Is Joe Biden someone’s puppet or a Machiavellian person determined to destroy the American Dream?

How can a man who professes to be truly concerned about those seeking asylum in our beloved nation, endanger America’s citizens by sending a message to the drug cartels that America has open arms and will deport those they drop at our borders?  Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants.  More on what has taken place is here:  Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants.

Watch: Customs and Border Protection Nominee Repeatedly Dodges Calling Border Situation a ‘Crisis.

Biden CBP Nominee Puts Admin to the Left of Obama on Immigration

A very important read from Gatestone Institute:  Huawei’s Long Game.

China, Russia navy ships jointly sail through Japan strait.

This is very disturbing: ‘We Just Don’t Know’ How to Defend Against Possible Chinese Hypersonic Missile: US Ambassador.  Investing in what our military should be doing – protecting our country – instead of all the new age military absurdity would have this problem solved.

Gen. Keith Kellogg: Our military and the alarming disappearance of accountability.

To please unions, Biden refuses to automate ports — fueling supply-chain woes.

Consumer Goods Giant to Raise Prices on More Staples, Blames Increase in Cost on Raw Materials

Psaki Laughs About the Supply Chain Crisis.

10 Absurdly Wasteful Items Tucked Into Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Monstrosity

No matter what the amount it is just plain wrong to consider:   Biden administration scales back IRS bank-monitoring plan amid growing pushback/Democrats’ threshold for IRS bank-monitoring plan raised to $10,000.

The Freedom to Vote Act is remarkably anti-voter.

Some Things Money Can’t Buy/For everything else, there’s deception.

The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated.

This Doctor Opposes COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. Now His State Won’t Let Him Practice Medicine.’

Imagine a Supreme Court packed with Merrick Garlands.

How New York voters can see how redistricting affects them.  You can still make your voice heard on redistricting, click here to find out when the rest of the public hearings are.

Has any one seen the Joe Biden that campaigned (from his basement) to be president; the man who is masquerading as Joe Biden is really Sanders and the Squad.

Eight Reasons to Overturn Roe v. Wade.

Albany pols, NYPD order cops to do nothing as drug addicts shoot up.  Chairman Kassar’s reaction to this outrageous move by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul: “This is not even a standard Democratic view. This is a progressive Democratic view and that’s what she’s signing on to here,” he said. “It all seems to be very oriented toward keeping the socialist progressive movement happy and she is working to protect herself against (likely NYC-based primary opponents) Tish James or Jumaane Williams.”

The NY Post editorial of 10/17/2021: Gov. Hochul’s drug-war surrender will be the death of NY neighborhoods.

Iran’s Mullahs and China Empowered Under Biden Administration.

A Sinking Ship of State Drowns Everyone.  “For the Chinese Communist Party, seeking to master the 21st Century as the one global superpower, it represents a strategic victory without so much as firing a single bullet.”

Biden’s Credibility Plummets over Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones.

Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Reforms Warns Expanding Court Could Be Seen as ‘Partisan Maneuver’

Kevin D. Williamson opines on the NY Post editorial page that Biden’s trillion-dollar spending spree will lead to financial collapse.

File this under “the effects of the Biden economy” Americans seeing ‘serious financial problems’ in past few months

While you may not think, from its title, that this article has anything to do with the USA, read it because it does:  France to Vote on the Great Replacement of Western Civilization.

Gordon G. Chang does not mince any words with his latest op-ed in Gatestone Institute:  ‘War is Real’: Defend Taiwan or Give It the Bomb.

The U.S. Supply Chain Makes No Sense.

This will not resolve the current problems:   Biden Nominates Maritime Administrator with Zero Shipping Experience Amid Supply Chain Crisis.

From the National Review editorial board:  Unions Have Made Supply-Chain Problems Worse.

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question all of us are asking:  What Happened to the Beloved Military?

From The American Spectator:  Election Fraud Is Alive and Well in 2021.  As an aside:  PLEASE VOTE NO ON NYS STATEWIDE BALLOT PROPOSALS 1, 3, AND 4. 

Andrew C. McCarthy writes in National Review: Federal Crack-House Law Withstands Progressive Challenge.

Was the hierarchy FBI always so political?  In retrospect, I imagine that Byron York’s, Washington Examiner’s article, is nothing new:  DOJ memory holes Andrew McCabe wrongdoing.

Excellent article in the City-Journal written by Lee Siegel:  Liberal Pieties, Illiberal Consequences/We can fight censorious certitude by allowing for moral complexity.

