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Memorial Day 2022

Happy Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Americans across the country will gather with family and friends for cookouts, parties and parades. All fun and rewarding experiences with those you love most in your life. However, it remains important that we take time to remember what the weekend is really about—celebrating the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country.

As President Ronald Reagan once quoted freedom is not free. Our veterans are one of the many symbols that make our country great. As we are enjoying our long weekend, keep in mind that every American flag you see flying, flies because of the sacrifice made by the members of our United States Armed Forces both past and present.

Lifeline for Vets

Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

National League of POW/MIA Families

Help the National POW/MIA Memorial and Museum by donating.

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Call On Biden To Withdraw From World Health Organization.


Who can do a better job of ending the current wave of mind-numbing violence, government or society?

Why Democrats’ Domestic Terrorism Bill Actually Goes After Political Opponents

Biden Takes Blind Sheikh’s Terror Group Off Terror List

National Security Crisis: Russia’s and China’s Nuclear Threats

Whoopi Goldberg ripped into Republicans after several senators expressed their thoughts and prayers in response to the elementary school shooting in Texas on Tuesday. “Why are we always at square one with this? And I swear to God if I hear another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’m gonna punch somebody. I can’t take any thoughts and prayers,” said Goldberg on Wednesday’s episode of The View.  Has it ever occurred to Ms. Goldberg, that guns are inanimate objects and that it is an individual who controls what it does?  And I wonder if it has ever occurred to Ms. Goldberg that for the last 49 years women (and men) have been extremely vocal about a woman’s right to abortion?  (Including Ms. Goldberg herself, albeit who noted it is a difficult decision to make, at 14 and pre Roe v Wade it really was difficult.  And there are many, many women who have had post Roe v Wade abortions that, to this day, regret having one.) Abortion has become the rallying cry for progressives and some want abortion legal up until birth.  For 49 years our youth has been exposed to women’s demand to take the life of their unborn child…and no one makes the connection that by demanding the right to abortion, one is also saying life has no value.  Society has to examine what it is saying about the value of life.  It isn’t only mass shootings of innocent children in a classroom, or people buying groceries, it is the cold- blooded murder of Daniel Enriquez on the Q Train, Christina Yuna Lee’s brutal murder in her apartment, Kyhara Tay, an 11-year-old Bronx girl killed by a stray bullet while the 15- year-old killer aimed at a 13-year- old boy.  It isn’t only mass shootings, Ms. Goldberg, look at the stats in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and almost any other area… and it isn’t only guns; knives are being used more often than ever. And Ms. Goldberg, your language that “I’m gonna punch somebody” only adds to the culture of violence you abhor.  Every single one of us should be making every effort to value every life…those born and those still unborn; maybe then we will see a decline in horrendous, senseless, cold-blooded murders.

Christopher F. Rufo writes in City-Journal: Laying Siege to the Institutions/Why conservatives must go on the offensive against the elite-supported, toxic ideologies undermining American life.

Calling Us Terrorists Wasn’t Enough: NSBA Wanted Military to Crack Down on Concerned Parents.

Left-Wing Prosecutors Prepare Plan B on Roe.

Nine Ways to Raise Fearful, Unhappy, and Woke Kids (Without Really Trying)

‘We’re Literally Experimenting on Children’: Bill Maher Challenges Transgender Craze

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Shares How Christ Inspired Him to Stand Tall Amid BLM Protests

Neil Patel writes:  I’m Indian American. What I Think When Republicans Are Accused of Racism.

Everybody except Democrats sees inflation as the big issue.

Tracking the increased outflow of NY taxpayers in 2019-20.

‘Political Vendetta’: Sen. Grassley Slams FBI’s Role in Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Who can do a better job of ending the current wave of mind-numbing violence, government or society?

President Biden’s “incredible transition” has been his goal from the very beginning.

President Biden seems to praise high gas prices as ‘incredible transition’ Americans must go through.  We said on day one when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline this was his plan…he has no concept of the burden he is placing on American citizens, nor does he really care.  Absolutely shameful, that President Biden continues to cater to the far-left progressives in the Democrat Party, while oblivious to the pain that struggling families are facing.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth has this to say in City-Journal:  Fight Inflation with Energy/If President Biden wants to tackle higher prices, he should forget about more tax hikes and instead reverse his policies on domestic oil and natural gas production.

