Author: Gerard Kassar


House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill

It was far from perfect & frankly we would have liked to have seen a few more of our priorities contained within the final version. Nevertheless, it was the product of a compromise that is a result of divided government. To do better, we need to widen our house majority, take back the Senate and most important of all win the White House. 

Speaker McCarthy was able to bring home some important wins. There will be $2.1 trillion in savings over the next few years, the President’s ability to rule by executive order has been curtailed, a 1% budgetary increase which will translate into a functioning cap on budget increases will be in statute, and work requirements for able bodied individuals under the age of 55 receiving public assistance and/or food stamps was implemented. Additionally, the bill contained no new taxes, which we can all agree is a win considering leadership in the White House and Senate.

We clawed back much of the unused COVID funds and had a partial win on the increase in IRS agents, although much was left to be desired in regard to the IRS. The agreement also cut down on the lengthy red tape that increases costs while slowing down critical infrastructure projects.

Finally, the legislation did take off the table the possibility of the United States defaulting on its obligations which could have resulted in a collapse of the world economy.

Our ten Conservative Party endorsed Congressional members, albeit with reservations, voted yes on the legislation. As disappointed as some of you maybe, it was the responsible thing to do considering we did get the aforementioned work requirements, no new taxes and $2.1 trillion in savings over the next few years.

As I said earlier, to do better in Washington, we must do better at home by winning more Congressional seats and most important of all winning back the White House.

Patriots Podium with Alison Esposito

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The inaugural episode of “Patriots Podium” featuring Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo can be found here. Our latest episode, featuring former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Alison Esposito can be found early at Youtube, Buzzsprout. Alison discusses her race for Lt. Governor, her thoughts on the current state of events and gives us a look into her future plans.

We’re happy to have Allen Roth, President of Secure America, as our next guest to discuss border security and the illegal migrant crisis.

Upcoming Events

Our annual reception honoring longtime Conservative Party Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine is right around the corner. For decades, Shaun Marie kept the Conservative Party moving and candidates on the ballot. I look forward to seeing all of you as we celebrate the career of Shaun Marie June 15 in Manhattan.

To register, please visit our website here. We are expecting a great night and hope you will be a part of it.

Young Professionals Night

The NYS Conservative Party will be hosting a Young Professionals Mixer Event. The mixer will be held on June 21st, from 6-8 pm at Delancy’s Restaurant, located at 40 Park PL, Goshen, NY, 10924. This event is *free* for all! We encourage you to come hear about the Conservative Party and our values from some amazing speakers. This is a great opportunity to bring people that may be interested in the party, or that are completely new to politics. The young generation is the future of our party and we are working to spread our values, history, and boost voter registration! Invite your kids, grandkids, and come enjoy free food, networking, and lots more!

Kindly RSVP to, or call our Newburgh office at 845-564-7413


Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day weekend, let us pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our cherished freedoms. As conservatives, we hold dear the principles of liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness that our nation was built upon. It is a day to honor those who paid the ultimate price for these ideals and to express our gratitude for their selfless service.

Abraham Lincoln, in his Gettysburg Address, reminded us that “from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.” These words resonate deeply, reminding us that we must carry forward the torch of freedom for which our fallen heroes fought and died. 

Looking ahead to Memorial Day, I am grateful to participate in the Brooklyn Conservative Party’s 41st annual POW/MIA ceremony. This event holds a special place in my heart, as it allows us to honor and remember those courageous individuals who have been prisoners of war or remain missing in action. By coming together in unity and solidarity, we not only show our unwavering support for these brave heroes but also raise awareness about their sacrifices and the ongoing efforts to bring them home.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” His words remind us of the responsibility we have to preserve the liberty that so many have fought to protect.

This Memorial Day, I urge you to make a plan that aligns with your belief in the greatness of America. Bring along your children and grandchildren, for they are the future of our nation’s legacy. Let us seize this chance to educate and inspire them, igniting within them a passion for our country and an appreciation for those who have safeguarded our cherished way of life.

