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The COVID-19 crisis is proof positive that government is never able to resolve problems.

What Americans are seeing from their new president is a person who would rather cater to the progressives of his political party instead of showing concern for all of those who are struggling to keep their jobs.  As if it isn’t enough that closing businesses due to COVID-19 restrictions cause millions to be out of work, the newly inaugurated president revoked the permits for the Keystone Pipeline putting hundreds out of work (and others dependent on them will also lose jobs), raised the minimum wage for federal workers (raising the minimum wage for non-federal workers is also on the progressive agenda and that will cause others to lose their jobs), the federal government isn’t concerned about raising the wages of their workers because they will just raise your taxes to pay for the increase while private businesses will lose business when they are forced to pay in the increased wages and possibly have to close up shop.  It is disheartening that a man who preaches unity and pretends to be there for the “working man” begins his term by hurting those who he promised to help.  Another question for President Biden; what is fair and evenhanded about having a transgendered man compete against a woman in school sports?  Not to mention that he embraces the debunked NY Times 1619 project while decommissioning the 1776 Commission.  Does anyone wonder why his political handlers prevented him from campaigning all fall long?  Seventy-four million American were not fooled by his campaign absence; unfortunately, eighty-one million people didn’t care and we will all pay the price.  As the NY Post editorial noted in today’s paper:  Biden gives up on ‘unity’ for his first action item.

President Biden isn’t backing down on his progressive agenda; here are his plans for this week.

And then there is this:  Making America California/ The Biden administration seems determined to run the country on the ruinous model of the Golden State.

Conrad Black asks if President Biden really wants unity?

On the bright side, President Biden is right on this:  Biden Acknowledges the Votes Aren’t There to Convict Trump.

The Left Wants to Transform and Nationalize Our Election System.

The progressives want government to run everything; this is the results of them trying to “help” with the pandemic crisis:  City, state and federal leaders are all giving us pandemic chaos.

You must be so proud of this headline Governor Cuomo since you continue to do nothing to make the  economics of New York State better:  New York ranked 2021’s 2nd worst state to retire.

Another black-eye for New York State.  CBS 6 Investigates: Almost a year, and many unemployed still can’t reach labor department.

Bob McManus, well said.  The push to decriminalize ‘streetwalking’ follows a deadly run of NYC ‘reforms’

California has something New York needs: Recall!

Ideological Alignment Pushing America Toward Totalitarianism, Experts Warn.

The Wages of Cynicism.

States Can Reject Critical Race Theory.

Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts on the 1776 Commission and its report.

Mike Gonzalez opines in the Daily Signal that Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History.

New York lost 1 million jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Six Questions About Masks Our Overlords Refuse to Answer.

Really, President Biden, not the best way to begin your four year term, for many reasons.  Alberta premier: Biden disrespected America’s closest friend by canceling Keystone Pipeline.

Do the democrats really care about the cost of medicine?  Biden Stops Trump Order to Slash Price of Insulin, EpiPen.  Why wouldn’t one re-evaluate the order first, then decide?

Should we begin to call President Biden, President By-Fiat?  Biden to Sign New Round of Executive Orders on Abortion, Immigration.

Pro-Life Leaders Condemn ‘Devout Catholic’ Biden Over His Vow To ‘Codify’ Roe V. Wade.  (As we noted last week, if one is not faithful to their faith, how can they be faithful to anything?)

Biden’s First Signal on China: Fond Memories.

Senator Sanders:  Where is the money coming from to pay for all the federal giveaways you want?  Sanders Vows Dems to Use Budget Reconciliation to Pass $1.9T COVID Bill if GOP Balks.

Amazing.  Does Amazon understand what it is communicating here?   Amazon Trying to Block Voting by Mail in Unionization Election.  Really Amazon?  What you pushed for our nation isn’t safe for your company?   You should hang your head in shame. Clearly, another case of do as I say, not as I do, and people are really beginning to say: enough of this.  “We believe that the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person,” an Amazon spokesperson told news outlets. “We will continue to insist on measures for a fair election, and we want everyone to vote, so our focus is ensuring that’s possible.”

