Author: Gerard Kassar

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the final 2020 Presidential Debate and shines the candidate spotlight on Congressman Zeldin, Congresswoman Stefanik and Congressman Jacobs.

The Final 2020 Presidential Debate

With eleven days to go, and early voting already in progress, the last presidential debate took place last night.  The moderator, Kristen Welker, had more control of the debate, and to her credit, threw some hard balls to the former Vice President, however, there was little follow up when he deflected the questions and responded with unrelated answers.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden has a long history of embellishing the truth and even creating events that aren’t even close to being true.  Why he wasn’t pressed into answering the allegations that continue to dodge him regarding Hunter Biden’s business deals is beyond comprehension.  Voters have the right to know, if the man who looks right into the TV camera saying how you should trust his integrity, knowing how many times he stretched the truth in the past to serve his own agenda, what he knew and how involved he was with Hunter’s business arrangements, especially with Tony Bobulinsk pre-debate revelation.

President Trump consistently reminded viewers how he is looking out for America’s citizens.  He has done more for the middle class, minority communities and those sent to prison under Joe Biden’s signature, draconian crime bill.  Donald J. Trump is looking to get people back to work, has fast tracked COVID-19 remedies and a vaccine, is looking out for those employed in fracking and the oil industry, and will not rescind his tax cuts that let the working class keep more of their own money.  As Thomas Sowell once said, “I have never understood why it is ‘greed’ to want to keep the money you’ve earned, but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.”

The 2020 elections are trending toward record breaking numbers; it is my hope that people voting have all the facts.  The debate last evening was helpful, but more certainly must be learned about what Tony Bobulinsk knows, before it is too late.

Candidate Spotlight on Congressman Lee Zeldin, 1st Congressional District.

 Lieutenant Colonel Lee Zeldin is a native of Suffolk County, who served his country in the US Army completing ROTC; Lt. Col. Zeldin served in different capacities, including as a Military Intelligence Officer, Prosecutor, and Military Magistrate. In the summer of 2006, while assigned to the Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division, Lee deployed to Iraq with an infantry battalion of fellow paratroopers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He currently serves in the Army Reserve.

In 2008, Congressman Zeldin opened a successful law practice (he received his law degree from Albany Law School and was at the time the youngest attorney at age 23) in Smithtown, New York, which he operated full time until he was elected to the New York State Senate in 2010, representing New York’s 3rd Senate District. As a State Senator, Congressman Zeldin led the successful effort to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax for 80 percent of employers, a job killing tax that was hurting New York’s small businesses. He also created the PFC Joseph Dwyer Program, a peer to peer counseling program for veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); the program started in Suffolk County and quickly expanded across the state.  After serving 4 years in the NYS Senate, Zeldin was elected to Congress in 2014 where he quickly became a leading advocate for Veterans and first responders and a strong voice for the quality of education, repairing our nation’s infrastructure, improving healthcare in America, and safeguarding our environment.

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Candidate Spotlight on Elise Stefanik, 21st Congressional District

Elise M. Stefanik was born and raised in Upstate New York. Prior to serving in Congress, Elise worked at her family’s Upstate New York small business. Growing up in her family’s small business, she learned, lived, and understands the values of hard work, perseverance, challenges, and risks that go along with building, operating and growing small businesses in the North Country.  Elise graduated with Honors from Harvard University and currently serves on the Senior Advisory Committee of Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

Prior to her election to Congress, Elise served in the West Wing of the White House (2006-2009) as part of President George W. Bush’s Domestic Policy Council Staff and the Chief of Staff’s office where she assisted in overseeing the policy development process on all economic and domestic policy issues.  When elected to Congress in 2014, Ms. Stefanik was the youngest representative elected, and is still the youngest Republican woman serving in Congress. Since elected, Elise has worked tirelessly on behalf of her district’s hardworking families, farmers, students, seniors, service members, military families and veterans.  Congresswoman is an outspoken defender of President Trump and was a staunch defender of President Trump during the Impeachment Hearings.

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Candidate Spotlight on Chris Jacobs, 27th Congressional District

Chris Jacobs is a conservative reformer, small businessman and was a New York State Senator representing Erie County in Western New York prior to his election to Congress in a special election held in June of 2020. First elected to the Senate in 2016 and re-elected in November of 2018, Chris has been a strong voice for Western New York, fighting against policies driven by New York City political interests that are harmful to the region. He has also been a strong advocate for government reform. The first piece of legislation Chris introduced in the Senate was term limits for all state elected officials.

Jacobs first job after college (Boston University) was working in Washington DC for former Buffalo Congressman and Buffalo Bills Quarterback Jack Kemp.  In 1994, Jacobs returned home to Western New York to start the BISON Scholarship Fund, a charity that raised donations to help send children to private and religious schools; he was also small business owner.  Jacobs founded Avalon Development in 2002, which has redeveloped many vacant and historic buildings in Western New York.

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Trump and Biden clash over Hunter corruption claims at final debate.

Hunter Biden’s ex-biz partner links Joe Biden to China deal: ‘A political or influence investment’

Joe Biden is lying: His Ukraine policy created a conflict of interest that diplomats warned about.

Media goes to bat for Joe Biden after final debate.

The Media Skips Its Own Scoop.

New Stanford Study Suggests Biden’s Agenda Will Devastate the Economy.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the Biden Bombshell, Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Hearing and shines the candidate spotlight on Dennis Dunne, Peter Oberacker and John Cummings.

Hunter Biden Bombshell

 The New York Post released scathing E-mails on Wednesday providing damming evidence linking Presidential candidate Joe Biden to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy company.

Hunter Biden introduced his father, who at the time was Vice President of the United States, to the executive not even one year before Biden pressured the Ukrainian Government to stop an investigation into the energy company.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email says.

Hunter Biden joined the board at Burisma, the energy company in question, at a $50,000 a month salary. Although Biden has no experience in the energy field.

The bombshell report directly contradicts Joe Biden claiming he never had any conversation with his son regarding his overseas business dealings.

Just hours after the story on the pay-to-play scheme between Hunter Biden and the Ukraine, more emails were released that show another disturbing connection, this time with China.

Hunter Biden sought to make deals in China in which he stated would be “interesting for me and my family.”

The information was obtained off a water damaged MacBook Pro that was dropped off for service at a repair shop in Delaware, but the work was never paid for and the device was never retrieved. After discovering what was on the laptop, the shop owner contacted the feds and made them aware of the files on the computer.

This story continues to develop as the hours pass and new information is released, but the pay-to-play scheme between the Biden family and at least two foreign governments had been established with credible evidence. Now, Joe Biden must be held accountable and must answer. The American people deserve to know just how deep the waters of corruption and foreign influence run within the Biden family.

