman Recommended.

Life on a Border Ranch: Cut Water Lines, Downed Fences, Stolen Property, Dead Bodies.

Our FIRST Amendment; the Founding Fathers understood the importance of government not abridging the freedom of speech.

From the Albany Times Union editorial board:  The scandals aren’t going away, Governor Cuomo.

Taxpayers fork over $800K to lawyers repping Cuomo, top aides in nursing home probe — so far.

ICYMI:  Andrew Cuomo’s campaign pays for sex-harass lawyer despite his claims.

From the NY Post’s editorial page:  NY’s Clean Slate bill takes second chances too far.

White House ‘flagging’ posts for Facebook to censor over COVID ‘misinformation’.

Surgeon General Urges Social Media Platforms to Confront COVID Misinformation ‘Wildfire’.

I wonder if is this article is placed on social media, how long it will be available before removed:  The Panic Pandemic/Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus.

Fascism goes public with promise to keep you safe

“If You Do Not Have Free Speech, You Are Not Free”.

Rep. Donalds says Big Tech censorship ‘absolutely’ a free speech issue: Biden has ‘hand in the cookie jar’

Appeals Court Agrees to Review Decision on Big Tech’s Section 230 Immunity.

Legal Group Launches Effort to Learn About Biden Administration’s Coordination With Big Tech.

Larry Kudlow:  Biden, Psaki Attack Communism — While Strumming the Internationale and Boom. Trump Clobbers Biden, Big Tech — With the Constitution.

From Gatestone Institute:  America is Back: What Did it Do?

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times about Fake conservatives target Tucker Carlson.

Cuban protests expose the American Left’s moral hypocrisy.

What the Protests in Cuba Tell Us About the Left’s Agenda for America.

Slanted Cuba coverage echoes media’s failure to expose Soviet atrocities.

Hans von Spakovsky: Texas Democrats’ outrageous claims about election reforms have no connection to reality.

US, allies blame China-linked hackers for Microsoft Exchange breach.

China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down.

Gordon G. Change writes in Gatestone Institute: China Preparing to Expropriate Foreign-Held Tech Shares.

He (Joe Biden) does realize he is the President, not a late night comedian, right?  Biden Argues Massive Government Spending Will Help Fend Off Inflation, Not Exacerbate It.  Maybe President Biden should be reading newspapers and listening to newscasts by real journalists instead of having biased staff write his talking points.  Top Wall Street Executives Say Inflation Could Be Worse Than Predicted.

Kimberly Hermann writes in City-Journal: The People v. Critical Race Theory/Lawsuits are a vital tool in the struggle against race-based programming in public schools.

From the Daily Signal:  Why Families Are Key to Saving America.

The “left” says the “right” is intolerant; really?  Listen to this:  ‘Let Them Die,’ Intolerant PTA, NAACP Official Says of Critical Race Theory Foes.  What makes this clip even more disappointing is the people applauding when Michelle Leete finished.

Mr. President where is your American Pride?

President Joe Biden finally gets one aspect of foreign affairs right, albeit, it should begin now, and not in two weeks.   Evacuation of Afghan interpreters who worked with US military to begin last week of July. Maybe this is what moved President Biden to do the right thing for the Afghan interpreters who helped our Military while they were stationed in Afghanistan.  Whatever the reason, we should all be grateful that America is, once again, doing what is right for those who have helped our military.

On the other hand, if President Joe Biden continues to listen to the progressive left that hates America, he will become the greatest threat to American democracy since the birth of our beloved nation.  The voting laws in place prior to COVID-19 have served our country well; they were in force while electing almost every member of the US Congress and Senate, 45 Presidents, countless Governors, members of State Houses, and local officials.  The USA has protected foreign nations during world wars, advanced the health of citizens in underdeveloped nations, put a man on the Moon, created countless ways to improve lives — all by electing our officials without incidents — until the elite democrats decided that former President Donald J. Trump didn’t fit their agenda and made it their goal that President Trump would not be elected again.  Now they are gaslighting Americans; demanding total control of all state elections.  By catering to those progressives, President Joe Biden makes Coriolanus Snow (the fictional president in Hunger Games) look like a benevolent grandfather out to protect his children.  Should he continue to portray the changes that states are implementing to protect the integrity of voting (must be a citizen, have identification and absolutely no automatic absentee ballots) President Joe Biden will become the greatest threat to what made America the beacon of the free world.  Biden Labels GOP Voting Laws Greatest Threat to American Democracy Since Civil War.

In Lie Filled Speech, Biden Again Makes False Claims of Jim Crow 2.0.

Sorry, Joe, that’s no Gettysburg address.

Biden DHS Chief to Cubans Hoping to Make Sea Voyage to U.S.: ‘You Will Not Enter the United States’…but we will take those at our southern border smuggled in by drug cartels so they can pay off their debt by selling drugs here.  While these increased numbers are from last year accordingly due to the pandemic, sadly, one must be prepared for another huge increase this year with all the cartel traffic at the southern border.

Another outrageous progressive ploy by the Biden Administration: :  Biden administration inviting UN racism, human rights envoys to visit US.  Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Tuesday that he welcomed the findings of a report from the U.N.’s human rights chief that called on countries to address their histories of racism, slavery and colonialism through “a wide range of reparations measures.” He went on to say “…I also welcome the UN Human Rights Council’s adoption today in Geneva of a resolution to address systemic racism against Africans and people of African descent in the context of law enforcement.”  Then he invited the United Nations ‘Racism Envoy’ to U.S.  Here is Chairman Kassar’s reaction issued earlier today.

