Author: Gerard Kassar

Chairman Kassar’s wrap up this week discusses our National Affairs Platform, Congressman Nadler’s fake news and our Facebook interview with noted author and China expert Gordon Chang.

National Affairs Platform

The Conservative Party is committed to preserving the history of our great country and the men and women, who through their courage and fortitude, make this nation great. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin set us on a course that allowed us to improve our nation, to lift out of poverty millions of people, to guarantee religious freedom for all, and to offer unlimited opportunity for all its citizens. We are committed to preserving this legacy by honoring those who made this a reality.

In conjunction with our re-nominating of President Trump and Vice President Pence, we will be publishing our National Affairs platform on our website that was recently adopted by our Party’s Executive Committee. Here are a few highlights:

The Economy:

After decades of losing millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, the Conservative Party applauds the Trump Administration policies that has dramatically reversed the outflow of jobs. America is creating jobs at home at a faster pace than ever before. In addition to jobs, wages have increased for most workers and taxes have decreased. The statistics prove that this economic expansion is impacting workers at all levels of society. Black and Hispanic employment is at the highest level ever. We urge the continuation America First economic policies.

Law Enforcement:

The Conservative Party stands with the vast majority of Americans who oppose calls to defund law enforcement. While policing can always be improved, and unfit officers removed, the need for well-trained, adequately staffed law enforcement agencies are necessary to protect the rule of law for all.

The Right to Life:

 Throughout the history of the Conservative Party we have worked with Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and Independents. In recent years the Democrat Party has taken such a radical turn Left we find ourselves at loggerheads with them on issue after issue. Our differences have become monumental and none more glaring than on the issue of Right to Life. Democrats have adopted the barbaric policy of sanctioning the aborting of children as they are emerging from the mother’s womb. Having lost battle after battle in the abortion wars, the Democrats have adopted a policy that is inhumane.

Foreign Policy:

 The greatest foreign threat to American interests is the People’s Republic of China. Through misguided policies of successive American Administrations, Communist China has risen to become a dangerous force that threatens the United States, our Asian allies, and the entire world.

The prime objective of foreign policy is to prevent war. Following the advice of our first President, George Washington, the United States should avoid entangling alliances. The objectives of our allies are not always identical to our own. We believe all our alliances, including NATO, should be re-evaluated to see if they still serve our national interests.

We believe the United Nations and any international organization that does not uphold the values of freedom and genuine human rights, are failed experiments. We applaud the Trump Administration policies that improved economic relations with Mexico, Canada, and other nations.

A full version of our National Affairs Platform will be available soon on our website. You will be able to read the expanded version of our 13 positions.

Nadler Lies, Calls Antifa Violence a “myth”

As we see images and hear first-hand accounts regarding the carnage being caused in cities across America, New York Congressman Jerry Nadler declared the events and Antifa violence as a “myth.”

Never mind that many of you experienced the rioting first hand, as I have here in New York City. Democrats feel so invincible they now believe they can perpetrate lies regardless of the television coverage showing live fires, stores being vandalized, and police vehicles set on fire.

The Democrats continue to grasp at straws in an effort to discredit President Trump. Now, they are telling the American people that there aren’t any violent protests. Blatant lies cast by shameless, far left liberals, who thrive off chaos and wish to see harm done in American cities to cause unrest and division.

If Rep. Nadler is interested, I will personally pay for his travel to Seattle, Washington where Antifa thugs and protesters have been anything other than peaceful.

Facebook Live with Gordon Chang

 I was happy to be joined last night by Fox News Contributor, Author, Columnist, and renowned China expert Gordon Chang for a Facebook live discussion. We covered many topics including COVID19, The Houston consulate closing, the 2020 elections, and much more.

You can watch our talk here.

You will not be disappointed as Gordon gives his expert analysis on the Chinese Government and their relations with the United States.

EPIC FAIL: Joe Biden Attempts Disastrous ‘Zoom’ Call, ‘Where Are You? Where’s Home? I’ll be Quiet’

Ilhan Omar Pays Husband’s Firm Another $600,000 In Just Three Weeks, Bringing Total Over $1.7 Million

Vandalism Is Violence: Destructive Riots Are Not ‘Just Property Damage’

22 Quotes to Celebrate Milton Friedman Day

Not just Russia: Top US officials peg China as pressing 2020 election threat

Chairman Kassar’s wrap up this week discusses Mayor de Blasio, the State Legislature’s end of session, Dutchess County’s Rally for Law Enforcement, and the Bronx County Conservative Party.

