Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 6/28/24

Presidential Debate

The presidential debate last night showcased a stark contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump demonstrated a commanding presence, exuding confidence and composure, while Biden appeared disoriented and forgetful, struggling to articulate his points clearly. This disparity highlighted Trump’s readiness and capability to lead the nation, particularly as he focused heavily on pressing issues like the economy and immigration—areas that have been sources of significant concern for many Americans.

Trump presented himself as a calm and collected leader, while still pouncing on the failures of the Biden administration and laying out his goals. In contrast, Biden’s frequent lapses and vague responses raised serious questions about his mental acuity and ability to handle the responsibilities of the presidency. Sadly, the reality is most people wonder if he will even make it to November. 

The debate also underscored the media’s apparent bias in favor of Biden. Despite his evident struggles, the media has consistently portrayed him as capable and sharp, a narrative that seemed increasingly untenable in light of his performance. Even traditionally supportive outlets like CNN found it necessary to fact-check Biden’s numerous inaccurate statements, further eroding the facade of competence that has been maintained around him. It is not possible for Biden’s Press Secretary to spin this one in Joe’s favor; it was an utter failure and not a “cheap fake” as Karine likes to call Biden’s blunders. Jill Biden, and his family, should be ashamed they are putting Biden through this. Let him retire in Delaware and live the rest of his life in peace.  

This debate may well be remembered as a pivotal moment in the 2024 election, exposing significant weaknesses in Biden’s candidacy and casting doubt on his ability to continue as the Democratic nominee. The stark contrast between Trump’s decisive leadership and Biden’s evident frailty could lead to significant shifts in voter sentiment as November approaches. The question remains, who is running our country?

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Patriots Podium Featuring Timothy Collmer

Patriots Podium episode #25 is out now! I was pleased to be joined by Timothy Collmer, the New York Commander of the American Legion. Tim, a retired correction officer, served 21 years as an active and reserve member of the Army. He has held numerous leadership positions on his post, county, district and state level, as well as a continuing role on the national level.

The American Legion, with 2 million members, is the nation’s oldest and largest veterans organization, is a highly respected advocate in support of servicemembers and veterans, a leading advocate for a strong national defense, and an outspoken voice for patriotism and honor. The department of New York has more than 110,000 members in over 800 posts throughout the states’ 62 counties. 

I know alot of our members, and supporters, are either veterans themselves, or have family and friends that served. I hope this podcast helps veterans with information, resources, and most of all, support whenever they need it. Just an aside, you don’t have to be a veteran to get involved in the Legion! Please share and give us a like:

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