Isn’t it rather arrogant of CNN’s Jim Acosta thinking he is the nation’s sage, when in reality he is nothing more than the national buffoon?  CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump supporters, Fox News remain ‘a threat to our democracy’

Liberal authoritarians like John Brennan are real threat to democracy.

Journalists celebrate the destruction of freedoms on which their profession depends.

Sen. Hawley: It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America.

From Gatestone Institute:  Your Government is Afraid of You.

Get vaccinated, Cuomo urges worshipers at 3 Black churches.  It is good advice; but did you also mention that New York is short on vaccines?   Biden administration can’t say how many COVID-19 vaccines US has in reserve…but it is the previous administration that is at fault according to Jen Psaki.  (If the Biden Administration didn’t know how many vaccines are available, why has he been promising 100 million shots in 100 days.)

File this under:  Afraid of Recall.   In huge step, California governor lifts stay-at-home orders across the state.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the first days of the Biden Administration, AG James’ attack on the NYPD and Gov. Cuomo’s short-sighted budget.

Biden Presidency Embracing America Last

It took less than 12 hours for President Biden cancel over 40,000 working class jobs when he halted all work on the Keystone XL pipeline. He followed up that decision to eliminate jobs immediately by re-joining the disastrous Paris Accord which unfairly, and unjustly hurts America.

With the stroke of a pen, President Biden fired an estimated 42,000 American workers who were either employed directly or indirectly to the project. The layoffs will result in over $1.5 billion dollars in lost wages.

Additionally, President Biden did the environment no favors. It is environmentally more friendly for oil to pass through pipes, resulting in 42% less emissions, rather than be transported by rail which increase emissions by nearly 50%. To make matters worse, the cost of a barrel of oil increases between $5 and $10, causing more financial burden on you, the consumer.

That was followed up by his decision to rejoin the Paris Accord which will undoubtedly lead to more American jobs lost while putting an unfair burden on the United States.

Finally, President Biden ordered deportations be halted for 100 days and to open travel from states considered as terrorist hot spots. Caravans are already forming from South America and thousands are heading towards America, during a pandemic, looking to take advantage of the United States and their newly implemented plan to grant undocumented travelers’ entry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the ultimate example of elections having consequences.

Attorney General James Attacks NYPD

New York Attorney General Leticia James joined forces with rioters earlier this week when she introduced a lawsuit against the NYPD for responding with force to a destructive mob hellbent on doing damage to city and private property.

Eleven New York City police offers were injured in what James called “peaceful protests.” Conveniently, this summer Attorney General James was MIA as rioters and looters were costing the city of New York tens of millions of dollars.

With early murder rates and shooting victims already outpacing 2020’s dangerous numbers, the NYPD are the only ones serving this city to seem to have any interest in keeping it safe. This attack is asinine and unconscionable.

While thousands have left New York City, leaving the city as an impasse that even Governor Cuomo believes could take 5 years to recover from, it remains unclear to me just how bad the situation here needs to get before voters open their eyes. As a lifelong New Yorker, I can assure you todays inhabitants don’t want to experience the city the way I did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Ignorance is bliss until the “not in my backyard” crowd experiences it in their backyard.

Cuomo’s Short Sided Budget

 Governor Cuomo made it very clear earlier this week that if New York does not receive a federal bailout to the tune of $15 billion, he will sue the federal government then take the states shortcomings and reckless spending out on the taxpayer by way of massive tax hikes.

The new tax rate for top earner would be nearly 11% in New York State, a number that will surely lead to high earners once again packing their bag and heading for friendlier tax pastures. These individuals have a right to save and provide for their families without being the Governors personal piggy bang.

As Senate Minority Rob Ortt stated earlier this week, New York’s overtaxing and reckless spending far predate the financial complications brought on by COVID. “This is poor financial management and poor governing” the Minority Leader said after the budget proposal was released.

