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Chairman Kassar weekly wrap up discusses DOJ Dropping Nursing Home Investigation, House Passes Spending Bill and the Universal Absentee Lawsuit.

DOJ Drops Nursing Home Investigation

The Department of Justice has decided to drop their investigation into whether the civil rights of residents in New York’s government-run nursing homes were violated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his decision to demand nursing homes admit COVID-19 positive patients.

Governor Cuomo is still under investigation by the FBI and the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office for the cover up of the total number of residents killed by the virus in nursing homes.

“New Yorkers deserve answers and accountability. I was the first member of Congress to call for an investigation into Governor Cuomo’s corrupt criminal coverup and I will continue to fight for the families who lost loved ones because of the cruelty and corruption of our Governor,” Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said.

The decision to drop the investigation by the Biden Administration while the FBI, and U.S. Attorney’s office continue their probe is a clear favor to Cuomo who has been an ally of Biden since day 1. It is unfortunate President Biden’s DOJ was willing to trade the lives of thousands of New Yorkers to protect the Governor who sent countless individuals to their deaths then lied –and profited — about it.

The motives are clearly political. We have all seen first-hand the carnage caused by the Governors order and the admission by his own staff of their subsequent cover up and abuse of power.  Justice for the victims and their families are now in the hands of the FBI and Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office as well as the Legislature.

Read my full statement here

House Passes Spending Bill

 The U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a spending bill which notably funds the Green New Deal, provides money to communist China, tramples on the 2ND Amendment, and has no Hyde Amendment protections.

The Democratic-led House’s bill would eliminate a 45-year-old stipulation that prohibits taxpayer money from funding abortions. The bill passed with a 219-208 vote.

Fortunately, the bill is unlikely to pass the Senate with at least one Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, voicing her intentions to vote no when the bill comes to a vote on the Senate floor.

All eight Conservative Party endorsed members of the New York delegation voted no on the bill.

 Universal Absentee Lawsuit

The State Supreme Court in Niagara County will hear our arguments on August 26th for a summary judgement to strike a statue that made universal absentee ballots available for this year’s elections. While they are hearing our arguments, they will hear arguments by the defendants, which include the Governor and State Legislature who wish to have our lawsuit dismisses.

The complaint seeks to overturn an unconstitutional action by the State Legislature S.8015-D/A.10833 signed into law by Governor Cuomo on August 20th, 2020 and now Chapter 139 of the laws of 2020. This Chapter amends Election Law Section 8-400 in clear violation of Article II, Section 2 of the State Constitution. This section establishes specific circumstances in which a registered voter can obtain an absentee ballot.

The Conservative Party maintains that this Chapter makes a permanent change in the State Constitution and as such requires approval of the electorate by placing such amendment on the November ballot. The Legislature and Governor by adopting said piece of legislation have circumvented that process.

Read my full statement here

White House Opens the Door to More Lockdowns

AOC, Far-Left Progressives Furious with Kyrsten Sinema Over Government Spending Opposition

Conservatives Want to Boot Cheney, Kinzinger From House GOP.

Now There’s Absolutely No Doubt It’s Over for Joe Biden.

House GOP march to Senate to protest latest mask mandate.

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Biden’s DOJ Ignoring Outrageous Cuomo Covid $chemes

For Immediate Release
July 23, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882  @cpnys

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on  Biden’s DOJ Ignoring Outrageous Cuomo Covid $chemes 

Brooklyn, NY — “Thousands of senior citizens perished in New York nursing homes from Covid-19 under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ill-advised policies; Cuomo furtively covered up the deaths — at the very same time he was negotiating a $5.1 million book deal for himself, with his book largely written and researched by paid government employees.

“With all that, how is it possible that President Biden’s Department of Justice has decided that there’s nothing to see here?

“Could this have anything to do with Biden and Cuomo’s long political friendship? Could it have something to do with Cuomo being the first governor in America to endorse Biden for president?

“The New York State Conservative Party finds itself asking these very questions, because, frankly, no other explanation is tenable. This decision stinks to high heaven, and the families of those lost are right to be outraged. What a gross miscarriage of federal justice.”


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Buffalo’s India Walton, the Ben & Jerry’s controversy and the NYS Senate GOP’s call for bail reform analysis.

