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Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
February 21, 2024

Appellate Court Decision Against Non-Citizen Voting a Victory for Common Sense, Democracy, and Citizens: New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“We are pleased that the New York State Appellate Court, Second Department, has affirmed a lower court ruling that non-citizens have no right to vote in New York City Municipal elections. This is a tremendous victory for common sense, democracy, and the citizens of New York City.”


Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
February 20, 2024

Statement on Governor Hochul’s Collapsing Poll Ratings by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“New Yorkers have had it with the precipitous decline in quality of life under Governor Kathy Hochul and one-party Democrat rule, according to the latest Siena College Poll. By a margin of 56-14%, New Yorkers believe that their quality of life has declined under Governor Hochul, and 43% say she is out of touch with their lives. The sky-high cost of living in New York, crime, and the ongoing migrant fiasco are unsurprisingly eroding confidence in Mrs. Hochul’s leadership.

“Poor poll ratings are not limited to Governor Hochul. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s approval ratings have also plummeted, showing that New Yorkers are fed up not just with their state leaders, but with their representation in the Senate as well.

“This is what happens when unbridled and untested liberal policies are allowed to fester in a state capable of doing far better. New York needs stark political change, and the voters know it.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 2-16-24

Presidents Day Tribute

On this Presidents Day weekend, the New York State Conservative Party proudly honors the legacy of our nation’s remarkable leaders who have embodied the principles of conservatism and shaped the course of American history. From the visionary leadership of George Washington to the resolute determination of Abraham Lincoln, and the unwavering optimism of Ronald Reagan, each president has left a positive mark on our nation’s journey.

As conservatives, we draw inspiration from the historic figures who have championed the values of limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility. President Ronald Reagan, in particular, stands as a towering figure in the conservative movement. His commitment to free-market principles, tax cuts, and a strong national defense revitalized our economy and restored America’s confidence on the world stage. Something we are severely lacking today in our current President.

Just four days ago, we celebrated the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, whose leadership during one of our nation’s darkest periods exemplified the timeless principles of conservatism. Lincoln’s unwavering resolve to preserve the Union and abolish slavery serves as a testament to the enduring values of freedom that define our nation.

As we reflect on the legacies of these conservative stalwarts, and others, let us rededicate ourselves to upholding the principles they fought so tirelessly to defend. Let us unite in the spirit of optimism and determination that guided President Reagan and the resolve that defined President Lincoln. Together, let us work towards a future guided by the ideals our founding fathers laid in the Constitution.

In the words of President Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Let’s honor the sacrifices of our past presidents by preserving and advancing the conservative values that have made America the greatest nation on earth.

Have a great Presidents Day weekend!


I hope all that came to this year’s CPPAC had a great time! Not everything is out quite yet, but we do have photos from our award dinner that can be viewed here. Congratulations to the twelve Legislators who received awards! If you couldn’t make it this year, mark your calendars for the beginning of February next year.

I was grateful to see so many conservatives gathered in one place for a truly meaningful and educational two days in Albany. With so many great speakers and attendees, I was honored to give this year’s opening remarks. It is my pleasure to serve as the Conservative Party’s State Chairman and I look forward to more years of victory and growth. You can view my opening address here:

In the coming days, be on the lookout for more videos, photos, and more on our social media sites and YouTube page.

Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 2/9/24

Successful CPPAC

The 56th annual Conservative Party’s Political Action Conference (CPPAC) event was an exceptional two-day gathering that brought together esteemed speakers and passionate attendees to discuss pressing issues facing New York State and the nation as a whole.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody who showed their support for our event. It was great meeting with like minded conservatives, legislators, committee members and candidates from across the State in the heart of Albany. 

Joe Pinion, a former U.S. Senate Candidate and Newsmax Host, captivated the audience with his address on “Renewing the American Dream for a New Generation,” inspiring hope and optimism for the future. Throughout the day, attendees were treated to a diverse array of topics, including understanding the mindset of today’s independent voter, defeating the New York State so called “Equal Rights Amendment,” understanding the scope of the migrant crisis and surveying the legislative landscape for 2024. In addition, attendees had an opportunity to attend informative breakout sessions to help them activate absentee voters, and how to operate a Committee to its fullest. 

On her birthday, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, Co-Chair of the Election Integrity Caucus, wrapped up Sunday night with a remarkable speech on securing the vote. 