Sen. Charles Schumer is planning a key vote on a bipartisan infrastructure deal that isn’t even written yet.  When you read this article you will understand just how far democrats will go to get what they want with little regard for those who have to live with the results of their maneuvering to stay in power any way possible.  Democrats are always about making promises that are financially impossible to sustain and then doing all they can to keep control of the process (and the citizens) and not consider the consequences of what they are doing to the financial stability of America?  Democrats unveil $3.5T go-it-alone plan to fulfill Biden’s agenda.

From the Gatestone Institute staff;  Dangerous Infrastructure Bill: Flooding America’s Suburbs with High-Density Housing Projects.

John Podhoretz opines on how the media just fooled themselves again on the odds for Biden’s $6T spending agenda.

Betsy McCaughey opines in  Biden Ignoring COVID-19 Dangers at Border and In Hospitals.

Governor Cuomo keeps ignoring the real number of COVID-19 deaths.

Diana Richardson’s hypocrisy shows how Andrew Cuomo may survive his scandals.

Biden is letting the World Health Organization make a mockery of America.

The Agenda Worse Than Critical Race Theory.

Aron Ravin writes in National Review:  Democrats Try to Blame Guns for the Crime Surge Caused by Liberal Policies.

Larry Kudlow:  The Ghost Who Said ‘Boo’ To Janet Yellen

Afghan Withdrawal Opens the Way for China.

Lawmakers charge Thruway plan allows bigotry on a bun.  Chairman Kassar said he plans to dine at Chick-fil-A restaurants, noting the critics in the Legislature “don’t need to eat there, but they have no right to prevent others from doing so.”

The Best Anti-Fragility Speech Ever Came from a Surprising Source.

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Biden Administration Inviting United Nations ‘Racism Envoy’ to U.S.

For Immediate Release
July 15, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882   @cpnys

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Biden Administration Inviting United Nations ‘Racism Envoy’ to U.S. 

Brooklyn, NY – “The Biden Administration is determined to embarrass America in the eyes of the world, hand a propaganda victory to our adversaries, and stir deeper racial divisions among us.

“Why else would the Biden State Department choose to invite the United Nation’s socialist Racism and Human Rights Envoy to the U.S. to ‘collect information’ on racial injustice, reparations, police reform, and critical race theory in U.S. classrooms?

“Americans well understand their past and don’t need to be lectured on it by foreign U.N. officials. What’s important to us is our continuing march toward becoming that ‘shining city on the hill’ for all Americans, as President Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it.

“The Democratic Party, rooted in slavery, never stops trying to divide us for political gain. It should leave yesterday alone and start focusing on today. It could start by knocking off the anti-cop rhetoric and policies that have created a new national crime wave.”


Time for a reminder of Sir John Dalberg-Acton sage advice: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Mark Levin rips Texas Democrat ‘clowns’ for fleeing state to block election bill.  Scroll down and watch the complete interview; it is about 17 minutes and well worth watching.

‘Down With Dictatorship’: Thousands of Cubans Demonstrate Against Communist Regime.

Rich Lowry writes in the NY Post: Never forget the US left’s disgusting love affair with the Castro regime.

Cuban Regime’s Biggest Defenders in Congress Silent on Pro-Democracy Protests.

Rep. Malliotakis slams the Cuban communist regime: ‘ They live like kings and the people suffer’.

Cuban Protests Are Reminders of Communism’s Evils—and of Why America Is Land of Hope.

AOC and the rest of the Squad (Sen. Sanders also) should be ashamed of themselves.  AOC silent as DSA appears to back Cuba’s communist regime over protesters.

Flashback: Democrat Praise for Cuba’s Communist Regime.

All Lego collectors can breathe a sigh of relief:  DOJ Retracts Claim It Seized ‘Fully Constructed’ Lego Set from Accused Capitol Rioter.

The Weak Link: How China Built in a ‘Backdoor’ Threat that Could Take Down the US Electric Grid.

With China Producing Half the World’s New Energy Vehicles, Retired Batteries May Bring ‘Explosive Pollution’.

Why we’re on the path to a ’70s-like inflation disaster.

Consumer prices surge by most since August 2008.

This must be the best headline grabber ever written: “Hey…DNC, “1984” was supposed to be a warning, not an operating manual!”  Thanks to the geniuses at The for writing it!

FBI urges monitoring of ‘family members and peers’ for extremism.

Tucker Carlson: Your private conversations will be controlled by the DNC

YouTube deletes Trump video, freezes CPAC account.

This Is the ‘Reform’ the Left Is Eying to End Our System of Checks and Balances.

Congressional Democrats give Biden a pass on oversight and accountability.

Democrats’ strategy: If at first you don’t succeed, grab power again.

Clyburn Admits the ‘Voting Thing’ Is About Keeping Democrats in Power

Two articles by Larry Kudlow:  1) This Tale of Two States Features the Fight for America’s Soul and 2) Call It the Critical Trump Theory: Free Enterprise Is a Miracle for Minorities.

Jacob Howland writes in City-Journal about The Anti-Educators/Promising genuine learning, today’s schooling too often delivers only a void—but academic alternatives are starting to appear.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times that America has turned into a nation of whiners.