President Trump Warns Bill de Blasio to Get Control of Crime in NYC

 President Trump made it loud and clear to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this week; get control of the crime wave, or he will, as he said he would not hesitate to send federal law enforcement officers to restore law and order back to the city.

New York City has seen a dramatic increase in shootings, shooting victims, and murder since the disbanding of the plain clothed anti-crime unit just over a month ago.

The Mayor responded to the President by threatening to sue the federal government if additional law enforcement was indeed sent to NYC. However, in a clear attempt to make it seem as if he is in control, Mayor de Blasio ordered the removal of Occupy City Hall protestors that have been camping out in City Hall Park for the last month, defacing and degrading city municipal buildings in lower Manhattan.

The move was made only after President Trump threatened to intervene, making it clear de Blasio believes the President will step in and do the Mayors job for him.

State Senate GOP attempts to Rescind Governor’s Emergency Powers

New York State Democrats voted down the Republican conferences amendment to rescind Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers on Wednesday making it clear they have no interest in carrying out their duties as elected officials, nor do they care to be a part of important legislative issues unless it involves raising your taxes, late term abortion, or releasing criminals out on the street with no bail.

However, the Democratic conference was able to come together on one piece of legislation; automatic voter registration.

The Conservative Party is vehemently opposed to this new law. Voting is one of the privileges a citizen in New York state has and a responsible citizen takes the time to register to vote. With the passage of this bill, New Yorkers, many who are here illegally and others who are not citizens of New York, will be automatically registered to vote just by their interaction with certain state agencies listed in the bill. The bill tout’s automatic registration as a modernization of our current registration system, and states unequivocally that this proposal will increase the efficiency of voter registration, save money, increase the accuracy of voter lists, prevent disfranchisement of eligible citizens, promote greater participation and reduce incidents of registration and voter fraud, this has not been proven in states that have adopted similar legislation.

Automatic voter registration is a ruse to dilute legitimate votes cast by citizens who want to vote; those who take the effort to register and cast their votes. Automatic voter registration does not guarantee the person is eligible to vote, as we learned when this same body enacted the Green Light Law.

One party control in Albany has, and will continue, to set New York State back as Democrats continue to prioritize all the wrong things. As crime spikes statewide and police are vilified, they could not even get behind the men and women in uniform to support a package that would protect police officers from attack.

Elections matter and they have consequences; if we cannot make strides in taking back State Senate and Congressional seats, lawlessness will ultimately prevail in New York.

Dutchess County Conservative Party Rallies to Support the Police

 This past Saturday, the Dutchess County Conservative Party organized a very successful rally in support of law enforcement. I believe these events to be critical, as it is important to show our men and women in uniform they are not alone.

New Yorker’s want to feel safe and enjoy a good quality of life. Our law enforcement work day in and day out to provide us with just that.

Thank you Don Minichino, Terri Sheehan, Phil Polizotto, and Mert Melfa for all your hard work in Dutchess.

Bronx Conservative Party

 The Bronx County Conservative Party is making incredible strides under new Chairman Patrick McManus. They have increased their activity locally and digitally throughout the last two months and I want to take this opportunity to thank Chairman McManus and his committee.

It is important we take advantage of every opportunity to spread our message of common sense and decency.

I hope you will join me in following the Bronx County Conservative Party on Facebook to stay up-to-date on county developments.

Report: Trump To Sign Executive Orders Aimed At Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

U.S. new home sales shine in June; business activity picks up.

Trump, White House hit record 200 million combined social media followers.

Charlamagne tha God slams Biden for calling Trump ‘first’ racist president.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap-up discusses Mayor de Blasio, Joe Biden, and thanks Tom Basile for appearing on our bi-weekly Facebook presentation.

De Blasio Signs Police Reform Into Law

 Anti NYPD and pro criminal Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a package of police reform bills into law earlier this week as violent crimes continue to skyrocket within his city.

The Mayor used the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural as the backdrop to his signing ceremony, pandering to radical far left voters whose only goal is to abolish the police force. Overnight Tuesday and into Wednesday, just hours before de Blasio further handcuffed the NYPD, at least 11 people were shot city wide.

Amongst the most controversial was the outlawing of chokeholds by the NYPD which Chief of Department Terrence Monahan labeled as “insane.”

New York State Troopers President Thomas Mungeer didn’t take too kindly to the Mayors decision to make the job of a police officer more dangerous and called for the immediate withdrawal of State troopers from New York City.

“This poorly conceived bill, which will be signed into law by Mayor de Blasio today, puts an undue burden upon our troopers; it opens them up to criminal and civil liability for restraining a person during a lawful arrest in a manner that is consistent with their training and is legal throughout the rest of the state,” Mungeer said.