Pictures are starting to trickle out on our social media, but be on the lookout for more pictures, live recordings, and much more coming out soon! We will send a note out when everything is finalized for your viewing. You can view what has been released thus far here:

Reapportionment Press Conference

The second day of the conference was equally compelling, starting with a breakfast buffet followed by a thought-provoking presentation by NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger on “The Alarming Rise of Antisemitism in Israel’s Greatest Ally.” From discussions on property rights to America’s ties with Taiwan, the event delved into crucial issues shaping the political landscape. 

Notable speakers such as John Fund, Ryan Girdusky, and Brianna Lyman offered valuable insights into the changing media landscape and its implications for society. The event concluded with a press conference featuring myself, Lee Zeldin, State Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt, and Bobbie Anne Cox highlighting the importance of reapportionment of congressional districts. You can view the press conference here. Our point is simple, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The lines should stay exactly the same. Interesting to note, the Democrats argument is not that the congressional lines are “unfair, or gerrymandered” but rather the process behind it was faulty. I’m sure if the Democrats picked up more seats in 2022, we would not be dealing with this today. It is a partisan game that will ultimately cost the average taxpayer to cover the bill. 

Shortly after the press conference, we gathered for lunch to listen to our keynote speaker, David Keene. Mr. Keene spoke tremendously and received a standing ovation from all attendees. He was very personable, and was willing to speak with anyone. The speech was recorded, and when it’s available, I highly recommend you take a look. 

The Annual Award Dinner provided a fitting finale, celebrating the dedication and contributions of individuals committed to conservative values with keynote speaker Lee Zeldin. Overall, the CPPAC 2024 event was a resounding success, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose among conservative leaders and activists.

Special Congratulations to our twelve recipients of our highest legislative ratings: Senator Mario Mattera, Senator Steven Rhoads, Assemblyman Joe Angelino, Assemblyman Ari Brown, Assemblyman David DiPietro, Assemblyman John Lemondes, Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, Assemblyman John Mikulin, Assemblyman Philip Palmesano, Assemblyman Doug Smith, Assemblyman Robert Smullen, and Assemblyman Chris Tague.

25th Amendment Time

Yesterday, President Biden decided to finally address the nation during a press conference regarding his mental state. Lets just say, this went as well as you would expect. Not only was it disgraceful, but it is a continued embarrassment to our country. To anyone, right or left leaning, it is abundantly clear that President Biden is unfit to serve in his current capacity; let alone four more years and eleven more months.

In addition, Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report on his findings regarding Biden’s handling of classified documents. To no one’s surprise, he will not be charged. However, essentially, the report found Biden to be so severely mentally compromised, that there was no way a jury would convict an elderly man with memory issues. Diving further into the report, it was “observed that the 81-year-old commander-in-chief was greatly diminished mentally, forgetting the dates of key events of his life during an interview with investigators.” It’s sad to see, but the report even detailed President Biden not knowing when his son passed away. The question now is, who are the Democrats going to run in 2024? At this rate, it certainly won’t be Biden.

Statement From NYS Conservative Party- 25th Amendment

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
February 9, 2024


Brooklyn-NY…”For some time it’s been obvious that President Joe Biden is suffering from increasingly diminished mental capacity, and the Democratic Party is doing the nation no favors by refuting what’s plain for the whole world to see. We respectfully believe the time has come for a 25th Amendment review of his competency to remain in office. We do not make this statement lightly. The stakes of a sitting president with clear markers of dementia are too great for the country to ignore.” — Gerard Kassar, Chairman, New York State Conservative Party



Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117


56th Annual CPPAC on Sunday and Monday in Albany





Press Schedule CPPAC

Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 2/2/24


Conservative activists from all corners of the state will be gathering in Albany this weekend to enjoy speakers and panels on a wide range of topics. You can view the tentative schedule here. In addition to the speakers, there will be a breakfast, two receptions, a lunch with David Keene as the keynote speaker, and an awards dinner. At the dinner, we re-release our legislative agenda for 2024 and present top-rated legislators with an award for their strong conservative voting record.

Myself, Lee Zeldin, Senator Rob Ortt, and Bobbie Ann Cox will be conducting a noon press conference on Monday regarding Congressional reapportionment. We will provide the most up-to-date information on the madness encompassing Democrats’ attempt to gerrymander Congressional lines.

There will be many Legislators and candidates at the events, including those seeking to run for United States Senate, Congress, State Assembly, State Senate, etc.

It is not too late to register, you can buy a ticket now here. The entire package is just $200. Attendance at various parts of the conference is equally inexpensive. We even have a student rate running at only $25!

It will be a great event and I hope to see you over the weekend!