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay echoed Senator Ortt’s thoughts on twitter “Yesterday was not a budget presentation. It was the same finger-pointing rhetoric we have heard for months. Federal help is necessary but threatening legal action if your demands aren’t met is far from a reliable strategy.”

New York has been wildly spending money they don’t have since day 1 of the Cuomo administration, never once stopping to consider the situation the state would be in during a time of crisis. The Governors inability to responsibly plan for our state’s future has put us in a deficit it could take a decade to recover from.

Pete Buttigieg Floats Raising Federal Gas Tax: ‘All Options Need To Be On The Table’

Ted Cruz spars with Buttigieg over loss of jobs after Keystone XL cancellation

WATCH: Press sec shrugs off question about Biden breaking mask rules: ‘We have bigger things to worry about’

Get Ready for 4 Years of Media Sycophancy

Biden’s Executive Order on Transgender Rights ‘Unilaterally Eviscerates Women’s Sports


President Biden begins his administration by continuing to remain silent on Antifa’s riots last night after his inauguration.

Cuomo’s ‘budget’ rant was the opposite of ‘leadership’

Cuomo proposal would raise top tax rate for New York City to 14.7%, highest combined rate in nation.

Seeking Bigger Federal Handout, Cuomo Proposes Record Budget.

Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal leaves the Medicaid throttle open.

How to encourage more New Yorkers to leave New York;  Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins: “We Have an Opportunity to Reset”

Tish James sides with goons against the NYPD

Brilliant piece by Angelo Codevilla in American Greatness:   Clarity in Trump’s Wake

Another brilliant piece, this one by Victor Davis Hanson:  Stabbing Hector’s Corpse.

A reminder that there were good people in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 that the main stream media will not tell you about:  What So Proudly We Hailed.

Heather MacDonald:  Words of Division.

In fractured country, Left determined it will define ‘unity’ and punish dissenters.

It is even worse than reported:  Biden to Swiftly Unwind Trump Policies on Immigration, Health.

Why would an American President choose a person who ranked murderous Communist dictator Mao Zedong among her “favorite political philosophers?”    And why would President Biden do this?   EXC: Biden Just Picked A CIA Director With a 7-Year-Long Relationship with Chinese Communist Party Fronts  (Should we ask Hunter these questions?)

Really, Mr. President?  What are you afraid of? Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History

If you are not faithful to your faith, how are you faithful to anything?

Good advice President Biden:  To move on, drop the Trump impeachment trial.

The Pelosi-Clinton Treason Commission.

Michael Goodwin may very well be the best political analysist of these troubled times.  Mitch McConnell’s betrayal hurts the nation: Goodwin.

Kay C. James writes about 3 Ways Congress Tested Its Commitment to Constitution Over 7 Days in the Daily Signal.

8 Strategies for exiting the Biden Years Stronger than the Right went in.

Trump’s Foreign Policy Legacy.

Trump Delivers Long-Awaited Triumph for Criminal Justice Reform in Last-Minute Executive Order.

I was always under the impression that colleges were for raising the bar, now I must ask how much lower will colleges bring the bar down?  College Board scraps key parts of SAT to ‘reduce demands’ on students. Expert questions that logic.  Then there is this:  University says correct gender pronouns ‘matter more than grammar rules’.

Oregon Democratic Party offices vandalized amid post-inauguration protests.  Some of their signs say it all:  We don’t want Biden, we want revenge and We are ungovernable.

Yesterday at noon America’s future began a journey backwards instead of embracing what should have been her brightest future yet.

Will our First Amendment survive the current cancel culture’s condemnation?

Let’s hope that President Trump does not pardon the man who sold his office for monetary gain.  Trump should not pardon ex-politician and criminal Sheldon Silver

The Challenge for Conservatives in a Post-Trump World.

Andrew Cuomo named ‘Porker of the Year’ by spending watchdog for botched COVID-19 response – Washington Times.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required.) Pelosi’s Top Priority: Consolidating Power.

From Charles Hurt writing in the Washington Times:  Joe Biden’s mandate: Don’t call it the China virus …

3 Glaring Problems with Joe Biden’s New Multi-Trillion COVID Package.

Feel Good Now—Pay Later.