Government Greed Caused Inflation, For the Record.

It’s not just spending — Biden’s record regulations are driving inflation too.

Laura Ingraham lays out Biden’s Plan to Destroy America.

One knows Biden has a serious problem when even MSNBC is blasting the Biden Administration over its response to formula shortage.  (MSNBC should be letting their viewers know all the other Biden Administration’s errors in judgement.)

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal: Using Tragedy for Racial Propaganda/After the horror in Buffalo, President Biden and others peddle an entirely false charge: that whites are the biggest source of hate crime and interracial violence in the U.S.

Here’s the Dems’ New 2022 Midterm Nightmare.

And then there is this:  Biden’s National Security Advisor Was Fully Briefed on Hillary’s Russia Scam.

Abort and import: Democrats replace the missing millions with immigrants.

Guy Benson on Ms. Abrams rigged world.  Stacey Abrams: Massively Increased Voter Participation Can Still Be ‘Suppression,’ You Know.

From ‘the rights of women’ to ‘abortion rights’: the loss of a moral vision.

The Letdown That Is Women’s Lib

Brain tumors, lethal drugs, and the art of dying.

Pro-Abortion Activists Pledge ‘Summer of Rage’

3 Life Inspirations for George Orwell’s 1984.

When things are bleak, it pays to have some humor mixed into a serious message:  Family’s Inflation Parody of Meatloaf Hit “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” Goes Viral.

Did you know that NYS has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force?

China Starting Next Global Crisis By Gobbling Up Sri Lanka.

Another Way the US Government Is Threatening National Security.

San Francisco Archbishop Bars Pelosi from Receiving Communion over Abortion Stance

NY ‘red flag’ law didn’t flag Buffalo shooter. Why? (Editorial Board Opinion)

Agenda-driven judge’ who cut teen rapper C Blu loose is partially responsible for NYC crime surge: source.  Question for Governor Hochul:  How do you overcome an agenda-driver judge with all the “solutions” you are prosing in your Executive Orders issued after the horrendous shootings in Buffalo, NY?

States like New York are trying to create government watchdogs to prevent another radicalized youth from killing those they profess to hate, however, as this article notes, it is not only a state issue, it is international. The US is letting its people be radicalized through social media.  In fact, New York has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force, however, it hasn’t met since it was created two years ago.  But because of the outrageous mass killing in Buffalo, Gov. Hochul is planning on bulking it up now. We need a Governor to take the initiative, not govern with knee-jerk reactions.

IMPORTANT: Homeland Security’s Rebooted Disinformation Plan Is No Better Than the First

Stop New York’s climate madness before it drives electric rates into orbit.

In a 6-3 decision the Supreme Court sides with Arizona against death row inmates.

Kudos to Consumer Reports:  State Farm accused of pushing LGBTQ+ books on kids, Consumers’ Research launches ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’

Transsexual pioneer criticizes modern trans activists, says they’re indoctrinating kids: ‘This isn’t a game’

Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten.

Bill Maher Notices Something Odd About These Transgender Kids.

From the Daily Signal:  We Hear You: Tampons in Men’s Rooms, Marxists in Classrooms, and Abortions for ‘Persons’.

Churchill: The election mess Democrats deserve

Have I Been Redistricted? Search Your Redrawn Political Districts in New York  (only good for NYC).


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
May 23, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “The senseless murder of Daniel Enriquez on a Q Train this weekend — in broad daylight — strikes fear in the hearts of even the most hardened New Yorkers. 

“It’s the latest infuriating example of how far New York City has fallen since the de Blasio Administration and Democrat-led state legislature began dismantling the effective, conservative crime fighting strategies of Governor George Pataki and Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Mike Bloomberg. 

“This is what happens when Broken Windows policing is abandoned; when police presence is reduced; when no-cash-bail is enacted, and when undercover officers are outlawed. This is what happens when criminals are given priority over crime victims. 

“Mayor Eric Adams has pledged to put more police officers on subway platforms and moving trains, but we wonder, frankly, whether he has enough officers at this point to pull that off.  He must lead the effort to return the NYPD to effective personnel levels. 

“We also need to elect a Republican governor this year who can stand up to a State Legislature that’s been infected by the dangerous academic movement called wokeism. It doesn’t work. All wokeism does is give us more crime victims to memorialize. We mourn Mr. Enriquez and his family, and pray that his murder does not go unanswered. The current situation has to change.” 


Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Official Redistricting Lines

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
May 21, 2022

Brooklyn, NY - “The New York State Conservative Party is pleased that lines have been finalized for 2022 state and federal races. What we wanted — and the courts agreed — was a fair and competitive set of districts that offer voters a real choice in November. With crime rising, inflation skyrocketing, and taxes remaining the highest in the nation, voters must be given viable alternatives at the voting booth.  That’s the foundation of democracy, and we celebrate it today. 

“This is a victory for healthy political competition, and a historic defeat for corrupt, Tammany Hall governance.” 


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Disinformation Board Disaster, the Death Penalty and Agreeing with Mayor Adams on an issue.

Disinformation Governance Board Folds

What were they thinking? A government board to declare what is the truth sounds very much like something you would find in a communist, socialist or fascist society. Add to the mix, Nina Jankowicz, a lefty given the authority to officially declare what is fact or fiction and you have nothing but a recipe for disaster.

I guess the White House figured out after receiving universal criticism for three weeks that this latest scheme to control the news and the people reporting it wasn’t as popular as they first thought.

The Department of Homeland Security’s newly created and short lived Disinformation Board went on “pause” as the Biden Administration looks for ways to gracefully move on from the disaster that was the board and its Executive Director, Nina Jankowicz. Ms. Jankowicz herself resigned indicating she wanted to pursue new opportunities.

Chalk up another odd failure for the Biden White House.

Death Penalty Needs to be an Option

It was a mistake years ago for the New York Legislature and courts to remove the Death Penalty

as a sentencing option. District Attorneys who represent the public should be able to ask for a

Capital Sentence for certain crimes including terrorism, mass murder and/or the killing of an on duty first responder for example.

The current maximum sentence of life without parole is insufficient for several reasons. The left wing  NYS Legislature and NY Parole Board are constantly looking for ways to reduce the sentences for older convicted murderers. The Parole Board, under control of the Democratic Party, Governor Cuomo and now Governor Hochul, has released numerous convicted cop killers.

Manhattan District Attorney Bragg even issued instructions to his Assistant District Attorneys to never ask for life without parole. If the 18- year-old Buffalo mass murderer was tried in Manhattan, and found guilty, he would likely be eligible for parole by the time he was forty.

Capital Punishment for the most heinous of crimes is the only certain guarantee of keeping these atrocious groups from ever being a future threat. And frankly in a criminal justice system that seems to have forgotten the concept of justice – it is an appropriate sentence.

The Conservative Party has consistently advocated for the return of Capital Punishment.  Our candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, has also called for the return of Capital Punishment as a sentencing option. Read Zeldin’s full thoughts on reinstating Capital Punishment here.

Noncitizen Voting Left out of NYC Budget

There has been, and certainly will be many times, that we will not agree with NYC Mayor Eric Adams. On the issue of leaving the $25 million to implement non-citizen voting out of the city budget, we are in total agreement. This is one the Mayor got right.

Of course, the City Council could still inject the money into the budget. And for that matter the request for a summary Judgement declaring the city law unconstitutional scheduled for June 6th, of which I am a plaintiff, will very likely be successful. Regardless, Mayor Adams in failing to fund this program took responsible action to protect taxpayer dollars.

We will always be the first to speak out against policies that hurt taxpaying New Yorker’s, but we will also applaud when our elected officials, regardless of party, get it right. This time Mayor Adams got it right.

Triple digits: Biden hits 100 days without a media interview

Census miscounted populations of 14 states and the breakdown is interesting.

VP Kamala Harris inactive on border crisis as migrant surge continues, Title 42 end looms.

BREAKING: Biden admin adds $100 million in arms for Ukraine on top of $40 billion aid package.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Disinformation Board Disaster, the Death Penalty and Agreeing with Mayor Adams on an issue.

Sir Acton’s words about power corrupting are even truer today than they were in the 1800’s.

Be wary:  Hochul Unveils Flurry of Executive Orders to Address Gun Violence, ‘Online Extremism’ after Buffalo Massacre

From the Empire Center via the NY Post:  New York’s climate plan will cost hundreds of billions —and Albany is trying to hide it.

NY’s pandemic-punctuated school spending topped US average by 89%.

Finally, a lucid moment for the Biden Administration, let’s hope it lasts long enough to carry through.  Biden Administration Considers Shutting Down Disinformation Board amid Blistering Criticism: Report.