It is likely you saw the video, but if you haven’t you can view it here. As much as it shows the horror of a group of illegal aliens attacking two police officers simply asking the loitering group to move on, sadly there is more to the story. The Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, did not ask for bail despite the flawed cashless bail law giving him the authority to do such when a violent crime is committed. Additionally, the City and State’s refusal to work with ICE made it impossible for the federal agency to begin the deportation process.

As you would expect, the NYPD and many others have been extremely critical of what happened almost a week ago at Times Square and subsequently in the Manhattan DA’s office.

Beyond our position that these illegal aliens should not be here in the first place; the Conservative Party strongly supports their deportation now.

I did an interview on ABC Radio with Dominic Carter a few days ago where we went into detail and reviewed the tragic attack. You can listen to it here.


Every poll shows Joe Biden is sinking. He is unfavorably viewed by a significant number of Americans across the board. When viewed by issue area, fewer and fewer Americans believe he is capable of doing the job as President. He loses, or is within the margin of error of losing in key battleground states.

President Trump exceeded expectations in New Hampshire with one exception, all opposition has withdrawn. GOP polling for the former President, in state, indicates very strong support among the base.

Conservative Party County organizations continue to endorse him with the growing number at twelve. Voters across the State and Country are eager to vote Joe Biden out of office this November!

Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 1/26/24


The Conservative Party has released its 2024 NYS Legislative Program. The program appears as one document, but essentially is in two parts. The first part consists of a statement of principle on important issue areas such as Taxes and Finance, Law Enforcement, Education, Government and Ethics, just to name a few. The principles are followed with specific legislative recommendations.

The second part is our 2024 Legislative Priorities. These are current items such as opposition to sanctuary cities, congestion pricing, another Congressional Reapportionment, and several other items. If these priorities come up for a vote, the Members of the Legislature are notified that we will rate them.

I recommend that candidates are given a copy, and the program makes its way to public events such as county fairs, campaign stops, etc. Ultimately, this will help grow our movement and help navigate you through the year.


A few months ago, The House of Representatives passed legislation with bipartisan support offered by Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis which entailed banning the use of federally owned public lands such as parks, from being used to house asylum-seeking migrants that have arrived in NYS by the hundreds of thousands.

She had Floyd Bennett Field in mind when she offered the legislation, but there are countless applications around the nation.

As I mentioned, this very sound piece of legislation passed the House and has been sitting in the US Senate as a hostage to Majority Leader Schumer’s support for Biden’s “open border” policy. As a New Yorker, who coincidentally lives fifteen minutes from Floyd Bennett Field, he should know better. As a national leader, he should be hearing the pleas of his colleagues from both parties in the House and Senate.

Schumer needs to act on this bill now.


As you may have read, NYC Mayor Adams vetoed a piece of anti-policing legislation that came out of the City Council. You can view the bill here. The bill would be another blow to the NYPD doing their job by creating a mound of new, albeit completely unnecessary, paperwork.

The City Council has indicated that in the next few weeks they will vote to override. There are many Council members committed to opposing an override. The Conservative Party believes we must flip only a handful of members. To that end, we have embarked within the City of New York on a social media campaign urging New Yorkers to contact their local Council Members.

The NY Post article can be found here, as well as a link to the City Council website for telephone numbers here.

View and share our Ad on Facebook, and X (Twitter): If you wish to help the Party expand its buy, please donate.


For our 18th episode of Patriots Podium, I was delighted to be joined by Michael Tobman of the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA). I am grateful to have known Mike for many years, and he has a notable political background as a communications professional, the author of many OP-ED pieces, and a former consultant to both campaigns and professional associations. Mike is currently the Director of Member Relations for the RSA which is the state’s largest landlord association. This was truly a phenomenal episode and I know many of our members/supporters are landlords, deal with rent, own properties, etc. With Democratic policies handcuffing landlords, it is the RSA that stands up for the rights of small property owners. Tune in as we discuss the attack on property rights, good cause eviction, regulation rent laws, and much more! Click any of the links below to listen:

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Statement From NYS Conservative Party

January 25, 2024
Contact: Bill O'Reilly, 212-396-9117


Brooklyn, NY…The New York State Conservative Party today released its 2024 Legislative Program and priorities which call for, among other things, lowering spending and taxes, abolishing cashless bail, ending sanctuary cities, supporting parental rights, and preserving existing, court-ordered legislative boundaries.

The Conservative Party publicly submits its agenda each year to make clear its positions and priorities for the annual legislative session in Albany. A link to the complete 2024 Legislative Program is available here.