US counter-intel chief warns Biden admin of China’s malign foreign influence: ‘One of the bigger challenges’

Two articles from Gatestone Institute that the soon to be President should pay attention to: Nuclear Extortion: Mullahs Want More Concessions from Biden and The Pernicious Effects of Popular Nuclear Mythology

AOC’s Ministry of Truth

House Democrats’ Deja Vu Tax Agenda for ‘Equity’ Would Hurt (Not Help) Economic Opportunity.

They Want to Cancel Our Culture, Our History, Our Liberty’: Goya CEO.

The corporate cancel culture goes after another Trump supporter:  My Pillow CEO Says Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s to Stop Selling His Products.  Mike Lindell has a great American story, and, fortunately, those that like his products can continue to purchase them by going on-line.  Do you think the corporate cancel culture even considers  the consequences of what they are doing by cutting their nose off despite their face?

Corporations’ Worrying Embrace of Censorship.

Dennis Prager explains Why the Left Has to Suppress Free Speech.

America’s ever-tightening cancel culture makes Communists happy

On One Big Issue Americans Unite:  Press has failed.

Give it up Hillary; you lost; you will never be elected to anything again.  Your continuing need for publicity only portrays you as a bitter old lady,

Kudos.  Father Altman stands by previous message denouncing Catholic Democrats in new video.

If NY city, NY State and other major governments run out of the COVID-19 vaccines due to poor management (disposing of them), why do so many left-leaning citizens want government to be in charge of their health care and other aspects of their lives?  Someone please explain why when most everything governments handles is in a horrible mess (housing, unemployment, vaccinating citizens, elections, etc.) people vote for those who promise that government will take care of them?

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Impeachment sham, our legislative agenda and the minority conferences legislative agendas.

Impeachment Sham

With just days remaining in his term, President Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives in another stunt that was both a waste of time and counterproductive for America.

At a time in which tensions are high, a rushed impeachment with no due process and no trial, just a rushed vote by a Democratic majority, is shameful and set’s a dangerous precedence moving forward.

I want to thank six of our New York Representatives for voting no on the sham impeachment. I had the opportunity to speak with Congressmembers Stefanik, Zeldin, Malliotakis, Jacobs, Garbarino, and Reed. They were thoughtful and clear on why they were voting no. I applaud their transparency and willingness to discuss their rationale.

However, the State Conservative Party is disappointed that one New York Representative did vote with Nancy Pelosi to impeach the President. We consider Congressman John Katko’s actions to be ill-informed. It does nothing to bridge the divide, but it does everything to further aggravate it.

2021 Legislative Agenda

The Executive Committee of the New York State Conservative Party met last weekend in Brooklyn to finalize our legislative agenda.

Amongst the big-ticket items are repealing the criminal justice reforms passed by State Democrats in 2019, ending cashless bail, preventing defunding of the police, opposing the legalization of recreational cannabis, and vigorously defending New York taxpayers against the massive tax increases being proposed by the State Legislature.

As we finalize our agenda in the coming days, I look forward to going into more depth on what you can expect from us in 2021.

 Minority Conference Legislative Agenda

For the third consecutive year, State Democrats will control both chambers of the State House in Albany and will surely be looking to expand on their progressive agenda.

The State Legislature that brought us dangerous criminal justice reform, looks to expand on that and continue to give criminals, often repeat offenders, just as many rights as those who abide by the law daily. Additionally, Albany Democrats have made it no secret that they will work to raise taxes, including massive tax increases on the wealthy who continue to leave New York State in droves.

Last week, the Republican Senate released its agenda, “Resetting New York.” Minority Leader Senator Rob Ortt has promised Republicans will oppose all tax increases and will introduce a hostile amendment every day that the Governor continues to hold increased executive powers granted to him by the legislature last year.