However, the board remains.  While team Biden dumps ditzy disinfo czar Nina Jankowicz— but its board remains a threat to free speech.

This is disheartening, people won’t even be able to purchase the amount of gas they need just to get to work and home.  Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing

Biden has no idea how to fight inflation/And we’ll pay the price for it

Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review that Democrats Can’t Fix What’s Wrong with Joe Biden.

However, occasionally Biden gets sage advice and listens:  Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Address Baby-Formula Shortage.  Conversely, if the FDA had done its due diligence, a shortage could have bee avoided.  A Formula for Shortages/The FDA has made critical mistakes in regulating the manufacturing of infant formula that it should ameliorate as quickly as possible.

It seems that the wall protecting the Biden’s may have a crack to let some news out:  NBC: Hunter Biden Has Made Millions From China.

Replacement Theory and Replacement Facts.

Fixing the blame for mass shootings/Progressives need to stop using tragedy to further their political agenda.


The ironic twists to Democrat claims that the GOP backs ‘replacement theory’

Mr. Musk, hits the nail on the head with this statement.  Elon Musk to vote GOP for first time because Democrats are ‘party of division & hate’

Roe v. Wade ruling has Biden administration bracing for nationwide wave of violence.  They may be bracing for a nationwide wave of violence, but rest assured those who support life will not be part of any violence.

How to stop children being indoctrinated.

Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet said in 1857, Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Can mass shootings be prevented without eroding the First and Second Amendment?

With politics in classrooms, Tuesday’s school-board elections are high stakes.  If you haven’t voted yet, you still have time to do so, most school districts are open to 8:00 PM and some as late as 9:00 PM.  Elect a School Board that thinks like you do.

Go Rep. Stefanik: Biden owns our baby formula mess.

Watters: The left is trying ‘capitalize’ on the Buffalo, NY shooting to divide the country.

Rise in police deaths reinforce need to support police officers.

When the Rule of Law Ends, Tyranny Soon Follows.

Biden Pushes Extreme Gun Control Using a Lie.

I really feel sorry for the people who only watch or listen to MSNBC as this news outlet runs mostly negative anti-American issues.  MSNBC Claims Homeschooling Is Driven By ‘Insidious Racism”.  Here is another MSNBC host who delivers the same one-sided bias:  MSNBC’s Chuck Todd claims the right appeases White supremacists by crying ‘free speech’.

How can Talia Lavin be considered a journalist, if even only writing for Rolling Stone magazine?  Liberal writer claims Buffalo shooter was ‘mainstream Republican,’ says party obsessed with ‘white fertility’.  I am quite sure she does not know the Buffalo shooter (who for the record is a sick psychopath who deserves, at the very least, life in prison with no possibility of parole ever) nor did Ms. Lavin have the time to research what she wrote in the article.  Her words are purposefully inflammatory for a reason – and can also create untold damage to minds that believe what she writes.  BTW, New York University has hired Talia Lavin as an adjunct journalism professor less than a year after the former New Yorker fact checker resigned after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo.  Next thing we will learn about her is that Biden nominated her for the “Disinformation Governance Board” to work along side of the other radical, Nina Jankowicz.

Prevention Duty/We need to get better at identifying and stopping mentally disturbed individuals before they perpetrate tragedies.  This article is well thought out and should be discussed with the understanding that it is a delicate matter and it cannot be left in the hands of government appointees similar to those who Biden appointed to the “Disinformation Governance Board.”   Government must never have carte blanche to commit mentally disturbed individuals without serious due process.

Stamping Out the Fire of Free Speech Only Makes It Spread Faster.

Peter Doocy scores again at a White House press conference:  Karine Jean-Pierre Appeared To Dodge When Peter Doocy Asked How Raising Corporate Taxes Lowers Inflation.

Sussmann-Durham trial: Prosecution says Clinton lawyer used FBI to create an ‘October surprise’ against Trump.

Ben Shapiro writes about the Left’s Chilling View of Children.

Be aware if this:  Dark Money Group Disguising Liberal Campaigns Across the Country.

Will the current wave of horrific violence allow 1984’s Big Brother to become a true reality?

America is under assault. Those who love our nation must defend her.

Victor Davis Hanson writes in the Daily Signal about the Last Days of the Republic: Leftist Policies Could Push America to Its Breaking Point.