Amy Coney Barrett Hearing

We are one step closer to confirmation for Judge Coney Barrett as the hearings ended on Capitol Hill Thursday with the Judge performing admirably and showing why she was nominated by President Trump.

Senate Democrats threw everything they could at the Judge, but she proved to be too smart, too seasoned, and ready for the moment. Every question thrown her way, in an attempt to smear her, was answered with style and grace by the future Justice.

The Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have called for a vote on October 22, and all signs point to Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed to a seat on the bench of the highest court in the land.

“We have the votes,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, should be commended for how well run the hearings were. In fact, one Democratic Senator from California voiced her pleasure with Senator Graham. “This has been one of the best set of hearings that I’ve participated in,” Dianne Feinstein told Graham, “Thank you for your fairness and the opportunity of going back and forth. It leaves one with a lot of hopes” she continued.

Candidate Spotlight Dennis Dunne Senate District 6

Dennis Dunne is a proud veteran who served our nation in Vietnam and still fights for us as a Hempstead Town Councilman today. Dennis is a tax-cutter and problem solver, and you can rest assured as a Senator in Albany, Dennis will work to repeal extreme Democrat criminal reforms. No stranger to defending our country and he’s still fighting for taxpayers like us.

Dennis’ opponent supported “Bail Reform,” and the extreme law that lets accused rapists and other violent criminals have access to the homes of victims and their phone numbers. These policies set forth by state Democrats have already proven to be both dangerous and deadly.

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Candidate Spotlight Peter Oberacker Senate District 51

From Peter’s early days working in their family business, to building a successful business, and becoming an effective and productive elected official, it can certainly be said he knows what hard work is all about. Peter Oberacker grew up in a family of sausage makers, working in the family’s local market since age 8. Over his life and career, he has become a successful business builder, community leader, and family man. In 2015, Peter was elected to the Otsego County Board of Representatives and quickly showed his effectiveness delivering for his constituents and becoming a respected leader across the county.

Peter chairs the Public Works Committee, is Vice-Chair of the Administration Committee, Human Services, Negotiations, and Inter-Governmental Affairs committees. Prior to his election to the County Board, Peter served as Maryland Town Supervisor and as a town board member.

During his time in both county and town government, Peter has never produced a budget that raised taxes and has consistently supported staying under the tax cap. He has been a leader in focusing on infrastructure improvement and developing effective programs for updating public work fleets in a cost-effective manner.

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Candidate Spotlight John Cummings 14th Congressional District

John was raised in the Parkchester section of the Bronx and followed in his father’s footsteps when he was sworn into the NYPD in January of 1983. Upon graduation from the NYC Police Academy, he was assigned to Neighborhood Stabilization Unit 7, in the South Bronx. Following 6 months there, John was assigned to the 46th precinct, where he remained for 2 years. He was then assigned to the NYPD Harbor Unit, where he served first as an operations coordinator in the Bronx, and then as a member of the Harbor George unit in College Point, Queens. After suffering an injury in the line of duty, he retired with multiple commendations for bravery and excellence.

John emphatically denounces Socialism and believes it is antithetical to every one of our founding principles. Principles that have made us the envy of the world for over 230 years and the destination of generations of people looking for the freedoms that were consistently denied them by royalty, authoritarians, dictators, and terrorists.

John is all that stands in the way of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her mission to bring socialism to New York City.

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Ilhan Omar Funnels 70 Percent of Campaign Expenditures to Husband’s company.

Giuliani: You’ve Only Seen Five Percent of What’s on Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive

Orthodox Jews show overwhelming support for Trump in new poll

New: Tucker Carlson Announces More Hunter Biden Emails, Further Corruption Exposed

President Trump Eviscerates Liberal Talking Points During NBC Town Hall


VP Pence Delivers

 Vice President Mike Pence delivered a masterful performance Wednesday as he took the Biden-Harris ticket to task on their records in government and flip- flopping agendas.

Pence was firing on all cylinders from beginning to end, articulately making his case as to why President Trump has earned the right to a second term.

Harris, who successfully managed to avoid questions all night, did make some very noticeable gaffs, and worked hard to move the conversation away from her record as Attorney General in California; a record that saw her lock up African Americans in disproportionate numbers for small offenses.

She also gave a revisionist version of history saying President Abraham Lincoln did not appoint a new Justice to the Supreme Court in an election year citing his desire to wait until American’s had voted. The Senator is aware of the truth; she either was comfortable lying or misleading, neither of which are acceptable. President Lincoln did not send a nominee forward in October in 1864 for one simple reason, Congress was not in session. He sent the nominee forward in December when they returned. The nominee was indeed confirmed that same day. A shameful rewriting of history from the VP candidate.

Perhaps the biggest moments of the night were her refusing to answer if she would pack the Supreme Court and contradicting herself, and Joe Biden, about their position on fracking. Both have said they will do away with fracking and Biden’s campaign website goes into detail on their support of the Green New Deal, which of course also calls for the banning of fracking.

Kamala Harris made two things clear. First and foremost, she and Joe Biden should sit down and discuss their platform, something they seem to have not done. Second, their policies are costly for Americans, they will result in higher taxes and job loss. Their agenda is simply not achievable without sweeping tax increases.

As for Vice President Pence, he proved to be cool, calm, and collected. Educated on the issues, strong on foreign policy, and ready to lead. Mike Pence delivered a vision for America, a vision for 4 more years.

  Governor Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio Singles Out Communities

The Governor and Mayor have closed schools and non-essential businesses within 9 zip codes throughout Brooklyn and Queens as corona virus cases have spiked in clusters.

While it is imperative New Yorker’s continue to adhere to safety guidelines, it is not reasonable to close entire zip codes. A cluster within a zip code could only be a matter of blocks, shutting down a business a mile away, but in the same zip code, is a lazy attempt to fix a problem, one that will also not stand up in court.

It also troubles me to see Brooklyn and Queens, as well as Hudson Valley towns, being singled out with these closures. Make no mistake, there have been many other instances in which safety guidelines were violated around the city, but in those cases Mayor de Blasio encouraged the gatherings and demonstrations. A stark contrast to the directives they have given to Brooklyn, Queens, and Rockland.

Bishop DiMarzio, Shepherd of the Brooklyn Diocese, announced Thursday they have filed a lawsuit against the state of New York in Federal Court saying their First Amendment rights have been violated. “The State has completely disregarded the fact that our safety protocols have worked and it is an insult to once again penalize all those who have made the safe return to Church work. We vehemently disagree with the capacity limits being placed on us,” Bishop DiMarzio said in a statement

Elected officials within South Brooklyn’s very prominent Jewish communities also voiced their frustrations and concerns.