If you are thinking about buying your young children or grandchildren for Christmas or Hanukkah, perhaps you should read this article first:  The Very Intersectional Caterpillar.

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Removal of Jefferson Statue at New York City Hall

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Removal of Jefferson Statue at New York City Hall

October 18, 2021

“Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council want to drag from City Hall a statue of one of America’s most celebrated presidents and founding fathers that has stood in its chambers for almost a century and a quarter. If that doesn’t tell you the state of this city, nothing will.

“As crime skyrockets, potholes deepen, and public confidence in city government plummets, erasing history was their priority today.

“The genius of our founders lay in their understanding of human fallibility. The nation they envisioned was fixed upon ideals rather than individuals exactly for this reason. We celebrate Jefferson not because he was perfect — no man or woman is — but because he blazed a path for human dignity and freedom that we aspire to achieve every day.

“This is a shameful day for New York City. Its leaders have abandoned all perspective other than their own. It is the stuff of tyrants.”


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses our Vote NO campaign, how the Grinch (apologies to Dr. Seuss’ Grinch) stole an economy and Lee Zeldin launches a Lt. Gov. Search Committee.

Conservative Party Launches Vote NO Campaign

 Between now and Election Day the Conservative Party will be working overtime to defeat Ballot Propositions 1, 3 and 4. The propositions will appear on the backside of your ballot.  When you receive your ballot, please make sure you do not miss these important votes.  Below is a short summary of what the propositions are and the issues they will cause.

Proposition 1 gives the Democratic Party even more power in drawing new legislative lines, a tool they will certainly use to their advantage to purge Conservative/Republican representation.

Proposition 3 would allow for Election Day enrollment and voting. Same day enrollment would mean zero time to ensure the registered voter is indeed eligible to vote in the State of New York.  Clearly this will lead to fraud

Proposition 4 will replace absentee ballots with universal paper ballots.  Just like Proposition 3, there is no voter ID required.  This will increase fraud through ballot harvesting which is another way of saying stuffing the ballot box.

We have yard signs, literature, and speakers available. If you would like a yard sign, call us at 718-921-2158 or 518-356-7882.

 The Grinch That Stole an Economy

 Give credit where credit is due. In less than nine months the Biden Administration has given us high inflation on all fronts, and has even managed to foul up the supply side of just about everything that travels by ship.

Get your Christmas shopping done early, very early, or Christmas may come in February.

With consumer prices up and inflation rising faster than wages, it comes as no surprise that the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe was trending nationally as social media users take to the platforms of their choice to voice their displeasure with prices at the pump, grocery stores and overall lack of products available.

President Biden has the worse poll numbers of any president in American history at this point in time during their presidency. As we near the 9 month mark, there is no telling what the next three years may hold.

The Biden/Harris Administration has given us high gas prices, high inflation, COVID mandates, a humanitarian and health crisis at our Southern Border, handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban, and overall has made our nation less safe and secure. It’s hard to imagine that he could do more harm, but with three years remaining, the sky is the limit for colossal Biden failures.

Zeldin Launches Lt. Gov. Search Committee

 I was pleased to be asked by our presumptive nominee for Governor, Lee Zeldin, to serve on his Lt. Governor Search Committee.

Joining me on the committee will be Livingston County Chairman Jason McGuire. The committee will be chaired by Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis.

The Conservative Party continues to play a significant role statewide and we thank Lee Zeldin and his team for recognizing the road to victory includes our membership and our votes. In 2018 Marc Molinaro and Julie Killian received 253,624 votes on our party line. We look forward to delivering more in 2022.

Learn more about the search committee here.

As Gasoline Prices Surge, Biden Admin Shifts Blame To ‘Anticompetitive Practices’.

Biden’s Credibility Plummets over Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones.

Democrats pour fiscal accelerant on the inflation fire.

‘There will be things that people can’t get,’ at Christmas, White House warns.

President Biden should go back to his basement…we were safer when all he did just troll Facebook.

So, where’s The Post’s Pulitzer for Hunter Biden exposé?: Goodwin.

Leaked Border Patrol docs show mass release of illegal immigrants into US by Biden administration

Biden threatens to call out companies that don’t help end supply bottlenecks.  Hmmm, maybe he should turn to his friend, Mark Zuckerberg (who) spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got out the Dem vote, and have him end the supply bottlenecks. If Zuckerberg can get the Dems out to vote, shouldn’t he be able to get them the supplies they need from Biden’s best buddy, China?

Biden’s Pro-Communist Nominee.