Buffalo Mayoral Hopeful Has Questionable Background

The Buffalo News reported on Tuesday that the home of India Walton was the subject of a police investigation in 2018 after numerous complaints of a drug operation surfaced.

A police report obtained by The Buffalo News showed that officers investigated the complaints in the fall of 2018. Police sources said the suspect from Walton’s home was Anson Whitted, who served more than 12 years in state prison for selling cocaine, assault and possession of a weapon.

Walton doesn’t deny Whitted’s presence in the home acknowledging he was a frequent guest who occasionally stayed there.

The owner of the home whom Walton was renting from demanded she move out of the house after receiving numerous complaints about constant visitors consistent with drug trade activities.

The self-proclaimed Democratic socialist scored a stunning upset over longtime incumbent Buffalo Mayor Myron Brown. Walton, an outspoken advocate for defunding the police, is endorsed and supported heavily by the far left Working Families Party and Democratic Socialists of America Party.

Ben & Jerry’s Boycott

Ben & Jerry’s announced on Monday that it would stop selling ice cream in the occupied Palestinian territory, the decision has sparked a wave of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, and leading to mass boycotts that include long time vendors ending contracts with the ice cream company and stores pulling the product off their shelves.

“#Benandjerrys has now decided they know more about Jerusalem than the Israelis. If Ben & Jerry’s wants to have a meltdown & boycott Israel, OK is ready to respond. Oklahoma has an anti-boycott of Israel law in place,” @SenatorLankford (R-OK) Twitted Wednesday.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and State Comptroller Glenn Hegar echoed a similar sentiment, threatening to add the company and its parent, Unilever, to a list of organizations that boycott Israel, making it ineligible for investments from the state’s pension fund.

While Ben & Jerry’s no longer feel comfortable doing business with Israel, they continue to feel comfortable doing business with China. I suspect Ben & Jerry’s will soon find their sales to have cooled off following what will be a significant boycott of the brand all over the world.

Senate GOP Calls for bail reform analysis

New York State Senate Republicans this week called on officials to conduct a review of whether the changes to New York’s bail laws are linked to the rise in violent crime throughout the state over the last few months.

Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt sent a letter to the Office of Court Administration and the state Division of Criminal Justice Services, asking if the sharp rise in shootings in New York City in 2020 compared to that of previous years have any correlation with the states soft on crime bail reform legislation.

“The recent surge in shootings and violent crime all across the state have confirmed our worst fears — so called criminal justice ‘reforms’ passed under One-Party Rule are a danger to all New Yorkers,” Ortt said. “Shootings are up. Hate crimes are up. While the Governor’s recently declared state of emergency finally acknowledges what the Republican Conference has stated all along, that violence in our cities is a serious problem, it ignores the very policies and rhetoric he has embraced in the past two years: bail reform, discovery reform and a war on our police. It’s time for the Governor to acknowledge the consequences of his actions, and that begins by examining his own state data — not ignoring or whitewashing it,” he continued.

In 2021, murders have increased by more than 3% in New York City while shooting incidents have increased by 22%. Startling numbers when you consider we are just now entering the time of year in which crime spikes.

DOJ declines to investigate Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 nursing home regulations

WATCH: Tucker Carlson slams Biden for spreading ‘misinformation

‘Giving Up Our Rights as US Citizens’: Texas Mayor Predicts 2 million Illegal Immigrants Will Cross the Border In 2021.

White House Scolds Ron DeSantis for Refusing Mask Mandate for Students

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Cuba, Gun Rights and Chick-fil-A.

Cubans Protest for Freedom

 The hunger for freedom sparked massive protests across the island nation of Cuba this week as citizens took to the streets rallying against 62 years of tyranny and communism.

The communist Cuban regime has blocked internet access, as well as restricted all international media coverage of the protest, but that has not stopped the story from spreading to ever corner of Cuba and the United States.

Support for Cuban freedom has been bi-partisan with members of both parties publicly speaking out in support of the Cuban people. However, despite calls for action from both sides of the aisle, the Biden Administration has been slow to act.

Florida Democrats, many of whom represent districts just 150 miles or less from Cuba, see an opportunity to act on behalf of the Cuban people and freedom. “…failed policies of a communist regime that has violated human rights, imprisoned & killed dissidents.” Said former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “This is a matter of national security. The US must act” she continued.