“We are appalled by Governor Cuomo’s words and actions today,” Senator Simcha Felder, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, Councilmembers Chaim Deutsche and Kalman Yeger said Tuesday in a joint statement. “He has chosen to pursue a scientifically and constitutionally questionable shutdown of our communities. His administrations utter lack of coordination and communication with local officials has been an ongoing issue since the start of the pandemic, and particularly recently as we face this uptick,” they continued.

Considering the lengths he went through to protect violent protestors as they violated every guideline the Mayor himself put in place, this is an egregious overstepping of authority to attack livelihoods and religious freedoms.

“New Yorkers have a right to be concerned by Governor Cuomo’s announcement that, due to an increase in COVID cases, neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens will once again have non-essential business shuttered, schools closed and the use of houses of worship greatly restricted. Our city, its businesses and its people cannot afford another lockdown,” Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis said. “Businesses and recently reopened restaurants will close permanently and more people will flee our city. Many community and religious leaders, educators and small business owners have spoken out against this heightened level of enforcement and feel the heavy-handed actions of Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio are uncalled for; I stand with them,” she continued.

The zones created defy all common sense and logic. This will turn into a constitutional nightmare for the Governor and Mayor, and a return nightmare for business owners, many of whom barely survived the first shutdown only to be shuttered again. For months, we have been told follow the science, perhaps it is time they take their own advice.

Candidate Spotlight Charles Missick

 A veteran, attorney, and small business owner/winemaker. A husband, father, and a firm believer in the value and dignity of meaningful work and getting your hands dirty, Charles Missick has dedicated his life to his family and will dedicate himself to New York’s 55th Senate District.

Charles believes it is important that we embrace the values that made this country great. From a focus on safe neighborhoods and raising strong families, to reinvesting in our manufacturing base and building the things our nation needs. Charles wants New York to know it is important that we aren’t merely limited liability citizens, but wholly invested in this great state. The future doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the children, and we owe it to them to leave a rich, vibrant inheritance.

To learn more, click here.

Candidate Spotlight Dave Catalfamo

 A proud lifelong resident of Upstate New York, Dave Catalfamo understands firsthand the issues that matter to our community and knows how to deliver results. He is running for NY’s 113th Assembly District to rebuild New York’s economy, restore balance to state government and be a powerful, effective voice for Saratoga and Washington Counties.

Dave grew up in Niverville, New York, one of four siblings. The oldest son of a single mom, Dave watched his mom struggle at times and occasionally need assistance, but she always instilled in her children the value of hard work and integrity. That helped shape Dave’s passion for jobs and drew him to service–first in the United States Army Reserves, then to New York State as a senior official in Governor Pataki’s Administration, and now to the greater Saratoga community. He has dedicated his life both in the public and private sector to helping create jobs and grow the economy.

Dave understands the importance of tourism to Upstate NY’s economy. As head of the world renowned ILOVENY campaign he led the effort to reinvigorate the brand, which reached new heights after 9/11. He served as the Governor’s liaison to the Olympic Regional Development Authority, where he helped to lead the successful effort to bring the Goodwill Games to Lake Placid and facilitated transformational investments to revive the Olympic facilities that continue to serve as a key generator of New York State tourism.

To learn more, click here.

 Candidate Spotlight Vito Bruno

 Vito Bruno is running for State Senate in South Brooklyn to fight for working and middle-class families that are being ignored in favor of special interests. Bruno believes education, seniors, a reliable transit system, and infrastructure must be our top priorities, not the dangerous bail reform laws passed by the politicians in Albany.

  A successful business entrepreneur and renowned music industry impresario, Vito is an independent leader beholden to no one, he loves Brooklyn and will go to Albany to fight for us. The 22nd Senate District is comprised of several Brooklyn neighborhoods including Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Gravesend, Marine Park and Gerritsen Beach.

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Biden Says He Will Announce Position on Court Packing ‘When the Election Is Over’

 Uh Oh, Joe: Even PA Voters Know You’re Full of Crap When It Comes to Fracking

 Poll: 56% Americans Say They Are Better Off Now Under Trump Than Four Years Ago Under Obama-Biden

Mail-in ballots in Westmoreland County delayed, voters confused and frustrated

NY Dem Organized for Group That Protested Terror Leader’s Death

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the debate, Judge Barrett’s nomination, the Party’s reorganization, and shines the candidate spotlight on Michael Lawler and John Lemondes.

The New York State Conservative Party wishes President Trump and the First Lady a speedy recovery. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

 Trump Goes 2 on 1 in First Debate

President Trump had more than just Joe Biden to worry about in the first debate as moderator Chris Wallace made himself a key player, and at times, even a surrogate of Joe Biden.

Wallace repeatedly let Biden off the hook on many key issues such as his plan to raise individual and corporate taxes, as well as whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court, a topic he allowed Biden to ignore all together.

President Trump, however, was pressed on every issue and even forced to answer recycled questions from a 2016 debate also moderated by Chris Wallace.

At times it felt like the debate was between the President and Wallace as Joe Biden snickered in the corner. We heard very little from Biden, and what we did hear, spells potential trouble if elected.

Doubling down on his support for Obamacare, raising taxes, and chasing jobs out of America with an increase in corporate taxes, and referring to Antifa as an “idea” and refusing to acknowledge the destruction they’ve caused nationwide is a dangerous direction we cannot afford to go.

Amy Coney Barrett Officially Nominated to Fill Court Vacancy

 Last weekend, President Trump officially nominated 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett to become the next Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

Barrett is a highly qualified, highly respected proven conservative. Her belief in faith and the law is what we should be looking for in a new Justice.

Democrats are looking to discredit her in any way possible attacking her Catholic faith and conservative record. One activist even went as far to call her a “white colonizer” for adopting two children from Haiti.   An absolutely disgusting charge.

While Senate Democrats will do anything they can to obstruct the President from doing his job, the constitution is clear and the President is elected for a term of four years. It is his duty, as well as the Senates, to confirm a 9th Justice to the Supreme Court.

Conservative Delegates Meet in Orange County

 I want to thank the Conservative Party State Committee from around the state for trusting in me to lead the party for another two-year term.

It has been a busy year and a half. We have made tremendous strides digitally, we have expanded our presence throughout the state, nominated an impressive slate of candidates, and most importantly sued Andrew Cuomo and won. The Governor attempted to rule as a dictator and abolish third parties, but with the help of many party leaders, we fought back and won. The Conservative Party is here to stay.

In addition, the following officers were also elected to two-year terms, Shaun Marie Levine (Albany County) as the Executive Vice-Chairman, Howard Lim, Jr. (Westchester County) as Secretary and Frances T. Vella-Marrone (Kings County) as Treasurer.

