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Steven Malanga writes in City Journal that Black Ink Brings Red-State Tax Cuts.  It also tells us that some states will not suffer as much as others if there is a recession.

Read Chairman Gerard Kassar reaction to Governor Hochul’s State of the State here.

New York ranks 3rd best state to raise a family.  When you read the article, you will find that last year WalletHub had NY in 2nd place; and this year 14th for education and childcare and 46th for socioeconomics.  With 14th for education and 46th in socioeconomics, It is any wonder that Population loss could put NY on track for further losses in Congress.

Fascinating:  I’m a video game developer but this technology to drop your energy bill $820 per year is no fantasy.  With the probability of fusion energy in just 10 years, one would hope that wind turbines, solar panels and other sources of clean energy would rethink their excessive push to replace fossil fuels.  When they are no longer necessary, where will they end up…your local landfills or…?

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