Though one Democratic representative, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, found a way to blame the United States. “We also must name the U.S contribution to Cuban suffering: our sixty-year-old embargo,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “I outright reject the Biden administration’s defense of the embargo. It is never acceptable for us to use cruelty as a point of leverage against everyday people.

Congressmember Nicole Malliotakis, the daughter of a Cuban immigrant, released this statement encouraging the Biden Administration to not revert back to the Obama Administration failed foreign policy strategy with Cuba.

The Biden Administration cannot continue to sit on their hands. The time for “considering” actions is over. The Cuban people want decisive action and support, the United States is in the position to provide both.

Tenney Sues for Gun Rights

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is pushing the Supreme Court to overturn a state law limiting who can carry concealed firearms outside their homes. The move comes with the support from 168 House Republicans.

Tenney and the coalition of Republicans have filed an amicus brief backing the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association’s lawsuit against New York, arguing that its law denying concealed-carry licenses to law-abiding citizens without a “proper cause” is a violation of Second Amendment rights.

“Everybody is very interested in it,” Congresswoman Tenney said. “This would probably give some clarity on a national level as to the ability to restrict Second Amendment rights when it comes to concealed carry, particularly outside the home.”

New York gun law prohibits concealed-carry licenses unless “proper cause” can be proven by demonstrating they have reason to be issued a permit. Gun rights advocates say the law makes it almost impossible for law-abiding citizens to obtain concealed-carry permits.

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and two men denied licenses to carry a gun outside of their home for self-defense filed the original legal challenge.

Chick-fil-A Controversy

 New York State lawmakers are more concerned with fast food chicken than they are with dangerous bail reform, massive decline in quality of life, and violence sweeping across the state.

The Atlanta, Georgia based fast-food chain is one of many restaurants that were awarded contracts by the New York State Thruway Authority to be part of a $450 million plan to renovate 27 service areas. This has caused Democrats in the State Legislature to issue letters asking the Thruway Authority to re-examine the project solely due to the chicken restaurants Christian views of its founders and CEO.

Chick-fil-A, the highest grossing fast food chain in America, has multiple locations throughout New York City, including its largest location located in Lower Manhattan.

In my experience a chicken on a bun is just that, let’s not make more out of it. Bringing Chick-fil-A to the Thruway is a great idea. Chick fil-A is a vendor that will be under contract to the Authority with all state guidelines being followed and no taxpayer funds involved. The most popular restaurant in American should be allowed to continue doing business throughout New York State.

You can read my statement on Chick-fil-A coming to the Thruway here.

Biden admin ‘flagging problematic posts’, putting pressure on big tech to increase ‘fact-checking’ efforts

Arizona audit reportedly found ‘potentially thousands’ of duplicated ballots without serial numbers.

Georgia Sec. of State calls for firing of Fulton County elections director and registration chief.

Army vet shot in Harlem while shielding children from gunfire.

Longtime FBI signature expert says Hunter Biden signed receipt for abandoned laptop.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Gov. Cuomo’s new Emergency Order, back on the road and Randi Weingarten’s CRT push.

Governor Cuomo Issues New Emergency Order

 In typical Governor Cuomo fashion, a new Executive Order was issued this week declaring gun violence throughout New York as Disaster Emergency.

There certainly is an emergency to declare, but that Disaster Emergency is the Democratic legislature whose policies and rhetoric have caused crime to skyrocket statewide.

The problem in New York is not law abiding citizens whom wish to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. The problem in New York are the politicians who promote lawlessness through legislation that fails to hold those most willing to commit crimes accountable for their actions.

Violent criminals, often with long histories of committing crimes, are continuously allowed back in communities more brazen and freer to break the law than ever before. State Democrats have made it very clear—public safety is not their top priority.

Police all over the state are stripped of the tools necessary to do their job and do it well. Instead, they are plagued by state and local governments who view Law Enforcement as expandable talking points as they kowtow to the lawless left.

The real State of Emergency sits in the Governor’s Mansion and State House. Law and order are only restored once we end Andrew Cuomo’s career and take back control of the State Senate.

See my statement here.

On the Road

 I was pleased to meet up with our gubernatorial candidate Congressman Lee Zeldin and the leadership of our Erie County Conservative Party, at an event they held for Congressman Zeldin’s campaign, co-sponsored with Carl Paladino.