Our state leadership is as follows:

Eight State Vice-Chairmen, Daniel F. Donovan, Jr. (Nassau County), Hugh Fox (Westchester County), Thomas M. Long (Queens County), Ralph C. Lorigo (Erie County), James F. Quinn, Jr.  (Wayne County), Gregory S. Rigby (Cayuga County), Allen Roth (New York County) and Frank Tinari (Suffolk County), and seven Regional Vice-Chairmen were also elected.  The Regional Vice-Chairs are:  In the Capital District – Brian Gardner (Columbia County), in the Northern Region — Henry “Hank” Ford (St. Lawrence County), in the North Central Region — H. Leonard Schick (Oswego County), in the South-Central Region – James M. Thomas (Broome County), in the Mid-Western Region — Jason McGuire (Livingston County), in the Western Region — Arthur Munger (Genesee County) and in the Hudson Valley – William Beckmann (Rockland County).

The Officers above also serve as the officers of the State Executive Committee.

The following are At-Large Members of the State Executive Committee:  Vincent Arcuri (Queens County), Stuart Avrick (New York County), James J. Barrett, Jr. (Schenectady County), Carol Birkholtz (Warren County), Ross Brady (Kings County),  Michael Buttino (Greene County), Thomas M. Casey (Queens County), David M. Curcio (Richmond County), Chung Dick (Kings County), Louis DeCicco (Chemung County),  John P. DeLessio (Orange County),  John E. Flynn, (Suffolk County), Robert  Fois (Westchester County), Edward J. Gaddy (Ulster County), Michael Garlock (Wayne County), John J. Hayes (Ulster County), Eileen Johnson (Kings County), Christopher J. Kendall (Madison County), Jim M. Kerr (New York County), Paul Kosowski (Nassau County), Edward A. Magilton (Sullivan County),  Charles R. Mancabelli (Onondaga County),  James Maxwell (Putnam County), Donald S. Mazzullo (Monroe County),  Patrick McManus (Bronx County), Donald Minichino (Dutchess County), Christopher Mistron (Nassau County), Scott D. Nasca (Monroe County), Dimitry Edward Naemit (Rockland County), Reid W. Robbins (Ontario County), Laura A. Schreiner (Suffolk County),  John Seravalli (New York County), Michael E. Torres (Suffolk County),  Robert E. White (Franklin County),  Anna M. Wilcox (Chautauqua County), and Robert Zordan (Saratoga County).

The Members of the State Executive Committee serve as the governing body when the full state committee is not convened.  All members serve a two-year term.  The Members of the State Executive Committee appointed Ralph C. Lorigo, Esq. as Party Counsel, Eileen Johnson as the Assistant Secretary, Shaun Marie Levine as the Executive Director and Michael R. Long as Chairman Emeritus, for a term coterminous with the elected members.

Candidate Spotlight Mike Lawler

 Mike Lawler is a lifelong Rockland County resident and graduate of Suffern High School. In 2009, Mike earned a degree in Business Administration, with a double major in Accounting and Finance, from Manhattan College, where he was named the Valedictorian of his graduating class.

Mike currently serves as Deputy Town Supervisor in Orangetown under Supervisor Teresa Kenny and previously worked in the Westchester County Executive’s Office as an advisor to Rob Astorino, where he dealt with issues ranging from the county budget to public policy and community outreach initiatives. In addition, Mike previously served as Executive Director of the State Republican Party, helping elect candidates to federal, state, and local office.

Mike is also a successful small businessman who founded his own government affairs and public relations firm.

Mike represents a real opportunity to flip an Assembly seat and continue to chip away at the Democrats super majority.

To get involved or donate, click here.

Candidate Spotlight John Lemondes

 After graduating from Liverpool High, John studied agriculture at Penn State University, and was commissioned in the U.S. Army. Over a nearly 27-year career serving us in the Army, John deployed overseas numerous times including Iraq and Afghanistan and retired in 2014 as a Colonel.

Returning home, John, Martha, and family began farming 488 acres in LaFayette.  He has turned longtime fallow, overgrown land to fertile productivity.

While working as a Defense and National Security consultant the past few years, the farm continued to grow, and Ellys Acres now hosts a growing flock of sheep and lambs, hay and forage, and John is looking at his 3000-maple tree sugar bush with an eye to maple syrup production.

John is a leader in the farming community as well – – he is President of the Farmer Veteran Coalition of New York State – – and is active nationally with the American Sheep Industry Association. He was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Onondaga County Soil & Water Conservation District by the County Executive, and is a member of NYS Farm Bureau.

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 Voter Registration Data in Battleground States Shows Huge Boost for GOP

NYC business owner: ‘Explosion’ of trash another struggle to deal with.

 New York Times publishes pro-China Hong Kong councilwoman: ‘Like it or not, Hong Kong is part of China’

 Biden deflects yet again on court packing questions: ‘I’m not going to play Trump’s game’


President Trump to Nominate Supreme Court Justice Saturday

 President Donald Trump has announced he will move to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court in 2020.

The President has a constitutional and moral obligation to fill the seat. Frankly, a potential 4-4 deadlock on a ruling in the Supreme Court is not something we should risk. Since 1869 the number of Justices has been set at nine and we must ensure the highest court in the land continues to operate the way it was intended to.

It is imperative a conservative voice is added to the Supreme Court to ensure fairness, common sense, and prevent a far-left radical Justice the left would surely nominate.

It has become clear the votes are there in the United States Senate to confirm a new Justice. The President was elected nearly 4 years ago by voters who wanted to put him in charge of nominations for the Supreme Court. It is his duty as Commander in Chief to fulfill his obligation and protect the integrity of the Constitution.

AOC Promoting Full NYC Socialist Agenda

Democratic Socialists of America-NYC chapter will be looking to run and support a slate of City Council candidates who would create a “socialist caucus” in the New York City Council.

The already Democratic controlled council will see 35 new members in 2021 running to fill term limited seats. Only 16 of the current members are eligible to run for re-election and a far left of left push is being made to pack the Council with self-proclaimed socialists.

Recently, in a gross display of anti-Semitism, the DSA asked potential candidates on their questionnaire if they would pledge to not visit Israel.