By sharing our love for our nation and the sacrifices made by our heroes, we contribute to the preservation of our American spirit, ensuring that the flame of liberty burns brightly for generations to come. 

Let us end with a short poem, “On This Memorial Day” by Emily Toma. 

Remember those who served before. Remember those who are no more.

Remember those who serve today. Remember them as we eat and play.

Remember our protectors who are not home today.

Remember them all on Memorial Day.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 25, 2023


“Move to New York and get paid to have an abortion or
sex-change operation at the expense of your new neighbors;
that’s this bill in a nutshell.”

Brooklyn-NY…The New York State Conservative Party adamantly opposes legislation (S6637) just submitted by Senator Michele Hinchey (D-Hudson Valley) that would provide a personal income tax credit to new New Yorkers who have an abortion or sex change operation within the state. The bill would effectively subsidize the procedures with money provided by existing New York State taxpayers.

“Move to New York and get paid to have an abortion or sex-change operation at the expense of your new neighbors; that’s this bill in a nutshell,” said New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “New York is losing population faster than any state in America. God help us if this is our new recruitment plan.

“Bills like Senator Hinchey’s demonstrate just how frighteningly left-wing Democrat-led New York has become,” Mr. Kassar continued. “New Yorkers, who pay some of the highest taxes in America, expect their tax dollars to go to true public services like education, public safety, and infrastructure repair — not to people moving to the state to have an abortion or to change genders. It’s remarkable that this even needs to be said. The Conservative Party opposes this legislation in the strongest possible terms.”



Contact:Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 23, 2023

Statement on Machete-Wielding Hunter College Professor by
Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“Hunter Professor Shellyne Rodriguez has no business teaching young minds, and CUNY is right to dismiss her. New York City and State must ensure that Ms. Rodriguez is not rehired by any other public college or university in the state.

“In verbally attacking a pro-life student group — and holding a machete to the neck of a New York Post reporter — Ms. Rodriguez is demonstrating just how deranged and ideological strident some on the academic left have become. The right to life is a legitimate public policy debate, and students have every right to express their opinions on the matter. But in academia today, any dissension of progressive orthodoxy comes at a price. Sadly, many moderate to conservative students now hold their tongues rather than risk the wrath of professors and administrators.

“Ms. Rodriguez’s actions are an embarrassment to a CUNY system that seems to move farther and farther to the political left each year. Demanding that students agree with progressive positions is not education, it’s indoctrination. How far CUNY has fallen.”



Self Defense is Not a Crime

New York City Democrats have successfully created an environment where looking over your shoulder in the city is not just smart, it is required. 

Everyday residents and guests do not want to play “what if”, they want a city that will protect and prioritize law abiding citizens. Instead, we’re plagued with D A’s and a Democratic City Council Majority who bend to the ultra-woke crowd and put our safety in jeopardy.

Daniel Penny could have been any one of us and now DA Bragg is looking to make an example out of him sending a clear message—you do not have the right to defend yourself.

So, what do we have the right to do? 

Daniel Penny did not get on the train looking for trouble or confrontation. Instead, he is the victim of a city which has failed to uphold the rule of law and provide the most basic of services—keeping its residents and guests safe.

Please read a release from the New York City Conservative Party county organizations here which includes statements from all of our New York City organizations.

To support Marine Corp veteran Daniel Penny, please click the link here.

NYS Communist Party Led by Former Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Staffer

I do believe Americans who value our way of life should be concerned when Congressional campaign staff members move on in their careers to become senior members of the Communist Party. 

Justine Medina was hired by Ocasio-Cortez as a campaign organizer despite proudly proclaiming her affiliation. Today she is the Chairwoman of the New York State Communist Party.

Medina likes to brag about her close association with AOC, and AOC, for her part, only has the nicest things to say about Medina. Imagine the head of the State Communist Party being able to use a member of the United States Congress as a reference.

Queens Conservative Party-endorsed NYC Councilman Bob Holden commented, “It’s frightening. They’re coming out of the woodwork. Communism has failed in so many places that it is mind-boggling that AOC’s constituents keep electing her. This is kind of like a smoking gun that these elected officials and congress people are out-and-out communists.”