He really does live in his own little world:  Biden praises supply chain team even as White House fails to guarantee arrival of Christmas presents.

The Memo: Troubles pile up for Biden.

A supply chain bottleneck/Biden administration buries its head in the sand, lies about inflation concerns.

How Zuck’s Bucks helped flip Wisconsin for Joe Biden after Hillary’s 2016 defeat.

Mr. President, what is your response to this?  More than 100K workers threaten strikes as unions flex muscles.

Producer inflation sets record for sixth straight month.

One can’t help but worry that the Biden Administration will fail at this also:  White House brings together 30 nations to combat ransomware.

From the Daily Signal:  Biden’s Taxes Hit Americans at the Top and Bottom.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Oil Prices and Bad Policy/A Biden ban on oil exports would make the supply shortage worse.

Obama Economic Advisor: Buckle Up, Inflation Will Get Out of Control Thanks to a Woke Fed

Any wonder why we don’t trust the news:  Katie Couric: I withheld RBG’s harsh anthem-kneeling comments to ‘protect’ her.

Just in case you didn’t know what this phrase means, Larry Kudlow explains that ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is America’s Cry of Sanity as the Country Seems To Be Going Nuts.

“YIKES”: Fresh Fauci E-Mails Show NIAID Chief & Wife’s Flippancy Over Vaccine Deaths, More Interested in “Immortalizing” Him.

How Are the Billions in Emergency Aid to New York Being Spent?

From City-Journal:  When Cops Kill/Claims of systematic racial bias don’t stand up to empirical evidence.  Also, from City/Journal:  What Is Critical Race Theory, Really?/And why that’s often the wrong question.

Schools Group That Urged Attorney General’s Anti-Parent Initiative Has Ties to Democrats, Unions

From The Sun:  A Radical Dissent by Justice Clarence Thomas Offers a Reproach to Merrick Garland.

After 30 years, Clarence Thomas now ‘the most important justice’.

Merrick Garland’s Conflict…

NY Post editorial 1021 2021: Scandals from top to bottom in Joe Biden’s cabinet of horrors

Threatening Memo From Attorney General Merrick Garland to Parents Comes With Serious Conflict of Interest.

AG Merrick Garland is at war with American families: Devine.

From the WSJ (subscription required) Merrick Garland Has a List, and You’re Probably on It.

Terrible news on jobs is plainly on Biden, but he just shrugs.

Larry Kudlow writes that we should Take a Second Look at the Jobs Report — Private Sector Jobs Are Booming.

Confronting a Financial Assault on America’s Future.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Halts Work-Site Immigration Enforcement Operations.

Joe Biden must stand up to China after latest threats to Taiwan.

What Does Joe Biden’s Health Have to Do with the Future of Taiwan?

Stop making excuses for Joe Biden — he’s the one to blame for his far-left agenda.

Biden Finds Himself Crosswise With American Common Sense.

Biden’s history of plagiarism continues:  Biden says he ‘started the vaccination program’ despite Trump rollout.

Really, how low can Hunter go?  Art gallery repping Hunter Biden received $500K federal COVID loan, records show.

White House throws up its hands at new questions on Hunter Biden’s ‘art’ scam.

De Blasio’s bid to kill Gifted & Talented programs must not stand.

Parents rip de Blasio for ‘abominable’ plan to end Gifted and Talented program.

Expanding school choice with vouchers could actually save NY big bucks.

Aren’t you happy to know that Governor Hochul is governing by protecting the safety of New York’s law abiding citizens?  How foolish of me to believe she is… At least 9 Rikers inmates recently freed by Gov. Hochul have been rearrested.

NY’s leaders have blood on their hands in the death of Maria Ambrocio — just as we warned.

Look who just woke up to the spike in NYC murders.

Progressive drug laws in cities like San Francisco are killing people.

The Second Amendment Needs Defending.

‘There’s no prenatal test for Awesome’

G.K. Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” and Conservatism.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Lee Zeldin’s NYC headquarters, JCOPE’s book deal, and Columbus Day.

Zeldin Opens NYC Headquarters

I had the pleasure of introducing Congressman, and future Governor, Lee Zeldin at the grand opening of his New York City campaign headquarters.

Lee continues to crisscross the state while raising money at an impressive clip. His campaign has worked tirelessly since day 1 and shows no signs of slowing down. Lee Zeldin is the right guy at the right time to restore New York and clean up the mess left behind by disgraced former Governor Cuomo and Governor Hochul who covered up his wrong doings for personal gain.