In their efforts to get the economy moving in the right direction, The Assembly Minority has also set their agenda called “Jump-Start New York: A Plan for Economic Recovery.” Assembly Republicans are also looking to decrease the Governors powers and increase local authorities’ powers during times of crisis. Additionally, they want to implement the “NY Business Emergency Relief Act of 2021” to direct unallocated funds to business relief purposes.

Mexico’s Left-Wing President Mounts International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans.

State Republican Parties Criticize GOP Representatives Who Voted to Impeach Trump

Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas after Capitol Hill violence

Missouri becomes first ‘abortion-free state’ as last remaining abortion facility quits offering procedures

‘Heartless Monster’: Cuomo Critics Respond as His Spokesman Demeans Janice Dean.

A deeply divided Republic does not serve her citizens…

From the editorial board of the NY Sun:  Impeachment II: The Rush to Judgment.

9 Takeaways as 10 Republicans Join Democrats to Impeach Trump Again.

Impeachment only feeds divisions, elevates Trump in his supporters’ eyes.

The left’s bare-faced hypocrisy: Devine.

Erase and Criminalize

William Voegeli has an excellent article in City-Journal: About “Whataboutism”/When turnabout is never fair play, that I would encourage every reader of this blog to read and hopefully circulate to family and friends.  Set aside a quite moment to read it; it is equal to some of my favorites written by Thomas Sowell and the late Walter E. Williams.

Then there is this:  Major Twist in US Capitol Storming Might Have Gutted the Democrats’ Narrative on Trump Impeachment

From the Daily Signal:  “The Purge Has Begun. Where It Stops, Nobody Knows.  More from the Daily Signal:  What You Need to Know About Big Tech’s Crackdown on Trump, Parler.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends Trump ban, but admits company’s power sets ‘dangerous’ precedent

Get the popcorn ready, this should be interesting.   AOC and other progressives have a new goal: Silence the press

Do Masks Work? What the Data Shows.

Critical Race Theory Infiltrates Government, Classrooms.

Star Parker makes some very good points in her column in the Daily Signal:  America Cannot Be Great Until We Make America Good Again.

How We Can Keep the Faith in America When Everything Is Shaken.

What begins in California, somehow finds its way to New York.  Parents, grandparents be aware:  Woke Elementary

De Blasio hates gifted schooling because it exposes his own failures.

Attorney General James Files Lawsuit Against the NYPD for Excessive Use of Force during the “peaceful” demonstrations in NYC this spring and summer.  The rule of law applies to those demonstrating; a peaceful demonstration does not end up with tens of millions of dollars in damages or setting police cars on fire and Molotov cocktails thrown at the police.  AG James noted, no one is above the law and that includes those who demonstrate.

The City Journal writes about  Joe Biden, Re-Regulator.

Restart, Reset or Renew? The Strategy against Iranian Nuclear Ambition.

From the Washington Examiner:  Andrew Cuomo’s vaccine blunder is yet one more reminder of his pandemic failure.

To those who promote taxing the rich, read this:  The Impoverished Idea of a Wealth Tax

The Empire Center writes that Cuomo Delays Releasing Nursing Home Data for Two More Months.

Today’s blog ends with these words of wisdom from Thomas Jefferson “An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.”   Unfortunately, far too many today do not exercise his wisdom.

Our First Amendment is on life support; and those who have benefitted by its life are suffocating it.

Andrew Cuomo’s sad State of the State speech.

Here are two articles regarding the Governor’s State of the State delivered yesterday from an upstate paper:  Cuomo vows to vaccinate 70% to 90% of New Yorkers  and Vaccinations, boosting economy top Cuomo 2021 agenda.  The focus of these two articles is COVID-19 and not the problems New Yorkers will face with the substantial budget shortfall taxpayers are facing.  COVID-19 is a major concern for all New Yorkers (as well as the world’s population) but, the way government responds to the economic fallout must be questioned by those reporting on the problems.  How do we expect people to understand the depth of the economic shortfall, and how it will be resolved, if the newspapers gloss over the seriousness of the budget concerns?  The media has a responsibility to inform the public; our Founding Fathers realized that by elevating their importance in the First Amendment.  It is time they accept that responsibility no matter how unpleasant it may be to report; government does not need cheerleaders as much as her citizens need to be fully informed.