The DSA has also pledged to:

  • “Confront Gov. Andrew Cuomo and push the state Legislature to tax the rich to help fund the Green New Deal and New York Health Act, legislation that would create a government-run, single-payer health insurance system and to prevent state cuts in public services. “In the face of an austerity budget, many of our campaigns will lend their weight to a demand on the state government to tax the rich, putting us directly in the cross hairs of Andrew Cuomo. We welcome his hatred. Remaining resolute now is the time to expand the public sector, to provide social housing, public power [energy/utility supplier].”
  • “Use the COVID-related housing crisis to “cancel” rent, thus squeezing landlords of revenue and forcing them to give up their properties and “exit the market” — and have the state acquire the properties and convert them to public housing. Its housing agenda also includes “undermining” the real estate industry’s already diminished clout in the Democrat-run state Legislature.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the face of this movement, a movement that NYC cannot afford. Their first move will surely be to defund the NYPD to the level of a small-town police department, if not abolish the police all together. They will chase taxpayers out of New York City, leaving a higher burden to the middle class. New York will most certainly become one of the most dangerous big cities in America.

The DSA threat is a threat we should take seriously in NYC in 2021. The future of our families and our city hinges on 35 City Council seats.

More Than A Candidate

New York State Assembly Candidate Lawrence Chiulli (@Lawrence4Ny) was in the right place at the right time.

Just weeks ago, a young boy found himself in a horrifying situation as he held on for his life on the side of a Hudson Valley cliff in Westchester.

A 10-year-old boy was hiking with members of his family when he got separated from them. In a panic, and a stroke of luck, the family came across Chiulli who searched for the boy.

Chiulli, a former Eagle Scout, found him clinging on to the side of Bear Mountain in a treacherous position and growing weak from hanging on for so long.

Lawrence was able to maneuver down the steep mountain side and grab onto the boy, helping him reposition until help could arrive.

I would like to commend Lawrence for his bravery and willingness to spring into action without hesitation. His selflessness, quick thinking and bravery preserved a young life.

Quick Piece of Importance

NY state to review any Trump-authorized COVID vaccine for ‘safety’ before use: Cuomo.  This says the man who sent COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes knowing full well that it would spread like fire through dry grass.  New Yorkers deserve a Governor that puts the health of her citizens first and not one that puts politics first.  Creating a new “Clinical Advisory Task Force” can lead to delays in getting a critical vaccine to those who need it; while no one is being mandated to have the vaccine.

Candidate Spotlight Alexis Weik

Growing up in Ronkonkoma and Oakdale, and currently residing in Sayville, Alexis has stayed true to her roots. A wife and mother of three, Alexis knows the true sacrifice our law enforcement officers make each and every day, experiencing it firsthand through her husband and oldest son who are in law enforcement.

Active in many local civic and educational groups in addition to being the elected Islip Receiver of Taxes, Alexis is a fighter and our choice in New York’s 3rd Senate District to oust far left liberal and Governor Cuomo loyalist Monica Martinez.

We cannot afford a Democratic controlled State Senate. In less than 2 years, they’ve given us disastrous bail reform, they’ve released multiple convicted cop killers and have promised to raise taxes.

We need common sense representation that will make New York an easier, safer place to live and raise a family.

Contact Alexis here.

Candidate spotlight Liz Joy

A devoted wife and mother to four adult children, Liz is an advocate and fighter for our constitutional freedoms. Liz will not be absent from her district, nor afraid to do the work on behalf of the constituents in New York’s 20th Congressional District.

Liz is no stranger to a fight, in the fall of 2018, she single-handedly fought off knife yielding man intent on doing fatal harm. After engaging in hand-to-hand combat, she was able to call for help, undoubtedly saving the life of at least one person.

Strong on the right to life, the southern border, jobs, and the economy, Liz will represent NY20 with humility and grace, and an open heart, always remembering the congressional seat belongs to the people of her district, not the representative.

You can visit her website here to learn more, get involved or donate!

See Liz’s new ad here.

President Trump signs Executive Order on pre-existing conditions in Charlotte

Sen. Rand Paul Sending Hunter Biden Report To DOJ For Potential Criminal Probe

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Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the 1776 Commission, the historic Abraham Accords and shines our candidate spotlight on Angi Renna and Sue Serino.

President Trump Announces 1776 Commission

Patriotic education is on the way in response to the democrats pushing their “1619 Project” which aims to educate students through indoctrination from liberal teachers and professors.

“I will soon sign an executive order establishing a national commission to promote patriotic education. It will be called the ‘1776 Commission’,” Trump said Thursday. The commission will encourage our educators to teach your children about the miracle of American history and make plans to honor the 250th anniversary of our founding in the year 2026 said President Trump.

At a time when our students are being educated by far-left liberals, being taught a revisionist version of history, being stripped of learning about where we have come from, how far we have gone, and promoting disdain for our country, this is very welcomed news from the President and his administration.

An accurate, truthful education should not be political and I look forward to this program being put into action. We, like every other country in the world, have come a long way. We must not strip students of an accurate education and allow them to form their own opinions without bias.

Trump Administration Celebrates Abraham Accords

 On Tuesday the President was joined by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in what was a historic day for the four nations as they signed the Abraham Accords officially formalizing relations between Israel and the two Arab states in a deal brokered by the United States.

This is another massive foreign policy win for President Trump and he hinted they weren’t done bringing other nations to the table and plan to normalize relations with “at least five or six” other nations.

Months leading up to his election and in the years since he became President, we have heard from the Democrats on countless occasions on how America and our interests wouldn’t be safe under a President Donald Trump. Well, we have learned that couldn’t be further from the truth as his administration continues to broker peace deal after peace deal, withdraw troops from endless wars and promote peace through power all over the world.

The facts are this, the world is a safer place than it was four years ago and this President has earned a second term.

Candidate Spotlight

This week I am happy to spotlight two candidates who will be instrumental to our success this November.

Angi Renna is the Conservative/Republican candidate in New York States 50th Senate District. Angi comes from the financial planning world and specializes in helping those on the verge of retiring and seniors plan their financial futures.

The 50th District has been represented by a Conservative since 2003. Now, Angi Renna looks to fill the vacant seat, but faces a stiff challenge from far-left liberal John Mannion. Mr. Mannion makes no attempt to hide the fact that he will join in lock step with NYC liberal Senators who love writing taxpayer funded blank checks and allow the Governor to operate as more of a dictator and not a public servant.

In New York’s 41st Senate District, Senator Sue Serino has been an avid supporter of law enforcement and has sponsored countless bills in support of police and has been a leading public health advocate. Senator Serino led the charge in 2019 as she pushed her colleagues in Albany to support additional funding, research, and preventatives to help those suffering from Lyme and tick-borne diseases throughout New York State.

Albany is a better place with legislators like Senator Serino working tirelessly to advocate for good on behalf of her district and New York as a whole.

We hear every election cycle that it’s “the most important” election of our lifetime. Well, 2020 is the most important election of our lifetime, there is no denying it. The left has attempted to bully conservatives into submission through rioting, looting, and lawlessness. Common sense must prevail this November. We cannot continue to hemorrhaged residents to other states. We must get back to keeping all politics local and ensuring our representatives in Albany are working for us, not trying to out progressive their democratic colleagues.