While the Democrats continue fighting amongst themselves, appearing to be heading towards a very divisive primary that could include NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, AG Tish James and NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. It is imperative we get involved often and early to elect Lee Zeldin as our next Governor.

To get involved stop on by Lee’s NYC HQ located at 158 West 29th Street, NY, NY.

JCOPE Approves Inquiry into Cuomo Book Deal

For nearly a year the Conservative Party has called for an investigation into the various unseemly aspects of the Cuomo COVID book deal. For months, the corrupt Governor and his Senior Staff were able to squash any investigation Republican’s sought. Now, with Cuomo’s team of lap dogs gone, the questionable book deal which earned Cuomo millions will now go under formal investigation.

Jose Nieves, new chairman of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, announced after a closed-door session on Tuesday that outside counsel would be retained to investigate “the legal and procedural operations of the commission.”

The former governor was paid $5 million for the book, titled “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic,” after the commission’s top staff approved Cuomo’s request to receive the outside income. It is believed Governor Cuomo abused tax payer dollars by using state employees to conduct research, write and edit the book.

Happy Columbus Day

Columbus Day is not just celebrated to honor one man, instead it is a day to celebrate a brave and daring voyage across unchartered waters that launched hundreds of years’ worth of immigration, innovation, and exceptionalism.

Christopher Columbus represents the idea that you can indeed accomplish more than you think. You can have a dream and through perseverance, hard work, and sacrifice achieve those dreams.

We have lost sight of what it means to take chances, to be brave, and work hard. What we have instead found is a generation hell bent on re-writing history, failing to include context and expecting generations and generations of a changing world to think and act exactly as those with the loudest voice do at this very moment.

By today’s standards, it is easy to condemn anyone. Cancel culture is toxic, it is fundamentally about shaming, and it is about trying to ruin someone or something that may have momentarily made a mistake.

The phenomenon of cancel culture does not but create an environment of hostility and division. Cancel culture is believed to create a sense of accountability for those who say or do controversial things. Instead, it creates an environment where harassment and bullying are not only accepted—it is embraced.

Cancel culture is not activism. It is not brave. As a society, we should work towards more understanding each other better. Understanding where we came from, the times different people lived through, where we are, and where we want to go. Christopher Columbus did just that. He dared to do the unthinkable and paved the way for us to do the same.

September Jobs Report Misses Big League: 194k Jobs Added vs. 500k Expected

NYT Issues Major Correction After Claiming 900,000 Kids Have Been Hospitalized With COVID

China upset that U.S. forces have been training Taiwanese troops

Former Border Patrol Chief Reveals Top Threat Facing U.S. Right Now: ‘It’s Going To Get So Much Worse’


President Biden and AG Garland don’t even realize they have created an avalanche of people who are neophytes in the political field…

David Harsanyi:  How left-wing protesters are justified, but angry moms are ‘domestic terrorists’.

Larry Kudlow:  Biden Turning Justice Department Against Parents in Battle Over Curriculum.

The Biden Administration hit a raw nerve as evidenced by following (and the above columns) pushback by those who know and understand the US Constitution and the fact that education is not a federal issueParents take a stand against FBI crackdown on CRT opponents; The Biden Justice Department’s Lawless Threat against American Parents;  Sen. Josh Hawley Questions ‘Weaponizing’ of FBI to Silence Parents; Attorney General Garland Abuses Power He Doesn’t Have to Threaten Parents; State Attorneys General Warn Against ‘Weaponizing’ FBI to Target Parents; Biden Declares War on the American People; and Biden Criminalizes CRT Dissent/The administration has mobilized the FBI against parents who oppose critical race theory.

What this administration is attempting to do is outrageous; they defend their actions by saying that “all” public officials, i.e., school board members, can not be admonished when they are indoctrinating our children.  Free speech is revered in America; even when we disagree with it.  The members of the National School Boards Association – NSBA – are not given the right to squelch the parents who disagree with their agenda; they put their pants on just like every other person.  IF the Biden Administration is not stopped and US Attorney General Garland does not withdraw his attempt to protect the snowflakes running the NSBA, the chief enforcement officer of the US will be subverting the US Constitution.  If there is violence at any meeting, there are current laws to protect both sides.  What the Biden/Garland team is attempting to do is to stifle free speech and punish people/parents prior to any discussion; another action that is completely against all that America is.  If they succeed in this, what is next?  Having Child Protective Services remove your children from your home?  Think about how far they will try to go, if Biden/Garland is allowed to suppress your rights.

Betsy McCaughey:  Never mind the cost — just look at the absurd things Build Back Better would buy.