Bill Hammond writes that the State’s Vaccine Appointment System Was Not Ready for Prime Time.   (BTW, it still isn’t…)

Janice Dean: COVID vaccine distribution botched by Cuomo – why wasn’t New York’s governor more prepared?

The perilous side-effects of banning evictions mean it can’t go on forever

Victor Davis Hanson opines about Crazy 2020 Is Dead! Long Live Crazier 2021!

Charles Hurt write in the Washington Times about the impeachment of King Lear: Shakespeare would have been in love with Donald Trump.

Pompeo slams anti-American ‘woke-ism’ at Voice of America, U.S. broadcast outlets.

Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office.

As we noted yesterday:  Dems continue ‘selling out America’ in new impeachment push

The man will say anything to get the press’s attention.  Schumer: Put Everyone Who Was in the Capitol on No-fly List.  Yes, the people who stormed the United States Capitol were wrong and they broke the laws of our land and should face the consequences for their action; and they will.

Anyone surprised about this?  Antifa’s Determined to Prevent a Book About Their Tactics from Being Published.

Wow, this makes the collusion between a campaign and a social media outlet, even worse than anyone could have imagined.  Emails Reveal Facebook Banned Users at Hunter Biden’s Request.

Left-Wing Billionaires Turn to For-Profit Corporations for Giving.

Twitter Sends Out Major Irony About Freedom of Expression During Elections.

Facts Win Out – Peter Wood’s learned and thoughtful demolition of the 1619 Project.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Iran, China, Promise to be the Biggest Tests of Biden’s Presidency in 2021. Also from Gatestone:  EU-China Investment Deal: “It Spits in the Face of Human Rights”

Sad, but true:  The Endgame of Transgender Ideology Is to Dismantle the Family.

Rest in Peace:  Sheldon Adelson, Longtime GOP Donor, Dies at 87.

Most in the Democratic leadership posts would rather play politics than save our Republic.

“Rather than give America the peace it desperately needs in the wake of the Capitol Hill assault, Big Tech is tossing more fuel on the culture-war fires.”  Big Tech’s assault on Parler proves it’s gone full cartel.

Heritage President Kay C. James on Social Media Censorship.

Why ban of @realDonaldTrump proves Twitter not ‘just a platform’.

Storming of the Capitol was stupid, but Democrats’ flaming hypocrisy is outrageous.

Hypocrite!  You remained mostly silent during the summer of rage and now you are fanning the flames.  Schumer presses FBI to be vigilant of further threat of violence.

Insurrection:  a violent uprising against an authority or government.  Madam Speaker; you, and those you lead, may think President Trump was responsible for an “insurrection” but never once did he call for violenceYou, Madam Speaker, used your office to introduce an impeach resolution.  Shame on you and all your lemmings.  Shame on the media for not acknowledging that you are pouring oil on a fire.  Shame on President-elect Joe Biden, who superficially makes a call for unity, but does absolutely nothing, as he did all summer, to calm things down.  You call yourselves leaders, you took an oath to protect our US Constitution (“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”) yet, you, Madam Speaker, today you purposefully and deliberately allowed a resolution for impeachment to be filed, to appease your base and you and your lemmings continue to divide our Republic.  Shameful and sad that power means more to you, Madam Speaker, and your lemmings than this great Republic called America.

Mark Levin Condemns Criminals, Blasts Media Exploitation of Capitol Violence.

Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature get desperate for cash.  (see our statement on Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State here.Cuomo urges Biden to deliver on billions in aid at State of the State address.

Statement by Chairman Gerard Kassar on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State

For Immediate Release
January 11, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @cpnys
Statement by Chairman Gerard Kassar  on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State

Brooklyn, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State was a pure political speech that failed to address the structural fiscal situation that multiplied the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were no details as to when he intends to return control of the government back to its duly elected representatives, nor when businesses can return to their normal operations, in fact, he noted that further business closings may be needed.