The Congressman, as usual, spoke to the minds and hearts of the assembled crowd on saving our state. From taxes and spending, to crime and education, Lee Zeldin was right on point. I was glad to be with Chairman Ralph Lorigo, Chairman Don Mazzullo, GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy, former State Senator Cathy Young and Russ Gugino who organized the event.

The next day it was off to Genesee County to the town of LeRoy, where I had an opportunity to update the media and members of the Genesee County Conservative Party on our state party activities and the Zeldin campaign.

I want to thank Genesee County Chairwoman Julie Bolas-Carasone for running an energizing, growing party in her county.

I look forward to the second half of the year and continuing to organize as we enter a crucial 2022 election year that will shape our state. It is imperative we take in the atmosphere around us and ask ourselves if we can afford an additional 4 years of Andrew Cuomo.

Randi Weingarten Continues to Push CRT

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten claimed this week that many Republican lawmakers are “bullying” teachers on “honest history” during a live event headlined by the controversial “How to Be an Antiracist” author Ibram X. Kendi.

You may recall during the Justice Amy Coney Barret confirmation hearing, Kendi charged Coney Barret with being a White colonizer who adopted black children to civilize these “savage” children in “superior” ways. A truly disgusting attack on Justice Coney Barret and her beautiful family.

Currently, 26 states have introduced legislation or taken other actions to restrict the teaching of Critical Race Theory leading to a massive pushback from the AFT and the nation’s largest teacher’s union the National Education Association.

Certainly no one gaslights quite like Randi Weingarten, who makes over $550,000 a year 9 times the amount of teachers, and made schooling non-essential the last 12 months. To claim she has students’ best interest at heart is laughable at best and infuriating if your child is being stripped of an education at the hands of Weingarten who used children as political weapons.

Editorial: A stunt of emergency.

New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes in Georgia To Tip 2020 Results

WATCH: Tucker Carlson roasts ‘creepy porn lawyer’ Michael Avenatti one last time.

BLM Chapter Declares Anyone Flying American Flag Is Racist.

Independence Day 2021

“I am apt to believe that (Independence Day) will be celebrated by  succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought  to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.”

These are the words Founding Father John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail Adams, on July 3, 1776, the day after the second Continental Congress voted on a resolution to declare independence from the British.

Today, when you think 4th of July or Independence Day, you think of fireworks, hot dogs, parades, and picnics, or a day off work. What we often don’t take the time to reflect on and be grateful for are the 8 years patriots from the thirteen American Colonies fought tirelessly for one united and free America.

Throughout the course of our great nation’s history, Americans have risen to every occasion. Whether it be tragedy or triumph, the spirit of the American people can be tested, but not broken as proven over time through the conflicts America has overcome.

Many wars have been fought on American soil. From the aforementioned Revolutionary War, to the War of 1812, to the Civil War, a battle almost tore us apart from the inside, but even that wasn’t enough to deter our mission of a free society for all.

We have been attacked by foreign enemies who wish to see a weakened, less free United States. From the day that will live in infamy on December 7, 1941, to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, our freedoms and way of life are the envy of the world, but to some, our freedom of speech, religion and our fundamental rights are a threat.

Most recently we suffered through the COVID-19 pandemic. A deadly disease that shut down the United States and brought an entire economy to its knees.

All of these have two things in common; they tested the resolve of the American people and they failed to change our standing as the freest country in the world.

We must not forget where we came from to understand where we want to go.

When I see athletes, most recently a United States Olympian, protest the National Anthem I am reminded of a quote from Governor Ronald Reagan in 1967:

 “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it, and then hand it to them with the well fought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. And if you and I don’t do this, then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when men were free.”

Those who show no respect for our nation show disrespect for those who fought to protect us, and those who continue to fight to keep us safe domestically and abroad.

On this 4th of July weekend, it is my sincere hope that we remember those who came before us, those who paved the way for the next man or woman to take full advantage of what the United States can offer anyone regardless of sex, race or ethnicity.

Two-hundred and forty-five years ago, the Founding Fathers set out on a mission of freedom. Freedom to believe what we want, speak how we feel, and the freedom to choose. It is our duty to carry these same principles forward for our country which will cease to remain free if we allow outside influences to dictate changes to our core principles.