“The Conservative Party has never been ambiguous about its beliefs,” said State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “This party stands for personal freedoms, constitutional rights, free and fair markets, public safety, and, above all, limited government. In every one of those categories, Governor Hochul’s New York has failed.  Under this governor, and single-party Democrat rule, New York is more expensive, less safe, uncompetitive, and far less free. Is it any wonder that more than 1.3 million people — more than six percent of the population — have left this state under the last two Democrat governors alone?”

Priorities for the 2024 legislative session include:

  • Preserving legally drawn congressional and state senate lines from 2022;

  • Ending sanctuary cities and prohibiting non-citizen voting;

  • Requiring all law enforcement agencies to hold any person in our state illegally for federal law enforcement officials;

  • Repealing so-called criminal justice reforms that have brought crime and chaos into our communities;

  • Safeguarding the rights of citizens to use natural gas in their homes and in new construction;

  • Repealing same-day voting to preserve the integrity of elections;

  • Restoring the right of parents to decide what’s best for their children in schools;

  • Repealing the regressive Congestion Pricing Tax;

  • Establishing term limits for state elected office holders;

  • Passing a Constitutional Amendment establishing Initiative and Referendum and Recall;

  • Prohibiting the use of tax dollars to prevent or end a pregnancy;

  • Fully funding and supporting law enforcement and restoring effective crime-fighting techniques;

  • Protecting home-rule status for local zoning laws;

  • Defeating the so-called Equal Rights ballot amendment that will strip away parental rights;

  • Supporting the Supreme Court’s “concealed carry” guarantee;

  • Opposing any personal income tax increases and efforts to reinstate a stock transfer tax;

  • Adopting a Constitutional Amendment that would require that the NYS Budget be strictly limited to budget items and not programs;

  • Opposing assisted-suicide and supporting palliative care for terminally ill patients;

  • Ending so-called “safe injection sites” and opposing the recreational use of all drugs, including psychedelic/hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Abolishing the divisive Reparations Commission;

  • Prohibiting unelected bureaucrats and commissions from making state laws;

  • Classifying all Emergency Medical Services an essential service;

  • Allowing school districts to have armed personnel and to provide proper firearm training for them;

  • Ending “free” college tuition and opposing efforts to forgive student loans, and

  • Making all higher education available on-line to reduce exorbitant college costs.

“Under this governor and Democrat-led legislature, New Yorkers are reeling from taxes, crime, illegal immigration, government corruption, and a dearth of good-paying jobs,” Mr. Kassar continued. “But things don’t have to remain this way. With proper, common-sense leadership, rather than unchecked progressivism, New York could thrive again. It will be up to the voters in November to begin taking their state back.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 1/19/24


You know you are in trouble when your Governor’s budget address is complimented for not being as bad as previous budgets or those of Governor Cuomo whom she played second fiddle to as his Lieutenant.

It’s real big at $233 billion, in fact, the biggest ever. It continues to spend billions on migrant issues ranging from added security, to housing, and items such as health and education; as she hopes that the flow of illegal migrants, that she and Adams welcomed, slows. It is balanced through shifts in spending, use of a rainy day fund to cover the storm the Democrats created, kicking the can down the road in some cases, and assumptions in revenue and federal aid that likely will not be realized. She offers the taxpayers of the second highest taxed state per capita in the nation the hallow good news that she will not raise Personal Income Taxes again. And she continues expensive, unrealistic, and unpopular environmental programs that will continue to drive businesses and residents to other states.

She acknowledges NYS has a public safety problem that can be attributed to bad laws. She offers no legislative approach to reversing them. Her comments on the shoplifting crisis were as credible as stopping a broken pipe with a band-aid. After failure and criticism of last year’s budget, her approach hopes to gather support by being a bad budget, instead of a very bad budget.

It is not going to change the systemic problems facing New York State. Worse yet, as a starting document it will be shredded by lobbyists, and the State Legislature looking to continue their dominance of all aspects of New York State government, since her monumental losses last year during the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals nominating process and budget negotiations.

Read my statement here:


Say what you want, but President Trump fully met expectations in a decisive win in Iowa. We are close to the point in which all candidates should unite behind a single candidate to allow a focus on defeating Joe Biden, taking control of the US Senate, and holding the house.

The State Conservative Party has not made an endorsement in the election for President, but endorsements from our county organizations continue to move forward with Orange, and the Bronx, most recently endorsing President Trump.