Angi Renna and Sue Serino are where the common sense starts. Please check out their websites and get involved:  Angi Renna;  Sue Serino

Most Voters Now Believe There’s a “War on Police” – Back “Blue Lives Matter” Laws

Trump SLAMS the revisionist history of the ‘1619 Project’ and critical race theory

Video: Joe Biden doubles down on supporting China in WTO: ‘We want China to grow’

Restaurants, bars, and theaters at risk of being left for dead

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses September 11, @cpnys reinstatement, Governor Cuomo caves and new ads by Congresswoman Stefanik and Congressional Candidate Malliotakis.


 On this 19th anniversary of September 11, 2001 I want to remember the lives lost, the families affected and the heroes who responded without hesitation.

Our darkest hour was followed by heroism we could spend a lifetime documenting. Firefighters, Police officers, EMT’s, even civilians rushed to save lives, never thinking about the potential consequences. They knew their fellow New Yorker’s needed help and that’s all they needed to know.

19 years later, we are still losing first responders to 9/11 related illnesses. We are still seeing people suffer and families grieve.

I ask that you continue to remember everyone affected, pray for the families and offer comfort. Most importantly, honor their memories by honoring the city and country they jumped into action to protect.

Conservative Party Re-instated on Twitter

After two long months of being suppressed and silenced on Twitter, the State Conservative Party account was re-instated last night.

We are thrilled to be back and have an additional platform to communicate with our party members and other like-minded individuals. We are entering the final stretch of the most important election of our lifetime. Being able to promote our candidates, keep the public up-to-date on what is going on with their campaigns, and bringing you information in real time is crucial to their success.

I want to thank Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay and Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt for sending a letter to Twitter’s CEO demanding answers as to why we were suspended from twitter. We have never violated any of the terms of use, nor have we promoted any inappropriate content. Our biggest crime is practicing common sense conservative values.

If you are on Twitter, please follow us @CPNYS for up-to-date news, and keep you up-to-date on our candidates from Long Island to the North Country.

Governor Caves to Mounting Pressure

Governor Cuomo’s bluff was called by New York City restaurateurs this week after they delivered a $2 billion lawsuit against the city and state.

More than 300 restaurants joined in on the class action lawsuit that demands New York City establishments be permitted to open 50% of their indoor seating capacity.

Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and City Councilman Steve Matteo joined the lawsuit which was filed in Richmond County earlier this week.

The Governor folded like a cheap suit and announced 25% of indoor seating capacity may be opened starting September 30. However, waiting nearly 3 more weeks and only allowing 25% capacity is not nearly enough to help restaurants sustain themselves through the winter season. Restaurant owners, along with Malliotakis and Matteo are continuing with their lawsuit and demanding 50% of seating be made available.

Stefanik, Malliotakis Release New Ads

Rep. Elise Stefanik and first time Congressional candidate Nicole Malliotakis released new ads earlier this week as they continue to campaign hard against their far-left opponents.

The ads can be seen here:

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik

Congressional Candidate Nicole Malliotakis

He watched a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Then he braved flames and smoke to save lives

NYC CEOs plead with de Blasio to crack down on crime, quality-of-life issues

Senate Democrats block GOP COVID-19 bill that included unemployment relief

As Joe Biden Condemns Rioters And Looters, Kamala Harris Continues To Support Group That Bails Out Suspected Violent Criminals

Nick Sandmann: I’m a pro-life conservative Republican college student who won’t let cancel culture silence me.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the Conservative Party’s nominating convention, Facebook Live with Jason McGuire, Claudia Tenney’s Congressional race and the Party’s upcoming involvement in 911 tributes.

State Convention

Last week, we held our state convention to re-nominate President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Thank you to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for accepting the nomination on behalf of the President. Elise is no longer a rising star, she is a star and having her at our convention was an honor.

We were pleased to also honor Russ Gugino with the J. Daniel Mahoney award for his continued activism within the conservative community.

We were also happy to have many elected officials and candidates join us. Senate Minority Leader Rob Ortt, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, and Assemblyman Colin Schmitt gave wonderful speeches, highlighting where one-party control has taken New York in just one legislative session: late term abortion, dangerous criminal bail reform, and an out of control state budget to just name a few.

We also heard from Senator Sue Serino, Senator George Borello, Congressional candidate Chele Farley and Assembly candidate Mike Lawler.

I would like to thank everyone who attended and made the event possible. Now, we shift our focus to getting our endorsed candidates re-elected and elected!

Live with Jason McGuire

I was happy to be joined on Wednesday by Jason McGuire, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Chairman of the Livingston County Conservative Party.

Jason has been a great leader within the party for years, successfully lobbying legislators in Albany and fighting to maintain religious freedoms, we are proud to have him as our leader in Livingston County.

The interview can be seen on our Facebook page, pinned to the very top. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

Claudia Tenney Releases Ad

 Claudia Tenney released a new ad this week highlighting her support of our military and veterans, while her opponent, freshman Rep. Brindisi, prioritized impeaching President Trump and illegal immigrants over our men and women of the armed forces.

New York’s 22nd congressional district was Trump country in 2016, and I expect it to be just the same in 2020. Claudia can flip this seat back red, but only with your support. I encourage everyone willing and able to get involved. The path to taking back the House of Representatives starts right here in New York by taking back the seats we lost in 2018.

View Claudia’s new ad here

Click here to get involved.

 September 11 Tributes

 The Conservative Party will be sponsoring and participating in two 9/11 events as of this writing.

The first in lower Manhattan at the World Trade Center. We will be gathering at the corner of West St. and Vesey St. at 7:00 pm for a candle light vigil and moment of silence to honor those lost in the 2001 attack on our city.

The second will be in Dutchess County in cooperation with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s office. A “9/11 Red-White-Blue Unity Ceremony” will take place at Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Roman Catholic Church at 5:00 pm on the great lawn in front of the church.

Please continue to check our Facebook page for further information on the events to be posted later today and leading up to September 11.

Trump claims he would’ve canceled most of his campaign rallies if coronavirus didn’t hit

 US employers hire 1.4M in August as unemployment rate falls sharply.

Nearly 10 Miles Of Cars Line Up For Trump — And A Raucous Night In Small Town America

50+ Questions No Reporter Dares Ask Joe Biden and His Campaign

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Republican National Convention, the Save NYC Rally, Andrew Gabarino’s Congressional run and our upcoming presidential nominating convention on Saturday.

Republican National Convention

 Last night concluded a very successful Republican Convention in which we celebrated the success of America under the Trump presidency.