Read my statement on AOC building her handpicked communist party here.

House GOP Stands its Ground

Speaker McCarthy and his Majority are standing their ground against Biden threats that the nation will default on its debt if the debt ceiling is not raised.

The Biden Administration, if not forced by the GOP in the House with concurrence of Republicans and a few Democrats in the Senate, would once again simply be raising the debt limit without the spending side being addressed. Just more of the same with new threats of default two or three years away and our nation’s future, which is already mortgaged many times over, being mortgaged again.

Speaker McCarthy’s line in the sand is simple—spending cuts that amount to hundreds of billions of dollars resulting from new work requirements makes sense to most Americans.

New York’s Congressional delegation, responsible for securing the House majority, are doing their part in ensuring a secure financial future for the next generation.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 15, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…“An aide to radical New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has graduated from her indoctrination training to become co-chairman of The New York Communist League. What’s perhaps most shocking is that this isn’t shocking at all. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, who calls herself a Democratic Socialist, has long flirted with Marxist ideology, ignoring the horrors of totalitarianism and the tens of millions of deaths that Communists have caused around the world in the perverted name of equality.

“Did Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her minions not study history in high school? Are they really not aware of what happened in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Kampuchea, Ethiopia, Cuba, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Nicaragua, etc?

“It’s a serious question.”



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(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax

2023 Legislative MemoIn Support of

A.6444 -Santabarbara

Purpose:  Relates to prohibiting the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024; provides that such prohibition will not apply to any interest in agricultural land held by a foreign adversary prior to such date or any federally recognized Indian tribe or its government units and enterprises; defines terms.

Party Position: The New York State Conservative Party will always stand by the rights of the Constitution and protect American land from foreign adversaries as defined by the Department of Commerce. Ensuring United States and New York land goes to Americans and not foreign adversaries should not be a partisan issue. This bill aims to prohibit the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024. As conservatives, we believe that this bill is crucial to protecting the interests of American farmers and safeguarding our national security.

Agriculture is a vital industry in the United States, and it is essential that we protect our nation’s agricultural resources from foreign adversaries who may seek to exploit them. By preventing these adversaries from acquiring or transferring agricultural land, we can ensure that our nation’s farmers have the resources they need to continue producing food for our citizens.

Furthermore, as conservatives, we believe in protecting our national security. Allowing foreign adversaries to acquire agricultural land in the United States could pose a significant threat to our nation’s security. By preventing these acquisitions, we can prevent potential espionage and other security risks that may arise.

LM 2023-002


Title 42 Ends

President Trump implemented Title 42 to add additional strength in securing our borders during the COVID pandemic. The President’s secure the border policies, including building the border wall, were successful in stemming illegal immigration.

Of course, you need a President who understands that a federal priority, since our nation was Founded, is secure borders.

Title 42, as an emergency border measure during COVID, was going to expire at some point despite efforts to keep it in place. What comes next is what matters and once again Biden is letting the American people and, in particular, residents of Southern Border states down.

The 1,500 Federal troops he has sent to Texas are not there to work with Border Patrol to control the borders. They are there to assist in maintaining some degree of order once they cross with their often-spurious claim of asylum.

His announced implementation of a requirement that individuals first apply for asylum in a country they are traveling through on their way to the United States, has no effect on residents of Mexico attempting to enter America.  Additionally, it will be very difficult to document as gigantic loopholes are expected.

Regardless, the Biden Administration continues to use a band aid approach to an illegal immigration problem that is fueled by the cartels, terrorist organizations, and other criminal efforts to circumvent our laws.

I can think of a hundred reasons why Biden needs to be defeated. I would consider his failed border and immigration policies in the top five.

Assembly GOP Gets Important Win

Assembly Bill A2192 would end the ability of a landlord or property owner to check payment or credit history before signing a lease or going into a month-by-month tenancy.  Another dopey idea from the progressive Democrats who truly see property ownership as something the Bolsheviks eliminated a century ago. 