Several Conservative Party endorsed Members of Congress including Nick Langworthy, Claudia Tenney and of course Elise Stefanik, have formally come out for Trump. Others like Nicole Malliotakis have expressed support for Trump with endorsements expected in the upcoming weeks.

Elise Stefanik has received extensive media coverage for being on a short list for Vice President. Former Congressman Lee Zeldin is reported to have undergone special media training as he too is being considered. I will keep you posted on the matter.


Just a reminder, our 56th Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference is quickly approaching this February 4th, and 5th at the Albany Hilton Hotel! We have a fantastic event planned with an array of speakers, legislators, break-out sessions, receptions, and conservative activists…ALL for the low price of $200.

Beginning Sunday, February 4th, I will kick off the day with welcome remarks at 12:15, followed by our first speaker, Joe Pinion. Joe, as a youthful conservative, will be discussing “renewing the American dream for a new generation.”  We will be joined by John McLaughlin, who will be discussing how to get in the head of today’s independent voter, political strategy, and much more. Shortly after, given horrific current events, we will be hosting a panel on “The Alarming Rise of Antisemitism in Israel’s Greatest Ally.” We will also have expert commentators on the topics of property rights, and the overwhelming migrant crisis that will be announced in the coming days.

In addition to great speakers, we are lucky enough to have informative breakout sessions throughout the day such as activating your absentee voters, potential pitfalls of operating a party, and much more!

Sunday evening, we will discuss election integrity and “Securing the Vote” with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. Followed by our Legislative Reception at 6:00 pm featuring members of New York’s Congressional and State Legislative Delegation. If you are interested in keeping the party going, you can attend our after-hour events starting at 8:00 pm and enjoy a cigar, or a drink with like-minded individuals.

The next day, February 5th, we will start our day off with a breakfast buffet, followed by a session on what New Yorkers can expect in 2024. You can also expect to have an expert panel on America’s ties to Taiwan, and US/the Republic of China relations. If you are interested in media, we have a fantastic session called “Mediating Relationships with Modern Media” featuring Ryan Girdursky, Elizabeth Benjamin, and John Fund who are all well-known in the media world. We are also grateful to be joined by Matt Valliere, the Executive Director of Parents Rights Action Fund to discuss the inhumane and inherent dangers of assisted suicide.

Around 12:00 pm Monday, Lee Zeldin will be joining us for a press conference regarding Congressional Reapportionment. As the situation is developing, Lee will give us the most updated information on the matter.

At 12:30 pm on Monday, we will kick off our luncheon with our keynote speaker, David Keene.

At 6:00 pm Monday, we will host our 2024 Reception and award dinner, which will truly be a great evening. You won’t want to miss this event. You can purchase your ticket here, or print a registration form to mail in.

In 2024, we are choosing a U.S. Senator, deciding upon members of our congressional delegation, selecting state legislators, and weighing in on a proposed constitutional amendment. It is imperative to the future of our great nation and the stability of our state that voters choose well.

Statement From NYS Conservative Party – Budget Proposal

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
January 16, 2024

New York State Conservative Party: Hochul Fantasy Accounting Won’t Save Sinking Ship 

Brooklyn-NY…“Governor Kathy Hochul follows up her ‘Save Our Ship’ State of the State message with a budget proposal based on fantasy accounting and fiscal trickery. Where discipline is required, Mrs. Hochul kicks the can down the road, just like her Democratic predecessors. This monstrous $233 billion budget plan does nothing to reduce medicaid costs or debt, which continue to grow at alarming rates.

“Mrs. Hochul is doing nothing to make life easier for 20 million overtaxed New Yorkers who will continue to pay the second highest taxes in America. She boasts that she’s not raising the personal income tax, but never seems to consider that taxes can be reduced. Governor George Pataki, in contrast, passed a 25% decrease in the personal tax rate in his first year in office.

“What may be most egregious is the $2.4 billion in taxpayer funds that Mrs. Hochul plans to spend on migrant services, while New Yorkers struggle with every imaginable hike in food, housing, gas, and other cost of living increases. Meanwhile, the Governor is setting aside $100 million in tax dollars to pay for political campaigns. It is any wonder why 100,000 New Yorkers left the state last year — in addition to the more than 1.2 million who have fled New York under the past two Democrat governors alone.

“At every turn, Mrs. Hochul takes the ‘easy’ way out, meaning New York will continue on its trajectory toward insolvency. The people of this state deserve better.” — Gerard Kassar, Chairman, New York State Conservative Party