While the Mayor kowtowed to the likes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, I joined thousands of Church members, clergy, law enforcement, community activists and concerned citizens in a peaceful march from Brooklyn to City Hall in support of ending the violence and supporting law and order, and quality of life within New York City and throughout New York State.

Unfortunately, a truly peaceful gathering amongst a very diverse group of concerned New Yorker’s was violent; attacked by counter protestors who injured at least 4 police officers, including a blindsided attack on Chief Monahan.

As Congressman Lee Zeldin pointed out last week, the city is in dire need of real leadership and while Mayor de Blasio is out doing arts and crafts in the streets, law abiding residents are watching the destruction of New York City little by little, with no action from City Hall other than to villainize the men and women of the NYPD.

Joe Biden looking to Bernie Sanders for Advice on Raising Taxes

 Joe Biden has made it very clear, the Trump tax cuts will be a thing of the past under his presidency, instead he will be looking to add more regulations, higher taxes and adopt the Green New Deal, all of which will cripple the strongest economy this country has ever seen.

“If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised” Biden gleefully proclaimed at a rally in South Carolina. A repeal of the Trump Administrations Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will result in a $2,000 annual tax increase on a median income family of four, along with a $1,300 annual tax increase on a median income single parent with one child.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper couldn’t buy the nonsense coming from Biden who claimed Americans weren’t benefiting from the tax cuts, stating “In fact, estimates from both sides of the political spectrum show that the majority of people in the United States of America did receive a tax cut.”

There are many reasons to be concerned with Joe Biden, whether it be his controversial voting record as a career politician, his physical health, or his silence on the devastating affects anti police rhetoric is having on inner city communities, one thing is for certain; our economy will suffer. There will be no rebound in a Biden White House.

President Trump built the strongest economy this country has ever seen, a global pandemic slowed and nearly crippled that work, but he has brought it back and will continue to bring it back even stronger.

Thank You, Tom Basile

 I was happy to be joined Wednesday by Tom Basile, an author, columnist, and Conservative Strategist who amongst many other positions, held Senior roles in both the President George W. Bush and Governor George Pataki administrations. We were joined by over 250 live viewers as we forecasted the 2020 elections and discussed the anarchist movement being supported, and in many ways perpetrated, by Democratic elected officials.

It is my intention to hold live speaker’s series every two weeks with a variety of different guests including media, strategists, and candidates.

I hope you will join us for future discussions!


AOC urges Cuomo to support wealth tax on New York billionaires

Mayor de Blasio says NYC is ‘safer’ and ‘better’ since releasing inmates, ignores skyrocketing crime rate

De Blasio says he has ‘no respect’ for NYPD union leadership

Trump says Biden would ‘abolish the suburbs’ and replace it with ‘socialist nightmare’


Chairman Kassar discusses supporting NYPD with rallies, how the DOH investigated itself, Congressman Zeldin calling on Mayor de Blasio to resign and a Live Facebook interview with Tom Basile (07152020 @ 7:00PM).

Brooklyn Conservatives, Republicans to Hold Joint Rally in Support of NYPD

 This Saturday, July 11th, the Brooklyn Conservative Party and Brooklyn Republican Party will be holding a joint rally in support of the NYPD. We have seen similar rallies take place successfully all around the state, and this one will be no different as many seem eager to join. It is imperative we support our New York City Police Officers who are villainized every day by the Mayor and liberal City Council.

Last week, about 1,000 people gathered in Wantagh, Long Island, and Wednesday hundreds gathered outside of Staten Island’s 122 Precinct in solidarity with police.

Violent crimes have spiked dramatically throughout New York City this year. In the last 28 days alone, shooting victims are up 204% from this time last year. In that same time, murder victims are up 21.2%.

While these violent crimes continue to rise, the Mayor and City Council have responded by doing away with plain clothed anti-crime units and defunding the NYPD by $1 billion.

We hope you will be able to join us in Brooklyn at 11:00am this Saturday at the corner of 75th and 13th Ave.

Department of Health Investigates Themselves, Finds No Fault

 It comes as no surprise that the New York State Department of Health found themselves blameless for the over 6,000 lives that were lost in New York nursing homes. Instead, they doubled down on defending their order, and unconscionably blamed nursing home staff for transmitting the virus to its residents.

New York Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said Monday that a memo issued by the agency on March 25 disallowing nursing homes from denying admission to residents based on a positive COVID-19 diagnosis was not to blame for the highest nursing home death toll in the country.