For four days, we heard stories from immigrants and working-class Americans who have prospered under the Trump Administration proclaiming the return of jobs has allowed them once again to prosper.

We heard from military and law enforcement families who tragically lost loved ones defending our country both overseas and right here at home. They told stories of President Trump’s kindness and genuine concern he showed for them, a concern they didn’t receive from the previous administration.

We heard from Carl and Marsha Mueller whose daughter was tortured and murdered by ISIS. Mr. Mueller explained how President Obama and Vice President Biden refused to meet with them, but President Trump met with them, listened to them, and grieved with them.

Finally, we heard from the President who talked about creating the greatest economy this country has ever seen, revitalizing the United States military with necessary equipment and raises, historic tax cuts, criminal justice reform, and accomplishing monumental trade deals. President Trump spoke of the past, but looked forward to the future, clearly a man on a mission to accomplish even more in the next four years.

Over the course of the last two weeks, we learned what America would look like under a Biden presidency; we’ve a seen glimpse of it in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and right here in New York City. It was again on full display as the angry mob harassed and assaulted peaceful citizens who were exiting the convention.

This is the most important election of our lifetime. We must re-elect Donald Trump for law and order, the economy, and a bright future for the next generation.

Save NYC Rally

Roughly 1,000 New York City residents attended a rally at City Hall last week to express their concern over the deteriorating quality of life, rise in crime, and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s leadership. The rally, organized by Scott Lobaido, was an example of what a real peaceful protest is all about. People gathered to let their voices be heard, with no violence or destruction of city property.

Quite simply, Mayor de Blasio has worked tirelessly; tirelessly demonizing the men and women of the NYPD, destroying businesses, and misallocating billions of dollars in taxpayer money. The lame duck Mayor is in over his head. He doesn’t know what to do, or what to say, he only knows one thing, how to create chaos, and how to fan the flames of unrest.

With over a year remaining in office, there’s no telling how far down the road of no return he will take us.

Garbarino For Congress

 I had the pleasure of joining Assemblymember and candidate for Congress Andrew Garbarino Tuesday in Long Island. Andrew’s campaign is picking up steam and moving in the right direction.

It is imperative we get behind him and build on his momentum. Keeping New York’s 2nd congressional seat in Conservative, Republican hands is vital to the success of the state. Already outnumbered at both the state and federal level, we cannot afford to lose more ground and inch ever closer to far-left radical control.

Please visit Andrew’s site here and support him if you can!

Conservative Party Convention

 On behalf of President Trump and Vice President Pence, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik will be accepting their re-nomination for President and Vice President of the United States tomorrow in Dutchess County.

We have a great convention coming and look forward to building on the 292,392 votes the President received on our line in 2016!

VOTE  Trump ~ Pence 2020 On Row C

Elise Stefanik: Biden speaking out on violence after months of silence is ‘too little too late’

GOP Sparkles After the Gloom of the Democrats

In emotional RNC speech, widow of retired police captain killed by looters says she relives ‘horror’ every day

‘Zero Percent Chance’ That Biden Does 3 Debates: Laura Ingraham Says There Will Always Be an Excuse

McConnell: Democrats ‘Want Free Health Care For Illegal Immigrants’ But ‘No Protection At All For Unborn Americans’

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the DNC, restaurants in NYC need to allow inside seating, Conservative Party nominates Chris Jacobs for Congress, Conservative Party to nominate the Trump/Pence ticket Saturday, August 29.


 The Democrats concluded their convention and officially nominated Joe Biden as their candidate for President last evening to little fanfare.

“Over the last week, the Democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in American history,” said President Trump who actually enjoyed a bump in the polls. Typically, it is the Democrats who see their numbers improve during their convention, but due to little excitement in far-left Kamala Harris as Vice President, and Joe Biden, who promises to raise your taxes on day 1, the democrats did not see a convention bump in the polls.

The only thing that was bumped was “Under God” by at least two caucuses while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

NYC Restaurants in Limbo

As we inch closer and closer to fall and winter, the New York City Hospitality Alliance is demanding a timeframe as to when they will be permitted to allow in door dining.

Restaurant owners were under the impression they would be permitted to open in July with a restricted capacity, in addition to their outdoor seating. However, with September quickly approaching, there is still no plan in place.

“We have met, sustained and exceeded the benchmarks that have allowed the rest of the state to open and now we are sitting here six weeks later with no plan. So, today we demand a plan from Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio about when and how indoor dining is going to reopen in the city of New York,” Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, said at a press conference Thursday.

As more than 200,000 service industry workers remain unemployed, it is imperative the Governor and Mayor provide these businesses with a solid time frame and stop moving the goalposts. 14 days to slow the spread has turned into 5 months and New York City business owners are paying the price.

We have seen restaurants and bars all over the city forced to close their doors for good. If we do not allow them do to indoor dining, we will see many more closings, as they will not be able to sustain themselves through a long, grueling New York winter.

Conservative Party Endorses Chris Jacobs for Congress

 The Conservative Party announced that the Executive Committee, has upon a recommendation from Western New York Party leaders, endorsed Congressman Chris Jacobs for re-election. The vacancy occurred when Beth Parlato was nominated for the State Supreme Court.

It is the logical conclusion of a process that allowed voters to express their preference. Chris Jacobs won that contest and now he will go on to represent the people of the 27th Congressional District and New York State ably in Congress.  The Conservative Party’s first and foremost priority is to elect qualified conservatives to Congress. Individuals who will vote to replace Nancy Pelosi with a new Speaker; one who will respect individual freedom, personal responsibility, and smaller government. I am confident Chris Jacobs is that person.

Congressman Jacobs in accepting the endorsement stated, “America is facing a major decision in November and conservatives are stronger when we are united. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Conservative Party and I look forward to continuing to work in Congress to rebuild our economy, restore safety to our streets, and protect the rights and future of all Western New Yorkers.”

The Conservative Party in the 27th Congressional District received over 34,000 votes for Congress in the 2016 Presidential election year.

We look forward to working to re-elect Congressman Jacob.

Conservative Party to Formally Nominate President Trump

 The New York State Conservative Party at a Convention of the State Committee will formally nominate Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence for President, and Vice President of the United States Saturday, August 29th, 2020 in Dutchess County.

All are invited to attend, but we do ask if you are not a delegate, you should contact our State Headquarters at 718-921-2158 as there are limitations on guests due to COVID.

I, along with our State Committee, am excited to nominate President Trump and Vice President Pence.

In 2016, they received nearly 300,000 votes on our party line and I look forward to exceeding those numbers in 2020.

Leftist Pennsylvania Congressman Says His State Lost Many Jobs Since Biden Came to Public Office.

Rep. Elise Stefanik will speak at RNC about Joe Biden’s legacy.

