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 New York – Sept. 10…It’s a familiar CNN radio advertisement: “No man is above the law — not even the President,” Cuomo Prime Time host Christopher Cuomo bellows on the airwaves in the name of honest government.

But here in New York, Mr. Cuomo’s brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is singing the opposite tune in working to circumnavigate the power of New York voters — and a State Legislature that represents them — by unlawfully attempting to quell speech from third-party voters in the Empire State and unjustly saddle taxpayers with the cost of state political campaigns, the New York State Conservative Party (NYSCP) today charged.  The NYSCP called both measures, “blatant and unconstitutional end-runs around a duly-elected Legislature.”

Mr. Cuomo is erroneously claiming that his newly appointed “Commission on Public Financing,” which meets today in New York City, has the power to end the long-established (first used in an 1854 gubernatorial election) and Constitutionally-upheld practice of fusion voting in New York State and to set up a statewide system of taxpayer funded campaigns, the NYSCP said. It does not, the NYSCP maintains, noting that New York State Election Law can only be created or amended by the Legislature — not by commissions — and that fusion voting has been repeatedly upheld in State courts as a Constitutionally-protected practice. The NYSCP has filed a legal action challenging the Commission’s authority.

Mr. Cuomo’s commission is chaired by State Democratic Party leader, Jay Jacobs.

The NYSCP, which opposes taxpayer funding of political campaigns and refuses to recognize the authority of the Commission on Public Financing, will not be attending Tuesday’s hearing.

“Anyone who cherishes free speech and the rule of law should be alarmed by what Governor Cuomo and the New York State Democratic Party are trying to ram through with this sham commission,” NYSCP Chairman Gerard Kassar said. “They are attempting to shut down political dissent in New York and foist the cost of political campaigns on already beleaguered New Yorker taxpayers. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers — conservatives and progressives alike — will have their voices silenced and millions will have their pockets picked if Governor Cuomo’s frightening power grab is not stopped.”

Fusion voting permits candidates to run on more than one ballot line, allowing voters to cast nuanced votes by supporting chosen candidates on ballot lines with which they most ideologically agree. It was enacted in the early 20th Century by good-government organizations to help combat endemic corruption in Tammany Hall Democratic politics, and thrice upheld as Constitutional by State courts.

Chairman Kassar is urging state legislators to make clear their authority over matters of law: “There’s only one way to make or change state law in New York,” he said, “and that’s through a duly elected state legislature. As a former Attorney General, Mr. Cuomo shouldn’t have to be reminded of that.”



State Conservative Party and the Five NY City Conservative Party Chairs United in Denunciation of Pantaleo Firing

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August 19, 2019

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  State Conservative Party and the Five NY City Conservative Party Chairs United in Denunciation of Pantaleo Firing

Brooklyn, NY – Caving to political pressure, the NYPD fired Officer Daniel Pantaleo today, for simply doing his job.  It was obvious that Officer Pantaleo would be fired when Mayor de Blasio proclaimed that Garner’s family was “going to get justice … in the next 30 days” during a Democratic presidential primary debate on July 31.  Mayor de Blasio politized the unfortunate and untimely death of Eric Garner in his quest for president, in complete disregard to the fact that Officer Pantaleo was not indicted by a grand jury.

“The Conservative Party disagrees with NYPD Commissioner O’Neil’s decision to fire Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo.  Multiple investigations on various levels and a Grand Jury probe determined that his actions did not violate the law,” said Conservative Party State Chairman Jerry Kassar.

The Bronx County Chairman William Newmark, agreed with PBA President Pat Lynch who stated that “O’Neill chose politics over the police officers he claims to lead.”

Thomas M. Long, who chairs the Queens County Conservative Party organization questioned in the wake of this decision “the ability of the NYPD to turn around plummeting morale.”

Brooklyn County Chairwoman, Frances Vella-Marrone, stated “the system up until this point worked.  It evaluated the information as presented and concluded that Pantaleo was innocent.  The Commissioner’s decision is unjust.”

“I would expect in light of this firing that all NYC police officers will be extraordinarily cautious in doing their jobs knowing that the department will not back them,” stated Manhattan Party Chairman Stuart J. Avrick.

Harold Wagner, Chairman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, “I dare say the men and woman of the Staten Island Conservative Party, many former law enforcement members themselves, would strongly disagree with this highly political decision.”

Essentially, every police officer just had their ability to do their job – enforce laws and protect every person – curtailed and seconded guessed by police haters, and possibly hesitate not knowing if the action taken will lead to their dismissal.  New Yorkers are less safe now, knowing that every decision made by police officers will be judged by those who were not present and only know the results.