 “But if we are to be told by a foreign power what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little.”

This quote by George Washington still applies today, proving that while the United States has led the world, we still have more to do.

China threatens countries will have ‘their heads bashed bloody’ during 100th anniv. of Communist Party speech – here’s why

Ilhan Omar Says ‘I Don’t’ Regret Comparing U.S. And Israel to Terror Groups

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Georgia secretary of state says he wants Fulton County elections taken over by state

Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up

President Trump Supports Conservative Party

Last week, President Trump sent our Onondaga Chairman Bernie Ment a note indicating his support of the Conservative Party’s intent not to endorse Congressman John Katko for re-election.

Conservative Party leaders from Cayuga, Onondaga, Wayne and Oswego counties came to the unanimous decision based on a number of factors including Congressman Katko’s vote to impeach President Trump, and his support of the so called Equality Act which would negatively impact organized religions.

I want to thank President Trump for staying in touch with the party and offering his support of our vision and values. A copy of the note and Syracuse article upon which the President is referring can be read here.

Conservative Party Primary Results

There were scattered Conservative Party primaries around the state which in most cases were due to attempts by local Democratic Party organizations (in one case by the GOP in the Town of Rotterdam) to run re-enrolled Democrats or Republicans into the Conservative Party for public office positions with the offending candidates then receiving an authorization from their parent political party to also run on their line. Overwhelmingly our local organizations were successful in pushing back this invasion. In fact, in Monroe County a judge agreed with the Party’s efforts to void the enrollment of twenty Democrats who had enrolled in the Party on the last day to enroll under the Election Law provision that these 20, which included a Bernie Sanders delegate, were philosophically inconsistent with the views of the Conservative Party.

The Conservative Party in its almost sixty-year history has provided an alternative voice for Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated who were looking for candidates focused on smaller government, lower taxes & spending, a strong national defense, pro-life, border security and pro-law enforcement. We are not perfect but our membership does take these values seriously. I congratulate our local organizations on a successful primary night.

Primary night also showed that the Democratic Party continues its leftward trajectory with a bona fide socialist winning the Democratic primary for Mayor in Buffalo and more progressives likely winners in NYC Council primaries.

I expect we will see continued fracturing within the Democratic Party as AOC and her forces look to dominate.

Now the real work begins to win in November when it actually counts.

State Supreme Court Rules Diaphragm Law Unconstitutional

The NYC Council could easily make its own episode of “Looney Tunes” although it certainly would not be funny. A few months back a solid majority (we have five members who all voted NO) passed legislation known as the Diaphragm Law that essentially held police liable for restraining an individual through the application of pressure to the chest. Interestingly this was standard procedure and taught at the academy.

Not surprisingly the unions representing law enforcement sued and a Supreme Court Judge agreed with their complaints. His ruling stated that the city law was overly broad and as such unconstitutional. The battle is not over, but I think we can chalk this up as a win for common sense.

WATCH: Biden appears to imply all ‘Latinx’ are illegal immigrants

Unemployment recovering fastest in these states.

Tucker: It’s not critical race theory, it’s racism.

REVEALED: Fauci refused Trump’s request to pull funding from Wuhan lab.  

Marco Rubio Introduces Legislation To Stop Big Tech Censorship: ‘Our Democracy Depends On It’.



Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses the Stars and Stripes Act, the need for restoring order by adopting the GOP anti-crime initiatives and an update on Congressman Lee Zeldin’s gubernatorial run.

Stars and Stripes

Last week, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis introduced the Stars and Stripes Act of 2021; legislation that directs the Secretary of State to restrict the display of certain political flags or banners at diplomatic and consular posts around the world. The bill was immediately Co-Sponsored by House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and supported by numerous other Members of Congress.

The bill is in response to Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s order authorizing and encouraging all U.S. embassies overseas to display ‘Black Lives Matter’ flags and banners.

“It is inappropriate for President Biden and Secretary Blinken to authorize and encourage the display of inherently political flags that are in no way affiliated with the U.S. Government over American embassies overseas,” Malliotakis said. “The American flag is a beacon of freedom and hope for oppressed peoples around the world; it should be the primary flag flown above our embassies and that is what my legislation seeks to accomplish. The Administration’s directive is an insult to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our flag and our nation – especially as we head into Memorial Day weekend – and it is absolutely ridiculous that legislation is needed to correct this issue.”