Gov. Cuomo’s reliance on the federal government bailout is as shortsighted as his reliance on the sale of recreational marijuana and the institution of mobile sports betting.  Bad ideas remain bad ideas even if it helps you gain revenue.

New Yorkers need a Governor that is willing to make the structural changes necessary and show the leadership to provide a path to economic recovery, not the Pollyanna statements made to placate progressives.

# # #

Chairman Kassar discusses the new Congress, NY’s fumbled vaccine rollout, and NY’s shocking new legislative bill.

117th Congress

On Sunday the 117th Congress took their oaths of office and officially became United State Representatives.

At the moment our New York State delegation has grown by one member when Nicole Malliotakis was sworn in as New York’s Representative from the 11th district. Soon, I expect our number to grow again when Claudia Tenney’s victory is certified.

I want to congratulate our re-elected incumbents Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep Lee Zeldin, Rep. John Katko, Rep. Tom Reed, Rep. Chris Jacobs, and newly elected Rep. Andrew Garbarino who was elected to replace the retiring Rep. Peter King.

I look forward to the future with our new slate of Representatives. Their futures are bright and they are eager to work on behalf of their districts.

Additionally, New York State Conservative Party staffer John Seravalli has joined the staff of Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis in Washington D.C. John will be traveling between New York City and D.C. and will continue as an active member of the party and State Executive Committee. Please feel free to continue to reach out to him at any time.

Finally, I would be remise if I didn’t comment on Wednesday’s terrible events that transpired at the U.S. Capitol, a not only historical complex, but a complex in which was holding our New York delegation and staff members.

As our executive director noted in Thursday’s daily update, “…what happened was wrong.  When an election is lost, by whatever means, we examine how we lost, we hold our head high and we do not destroy all the good we have done.  We are no longer kids in school playgrounds fighting about who dropped the ball.  We must be the adult and demand that cooler heads prevail; we cannot criticize Antifa and the rioting that occurred all summer long, then let our anger react in a similar way, albeit, I do believe that some from Antifa were at the rally and edged on the crowd in Washington, DC.

I understand the frustration that people have; I understand how being out of work for 10 long months (and no real end in sight) can create resentment against a government who has forgotten that “We the People” run the greatest experiment in democracy.  I understand that the politics of playing with people’s lives has caused many to lash out in anger, but, unbridled anger will not resolve the serious conflicts America is facing within.

We must regain the dream that our Founding Fathers believed in.  We must remember our history and acknowledge, while not perfect, we have corrected our mistakes.  Erasing our history, or not knowing it, can allow some of the same mistakes to be made again.  We must focus on the generosity of Americans; those who serve to protect our way of life; those that give to those who need; those that create jobs for others to earn a living; those who worship God, not the statism that seeks to replace Him and we must refocus on the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Governor Cuomo Fumbles Vaccine Rollout

 Governor Cuomo is running out of people to blame for his failures, but I don’t believe that will stop him from passing the buck on his inability to do his job.

Earlier this spring, in typical Cuomo fashion, he made President Trump the scapegoat saying they didn’t have enough ventilators or hospital rooms. Weeks later we would learn ventilators went unused and hospital rooms unutilized.

Now we learn of the 630,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination delivered to New York State, less than a third had actually been administered according to a report issued last week.  A chapter that is surely to be left out of the Governors next book.

Conservative/Republican Assemblyman Michael Lawler said on twitter this week: It’s very simple: @NYGovCuomo asked for and was given complete control of the pandemic response back in March of last year. He therefore is completely responsible for the consequences of his decisions: nursing home deaths and the failed vaccine distribution.”

The facts remain that the Governor has been given a free pass from the very beginning and continues to be absolved of all responsibility, no matter how much he has failed. While the Governor profited from tragedy, businesses and livelihoods were stripped from working class New Yorker’s. While he received an Emmy, businesses received orders to close. While he looked for more fame allowing nearly 7,000 people in an NFL stadium, he wouldn’t allow you to have 10 paying customers in your restaurant.

