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Trump Trial Update 5/21/24

Trump Trial Update

I had the opportunity to spend all day Monday with former President Trump, meeting him early at his residence in Trump Tower, traveling in his motorcade to the State Supreme Court building in lower Manhattan and then attending the trial.

My takeaway, Michael Cohen, already a total fraud, liar and convicted felon, went a step further in admitting under oath that he had stolen $30,000 from the Trump Organization while under retainer to do legal work. 

How a trial can be conducted with Cohen as the key witness is a mystery to me, and I suspect most of America.

Having seen it in person, it is quite evident that the judge is doing what he can to assist the prosecution. At the beginning of the day, he stopped the defense from calling an expert on federal election law (a former FEC Commissioner) as a witness so the jury could better understand some of the points that had previously been made. Additionally, the judge who has no experience in federal election law, indicated that he would cover this area when he charged the jury.

Later in the day, the judge constantly sustained objections of Alvin Bragg’s legal team against the testimony of Attorney Robert Costello, a former federal prosecutor and a partner in Davidoff Hutcher & Citron. Costello was called by the defense to dispute many of the claims made by Cohen. From my layman’s perspective, the questions seemed reasonable and the judge’s actions prejudicial.

I was with a group of about a dozen individuals that included several members of Congress, the South Carolina Attorney General, Attorney Alan Dershowitz and Bernie Kerik.

Some of us attempted to conduct a press conference outside the court house only to have protestors do their best to shout us down. For what it’s worth, I had no intention of being silenced.

I did have an opportunity to speak several times with the President, who despite the pressures of the trial, was very focused on being elected President. He wished for me to express his gratitude for all the Conservative Party has done for him. He also strongly believes New York is in play and intends to work hard to win our state.

Best regards,

Jerry Kassar – Chairman
New York State Conservative Party

Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 5/17/24


The big news this week in New York State was the win in the State Supreme Court in Livingston County halting Hochul and the Progressive Democrats’ attempt to change the State Constitution. If successfully appealed, it would negatively impact parents rights and a variety of longtime protected areas, such as gender identity requiring biological men and women entry into cross gender competition. The Conservative Party has been immensely vocal in our opposition to the amendment.

Ironically, the decision was based on the failure of the Democrats to follow the State Constitution’s stipulation that the legislature could not act on any constitutional amendment until they had a written opinion from the State Attorney General.

The Democratically controlled Senate and Assembly, totally focused on legal abortion being pushed back to the States, threw the law to the wind looking to codify abortion in the State Constitution using the opportunity to add countless unrelated categories into the change. 

The Judge, clearly wanting to issue a belts and suspenders decision, wrote a 32-page document which in any fair judicial system should be the end of it. In fact, the initial response from the Legislature and AG was this is the way we always did it. You do not need to be a legal scholar to know ignorance of the law is never a good reason to violate the law.

In short, the Governor and her left-wing cronies simply got caught.

Early this week the Attorney General appealed to the 4th Department in Rochester.  The case will be heard shortly. All the reasoning and arguments are on our side.  Yet in New York State, in which the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals voted to give Elephants human rights, nothing is safe or sacred.

Assemblywoman Marjorie Bynes brought the action and the case was argued for our side by noted attorneys Bobbie Anne Cox and Chris Browne.

You can view our full press release here: 


I joined tens of thousands of President Trump supporters on a beach in Wildwoods, NJ last Saturday to rally for his re-election to the Presidency. Organized by local GOP Congressman Jeff Van Drew, it was said to be the largest political rally in New Jersey history. I can believe it, considering it was literally a sea of people.

I had been an invited guest, seated up front with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Congress Members Chris Smith, Nicole Malliotakis and Jeff Van Drew nearby. I had made the two-and-a-half-hour drive to the event with Congresswoman Malliotakis, who accompanied the President to court this past Monday.

President Trump arrived late, threw away his notes, and then spoke for an hour and a half. He was funny, articulate, but most all, for those who listened closely, quite substantive.

That is what I found most interesting; mingled in the jokes and political commentary was international affairs, the economy, illegal immigration, energy policy, public safety, the environment and so on. The media’s focus is always on everything other than what he hopes to accomplish as President.

I suppose that has been the way it has been since the beginning for Donald Trump. Many of us look at his four years as a great success from the perspective of accomplishments. Others want to focus on his tweets and style.