While the White House believes our flag is just a prop to be used on Government buildings, it is beyond me why something that represents rioters, looters, and the destruction of so many cities flies with our nations flag. The Red, White, and Blue of the United States is a symbol of prosperity, freedom, ambition and hope. Other political flags have no place in representing America anywhere in the world.

Restore Order Anti-Crime Initiative

As Democrats in Albany continue to push legislation to release dangerous felons back out on the street, Republicans in the State Senate and Assembly are introducing a bill to help combat the recent rise in violent crime across the state.

According to the Police Benevolent Association of New York State, 20 cop killers have been released since 2017. Under new Democratic proposals such as “Elder Parole” and the “Fair and Timely Parole Act,” even more cop killers will become eligible for release. Additionally, notorious killers such as David Berkowitz, better known as Son of Sam, who murdered 6 people during his terror spree and Joel Rifkin who murdered 9 women, but is believed to have killed 17 in total, could be released under the new legislation.

Herman BellAnthony BottomRichard Rivera. The list of cop-killers released by Andrew Cuomo’s out-of-control Parole Board in the past few years goes on and on. As if that weren’t bad enough, radicals in the One-Party-ruled Legislature are now planning to spring New York’s most dangerous criminals loose with their latest “reforms.” Spree killers. Serial killers. Child killers. Even the Son of Sam and Mark David Chapman could be eligible to be released under Democrats’ dangerous proposals. To be clear, their proposals aren’t reform — they are utter madness, especially at a time when crime rates in major metro areas across the state are on the rise. It’s time for our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to reject this unsafe path, and join us in our efforts to restore common sense and public safety in New York,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

Since gaining control of the State Senate in 2018, state Democrats have put the interests of those most willing to commit crimes above the interests of those who wish to exist peacefully, support a family, and feel safe in their communities. Their mandate and rhetoric have caused a spike in unnecessary violence all over the Empire State that shows no sign of slowing down as we head into summer.

Zeldin at 76% of Party’s Weighted Vote

 As many of you know in our Party’s quest to run the most viable, philosophically aligned candidate for Governor many months ago I urged Congressman Lee Zeldin to consider a run.

During these past months as Lee made his decision to run and embarked on his extensive travels to meet with our leaders and the citizens in all parts of the state, I was pleased with the level of support he was receiving from within the Party.

County after county, leader after leader endorsed Lee. Excitement was clearly building with many party activists reaching out to me indicating they felt good about our chances of taking back the State next year.

The bottom line being that Congressman Lee Zeldin was quickly gaining momentum within the Party.

The official Party endorsements are done by a weighted vote of the State Committee at a convention early next year. The County organizations and our senior leaders select these State Committee members thus a County and/or leader endorsement is an excellent indication where the Party is going.

Congressman Zeldin is receiving overwhelming support within the Party.

A few weeks back with the endorsement of the Broome County Conservative Party

Congressman Zeldin surpassed 50% of the weighted vote of the Party. In my view that made Lee the pre-emptive candidate of our Party.

This past week with the endorsement of the St. Lawrence County Conservative Party Lee hit the 76% mark which in my view now makes him the presumptive candidate of the Party.

His support continues to grow with new County endorsements expected to follow based on calls I have received in the past three days. As our presumptive nominee, I will move from being a longtime personal supporter to leading the Party on his behalf as we plan for a November 2022 victory.

More details and announcements to follow in the coming days.

Jobs report misses estimates with 559,000 jobs added, unemployment rate falls to 5.8%

BREAKING: Trump slams Fauci in new statement: ‘What did Dr. Fauci know … and when did he know it?’

REPORT: US Government Officials Encouraged COVID-19 Origin Cover-Up

Google Removes Top ‘Diversity’ Exec After Antisemitic Comments Exposed

Former CDC director received death threats from fellow scientists over lab leak theory.


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Memorial Day and our 2021 Spring Reception.

Happy Memorial Day

On behalf of the Conservative Party, I want to wish the men and women of the United States Armed forces, both past and present, a happy Memorial Day.

We are grateful now and forever to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our great nation.