They have even more radical ideas awaiting.  Legislative review, such as the “good cause eviction” proposal that would, for all practical purposes, take away control of rental property decisions from the owner is just one more example.

Assembly Bill A2192 simply went too far. The Republicans, led by Republican Leader Will Barclay, intensely debated the bill. In a rare moment of common-sense in Albany over twenty Democrats agreed.

The end result was the Speaker pulled the bill from a vote before it was defeated. In essence the bill was killed in a very unusual way. Good work Leader Barclay, your members, and common-sense Democrats.

Memorial Day

It’s still a few weeks away but never too early to begin thinking of doing something to honor those who made the greatest possible sacrifice for our nation.

I plan to speak at a ceremony organized by the American Legion at Cypress Hills National Cemetery on Sunday, May 28th. On Monday I will participate in the Brooklyn Conservative Party’s 41st annual POW/MIA ceremony followed by marching with the Party in one of the nation’s oldest Memorial Day Parades which is held in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. My Wife and I will then gather with friends at a barbeque as we continue to celebrate Memorial Day.

As I believe all supporters of the Conservative Party know, Memorial Day is about those who died in service to our nation. Make a plan to celebrate Memorial Day that rings true to your belief in the greatness of America. As part of that plan bring along your children and/or grandchildren.  We often complain, correctly, that the school system does not teach them enough about our nation and its history.  This is a chance for you to share your love of our nation and those who have protected our way of life with them.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly,212-396-9117
May 10, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…“If George Santos has a shred of decency left he will immediately resign from Congress. The Conservative Party believes in the principle of innocence until proven guilty, but Mr. Santos’s serial lying alone, as reflected in today’s multi-count indictment, makes him ineligible to hold public office. Mr. Santos’s resignation is the one public service he can render.”



Unstable Budget

Give the Democratic progressives some credit when it comes to consistency in Government on both a state and city level.  Democratic-elected officials have put forward budgets that contain billions in new spending to be filled with new debt, new taxes and likely shortfalls due to non-existent federal money that the state government has factored into its $229 billion budget. It is worth noting NYC intends to withhold hundreds of millions in Medicaid reimbursements to help with the state budget but at the same time, significantly impacting local governments

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a few days ago, submitted an almost $107 billion budget to the city council. In it he has a number of cuts but still claims to be $3 billion short due to migrant asylum seekers. The mayor is quick to blame the federal government for its poor border policies and New York State for not stepping up to the plate. What he fails to mention is the expressed intent of the city council to restore cuts further bloating the city’s fiscal plan.

On both the city and state level progressive Democrats are aligned with fiscally irresponsible mechanisms to drive up spending without a true balance that is not matched with the manageable debt, taxes, and fees.

The Conservative Party asked our over seventy elected officials in the Assembly and Senate to vote no on the key budget bills including the “big ugly.” Almost all of them did. The few others who didn’t will show up in our legislative ratings.

Say It Ain’t So

Talk about having your cake and eating it too. The New York State budget contains $25 million to keep the public financing program for statewide candidates, State Senate and Assembly races alive. However, it is hundreds of millions of dollars short of having the funds to actually do just that—fund the many campaigns.

If you are confused, I suspect my cynical answer will help clear the smoke screen of New York State government. The Democrats did not actually want to have primary opponents who were funded with taxpayer dollars. It simply takes away the incumbents advantage. Being good left-wing cronies, they did, however, want to continue to show support for taxpayer funded elections. There were dozens of political hires who were pulling down big dollars in setting up the guidelines and regulations for the big giveaway.

Even though they have very little to do currently, they will continue to get paid. The $25 million goes to pay for the patronage without Democrats risking funded primaries.

Make no mistake about it, the Conservative Party has, does, and will in the future continue to oppose taxpayer funded elections.

Save the Date

The New York State Conservative Party will be presenting Shaun Marie Levine, who served with distinction during her 28-year career as the Executive Director, with a new award named in honor of our great Chairman, Mike Long, at a reception Thursday, June 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the New York Athletic Club located in Manhattan.