Soon all Americans will need to choose. Although, I consider it an easy choice. 


Patriots Podium episode #24 featuring Anthony Casale, the A Republican Commissioner of the NYS  Board of Elections is available now! Tony has been a long-time friend and has an extensive background in government and public affairs having served as a Republican/Conservative member of the State Assembly, Chairman of the NYS Liquor Authority, and Vice President of Government Relations at Lynn University. This is a very informative podcast covering an array of material such as even-year election law, early voting, mail-in voting, the need for ID to vote, and the ins and outs of what goes on at the Board of Elections. I encourage you to give it a listen, as this information will be helpful on the campaign trails for November! 

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Statement From NYS Conservative Party 5/14/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 14, 2024

Statement by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Parent Replacement Act

“The New York State Conservative Party strongly urges the New York State Appellate Division, 4th Department, to reject Attorney General Letitia James’s appeal of a recent State Supreme Court decision that invalidated a ballot provision colloquially known as ‘The Parent Replacement Act.’

“The lower court correctly ruled that Proposition One was pushed forward by Governor Kathy Hochul and her ‘progressive’ colleagues in an unconstitutional manner. That decision should stand.

“The Parent Replacement Act would be a nightmare for New York parents and for female athletes. It would grant biological males the constitutional right to compete in womens and girls sports in the state, and it would ban parents from knowing if a child is undergoing gender transition procedures at school. Reckless language in the amendment would bizarrely grant constitutional protections to discrimination itself — if that discrimination is conducted in the name of anti-discrimination. Try to make sense of that!

“Albany’s social engineers are moving ahead at full steam, despite the clear will of New Yorkers, 66% of whom want girls and womens sports protected. New York voters must remember that on November 5th.”


Statement From NYS Conservative Party 5/10/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 10, 2024

Statement on Unified Candidacy of Mike Sapraicone by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

“The New York State Conservative Party is thrilled to report that nationally-recognized security expert and former NYPD Detective Mike Sapraicone will be the sole nominee of the Republican and Conservative Parties in the November election, thus guaranteeing a unified ticket.

“Mr Sapraicone can beat incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who effectively vanished from the public eye after getting trounced in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. Ms. Gillibrand has fallen into virtual irrelevance both in Washington and New York, and the time to replace her is now.

“The Conservative Party urges its friends and members around the state to rally behind Mr. Sapraicone’s candidacy urgently. After former Congressman Lee Zeldin’s powerful run for Governor in 2022, and with President Donald Trump at the top of the ballot this year, Mike Sapraicone can win this race. It’s time that New York had a conservative representative in the Senate again.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 5/10/24


Since 1921, in response to the communist celebration of May Day on May 1st the federal government has recognized May 1st in the United States as Loyalty Day. Every year each individual state does their own resolution memorializing Loyalty Day in their state. This had been the standard in New York until now. 

When Conservative/Republican Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo of Staten Island attempted to move the resolution which he authored a few weeks back, he was informed that the Democratically controlled Assembly would not put the resolution up for a vote because it made some of the Majority uncomfortable.  I guess I am not surprised, but very disappointed that we got to this point. This resolution is just what Albany and New Yorkers need in the current climate; a day dedicated to our country, its roots, and the heroes protecting us. This should not be a partisan resolution, but Democrats don’t want to vote for something they don’t believe in, nor do they want to rile up their anti-American base before November. 

This reminds me of a battle twenty years ago in Albany to cause the Assembly to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every session day.  The Democratic leadership opposed such an action on similar grounds.  Eventually under enormous public pressure the Assembly Democratic Leadership allowed each session to begin with the Pledge. 

Sam’s resolution can be found here. Take a read and see if you come to the same conclusion I did, that there is absolutely no good reason for stopping its passage. 


A team with the help of the GOP, Conservative Party, and many others who played an active role won a big one in the State Supreme Court when Proposition One, the misnamed “Equal Rights Amendment” to the NYS Constitution, was removed from the ballot. 

The Legislature simply ignored the constitutional requirements necessary for passing it onto the ballot. Ironic or arrogant, you decide, but the bottom line is that the amendment, which was mostly about gender identity and abolishing many parental rights over minors, will not be on the November ballot.  Of course, the supporters are appealing with the Court of Appeals becoming a wild card in proceedings due to the antics of the Chief Judge. The law however is clear – it was not followed.  It will be interesting to see if Chief Judge Rowan Wilson, who dissented in a decision that an Elephant named Happy was not a “person,” can come up with a novel argument to get around the law. 