Delusions of accused Buffalo shooter are the reverse of reality.

The mass killing in Buffalo on Saturday was despicable as were the killing of one in a California church and 2 killed at a Houston flea market, and those were the ones that made the headlines.  We pray for all the victims, their families and the first responders who have the horror seared into their memories.  Violence is out of control, and unfortunately getting worse every day.  Evil walks amongst us every day; and elected officials call for more gun control (New York has some of the most stringent in the nation) while little else is done to end the violence.  I don’t have the answers, but I do know this, far too many people have lost their moral compass and far too many people ignore the obvious signs.  The Second Amendment isn’t the problem, an inanimate object is incapable of operating on its own.  Calling for censorship of social media is problematic; who becomes the censors?  Those who have a political agenda they do not believe in, thereby censoring and limiting our First Amendment rights?  Current progressive laws have compounded the problems, while the Woke make it almost impossible to hold reasonable discussions so both sides will see a little of the other view, and the war on religion have all contributed to the violence far more that any inanimate object.  Is it that hard to understand why an 18- year-old thinks it is permissible to kill others when people march in the streets demanding the right to take the life of their unborn child and doctors demand the right to end the lives of ill people?  We need to respect life from conception to a natural death and we need to find our moral compass again by following the Golden Rule:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.   It is up to all of us to end this vile senseless violence, the current government (and some clergy) have only contributed to making it worse.

Bill Maher Cites Obama’s Big Lie When Warning Liberals About Biden’s Thought Police.

Biden’s Afghan-funds order puts the interests of lawyers over US terror victims.

From Gatestone Institute:  DANGER: The WHO’s Death Trap for the US/Act Fast: They Vote Next Week

Ted Cruz Wins Supreme Court Campaign-Finance Case on Free-Speech Grounds.

Stefanik secures rising star status in year one as GOP chair.

‘Green New Deal’ plan will cost NYers ‘hundreds of billions’ in energy bills: official.

From City Journal: Lawyers for Radical Change/The legal profession, once a guardian of republican government, is now a force for social upheaval.

School Budget Spotlight 2022-23.  Budget votes and school board votes are tomorrow. Check out who is running for school board and know where they stand on the critical issues, then get out and vote even you have never voted in a school board election before.  Any one over 18 can vote in their local school.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Gov. Hochul’s and AG James abortion Infrastructure scheme, Inflation, Alison Esposito for New York Lt. Governor and Zeldin’s latest commercial.

Governor Hochul, AG James Abortion Infrastructure Scheme

 Without even requesting legislative approval, which could very well be yet another unconstitutional move from Gov. Hochul and Attorney General James, a plan to use $35 million in NY taxpayer dollars to cover abortions for out-of-state residents could be on the horizon.

Gov. Hochul’s plan is disgraceful on so many counts.  First and foremost, why is an expected influx of women seeking abortion services in New York, other than the fact that New York allows abortions right up to the moments before birth.  It is shameful that New York would encourage non-New Yorkers to take advantage of New York’s law and foot residents with the bill.

Read my full statement here.

Inflation Remains at 8%

 April of 2022 makes the second year in a row that inflation has posted an 8% increase.

It also marks just over the second-year mark of the Biden administration, one that, quite literally, Americans cannot afford.  Families can expect to pay a minimum of an additional $3000 annually for basic necessities than they did a year ago, a significant increase from consumer prices under the Trump administration.

Some comedians are calling Biden 008 for zero accomplishments and 8% inflation. Of course,  it is anything but funny when you pull up to the gas pump, open your home fuel bill or visit your shopping center.

Biden continues to insult our intelligence as he looks for someone to blame. It has become apparent to most Americans that he has no one to blame but himself and the Democrats in Congress.

 Alison Esposito for New York Lt. Governor

 Following in the footsteps of her father, NYPD Chief Michael Esposito, Alison has proudly served in the New York City Police Department since 1997, rising to the rank of Deputy Inspector. Alison joined the NYPD because she believes that New Yorkers, especially those who need help, are in danger, and cannot defend themselves, have the right to be safe, free and protected.

After joining the NYPD, Alison started off on patrol in Manhattan’s Midtown South precinct. From there, she joined the Anti-Crime team, a plain clothes unit targeting violent street crime, and after taking down some of the worst criminals, she joined the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit. Alison then served in the Bronx and on the NYPD’s Gang Unit and on many other assignments, which brought her to the 70th precinct in Brooklyn where she commanded as Deputy Inspector.