Invitations will be coming soon.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
May 1, 2023


Brooklyn-NY…The New York State Conservative Party is urging responsible lawmakers in Albany to reject the massive $229 billion state budget proposal, which is billions of dollars more than the ill-advised budget Governor Kathy Hochul initially put forward.

As proposed, this budget would raise taxes on financially beleaguered New Yorkers, dramatically raise the price of energy and new construction in New York through a ban on new natural gas hookups, chase away existing and future jobs with the highest minimum wage in the nation linked to an automatic Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase, and force New Yorkers to pay for political election campaigns — while doing virtually nothing to reduce New York’s nation-leading Medicaid costs or New York’s dangerously high crime rate caused by the disastrous cashless bail law.

“This budget has no consideration whatsoever for economic reality,” said New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “New Yorkers wanted financial relief; what they got was a punch-in-the-gut MTA ‘mobility tax’, higher state spending, mandates on future home heating, the cost of political campaigns, and a job-killing ‘minimal wage’ that will kill countless starting-level jobs around the state for years to come.

“New Yorkers wanted safer streets; Governor Kathy Hochul and her Democratic colleagues chose not to hear them, placing woke ideology ahead of public safety,” Mr. Kassar said. “The only good thing I can say about the Governor’s budget, is that it didn’t include her hare-brained scheme to force state rezoning of New York’s suburban communities.”

The Conservative Party specifically urged legislators to oppose the Revenue Bill, which includes a number of existing taxes as well as new burdensome revenue generators.

“Year after year, Democrats in Albany have been turning a blind eye to needs and wants of everyday New Yorkers,” Mr. Kassar continued. “This budget is the worst example of that to date, and we urge responsible legislators to oppose it. New Yorkers can’t afford never-ending tax and spending increases. They stifle state economic growth and send more and more New Yorkers packing for better run states.”



NY GOP/CONSERVATIVE Congressional Delegation Supports “Limit, Save, Grow Act”

Our delegation has taken a responsible position on reducing federal spending while keeping the government from defaulting by voting for the “Limit, Save, Grow Act,” a proposal spanning more than 300 pages that would lift the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion. The bill also cuts federal spending by $4.5 trillion.

With the United States having hit its borrowing authority, the country is staring down the barrel of defaulting on its bills without this action from Congress driven by the Republican caucus. 

Biden who has refused to come to the table to work out an agreement with a united GOP is running out of time. He needs to act like a leader and lead or find the country in an ominous position where it can’t pay its bills, further leading us down a dangerous path as the world watches.

Assemblyman Matt Slater Announces Bill to Protect New Yorkers from Foreign Enemies at Home

The New York State Conservative Party is calling for immediate passage of legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Matt Slater (R-C, Putnam/Westchester) that would prohibit China, Russia, and other nations of concern from purchasing real property throughout the Empire State.

The bill, A. 5301, follows the alarming arrests of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence officers who have been operating spy centers in New York City and across the nation. (These are CCP spy centers, not Chinese “police stations,” as they’ve been carelessly described.)

“Whether its spy balloons, cyber-attacks or the recent arrest of Chinese Communist Party agents in New York City, America is constantly under attack by foreign enemies,” Assemblyman Slater said. “This legislation will prohibit China, Russia, and any other nation of concern from owning property in the Empire State. New York must take action to protect its citizens and safeguard our property and natural resources from foreign influence.”                    Read my statement here.

Bad Idea: Automatic COLA Increases Attached to Minimum Wage

Many business owners have been clear that raising the minimum wage will result in them hiring fewer workers, giving out fewer raises, or a combination of both. Some are threatening to leave the state, something New Yorkers cannot afford as they have already seen far too many jobs leave to friendlier business climates.

Now the state is planning to attach cost of living increases to the minimum wage through the state budget. That eliminates a true minimum wage and creates a low wage that will become a permanent cap for many workers. The governor and legislature agreed to raise the state’s minimum wage incrementally over three years to $16 per hour upstate by 2026. After that, annual wage increases will be indexed to inflation, which at this rate under this administration, is crippling.

It usually is better to look before you leap.