You can read our full press release on the ERA here

NYS Federation of Republican Women

This past weekend, and into Monday night, the New York State Federation of Republican Women held their 105th Annual Gala and Conference in the heart of Albany. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge, and thank Trish Turner, President of NYSFRW, for putting on an amazing event. With over 300 people in attendance, it was a resounding success. I was also glad to see many members of the Conservative Party show their support. Dutchess County Chairman Don Minichino, Livingston County Chairman Jason McGuire, Wayne County Chairman Mike Garlock, and our Director of Operations Andrew Davis were all in attendance. I had the pleasure of being one of the speakers, along with many other notable speakers and political activists. The keynote speaker, Riley Gaines, delivered a profoundly impactful speech on her experience and her mission to defend women’s rights in sports. I thought I knew a lot about her story from the news, but I was blown away with how much I learned in just a short period of time. She discussed her story competing against Lia Thomas (Aka Will Thomas), her teammates’ uncomfortable experience in the locker room with a man, Title IX, the Equal Rights Amendment, and much more. She truly was a phenomenal speaker, and we look forward to welcoming her back to New York soon!

Statement From NYS Conservative Party 5/7/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 7, 2024


“Governor Kathy Hochul and her woke colleagues in Albany tried to pull the wool over the eyes of New York voters, and were thankfully slapped down this morning by the New York State Supreme Court. Mrs. Hochul’s Proposition One would have stripped parents of the right to know that a child is undergoing gender transition procedures in school, and it would have given biological males a Constitutional right to compete in girls and womens sports in the state.

“This outrageous and unconstitutional attempt to socially engineer New York, under the false guise of ‘equal rights’, will be a permanent dark mark on Mrs. Hochul’s tenure as governor. Parents won’t soon forget what the Governor and Democratic legislature tried to do here.

“The Conservative Party salutes Republican-Conservative Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes and others for bringing the successful litigation in this case, and offers its special thanks to Christian Browne and Bobbie Anne Cox for their brilliant stewardship in court. New York parents can sleep a bit more peacefully tonight, thanks to their efforts.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 5/3/24


New York State and New York City are taking no more militancy under the guise of legitimate protest from groups that are tied to radical organizations. The pro-Palestinian campus takeovers at Columbia, NYU and City College received a quick and decisive intervention from the NYPD. 

All too many of the violent protests are populated by individuals who, when questioned, show that they have no idea of what or why they have invaded campus space. Antisemitism might not be every protestor’s intent, but it certainly is the result of causing Jewish students, or those who support them, to feel unsafe and even unaccepted at their school. 

The removal of the American flag with the Palestinian flag being raised before the NYPD removed it and once again raising the American flag was symbolic to our nation that these protests are as much anti-American as they are antisemitic.

I applaud the NYPD and issued a statement that summarizes the Party’s view. You can view the press release here.


Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, together with Democratic Congressman Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, have introduced legislation that would prevent the congestion pricing plan from being implemented by prohibiting crucial federal money from being used to fund the start-up in June.  Congressman Mike Lawler has also signed onto the legislation which is supported by all of the ten Conservative Party endorsed members of Congress.

Congestion pricing is slated by the MTA to go into effect in late June.  It is immensely unpopular with the average New Yorker and will certainly have a negative impact on the Manhattan economy, in addition to it being effectively another tax on the driving public. The arguments against congestion pricing go well beyond the obvious and include increased pollution and traffic in the boroughs, and decreased quality of life in lower-income areas, especially in the Bronx and North Shore of Staten Island.

The MTA’s record on mostly everything it comes into contact with is disappointing to say the least. They are constantly looking for revenue, yet allow hundreds of million in fares to be evaded each year. The MTA leadership holds hearings in which they ignore public comment in order to effectuate a foregone conclusion. Throwing more money into the MTA will not fix the overall problem, and taxing people out of the City does not seem to be working.  

In addition to the Malliotakis legislation, the Nassau County Town of Hempstead has just filed a lawsuit which joins other legal actions including Staten Island elected officials, several labor organizations, and Borough President Fossella.