Last year’s challenges have given us even more reason to cherish our freedoms and family more than usual. I hope your weekend is filled with celebration and gratitude for the ideals that make the United States the greatest country on earth.

Spring Reception

I was happy and humbled to see a great number of you at our spring reception. As our community emerges stronger and more resilient from our challenging times, seeing you all reminded me that despite the challenge we still face, the support of one another only makes the Conservative Party stronger.

There are many people to thank for making the evening memorable including Congressman Lee Zeldin and former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino who gave us insight in their quest to replace Governor Cuomo, something we can all get behind. It was a pleasure to bring Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay to the podium to talk about the amazing work the Assembly Republican Conference is doing.

Additionally, I want to thank Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis for being our keynote speaker. Nicole is a longtime friend of the party and founder of the Congressional Freedom Force. She has been an outspoken critic of the far left who tout socialism, vowing to fight their radical agenda.

Congratulations to Senators Ortt, Helming, O’Mara, Borrello, as well as Assemblyman DiPietro for being awarded with the state Conservative Party’s highest legislative rating.  Senate Minority Leader Ortt, like his Assembly colleague Will Barclay, has conservatives proud with his stellar leadership.

Finally, a big congratulations to Bob Smith our J. Daniel Mahoney award winner. It was an honor to bestow the award named after a great conservative to another great conservative who has played such a large role in our party.

Veteran’s Resources

China toying with Biden administration at every turn

‘Reagan Would Not Be Happy’: Trump Sprays Insults At Paul Ryan, RINOs, Reagan Library And More

Poll: Joe Biden’s $4 Trillion Spending Plan Unpopular with Swing Democrat District Voters

Russian spy ship parks near Hawaii, reportedly thwarting US missile test

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses our upcoming day in court, the Party’s leadership, Cuomo’s blood money and our upcoming event on May 26.

Conservative Party’s Day in Court

Next week, we have our first conference with the Judge and related parties regarding our complaint that the New York State Legislature and Governor exceeded their authority when the Legislature approved and the Governor signed into law legislation that extended universal absentee ballots through 2021.

The State Constitution outlines who is eligible and the process in which to obtain an absentee ballot.  Any change must be through the approval of a State Constitutional amendment by the voters on election day. If that is the will of the voters, then and only then, should it become law.

Check back for regular updates as it is certain there will be much to report as our complaint moves forward.

Party Leadership

 I am happy to announce at last Saturday’s meeting of the State Executive Committee, two longtime party leaders were promoted, and a longtime political activist in Central New York joined the committee.

Regional Vice Chairman Jim Thomas of Broome County was elevated to full Vice Chairman, Madison County Chairman Chris Kendall can now add Regional Vice Chairman to his impressive list of Party roles. Additionally, Tom Dadey, a former Vice Chairman of the State GOP and longtime Onondaga County GOP Chairman has joined the Conservative Party. He was elected to a position of State Executive Committee member.

The State Executive Committee of the Conservative Party makes policy for the Party when the State Committee is not in session.  It also issues authorizations of all multi-county candidates and recommendations to the State Committee for all statewide offices. The Committee creates our annual legislative platform as well as approves the bills that are used in our annual ratings.

Congratulations to all.

Cuomo Cashes in On Tragedy

 New York governors aren’t supposed to get rich from serving in office, but that’s exactly what Governor Andrew Cuomo got last year from his official duties —stinking rich — just as the Conservative Party has been saying for months.

The estimated $5.1 million that Cuomo received for his book, ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,’ is blood money: Cuomo and his cohorts in state government proactively concealed thousands of Covid-19 nursing home deaths as the book contract was being signed to further the myth that Cuomo was infallible in all things Covid-19. He was not, and early mistakes made by him should have been properly reported to the public, even if that would have killed the book deal.

This $5.1 payment represents a sickening abuse of power. How Cuomo can keep even a dime of the money is beyond us.

Governor Cuomo is the American crisis as I discuss here

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Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Controversial $5.1 Million Book Windfall

For Immediate Release
May 17, 2021
Contact: Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @cpnys

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Controversial  $5.1 Million Book Windfall

Brooklyn, NY – “New York governors aren’t supposed to get rich from serving in office, but that’s exactly what Governor Andrew Cuomo got last year from his official duties — stinking rich — just as the Conservative Party has been saying for months.