Siena Poll Confirms What Conservatives Already Recognized: Cuomo Fatigue Is Showing

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August 6, 2019

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Siena Poll Confirms What Conservatives Already Recognized:  Cuomo Fatigue Is Showing

 Brooklyn, NY – Today’s Siena Poll confirms what Conservatives suspected during the latest legislative session; Governor Andrew Cuomo’s popularity is declining.  Chairman Gerard Kassar noted that Governor Cuomo’s support of granting illegal immigrants a driver’s license, letting killer’s out of prison, ending cash bail for non-violent offenses, congestion pricing and the plastic bag surcharge are contributing to his declining popularity.

While the Siena Poll showed support for certain well-intentioned items, for example, the farmworkers labor rights bill and the lowering of carbon emissions, support of these bills will also decline when the costs to implement hits the consumer’s wallets.

Chairman Kassar noted “while Governor Cuomo believes this has been his most productive legislative session yet, the Siena Poll results show that Governor Andrew Cuomo is not fully in sync with New Yorkers and that includes many in his own Democratic Party.”


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Conservative Party Files Lawsuit to Challenge Commission’s Authority to Change State Law

For Immediate Release – July 23, 2019

Contact:  Shaun Marie   518-356-7882 @cpnys

Conservative Party Files Lawsuit to Challenge Commission’s Authority to Change State Law 

Brooklyn, NY – The NYS Conservative Party filed a lawsuit on Monday in NYS Supreme Court to prevent the Commission on Public Finance from changing and/or abridging NYS Election Laws as to Fusion Voting.  The Conservative Party maintains that this authority rests solely with the NYS Legislature and that the rights of Fusion Voting and cross endorsement are settled law protected by numerous court decisions.

The Conservative Party believes that the Governor cynically aimed to eliminate Fusion Voting in New York State by submitting through the State Budget his creation of a Financing Commission.  The Governor and the Legislature overstepped their authority by delegating to this Financing Commission changing or abridging established Election Law and court decisions the Commission has no standing to rewrite.

By permitting the Commission to create laws that interfere with New York’s constitutionally protected right to Fusion Voting, unconstitutionally violates decisions from New York’s highest court as recently as 1973 guaranteeing the rights of Fusion Voting and cross endorsement. Additionally, through legal precedent dating back to the founding of our State, the right to change an enacted law is restricted to the body or higher body that created the law.

Conservative Party State Chairman Jerry Kassar said “I believe this is no more than a power grab by the Governor and Democratic Party to consolidate their control and punish another political party. It is against the interests of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who each year choose to vote for cross endorsed candidates on third party lines. “

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Senate Democrats Deaf to Cries of Born Alive Babies

Brooklyn, NY – State Chairman, Jerry Kassar, decried the deafness of Senate Democrats yesterday, when they flatly refused to consider an amendment from the floor, put forward by Sen. Pam Helming, that would have restored a key provision in NY’s Public Health Law, removed by the Reproductive Health Act in January, that mandated doctors to take immediate life-saving actions if an abortion resulted in a live birth.

The amendment sought to reverse the abhorrent infanticide action established by the Governor’s signing of the Krueger/Glick bill known as the Reproductive Health Act and re-establish the fact
that infants born alive are human beings and must be protected. The amendment would have reinstated penal law protections when an individual intentionally performs or attempts to perform an overt act that ends the life of an innocent child born alive as the result of an abortion.

An infant that has survived the brutal attempt to end its life during an abortion procedure justifies every effort of protection and procedures to keep this resilient individual alive and well.

The fact that Democrats kept silent when Sen. Helming offered her amendment is a very sad day in New York State. Since the beginning of time, human beings have celebrated the birth of a child; it is, without doubt, one of the happiest (and sometimes difficult) times of life’s journey. When an innocent child comes into this world and they remind us that life is a precious gift to be celebrated, protected and kept secure until able to travel life’s journey on their own.

Yesterday, every Democrat, in the NYS Senate, sat silent and deaf to the cries of a baby born alive in a botched abortion.

One can’t help but wonder what astounding accomplishments a born-alive infant could achieve. One of the most successful men in America, Steve Jobs, who literally changed the way we communicate, was an unwanted child whose mother considered abortion. While Steve Jobs was not a born-alive infant, he narrowly escaped death by abortion. As an adult, Jobs expressed gratitude that his mother didn’t abort him.

We will never know if a born-alive infant, that the NYS Democrats, would not defend, could change the world the same way Steve Jobs did. How many lives have been changed, just by the actual jobs he created? We will never know, because the Democrats in the NYS Senate were deaf to the cries of the born-alive babies.