A sure fire way to stop congestion pricing, even if it has gone into effect, is to elect Donald Trump President this November. Trump, always a New Yorker regardless of how badly the State and City treat him, has been clear in his opposition. As President I am confident that he will unravel this ill-conceived effort through his power over the purse strings and control of oversight agencies that have failed to fully review the environment impact under instructions from the Biden Administration.


Patriots Podium episode #23 featuring Greg Garvey, the Executive Director of The Coalition to Protect Kids NY is available now! Recently, we have been sending out a lot of information regarding the ill-conceived and so-called  “Equal Rights Amendment” that will appear on the ballot this November. The misguided amendment is really about giving minors, as young as the age of eleven, the ability to decide their gender identity and even the possibility of medically transitioning without their parents consent or knowledge. Parents know what is best for their kids, not the government. Although the name sounds appealing, the Conservative Party is a NO vote on this amendment. This is yet another resource for you to learn, and spread information about this amendment that may not be known to all voters. I encourage you to give it a listen to fully understand the scope of the issue. You can learn more about the coalition and how you can help on their website here. Watch the full show on any of the links below! 

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Statement From NYS Conservative Party 5/1/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 1, 2024

Statement on NYPD Campus Recoveries by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“Last night’s actions by the New York City Police Department, at the request of college presidents, was a welcome and professional demonstration of order in the face of anarchy. Students and outside agitators have no right to seize and occupy campus grounds, and their removal was way past due. Those who led the illegalities should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The universities should also expel lawbreakers.

“NYPD officers raised the American flag over City College last night, where it had been ripped down by demonstrators and replaced with a Palestinian flag. The scene recalled  iconic imagery in American history, and millions of New Yorkers cheered Old Glory’s return. But this photo never should have had to be taken. This wasn’t Iwo Jima, nor was it 9/11, it was a group of renegade students and professional agitators seizing public property. They must now pay the consequences. Prosecutors must do their jobs.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 4/26/24

Campus Takeovers

The Conservative Party strongly supports the right to protest, but what’s happening at Columbia, NYU, and on other college campuses is beyond the pale. These are not peaceful protests; they’re criminal takeovers of property that are disrupting the academic life of thousands. They’re also clearly orchestrated to intimidate Jewish students.

Threatening groups of Americans and seizing property is anarchy, not protest, and it must come with a penalty. This unbridled wokeism — egged on by irresponsible, leftist professors — cannot be tolerated. Not only do we need to clear the campuses as soon as possible, but in addition, the college must expel and hold the agitators accountable. If they are not American citizens, they should have their student visas rescinded. From an outside perspective, it seems the agitators are winning. Students who just want to go to class and learn are unable due to intimidation, distraction, noise, blocked off parts of campus, threats, and much more. For example, Columbia gave in to the protesters by canceling in person classes for the rest of the year, while allowing pro-Hamas supporters to continue to spew the most vile forms of antisemitism we have seen since the Holocaust. Other colleges are also following suit, while some others decided to  cancel graduation ceremonies due to “safety concerns.” It’s important to acknowledge that some of these students will never get a real graduation, or education experience, while forking up 70,000 dollars a year. First it was COVID, and now it is antisemitic protesters disrupting the learning environment and other students’ academic endeavors. It is truly sad that we got to this point, and still no action from University Presidents, Governor Hochul, or President Biden. The lack of leadership is devastating. 

So Called “Equal Rights Amendment”

  As you may know, on the November Ballot you will find a proposed constitutional amendment that the left wing is describing as an “Equal Rights  Amendment.” It is anything but that and, if adopted, will negatively impact parental rights and constitutionally protect the 2019 Reproductive Health Act, which essentially allows abortions to term in New York State.

It even creates new rights in the area of gender identity and gender expression covering all persons including minor children. Below you will find attached an outline prepared by Greg Garvey, the Executive Director of Protect Kids New York. In addition to being an outline of the issue it gives you a punch list of what you can do. Be assured that the Conservative Party will be actively opposing the passage of this ill-conceived amendment.

Click here to find out everything you need to know about the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment.” In addition, you can also click this YouTube link for a short explainer video on the ERA. Please do your best to share and spread the message for this November!

Trump in NYC

Yesterday, President Trump was in NYC to show his support for New York construction workers at the new JP Morgan Chase construction site in Midtown, Manhattan. There were upwards of a thousand supporters and workers eager to see the former President at 6 am! The Conservative Party was pleased to send several members of our party including Queens, Kings, and Bronx County committeemen. Thank you to all who came out to support our Presidential candidate for 2024. 