“The estimated $5.1 million that Cuomo received for his book, ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,’ is blood money: Cuomo and his cohorts in state government proactively concealed thousands of Covid-19 nursing home deaths as the book contract was being signed to further the myth that Cuomo was infallible in all things Covid-19. He was not, and early mistakes made by him should have been properly reported to the public, even if that would have killed the book deal.

“This $5.1 payment represents a sickening abuse of power. How Cuomo can keep even a dime of the money is beyond us.”


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Crime in NY, the Hamas Attack on Israel, Elise Stefanik is the new GOP Conference Chair and the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

Democrats Refuse to Accept Reality

Crime continues to skyrocket across New York City as Democrats continue to ignore their fatal decision making that led to the surge in violence.

In 2020, murder in New York City saw an alarming increase. The tension and danger could be felt on the streets. Now, in 2021, those numbers are once again rising causing the city to feel more like 1991, not the safest big city as Mayor de Blasio touts. As of May 9th, 2021 murders have increased by 27%, shooting victims by 83.6%, shooting incidents by 86.4%, and hate crimes by 68.9%.

These numbers are worrisome at any point in time, but even more as the numbers increased during the winter months and during a quarantine. We experienced a cold, snowy winter which is usually a violent crime deterrent, but it seemed to offer no assistance this year.

Perhaps Mayor de Blasio, the New York City Council, and the Democratic State Legislature should stop passing the buck and own up to what has caused this disaster. It should come as no surprise that bail reform, defunding the police, postponing recruitment classes and stripping law enforcement of the ability to do their job has led to the situation we now have.

Daily, we open our local or city wide newspapers to see children, and other innocent bystanders, being struck by stray bullets, subway riders slashed in the face, or gang violence taking over our city streets. On Twitter we see our city and state representatives offering their condolences, but failing to admit fault. Some even point to the need for gun control, ignoring the fact New York City already adopted some of the most restrictive gun laws anywhere in this country.

I fear this city is on a collision course with financial and criminal ruin and sincerely hope the voters realize we have a chance to fix this, or continue to regress backwards to the days we thought were far behind us.

Hamas Attack on Israel

The terrorist organization Hamas launched an attack on Israel as they celebrated Jerusalem day on Monday in what has turned into a growing conflict by the Iranian backed terrorists and our biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

The United States must stand alongside our allies that are fighting terrorists and make it clear that our actions are predicated on an America first foundation.

Though many administrations both Republican and Democrat have worked to promote peace in the Middle East, none being more successful than President Trump, bad actors, such as Iran who funds Hamas, continue to be a clear and present threat to free people everywhere.

In just a week, the fighting has grown to resemble the 2014 “50 day war” and shows no sign of slowing down.

While our thoughts are with the innocent bystanders, we must work to cripple Hamas once and for all, sending a clear message terrorist organizations do not have a home anywhere in this world.

Elise Stefanik New Conference Chair

 I want to congratulate Elise Stefanik on being elected Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference this morning in a resounding victory.

This is exciting news for both Elise and New York State as she becomes only the second Conference leader from the state, the first being Congressman Jack Kemp.

As I said in February, Liz Cheney does not represent the 70,000,000 plus Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2020. She has focused on harassing the former President and his supporters, who have carried down ticket Republicans to victory, instead of attacking the real problem at hand which is the Democrats dangerous socialist agenda.

Rep. Stefanik brings a new vision, one that is in touch with 2016 and 2020 voters, one that will look to grow and take the majority as opposed to damaging the party and keeping the gavel in Pelosi’s hand.

Elise is good for the Conference, and the New York Conservative Party. We look forward to her energized and thoughtful brand of leadership.

Pipeline Cyber Attack

A major east coast pipeline is now functioning again after being targeted by the largest infrastructure cyber-attack this country has seen.

Colonial Pipeline was shut down a week ago today after an attack was discovered against its computer system. The shutdown caused pain at the pump for consumers, many of whom had to wait in long lines for a fill up.

The pipeline that connects Texas to New Jersey is fully activated and receiving the shipments of fuel it needs to correct the week long crisis.

With the pipeline restored, it is now time to focus on the origin of the hack. It is becoming clear that this hack was carried out by the Russians and it is my sincere hope that the Biden Administration never forgets who wishes to hurt America and who our enemies really are.

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