Brooklyn, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo got his way again and while he convinced the Democratic Majorities in the Legislature to go along with his progressive policies tucked into the budget it is obvious that this budget -that many of his progressive allies pushed – is a shameful example of how not to govern. What Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded and elected democratic officials capitulated to, is a slap in the face of every already overtaxed law-abiding resident still living in what was once the Empire State. This $175.5 billion budget is full of misguided ideas that will embolden criminals, force taxpayers to subsidize the election of candidates they do not support, allow illegal immigrants to avoid deportation, put fusion voting at risk and continue the assault on innocent unborn citizens.

The Cuomo budget:
• Establishes a 5-cent charge on paper bags given out to consumers by retailers. This is coupled with the ban on single use bags.
• Eliminated cash bail. In itself an important policy matter that should have been debated as a stand-alone bill and never appeared in the budget.
• Ends “mug shots” being publicized. Another policy matter that did not belong in the budget
• Created a congestion pricing scheme for mid-town and lower Manhattan that in essence is a tax on both commuters and businesses.
• Establishes a framework for the collection of sales taxes by internet marketplace providers.
• Codified parts of the Affordable Health Care Act and Health Exchange into Law.
• Implements and fully funds the Jose R. Peralta DREAM Act for $27 million.
• the state budget fails to reject various unfunded mandates, and most notably excludes adequate funding needed to implement the state’s early voting mandate.
• Gave himself and Lt. Gov. a raise in the middle of the night
• Delegates legislative authority to a commission for the purposes of implementing a taxpayer funded campaign finance program expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars every four years. It also allows the Commission to make binding changes to the election law while further reducing the authority of an elected Legislature. Just as last year’s pay raise commission actions are subject to litigation, we would expect this commission will come under similar review.
• Makes the 2% property tax cap permanent but leaves out NYC

New York has an on-time budget and the Members of the Legislature will get their commission promised pay increase, however, is the cost of this extremely exorbitant budget worth the loss of population because no one can afford to live here? Will New Yorkers continue to consent to be governed by those who fail to take into account the views of all New Yorkers. Will the exodus increase or will New Yorkers rise to the occasion and take back our beloved state?


Brooklyn, NY – As New York nears the completion of a budget that sets a new record in spending, the Conservative Party is troubled by the few sketchy details that have emerged. The usual lack of transparency aside, we do know that this spending document
makes many policy changes such as virtually eliminates cash bail – a dangerous idea in our view one that deserves to be debated as a stand-alone bill; and changing the maximum jail sentence for some Class A misdemeanors from 365 days to 364 days. This is a significant change because under federal immigration law, certain minor convictions punishable by at least a year in jail could lead to
-deportation. This policy change puts it in direct conflict with federal law.

Other areas of concern include
• The 5 cent per bag fee on what will literally become millions of paper bags is another unfair hit on New Yorker’s pocketbooks;
• Congestion pricing is just another new tax on motorists and businesses in the downstate region that has the potential to drive up the cost of doing business;
• Consideration of a new commission to address public campaign financing which has the potential of costing hundreds of millions over a four-year election cycle, automatic voter registration which has the strong potential of voter fraud and fusion voting which could deny citizens the right to vote on party lines that they believe stand for their values;
• The Hunger Games giveaways will continue with little oversight since requiring a detailed public accounting of all state money spent on job creation efforts, an idea put forward by the legislators, appears to have given way to giving discretion to the governor to create a database.
• We are happy to see a permanent property tax cap, but believe NYC should be included.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a process that spends more of your money, and places more financial burdens on the average New Yorker who is already overtaxed.


Brooklyn, NY – The foundation of the American judicial system is simple: Innocent until proven guilty. However, sometimes the culprit’s crime is so heinous, the safety of the community is at stake. Persons who commit crimes are innocent until proven guilty, but society must also consider the impact and safety of the victims.

Cash bail is a means that helps keep the perpetrator from fleeing trial. It is highly unusual that a first-time offender accused of non-violent and/or misdemeanor crimes is remanded to jail and required to post bail.

The current crimes being considered for elimination of cash bail include child pornographers, sex traffickers, and drug traffickers not charged with an A felony. These crimes are misdemeanors and seemingly non-violent, however when they are chronic, the safety of the public must be considered.

Based on innocent until proven guilty, Kerry Kennedy established a charity to indiscriminately bail out women and youngsters 16 and 17 years old from Rikers Island. Essentially paying their bail so they could return to their lives. The NY Post notes, in an October 8, 2018 article how three of them returned to crime. Given an opportunity to better their lives, they chose to continue to inflict harm on society. Had they not been bailed out, society would have been safer.

While we all agree that in America one is innocent until proven guilty, unfortunately, many times it is the culprit who establishes otherwise.