The Conservative Party has called for an independent investigation from day one, knowing New York State will do anything they can to cover their tracks. The facts are simple; thousands of New Yorker’s died in state nursing homes. Under no circumstance should infected patients have ever been admitted to these facilities and the state investigating themselves and finding no wrong doing is a slap in the face to all the families who lost a loved one.

I want to thank Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and all the elected officials who have stood up to the Governor and his attack dogs who have done nothing but bark nonsense in an effort to distract from the fact that his administration played a significant role in the deaths of countless New Yorkers.

We continue to call on U.S. Attorney General Barr to order an independent investigation.

Rep. Zeldin Calls on NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio to Resign Before It’s Too Late

With about 18 months remaining on his final term as New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio has almost single handedly undone two decades worth of work that made New York City amongst the safest big cities in the country.

Crime has gone through the roof in 2020. Murder, shooting victims, shooting incidents, grand larceny and burglary are all up the last 28 days by at least 21.2%. Murder was up 50% last week alone compared to the same week in 2019. The recent spike correlated with the disbanding of the plain-clothes anti-crime NYPD unit which was responsible for many weapons and violent offender arrests.

Congressman Lee Zeldin has officially sounded the alarm nationally calling on the Mayor to be removed before New York City becomes unlivable.

“Homicides, shootings & other crimes continue spiking in NYC. Quality of life is taking a beating, cops are being thrown under the bus, & the radical left is in charge & destroying the city. DeBlasio must be removed immediately. The city won’t make it through the rest of his term” he said on twitter Wednesday.

The rise in crime is startling and I agree with the Congressman; New York City will be unrecognizable with 18 more months of Bill de Blasio.

Live Wednesday, July 15th,  7:00pm With Tom Basile

We are happy to have Tom Basile join us this Wednesday for a conversation on a broad range of topics.

A bestselling author, columnist, speaker, and commentator Tom Basile has been in the middle of the action on the biggest stories and hottest issues of the two last decades. His work in the worlds of politics, government, media, and business have made him a powerful voice in our national conversation, and a sought-after lecturer and contributor in the media. For more than 20 years he has provided strategic and crisis communications counsel to companies, policy organizations, government agencies, non-profits, advocacy campaigns and grassroots groups.

Tom has served in government at the local, state, and federal levels including in the administrations of Gov. George Pataki and President George W. Bush.

You can watch the interview live on our Facebook here.


Chairman Kassar’s Independence Day Message

Happy 4th of July

This weekend marks the 244th anniversary of the original patriots saying enough is enough, and declaring independence for the United States of America.

We are reminded daily that our freedoms and constitution are under attack, and now, on this Independence Day, it is more important than ever to remember how far we have come as a nation.

The United States of American has helped rid the world of tyranny and oppression, defended against terrorism, and provided its citizens with the most freedom in living our life experiences anywhere in the world.

As we take a long weekend to celebrate the 4th, I hope every person will take a moment to remember those who have fought to preserve our freedoms and paid the ultimate price.

We must come together to keep our country on the path of prosperity. Enjoy the blessings of freedom and Independence, but also do your part to preserve it for generations to come.

Happy 4th of July.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are Conservative Party Primary wins, the Democrats hard left turn, and the destruction of historical monuments.

Conservative Party Candidates Enjoy Big Primary Night

I would like to take a moment to congratulate several of our candidates that won their GOP primaries by such large margins that absentee ballots will not come into play. In these districts the GOP and Conservative Parties are now united as we move to the November elections.

Anthony Garbarino, Nicole Malliotakis, Claudia Tenney, Michael Tannousis, John Lemondes, and Joe Angelino secured victories Tuesday night.  In the closer races absentee ballot counting begins on July 6th. We will keep you informed as the results become known. They join a full slate of Conservative/Republican candidates primed for victory.

We have a unique opportunity in democratic New York State to be ground zero for taking back the U.S House of Representatives. I encourage everyone to tell a family member, friend, or neighbor about your local state and federal candidates and support them this November 3rd.

Democratic Socialist of America Candidates Prevail

The New York Democratic party already co-opt by the left, turned even further left on Tuesday as AOC backed candidate Jamaal Bowman defeated incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel despite the mainstream democratic establishments best efforts.

Bowman, recruited by the Justice Democrats to run for the 16th Congressional district, successfully mounted a campaign similar to the one socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to unseat Rep. Joe Crowley in 2018. In New York’s 17th Congressional district retiring Rep. Nita Lowey’s seat will go to another candidate from the far left, Mondaire Jones.

At the state level in the Senate and Assembly, two of the many DSA backed candidates won their democratic primaries, including Zohran Mamdani, who leads Assembly Member Aravella, and Jabari Brisport who leads in the race to replace retiring state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery.

