Statement From NYS Conservative Party 7/1/24 Presidential Immunity

Contact: Andrew Davis, 845-522-1915
July 1, 2024

Supreme Court Decision Affirms Presidential Immunity: Statement by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

“The New York State Conservative Party concurs with today’s 6-3 Supreme Court decision affirming a President’s absolute immunity for core constitutional acts, presumptive immunity for official acts, and no immunity for unofficial acts. This is a major victory for former President Donald Trump. This landmark decision reinforces constitutional protections inherent in the office of the President and ensures that the actions taken in the pursuit of executive duties are safeguarded against legal prosecution and without fear of politically motivated prosecutions.

“Chief Justice John Roberts’ majority opinion underscores a critical distinction: while no President is above the law, the execution of official presidential duties must not be hindered by legal challenges. This decision preserves the balance of powers envisioned by our Founding Fathers and protects the integrity of the Executive Branch. By recognizing absolute immunity and presumptive immunity for official acts, the Supreme Court has upheld a fundamental principle that goes beyond political affiliations and safeguards the office for future occupants.

“The New York State Conservative Party stands firmly behind President Trump and supports the Court’s ruling as a victory for constitutional governance. We commend the Supreme Court for its clarity and commitment to upholding the Constitution, and we reaffirm our unwavering support for President Trump this November.”