I don’t think the Democrats expected what is occurring; the witch hunt has only proved to backfire. It’s quite astonishing, a former President unable to campaign across the country due to constant partisan court battles in NYC, is only increasing in popularity. New Yorkers, and the country as a whole, know we are not in a good place with Biden as our President, and one-party rule in NYS only exacerbated the issues. 

President Trump can pull a bigger crowd at 6 am in front of a construction site, than Biden can at a planned campaign rally. The difference in enthusiasm will prove difficult in November for Democrats, as their own base is starting to pull away from Biden. In addition, the historically democratic Steamfitters Union in NYC put out a poll to their members that overwhelmingly supported Trump over Biden. The tide seems to be turning, and we will not let up the breaks. President Trump has said repeatedly, New York is in play for Republicans and Conservatives this November and we are with him.

“Equal Rights Amendment” Everything You Need To Know

2024 NYS Equal Rights Amendment 

THE ISSUE: The NYS State Legislature has adopted a proposed constitutional amendment — the Equal  Rights Amendment (ERA). The ERA will appear as Proposition 1 this November 2024 on our statewide  ballot. 

New York’s ERA is the first proposed state constitutional amendment in the United States to include transgender and abortion rights. Specifically, the ERA expands existing state constitutional  protections to include, among other things, rights of all persons, including minors, regarding sexual  orientation, gender identity, gender expression and reproductive healthcare. Appendix I contains the  language of the ERA.  

Proponents portray this amendment as required to protect abortion rights in New York. Abortion was  legalized in New York in 1970 and this law is not under any genuine threat of modification or repeal.  Further, the 2019 Reproductive Health Act greatly expanded abortion rights in state law. Moreover, New  York’s Constitution and numerous state laws already protect all persons from discrimination.  

So why is the ERA being placed before the voters this year? Simple: Partisan policymakers think by  falsely portraying abortion rights as under threat they will inspire enhanced voter turnout for their side.  It is a cynical move, but one with alarming implications.  

The broad and ambiguous language of the ERA would create new constitutional rights and likely become  the subject of litigation by activist groups seeking to create new “rights” inconsistent with the views of  most New Yorkers. Serious unintended consequences are likely to result. Among these new “rights” are  “gender identity” and “gender expression” covering “all persons” including minor children. The ERA would grant minors the right to medical transgender procedures without parental consent or  notification. As a new constitutional “right”, the ERA would override any existing statutes limiting  medical interventions to minors. Schools would likely be banned from disclosing students becoming  transgender to their parents. Indeed, parental non-disclosure is current State Education Department  policy. Passage of this amendment would also prohibit schools from barring biological males from  participation on female sports teams, jeopardizing the fairness of such contests.  

The ERA bars “discrimination” based on “age.” Without clarity this provision could also be construed as overriding specific statutory provisions protecting minors against rape or sexual abuse by those over 18  years of age. Laws which enhance penalties for committing crimes against those over the age of 64 may  be challenged as illegal age-based distinctions under interpretations of this amendment. The ERA will  also have a chilling effect on free speech for religious organizations or charitable groups providing  medical, educational, or other services including adoptions and foster care.  

Amplifying these concerns, the legislature will likely consider the following bills – all placing further  limits on parental rights: 

  • S.352 /A.6761 : Allows minors to make their own medical decisions without parental knowledge or  consent.  
  • S.762-A / A.276-B : Provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without a parent’s  or guardian’s consent.  
  • A.4604: Requires comprehensive “sexuality instruction” for grades K-12.

New York’s Department of Education released a legal update in 2023 entitled “Creating a Safe,  Supportive, and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students” setting  up an adversarial relationship between parents and children whereby children of any age can determine  if their parents should be involved with their decision to transition. The Education Department advises  school administrators to inform parents of their child’s purported desire to change genders but only if  the child grants permission for the school to do so. 

The ERA is not what its sponsors would have you believe. All the new “protections” contained in the  amendment are now contained in current state law. The amendment is unnecessarily vague and subject  to judicial interpretation. One thing is clear however: the sponsors intend to dramatically curtail rights of  parents over their minor children in their efforts to enhance transgender rights. 