For too long, Alison has witnessed the state and city she loves deteriorate in a spiraling decline. Fatally flawed liberal policies like cashless bail, the defund the police movement, the Less is More Act, DAs like Alvin Bragg who won’t enforce the law, and so much more have surrendered our streets to criminals. Alison has fought crime her whole adult life and is more than ready to tackle the rampant crime and violence facing our state. Now more than ever, New York needs capable, determined, and courageous leadership that will protect everyday New Yorkers, drive down their cost of living, and restore our state to glory.

For more information on Alison, Lee Zeldin and to get involved in this critically important race please click here to find out how you can Save Our State.

Lee Zeldin For Governor

 As Lee Zeldin continues to travel the state, scandals continue to cloud Albany and the Hochul administration. To see Lee’s new TV ad please click here.

Inflation gave most Americans a 2.6% wage cut in April.

Inflation at 11% in producer index for April, near highest on record

Report: 2/3 of Americans Now Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck As Inflation Again Exceeds Estimates.

The Slaughter of Babies Should Be Unfathomable.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Gov. Hochul’s and AG James abortion Infrastructure scheme, Inflation, Alison Esposito for New York Lt. Governor and Zeldin’s latest commercial.

Thomas Fuller, an English theologian, noted in 1650, that it is always darkest before the dawn; what conservatives focus on is there has always been a dawn.

Complicit or Out to Lunch?  Watch our gubernatorial candidate, Lee Zeldin, latest commercial here. Help Lee Zeldin Save Our State, click here to find out ways you can Save Our State.

Inflation soars 8.3% in April, hovering near 40-year high.

Today’s producer price index (inflation at the wholesale level) came in higher than expected.  Wholesale inflation climbs 11% in April, remaining near 40-year high.

Build Back Never/Inflation is eroding Joe Biden’s ability to deliver on his main legislative achievement in office

Nikki Haley explains in a NY Post Op-Ed How conservatives will make America affordable again.

Parents are ‘sleeping giants’ who will fix American education.  If you live in NYS, outside of NYC, May 17 is School Board Elections Day.  This is when you can vote on the budget and more importantly, vote for the members of the school board.  It is your chance to make a difference and start to take back the curriculum your child is learning.  Grandparents: get out and vote in the school board elections!  Research who is running and if they have been on the school board for years, make certain they are doing what is right for your grandchild, if not, boot them out.  Gender Transition Closets May Be Coming to a School Near You.

James E. Hanley writes in the Empire Center: Renewable Energy, Open Space, and Agriculture – New York Can’t Have it All.

Greenies continue to bully Biden:  Biden admin cancels massive oil and gas lease sale amid record-high gas prices.

Steven Malanga, writes in City-Journal, about the possibility of A Summer of Blackouts/Thanks to hasty closures of fossil-fuel and nuclear plants, coupled with shortfalls in renewable-energy production, Americans will face increasing power outages.

Democrats are hitching their hopes on the wrong issue; Schumer Show Vote on Radical Abortion Bill Goes Down in Flames and Gov. Hochul panders on abortion as New York burns.  This article in the Tampa Bay Times does a pretty good job explaining that it is not the issue that will be the deciding factor in the 2022 elections.  The advances made in medical science that clearly shows a fully formed baby at 12 weeks is changing how people think about abortions.  And if they read this Your Pregnancy: Baby’s Week By Week Progress, it will change more minds.  As this article notes Post-Dobbs Democrats are desperate to discuss anything but abortion.

Republicans demand Biden admin immediately address baby formula shortage: ‘This is not a third world country’/’This is a crisis for families,’ said one lawmaker.

Russia withdrawing troops after ‘heavy losses’, proving ‘inability to capture key Ukrainian cities,’ UK says. “Despite Russia’s success in encircling Kharkiv in the initial stages of the conflict, it has reportedly withdrawn units from the region to reorganize and replenish its forces following heavy losses,” the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense continued.

Never Too Young to Learn Responsibility.

The Treasures of This Earth Live Among Us.

A Pure Call to Patriotism through Music.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Thomas Fuller, an English theologian, noted in 1650, that it is always darkest before the dawn; what conservatives focus on is there has always been a dawn.