Nick Sandmann Explains Why Left is Angry That He’s Speaking at RNC: “First Time I Testify About the Media”.

7-Year Old Trump Supporter Gets Call From White House After Being Attacked At DNC.

Schumer Sends Threat of Eliminating Filibuster if Democrats Win in November.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden’s choice for VP, the release of another violent murderer, Malliotakis and Katko release TV ads and the cancelling of the Tribute of Lights.

Biden Chooses Harris as Running Mate

Just months after saying Joe Biden’s relationship with segregationists was “hurtful,” and attacking his record on desegregation bussing, Kamala Harris has accepted Joe Biden’s offer to join his ticket in November.

Harris’ selection as VP cements the Democratic parties hard turn left. Moderate polices are no longer welcomed. Instead, the potential Vice President, whom many believe could be elevated to President due to Joe Biden’s health concerns, is for no restrictions on abortions, ending cash bail nationally, single payer healthcare, and support of sanctuary cities.

Kamala Harris represents the new Democratic party. The party is hell bent on crippling tax increases, defunding police departments, and returning America to its status as the worlds piggy bank, taking care of foreign interests before our own here in the United States.

Manufacturing jobs in the rust belt will disappear the same way they did when Biden was Vice President. Pennsylvania will lose its fracking industry resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, and cities will continue to crumble under lawlessness and disregard for law abiding citizens.

Malliotakis, Katko Go Live with Commercials

Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis, congressional candidate in New York’s 11th district, rated as a top 10 overall race in the country, and incumbent representative John Katko in New York’s 24th district, recently went up with their first live commercials.

Nicole is looking to flip the 11th district red. As a candidate for Mayor in 2017 she won 68% of the vote in the district.  You can view the Malliotakis Ad here.

Congressman John Katko has represented the 24th congressional district which includes the city of Syracuse since 2015. This seat is one of the few seats in the nation that Hilary Clinton won, that the Conservatives/GOP currently hold. A hardworking incumbent, Congressman Katko nevertheless faces a strong challenge in this Democratic leading district.  You can view the Katko Ad here.

New York Parole Board Set to Release Another Violent Murderer

 A man convicted of gruesomely raping and murdering two moms as their young children listened to their harrowing screams is set to be released from prison September 3.

Just six years ago, Samuel Ayala was asked if he would have killed the children had he not run out of bullets, he refused to answer.

In 20 short days, New York is set to release another convicted murder. A murderer who should have been sentenced to death in 1977. His crime is unconscionable, and incomprehensible. So is the parole boards decision to release him.

Ayala was sentenced to life in prison, and that’s exactly where he should remain until his last breath. He cut two lives short, left two families with mothers, daughters, and wives.

Ayala forfeited all his freedoms when he raped and murdered two innocent women. He should never experience one second outside the prison walls that currently house him.

I am outraged and saddened by yet another terrible decision to release a murderer back onto the streets.

The two victims don’t get a second chance, the children don’t get their mother back. Their only memory is the horrific sound of screams and Ayala laughing uncontrollably as he shot the Westchester moms.

I am appalled by the parole boards latest decision and even more appalled Governor Cuomo stands by idly as murderers who show no sign of rehabilitation are granted their freedom.

September 11 Light Tribute Cancelled

Today we learned that the 9/11 Memorial and Museum production company will not display the Tribute of Lights on the 19th Remembrance of America’s darkest day.

The two bright blue beams remind New Yorkers and the world that there is always hope that the future will bring peace through strength and vigilance.

Certainly the health of the individuals responsible for the display is important, however, in a city where millions of people have returned to work safely, adequate preparation could have and still can be made to protect the workers while respecting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum’s mission to commemorate the unbreakable spirit of New York and our strong belief that we shall never forget.

Kamala Harris Backs Rent Control—a Policy 93% of Economists Said Is Harmful

‘Zero effect’: Record shows Harris unproductive as senator.

A NYS Senate Race Includes A Political Comeback Attempt

9/11 ‘Tribute in Light’ won’t shine this year due to COVID concerns

Young voters love Trump’s COVID plan…when told it’s Biden’s

Joe Biden Tries to Take Credit for Trump Brokered Peace Deal as Rashida Tlaib Yells At Clouds

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Mayor de Blasio’s dystopian path, the legislative hearing on the nursing home crisis and @cpnys being silenced by Twitter.

De Blasio Continues Down Dystopian Path

Earlier this week, Mayor de Blasio announced he would impose checkpoints at various New York City points of entry to enforce quarantine for those traveling in from out of state by car.

This is yet another stunt perpetrated by the Mayor in his bid to one up the Governor in their battle to crush New York City business, and make our once bustling city, just another over governed mess.

The Mayor has no real answers for all the problems plaguing New York City, instead he seems hell bent on finding ways to make life more difficult for New Yorker’s and tri state residents who travel in for work or pleasure.

We have seen extraordinary cooperation and sacrifices from residents and business owners who continue to try and comply with the ever- changing rules regarding where you can patronize, what you can eat, and what you can drink.

Mayor de Blasio is not built to lead the city through these tough times. We should continue to work collectively to save businesses and reward residents, a majority of whom are following social distancing guidelines daily, not add to congestion at the bridges and tunnels, making it more difficult for people who come to NYC to spend their hard-earned money.

Nursing Home Hearings

The kangaroo court organized by the Democrats in the state legislature convened earlier this week as hearings regarding the New York State Health Department’s handling of the coronavirus and nursing homes began.

Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker was questioned by state legislators on the decisions they made to place COVID-19 positive patients in nursing homes amongst residents who showed no signs of sickness.

The Department of Health has reported nearly 6,600 residents who had or likely had COVID-19 died at nursing homes. NY state has not disclosed how many nursing home residents have been infected with COVID-19.

The state has thus far failed to provide accurate data, to which GOP Senator Tom O’Mara made clear is unacceptable as Dr. Zucker and his Health Department have known for many weeks he would be testifying at the hearing.

The truth is the Democratic conference, who control the investigative committees, are failing to use their subpoena authority to compel testimony and demand records.

This investigation has started off as a sham and it is my opinion it will end as a sham.

The New York State Conservative Party continues to call for an independent investigation.

Silenced on Twitter

For the third time in as many months, Twitter has locked the state party out of their account and has failed to provide us with any information as to why we do not have access to our account.

No terms were violated, no rules were broken, and nothing inappropriate was posted to our account at any time.

I find it extremely troubling that we have been silenced on Twitter, which we used regularly to update our followers on party information and candidates state wide.

While we continue to attempt to regain access and fight Twitter’s censorship, we ask that you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Parler to keep in touch and up-to-date on the latest news regarding the state party and our candidates.

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