The embracing of the Democratic Socialists of America by house members Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib sends a clear sign that there is no place for moderate democrats in their party. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may hold the titles, but the democratic party is being influenced and led by members with socialist agendas.

 Monuments and Statues Under Attack

 As we approach the 4th of July an effort is underway to expunge the history created by our founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson, the original author of the Declaration of Independence and author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that became the model for our country’s First Amendment.

George Washington University itself has removed a bust of our country’s first president, which begs the question, where do we stop?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are heroic figures in history; they were  men who led us to independence, united the country under one constitution, and never wanted to play the role of a king.

At some point we must draw the line and not give into angry mobs who thrive off a ridiculous cancel culture and refuse to acknowledge the time that these individuals lived in.

Many of the individuals participating in the destruction of these monuments, are not aware of what or who they are destroying, they just know they see an historical monument, and they’re obsessed with rewriting the history of it.

We Asked Biden’s Campaign If He Supports Removing Washington, Grant, Roosevelt & Jesus Statues, Received No Answer

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea: Our criminal justice system is ‘imploding’

U.S. consumer spending up 8.2% in May, partly erasing record plunge

Minneapolis City Council approves measure to abolish police force

Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are, the unanswered nursing home crisis, Twitter cancels thousands of communist China accounts and the candidate spotlight is on Beth Parlato (NY-27)

Congress Demands Information on Deadly New York Nursing Home Crisis

 On Tuesday, Congressional Republicans demanded New York State and Governor Cuomo hand over documents regarding the State Department of Health ordering nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients.

All five Republican members of the House Select Subcommittee penned a letter asking New York State “…what science or guidance you used to make this lethal decision” that lead to thousands of deaths. Democratic members of the committee did not sign on to the request.

In response to the request Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi called the Republican lawmakers “craven political hacks” who are “apparently seeking some sort of election year boost and to misdirect attention away from the oversight committee’s investigation into the federal pandemic response.”

It should come as no surprise that the Governor’s office would release such a callous statement, while continuing to ignore the over 6,000 lives senselessly lost at the hands of an asinine directive sent down by Commissioner of the Department of Health Howard Zucker, appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Thousands and thousands of family members deserve to know what exactly the Governor was thinking when he ordered sick patients be placed amongst the most vulnerable.

The Conservative Party has, and will, remain active on this issue. Last month, we  circulated a petition asking for an independent investigation. The petition received thousands of signatures and was sent to United States Attorney General William Barr. We will hold the Governor accountable.

Twitter Gets Tough on Chinese Propaganda

Last week, Twitter deleted over 170,000 accounts directly tied to a state-run Chinese propaganda effort. The accounts were being used to spread false information about the COVID-19, and political issues in Hong Kong.

“In general, this entire network was involved in a range of manipulative and coordinated activities,” Twitter wrote in a blog post.  “They were Tweeting predominantly in Chinese languages and spreading geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China (CCP), while continuing to push deceptive narratives about the political dynamics in Hong Kong.”

The fake accounts were used to praise China’s response to the Corona Virus and were found to have tweeted over 350,000 times before ultimately being shut down by twitter.

Twitter, often times on the wrong side of history, got this one right when they shut down the Chinese Communist Parties attempt to downplay their role in the COVID-19 cover up, as well as their efforts to eliminate the unique nature of Hong Kong as an independent free market economy.

Candidate Spotlight: Beth Parlato New York’s 27th Congressional District

A mom, attorney, judge, activist, and lifelong Conservative Republican, Beth has seen up close and personal the harm liberals have done to her home in Western New York where she has lived all her life. Now, she is running to represent NY27 and fighting back against those who want to deny our freedoms and glorify a socialist America.

Tired of seeing Judeo Christian values mocked, drugs, dangerous illegal immigrants flow through our broken borders, protected late term abortion, and schools teaching what’s politically correct instead of the truth, Beth will be a doer Washington D.C. desperately needs.

The State Conservative Party is proud to have endorsed Beth Parlato in NY27.

To learn more, get involved, or donate, click here.

Senator Rob Ortt Elected New Senate Minority Leader

Congratulations to newly elected State Senate minority leader Senator Robert G. Ortt. The Senator has been the recipient of a 100% legislative rating from the Conservative Party. I look forward to a close working relationship as we strive to elect Senators who will bring common sense back to New York State Government.