Deep Blue New York State Government Shows Its Disdain for What Made New York the Empire State

Brooklyn, NY – Today, the first full day of the new legislative session in Albany, it is obvious by the legislative agendas being put forth that the very fiber of what made New York the Empire State is no longer the criteria to consider changes in New York’s laws. Rather than being committed to the individual freedoms that helped create the Empire State, the legislature is committed to being the progressive nanny state determined to control every aspect to maintain government dependence.

Among the first Bills being considered are: Expanding abortion “rights”; requiring insurance policies to include coverage of all FDA approved contraceptives and voluntary sterilization procedures (increases the costs of coverage); expanding hate crime definitions; limiting free speech by reducing LLC contributions; requiring an unfunded mandate on counties by requiring early voting ; providing a free education to DREAMERS while citizens born here will not have the same benefits.

These are just some of the priorities being considered by the progressives who believe they know what is best for New Yorkers.

These Bills undermine the principles of individual freedoms and confiscate, by increasing taxes, a larger and larger portion of wages of New Yorkers with little or no benefit to the majority forced to pay for progressive priorities.

This is just the beginning. Unfortunately, it will get progressively worse as Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, the members of the NYC Council and the members of the NYS Legislature cater to the calls of the democrats wedded to the socialist’s views while the rest of us ponder another Boston Tea Party on the shores of the Hudson.

Statement by Chairman Michael R. Long on Despicable Mailer by Congressional Candidate Perry Gershon

Brooklyn, NY – I have been in politics for over 50 years and this mailer by Congressional candidate Perry Gershon is the most despicable mailer I have ever seen. If Perry Gershon, who has campaigned on the fact that in his mind there are similarities between President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler — the person responsible for the carnage of the Holocaust — is elected to Congress it will be a sad commentary on what America has become.

How a person can send such a vile, despicable, hateful mailer is beyond reason and speaks volumes about the person responsible for sending it.

This is what Perry Gershon’s campaign mailed:

Conservatives Hear Hallelujah When Liberals Hear Yelling

Brooklyn, NY – In releasing the Conservative Party’s latest ad today, Conservative Party State Chairman, Michael R. Long, stressed the difference between civility and the current wave of progressive incivility. “Conservatives hear Hallelujah when they listen to President Donald J. Trump; they see the economy booming and they appreciate that President Trump keeps his promises. Liberals, however hear yelling and screaming, knowing that their deep swamp is being drained of government dependence.

Today’s Hallelujah ad urges those who stood with the Conservative Party and voted for President Donald J. Trump to continue to stand with the Conservative Party and vote for Marc Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Line.

:60 radio

This is what a typical liberal hears when Donald Trump speaks . . .

“[Yelling and screaming over horror score]”

But this is what a conservative hears . . .

“Glory, glory hallelujah!”

If Trump infuriating his enemies is music to your ears – – and you don’t mind making the liberals scream yourself – – this November stand with President Trump.

Cast your vote on the Conservative Party line, Row C. Your vote means more on the Conservative Party line.

Almost 3 million voters across the state backed Trump for President. Maybe Andy Cuomo thinks they have nowhere to go this election.

He’s wrong.

See, the Conservative Party unapologetically backs Trump. And when you vote Marc Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party line, you make a statement.

This election, vote Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party line, Row C. Send a message that you stand with President Trump because there’s more to do to make America great again.

TRUMP: We gotta get it done!

Paid for the State Conservative Campaign Committee.


Statewide Radio Buy Launches Today

Brooklyn, NY – On August 15, 2018, New York’s Governor Andrew
Cuomo mocked President Trump’s campaign slogan stating that
America “was never that great.”

The Conservative Party has 3 words for Governor Cuomo: Bring it on!

Chairman Michael R. Long announced today that the Conservative Party launched a statewide radio buy, running from today to Election Day, urging those who stood with the Conservative Party and voted for President Donald J. Trump should stand with us again and vote for Marc Molinaro for Governor.

“Vote with Trump”
:60 radio

ANNCR: Donald Trump launched a revolution from right here in New York . . .

TRUMP: “I am officially running for President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again!”

And the New York State Conservative Party was right there with him.

If you stood with Trump against Hillary Clinton then, if you stand with Trump against the swamp now, this November vote that way: Cast your vote on the Conservative Party line, Row C.

Andrew Cuomo wants to make this election all about Trump. The
Conservative Party says bring it on.

The Conservative Party backs Trump. Unapologetically. And when
you vote Marc Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party line, you do more than vote. You make a statement.

This election, vote Molinaro for Governor on the Conservative Party
line, Row C. Send a message that you stand with President Trump
because there’s more to do to make America great again.

TRUMP: “We gotta get it done!”

ANNCR: Paid for the State Conservative Campaign Committee.