WHAT VOTERS SHOULD KNOW: Concerned New Yorkers formed a Ballot Proposition Committee to  oppose Proposition 1. The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY (CTPK) aims to educate voters on the  unintended consequences of the ERA. See for additional information. 

CTPK conducted a poll in October 2023 and found that without being fully informed there is 63%  support and 24% opposition against the amendment, with 13% undecided. However once informed,  support plummeted to 29% with 49% against with 22% undecided.  


1-Litigation: On October 30, 2023, Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes filed a civil action against New  York’s Senate and Assembly leadership and the state Board of Elections. The claim was grounded in the  fact that the legislature failed to follow the New York State Constitution’s deliberate and clear process  designed for the adoption of an amendment to the Constitution. Oral arguments will be held in  Rochester in mid-April.  

2- This ballot initiative will be up for popular vote on November 5th and proponents are effectively  mobilizing across New York State to characterize the Amendment as a right to abortion. CTPK seeks to  educate voters — and especially parents — through communications and political outreach utilizing a  strong team of seasoned political and communications professionals as well as grass roots community  leaders and organizations. CTPK has a fundraising team and is developing a diverse grassroots network  of policy influencers across New York State. 


Spread the Word: Please circulate the messaging contained in Appendix II. More information can be  found in CTPK’s website


The text in BOLD capital letters is new; the text in yellow highlight (strike through in brackets [ ] ) is old  law and will be omitted. 

  • 11. A. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws of this state or any subdivision thereof. No person shall, because of race, color, ETHNICITY, NATIONAL ORIGIN, AGE, DISABILITY, creed [or], religion, OR SEX, INCLUDING SEXUAL ORIENTATION, GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER EXPRESSION, PREGNANCY, PREGNANCY OUTCOMES, AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE AND AUTONOMY, be subjected to any discrimination in [his or her] THEIR civil rights by any other person or by any firm, corporation, or institution, or by the state or any agency or subdivision of the state, PURSUANT TO LAW. 

Appendix II Messaging: Proposed NYS State Constitutional Amendment: Equal Rights Amendment 

  • New York State’s government seeks more authority than parents in making medical decisions for  their children.  
  • The State Legislature has adopted a proposed constitutional amendment dubbed the “Equal Rights  Amendment” which will appear as Proposition 1 this November 2024 on our statewide ballot. 
  • Partisan policymakers will portray this amendment as necessary to protect the right to abortion in  New York. Abortion was legalized in New York in 1970 and this law is not under any genuine threat of  modification or repeal. Further, the 2019 Reproductive Health Act further enshrines into state law  the right to abortion. 
  • New York’s Constitution and numerous state laws already protect all persons from discrimination.  However, the broad language contained in the amendment would create new constitutional rights  which will be the subject of litigation and efforts by activists groups to create new “rights” not  consistent with the views of most New Yorkers.  
  • Among these new “rights” are “gender identity” and “gender expression” and language would cover  “all persons” including minor children. If adopted by the voters, the ERA would grant minor children  the right to medical transgender interventions without parental consent or even notification. The  amendment makes no provision to protect specific statutory provisions which protect minors against  rape or sexual abuse by those over 18 years of age or laws which enhance penalties for committing  crimes against those over the age of 64. All such age-based distinctions could be considered  “discriminatory” under interpretations of this amendment.  
  • The ERA will have a chilling effect on free speech for religious organizations or charitable groups  providing medical, educational, or other services including adoptions and foster care.  
  • Amplifying this, the Albany legislature will be ideally positioned to pass the following bills sitting in  committee – all placing further limits on parental rights: 

o S.352 /A.6761 : Allows minors to make their own medical decisions without parental  knowledge or consent.  

o S.762-A / A.276-B : Provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without a  parent’s or guardian’s consent.  

o A.4604: Requires comprehensive “sexuality instruction” for grades K-12. 

  • The NYS Department of Education released a legal update in 2023 entitled “Creating a Safe,  Supportive, and Affirming School Environment for Transgender and Gender Expansive Students”  which essentially sets up an adversarial relationship between parents and children whereby children  of any age can determine if their parents should be involved with their decision to transition. The  Education Department advises school administrators to not inform parents of their child’s purported  desire to change genders.  
  • A ballot proposition committee has been formed to oppose Proposition 1. The group – – is seeking to organize grass-roots opposition to this proposal. Please  circulate their website among all your social media channels so that voters may be informed as to  this dangerous proposal. 