Grenell Hammers Bolton For ‘Situation’ He Allegedly Caused While ‘Pursuing His Own’ Agenda

Gov. Cuomo attacks Republicans for politicizing the thousands of nursing home COVID-19 deaths his policies caused

People already lining up for Trump’s weekend rally in Oklahoma

NYPD may go on strike on July 4 so city can have its ‘independence’ from cops as tension builds between law enforcement and protesters

Dick Durbin Apologizes To Tim Scott After Calling His Police Reform Bill ‘Token’

Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are the nursing home crisis, defunding police and his candidate spotlight is on Andrew Garbarino.

Continued Calls for Independent Investigation Into NY Nursing Home Crisis

This week the Conservative Party formally called on the United States Attorney General William Barr to launch an independent investigation into why New York State has suffered over 6000 nursing home deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The Governor, under pressure from families, the media, elected officials, and political leadership, acknowledged the problem by calling for the NYS Department of Health and the State Attorney General to investigate. The Conservative Party takes exception with the State investigating itself. We firmly believe that both the NYS Attorney General and the Commissioner of Health are political functionaries lacking the ability to act independently particularly when the Governor’s actions are a likely target of any investigation.”

The Conservative Party was an early proponent of an independent federal investigation, launching an on-line petition that almost 2000 people signed and a social media campaign that received over 35,000 interactions supporting a federal investigation into this horrific crisis in our nursing homes.

We will continue to demand action and answers as to why thousands of New Yorker’s were put directly into harm’s way at the order of the Governors Department of Health.

A copy of the petition is here. The letter to Attorney General William Barr is here. A copy of the Commissioner’s memo is here.

New York City Council Begins Steps to Defund NYPD

Not long ago, the New York City Council was in support of pay raises for the men and women of the NYPD. Fast forward a few months, and those same council members are working to defund that same police department.

41 City Council members signed a letter in support of pay raises which was sent to lame duck Mayor Bill de Blasio just months ago. Now, the Mayor vows to cut funding to the officers who ran toward danger on September 11, 2001, and the December 11, 2017 attempted bombing of the Port Authority.

In May, the Working Families Party and Communities United for Police Reform, called for New York City to redirect NYPD funds to other city social service programs. City Council member, and Panderer in Chief, Brad Lander, proposed a NYPD hiring freeze, while Council member Donovan Richards, head of public safety, called for $55 million in cuts solely to the cadet program and overtime.

City Council Speaker Johnson favors cutting the $6 billion NYPD budget and decreasing officers involvement in NYC schools. Members of the council have proposed cuts between 5 and 15 percent, which would gut the department anywhere between $300 million and $1 billion, changing the NYPD and all the good they do as we know it.

A defunding of the NYPD will certainly come with major consequences. As of this writing, murder is up 25.4%, shooting victims are up 22.1%, shooting incidents are up 22.2%, and burglary is up 47% according to the city’s CompStat crime tracking website.

The department is also prepping itself for a dramatic increase in the number of retirements, and officers prepared to move on to different careers, due to the lack of support from the Mayor’s office and City Council. There have already been 800 disheartened officers who have filed retirement applications or made appointments to discuss retirement within the last month.

Not long ago, New York City was amongst the most dangerous cities in America. In 1990, during the Dinkins administration, 2,245 people were murdered. Mayor Giuliani was elected in 1993, and by 1995 those numbers were cut in half. In Giuliani’s final year as Mayor in 2001, the city had become one of the safest places to visit in the world.

It is my fear that reducing the NYPD’s funding and man power, there will be a significant spike in violent crimes that plagued the city in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

 Candidate Spotlight Andrew Garbarino NY2

Representing the South Shore of Long Island in the New York State Assembly since 2013, Andrew has been fighting Governor Cuomo’s liberal machine that wants to raise taxes, and move more control of our business and personal lives to Albany. He has fought Cuomo’s so-called “bail reform” scheme that allows MS-13 members to walk free, and stood up to his crazy idea of giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

Andrew has hosted a task force on the heroin and opioids epidemic, listening to those fighting disease and addiction, and helping to provide them with care and support. Additionally, he has always fought for veterans across New York State restoring $6 million in funding for veteran programming.

To learn more, get involved, or donate, visit his website here.

Trump vows executive order to address law enforcement use of force, but slams ‘Defund The Police’ movement

Biden Dropped $4.7 Million on Facebook Ads in June While Decrying ‘Misinformation’ on Platform

 BREAKING: Twitter Admits China Used Nearly 200,000 Fake Accounts To Influence Politics, 150x More Than Russia

Report: SC National Guard members found glass baked into pizza they ordered during DC protests

 Republicans pick Jacksonville as alternative convention site


Biden Emerges

After nearly 2 months, Punxsutawney Biden came out of hiding on Memorial Day and saw his own shadow, signaling months of more incoherent rambling and gaffes that have been the highlight of his campaign.