The Trump Administration in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies worked in record time to produce a vaccine. The Cuomo Administration had one job, administer it to New Yorker’s. He has failed to even do that.

Shocking Assembly Bill A416

 Earlier this week Democratic Assemblyman Nick Perry introduced a bill so shocking I had to read the text twice.

Below is text directly from the Bill:


Yes, you read it right. New York Democrats want to give the Governor the right to forcibly remove you and place you in the “appropriate” facility.

As we continue to operate under one party control in New York State, the legislation coming out of Albany continues to expand the Governors powers and put New Yorker’s at risk of financial ruin or stripping us of basic rights. I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg and implore you to pay attention to the legislation and rhetoric coming out of Albany.

As we continue to lead the country in out migration, we are on pace to set New York back a generation. It is time we get serious about the challenges facing us and put an end to this assault on our basic rights.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson BLASTS media for hypocrisy on riots

Eric Swalwell should be kicked off intel committee and stripped of security clearance, experts say.

Trump cabinet member on 25th Amendment: ‘We’re not doing it,’ says Trump wants smooth transition

Retail rents tumble to historic lows in New York City amid bankruptcies and store vacancies

NYC Begs Gov. Cuomo To Let It Start Vaccinating Seniors: ‘We’ve Got To Save Lives’

“America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law.”

Brian C. Adams writes in the City Journal about the dark days that have occurred since November 3, 2020.  Some will be incensed about his words; some will agree. (The various newspapers and pundits all have opinions that will try and influence what you think.)  The Party has received numerous comments on what happened yesterday in Washington, DC and what led to that ugly display of mob rule; some supported what happened; most did not.  I am one who did not.  I do believe that there were irregularities that occurred on election day; I also believe that the four years that Donald J. Trump was president, the media, the never-trumpers, the swamp, the power-crazed oligarchs did everything within there power to destroy a man who loves America and wanted every person to have the same opportunities to be successful.  Donald J. Trump created an economy that lifted all those who wanted the opportunity to be lifted; he stood up for the unborn; he cut regulations where necessary and ran the country as an efficient businessman, not bound by the politics that Washington, DC craved.  President Trump stood up for America on the world stage and brought together countries in the Middle East that no one thought possible.  North Korea knew he meant what he said; as did Iran.  President Trump ran on a platform to make America great again, and to the best of his ability, he kept his promise, despite the constant onslaught of those who resented the fact that a non-political person was elected the 45th president of the greatest nation in the world.  Election day, November 3, 2020, should have been his re-election; but those who had worked so hard to destroy him for four long years, with the help of COVID-19 emergency changes made without the consent of state legislatures managed to maneuver the system to their benefit.

What happened was wrong; what happened in Washington, DC was just as wrong.  When an election is lost, by whatever means, we examine how we lost, we hold our head high and we do not destroy all the good we have done.  We are no longer kids in school playgrounds fighting about who dropped the ball.  We must be the adult and demand that cooler heads prevail; we cannot criticize Antifa and the rioting that occurred all summer long, then let our anger react in a similar way, albeit, I do believe that some from Antifa were at the rally and edged on the crowd in Washington, DC yesterday.

I understand the frustration that people have; I understand how being out of work for 10 long months (and no real end in sight) can create resentment against a government who has forgotten that “We the People” run the greatest experiment in democracy.  I understand that the politics of playing with people’s lives has caused many to lash out in anger, but, unbridled anger will not resolve the serious conflicts America is facing within.

Socialism isn’t what made America great.  Socialism has never lifted countries out of poverty and provided freedom for all their citizens.

We must regain the dream that our Founding Fathers believed in.  We must remember our history and acknowledge, while not perfect, we have corrected our mistakes.  Erasing our history, or not knowing it, can allow some of the same mistakes to be made again.  We must focus on the generosity of Americans; those who serve to protect our way of life; those that give to those who need; those that create jobs for others to earn a living; those who worship God, not the statism that seeks to replace Him and we must refocus on the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.

Today is a new day, with it comes hope.  Hope that America will heal as it has in the past.  I am committed to doing my part, are you?