Click the YouTube Link below for a short explainer Video “Vote No To Stop The Parent Replacement Act”

Statement From NYS Conservative Party 4/24/24

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
April 24, 2024

Statement by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Campus Takeovers

Brooklyn-NY…“The Conservative Party strongly supports the right to protest, but what’s happening at Columbia, NYU, and on other college campuses is beyond the pale. These are not peaceful protests; they’re criminal takeovers of property that are disrupting the academic life of thousands. They’re also clearly orchestrated to intimidate Jewish students.

“Threatening groups of Americans and seizing property is anarchy, not protest, and it must come with a penalty. This unbridled wokeism — egged on by irresponsible, leftist professors — cannot be tolerated. Clear the campuses now.


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 4/19/24


As constitutionalist conservatives, we believe protesting is a protected right in a free society. I for one have been involved in many protests over the years. However, protesting by closing bridges, blocking airport access on highways, taking over parts of schools and public places are not protected under the Constitutional right to free speech. Simply put, it’s because the protestors are interfering with the rights of others. Imagine you or a loved one is having a medical emergency, and you can’t get to a hospital because the access points are shut down by protesters. Although one example, this is the reality people are facing in our state, and across the country daily. Those who organize and conduct these illegal protests should be arrested and held accountable for the chaos they ensue. 

Law enforcement under the direction of civil authorities has a mixed record on this issue. In some parts of our nation the protestors are given free reign, always at the expense of the public. Even when a few arrests are made, usually after a direct altercation with the police, the protestors are likely to be back on the streets within hours with a claim of victimization. 

The NYPD and other NYS law enforcement organizations are becoming tougher with what has become everyday occurrences. Now, the prosecutors and judges need to recognize the need to cause these lawbreakers to cool their heels in jail and spend some much needed time in there reflecting on their decisions. 

Most Americans seeing these protests wonder if governments have lost control in many urban centers. It is important that our governmental, political, civic and criminal justice officials push back at protestors who take advantage of our free society by ignoring the laws that are in place to actually protect the sacred right. Recently, California’s famous Golden Gate Bridge was shut down by protesters for hours, only to be arrested and released the following day without charges. There are over 100,000 cars that cross that bridge every day, and because there is no accountability, they will do it again, and again. The solution is simple, but progressive Democrat policies handcuff our law enforcement, and ultimately our citizens pay the price, not the politicians. 


With the conclusion of this very extensive and costly budget process, the average taxpayer should expect more devastating tax increases, rather than relief. Anyone who views this state budget as a victory is deluding themselves. It’s too expensive, too expansive, too progressive, and too self-serving for the Democratic Party. The People of New York deserve to be outraged.

Governor Hochul, who loves to claim victory by saying how much worse her budgets could have been, has again done nothing to address the screaming needs of New Yorkers. New York has a serious housing crisis, yet we see abandoned properties everywhere. Rent regulated landlords can’t keep properties up with Major Capital Improvement (MCIs) reimbursement rates capped at $30,000. And now, after destroying much of New York City’s housing market with counterproductive rent regulations, Mrs. Hochul and the Democrats are bringing regulations statewide with ‘Good Cause Eviction.’ You can read our full press release on the budget here


Patriots Podium episode #22 featuring Peter Murphy, the Vice President for Policy at Invest In Education Foundation is out now! I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with Peter Murphy who has many years of experience in government, the not-for-profit sector, and promoting the expansion of educational opportunities for American families. Peter previously served with Governor George Pataki where he helped develop the New York State Charter Schools Act, and as the Vice President of the State University Charter Schools Institute, he led efforts to bring about an investment tax credit within our state. In this episode, we go into detail about the importance of school choice, charter schools, policy, and much more! Please give it a listen, and share it to any interested individuals: 

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In addition, we are now on our 23rd bi-weekly podcast episode, where we bring experts and lawmakers  to talk about issues impacting our state/country. This can be found on many platforms as linked above, and if you subscribe, you’ll get early access before it’s posted on social media! Our YouTube and social media pages also have unique videos and pictures from our events. For example, check out this quick three minute montage from CPPAC 2024 in Albany, NY here. We also record and post all of our speakers from the events, so you never miss a beat. Our social media platforms and party enrollment continues to flourish as we adapt to the changing times. All of our social media pages can be found below: 

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