In honor of Biden returning to the campaign trail, for the time being, here are the not so top 10 Biden blunders.

1. Clyburn says he ‘cringed’ at Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ gaffe but reiterates support

2. ‘A lying, dog-faced pony soldier’: just what was Joe Biden talking about?

3. Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’

4.  Joe Biden Talking About Kids Touching His Hairy Legs in a Swimming Pool Is Not Great Viewing

5. Biden tells Iowans: ‘We choose truth over facts’

6.  VIDEO: Biden Can’t Remember the Word ‘Creator,’ Refers to God as ‘The Thing’

7.  Biden appears to fall asleep during town hall with Hillary Clinton

8.  In Another Biden Gaffe, Former VP Says Pandemic Cost U.S. 85,000 Jobs and ‘Millions’ of Lives

9.  Biden Says Voters Who Believe Tara Reade ‘Probably Shouldn’t Vote For Me’

10 .‘You’re a damn liar, man!’ – Joe Biden blasts Iowa voter, calls him ‘fat’ after man repeats Ukraine smear

Assembly Minority Introduces Bill Addressing Future Emergencies

Assembly Republicans introduced a bill this week that would limit the power of the Governor and hand more authority and decision making to local officials in future emergency situations.

“Undoubtedly, there will be times when immediate, direct action is needed from the Executive,” Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said. “However, ‘state of emergency’ doesn’t equate to ‘authoritarian rule.’ In any situation, a balanced, measured approach is necessary and the full complement of government must be levied. This bill ensures just that, and that every voice in New York is heard during times of crisis.”

In early March, Governor Cuomo declared New York in a state of emergency. This allowed him to change laws, which he has since done more than 260 times.

The bill would call for a county-by-county declaration of all state emergencies, lasting for no longer than 30 days. An additional 15 days emergency order could be extended by the Governor. However, no other emergency declaration would be extended without being voted on by the State Legislature. Additionally, a county executive, chair of a county board of supervisors, and the mayor of New York City, could request any state of emergency declaration be cancelled with justification.

Livingston County Chair Leads Way

Livingston County Conservative Chairman, and Executive Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, Jason McGuire, helped secure a win for religious freedom after advocating fiercely that houses of worship be allowed to open.

“On March 31, our organization (New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms) wrote to the Governor’s office seeking clarification on the issue of drive-in services. Since March many Churches have been holding these types of services as a way to meet in a safe and socially-distant manner. Today, Mr. Cuomo said that he would be encouraging drive-in and parking lot services. Pastors have been putting the physical, mental and spiritual health of their congregations in proper perspective for some time, but today the Governor lent his voice to the effort,” McGuire said last week.

The Governor has mandated church services be capped at 10 people.

A letter signed by more than 300 pastors was sent to the Governor asking him to prioritize in-person religious services.

“If you can safely do a First Amendment press conference, you can also let people exercise their freedom of religion,” McGuire continued.

Candidate Spotlight Liz Joy NY 20

 A devoted wife and mother to four adult children, Liz is a fierce advocate and fighter for our constitutional freedoms. A candidate of integrity, Liz will not be absent from her district, nor afraid to do the work on behalf of the constituents in New York’s 20th Congressional District.

Liz is no stranger to a fight, in the fall of 2018, she single handedly fought off a knife yielding man intent on doing fatal harm. After engaging in hand to hand combat, she was able to call for help, undoubtedly saving the life of at least one person.

Strong on the right to life, the southern border, jobs, and the economy, Liz will represent NY20 with humility and grace, and an open heart, always remembering the congressional seat belongs to the people of her district, not the representative.

You can visit her website here to learn more, get involved or donate!

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Chairman Kassar reflects on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend

This is not the Memorial Day weekend I, or anyone else, imagined we would be having, but American’s are resilient and our resolve will get us beyond the health crisis that has affected countless New Yorker’s.

Resiliency is a quality in Americans, one that goes back generations and generations.  Resilient men and woman have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. From the Civil War to today’s conflicts, Americans have always answered the call to protect our great nation from enemies both foreign and domestic, many paying the ultimate price.

This Memorial Day, as we continue to face daily struggles, changes, and complications brought on by COVID19, take a moment to remember this is not our first conflict, and it will not be our last.  We have the greatest military in the world, comprised of the bravest men and women in the world. Through them, we have helped rid the world of tyranny and oppression. I am forever grateful for their efforts, both past and present, who’s selflessness allows me the freedoms to write this message to you today.

Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to those we have lost in battle. It is my hope that we continue to honor their memories by continuing to stand up for our freedoms as Americans and never take for granted that we do live in the greatest nation in the world.

Please, have a safe Memorial Day weekend, and do not lose sight of what this weekend is really about.

The Conservative Party traditionally has made a special effort to remember the POW’S and MIA’S whose remains have yet to return to U.S. soil. Please, say a special prayer for them.

Fly your American flag today and everyday in honor of our glorious nation.

“I don’t have to tell you how fragile this precious gift of freedom is. Every time we hear, watch, or read the news, we are reminded that liberty is a rare commodity in this world.” –Ronald Reagan

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NYC desperately needs a smart reopening.  

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up topics are justice for General Flynn, Cuomo reverses deadly nursing home order, and our congressional candidate in the 18th CD Chele Farley.

Justice Prevails for General Flynn

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt a crime was indeed committed, but not by General Michael Flynn.

On Wednesday, acting Director of National Intelligence, Rich Grenell, released a list of 23 Obama Administration officials who allegedly worked to reveal General Flynn’s identity through the process known as “unmasking” (revealing their identity).

On that list of names, Joe Biden.

An outgoing vice president has no business unmasking an individual named in a raw intelligence report, particularly when that person has served his country honorably for decades and is the presumptive National Security Advisor for an incoming president of the opposing political party.

The fact that we are only learning this now demands the attention of the American people, regardless of political affiliation.  Seven unmasking requests were made by top Obama Administration officials between November 30, 2016 and Jan. 11, 2017, when President Donald Trump took office, in a clear attempt to find or manufacture dirt on General Michael Flynn, a prominent Trump supporter and advisor during the 2016 campaign. That speaks volumes.

So does Mr. Biden’s blatant mistruth this week in denying that he was aware of an unmasking in which he was intimately involved.  Of course, he was aware — he was part of it.

The more one looks at what happened to General Flynn, the clearer his railroading by leading Democrat operatives becomes.  A full and immediate investigation is required.  The American public needs to know why the Democratic nominee for president just got caught lying.

Cuomo Reverses Deadly Nursing Home Order

 After issuing an order to admit COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, Governor Cuomo has withdrawn the order in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus amongst our most vulnerable population.

On March 25, the New York State Department of Health issued an order stating “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.”

Chaos followed that order and we have seen over 5,300 nursing home deaths throughout New York State, accounting for nearly 30% of all the total COVID-19 fatalities; a majority of which could have been avoided had the Governor, and his Health Department, used common sense.

While I am glad the order has finally been reversed, I am saddened and deeply troubled that this order was not just put into motion, but that it was even considered in the first place.

The Governor had been under extreme pressure to reverse this order, much of it coming from the Conservative Party, and you, who signed our petition and spoke out against the lunacy.

The party continues to call for an independent investigation into the gross negligence regarding what happened in our nursing homes.

Please sign our petition if you have not done so already.

 Candidate Spotlight: Chele Farley – New York’s 18th Congressional District.

 We are pleased to have Chele Farley on the Conservative Party line this November in New York’s 18th Congressional District.

Ready to provide New York families with the opportunity to succeed, Chele is focused on recapturing the $50 billion dollars New Yorker’s pay to the state by addressing the unfair treatment of New York taxpayers. Chele is prepared to lead the charge in easing the burden of crippling property taxes and investing in her districts crumbling infrastructure.

Running a strong campaign in the Cook PVI 4+1 district, Chele has a real chance to flip the seat and bring common sense representation back to the region.  Please visit her site to learn more, get involved, or donate!

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For Immediate Release
May 13, 2020
Contact: Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @cpnys


Brooklyn, NY  – “An outgoing vice president has no business unmasking an individual named in a raw intelligence report, particularly when that person has served his country honorably for decades and is the presumptive National Security Advisor for an incoming president of the opposing political party.

“The fact that we are only learning this now demands the attention of the American people, regardless of political affiliation.  Seven unmasking requests were made by top Obama Administration officials between November 30, 2016 and Jan. 11, 2017, when President Donald Trump took office, in a clear attempt to find or manufacture dirt on General Michael Flynn, a prominent Trump supporter and advisor during the 2016 campaign. That speaks volumes.

“So does Mr. Biden’s blatant mistruth this week in denying that he was aware of an unmasking in which he was intimately involved.  Of course he was aware — he was part of it.

“The more one looks at what happened to General Flynn, the clearer his railroading by leading Democrat operatives becomes.  A full and immediate investigation is required.  The American public needs to know why the Democratic nominee for president just got caught lying.”