Democrats’ ‘Build Back Better’ agenda is a payback to wealthy allies.

Biden Plan Would Sabotage US Economic Competitiveness in One Huge Way, Analysis Finds.

Real cost of inflation to average American household: An extra $175 a month.

The Post says: This is a tax you pay for Biden and Dems’ reckless spending.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  The Entitlements of U.S. Decline/Biden says his plans will make America great again. Ask Europe how that has turned out.

President’s ‘Word as a Biden’ Isn’t Worth Much, His Record Shows

No, Biden, raising the debt ceiling isn’t the other guys’ job.

Communist China’s Aggression in the South China Sea.

Steve Moore’s, Committee to Unleash Prosperity, discusses China’s economy vs. ours.  Today’s newsletter by Mr. Moore has a viable question about Donald J. Trump.

Blame woke pols for the nation’s needless spike in murders.

Gallup Poll sends Dems a warning:  More Americans Trust GOP to Promote Security, Prosperity, Poll Finds.

Somebody should tell Jen Psaki and Joe Biden this:  69 Percent of Hispanics Disapprove of Biden’s Handling of Immigration.  I wonder if they (Psaki and Biden) saw this:  Democrats’ ‘conservative Hispanic’ problem.

7 States Push Noncitizen Voting, 4 States Say No.

Why learning history is important:  How Roman Central Planners Destroyed Their Economy.

From Intellectual Takeout: Some Good News We May Have Missed.

China continues to forge ahead in its quest to overtake America while our president, Joe Biden, continues to burden our nation with his reckless spending.

From the City-Journal:  It’s Not Partisan When We Do It/With strong majorities in both legislative chambers, Albany Democrats pursue a gerrymandering strategy.

Victor Davis Hanson (always a thoughtful and educational essayist, provides us one of his best in this essay) Can America survive progressives’ attacks on its origins and values?

Who Are the Advisors Who Circle a Confused President?

Texas braces for surge of 60,000 Haitian migrants.

China continues to build its might, while Biden and his minions ignore the mounting problems:   China’s Growing Maritime Empire.

From the WSJ (subscription required) The IRS Wants to Look at Your Bank Account.  Why aren’t the banks fighting back? (Rhetorical question.)  And why aren’t they alerting their customers that this could happen so we can fight back?

Joe Biden is proving he’s pretty inept at politics.

Biden’s ‘reduced’ spending bill is still far too much.

Sen. Joe “I lost my backbone” Manchin opens door to deal in range of $1.9T to $2.2T.  From Manchin Changes Tune on His Top-line Number for Spending Package.

Between Border Crisis and Afghanistan, Have We Ever Had a Less Competent President?

Why Rachael Rollins’ Nomination to Be Rogue US Attorney Should Terrify Us All.

Larry Kudlow writes Trick or Treat: Biden, Pelosi, Dressed as Socialists, Seek Showdown by Halloween.

Required reading for your children and grandchildren:  Why Socialism Often Leads to Tyranny.

More required reading for your college students being indoctrinated by liberal professors (note it is a 2018 article but still relevant):  5 Myths about Income Inequality Debunked.

Seriously?  Salvation Army Imposes Racial Wokeness Within Church’s Rank.

Who pays for the woke agenda?

Dark Money Dems Use Fake Newspaper To Influence Virginia Election.

ICYMI: Debunking the Left’s Propaganda on Voting.

From the City-Journal: Concentrating on Crime/An outsize share of lawbreaking occurs at certain places and times—and is perpetrated by a small group of people.

How Leftist Prosecutors Contributed To 2020’s Massive Crime Spike.

Former VP Mike Pence says American Liberty Must Not Become Coronavirus Casualty.

DOJ launching effort to combat threats of violence against school officials across US.  He is dangerous in his position of US Attorney General, imagine what he would have been like as a US Supreme Court Justice.

Chinese President Xi Jinping versus US President Joe Biden

China Flies 52 Military Planes into Taiwanese Airspace in Largest Incursion Ever.  “The Chinese military on Monday sent 52 military planes into Taiwan’s air defense zone — the most ever in a single day — one day after the U.S. issued a warning to Beijing over similar flights it conducted in recent days.”  China continues to taunt the US knowing that “under the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, the U.S. must support Taiwan’s defense capabilities against China.”

When it comes to defunding cops, Gov. Kathy Hochul wants it both ways.

NYS Senate Republican Leader, Rob Ortt, asks a great question:  Why can’t NY pols put public safety before political pandering?

Teaching more black history is fine — turning schools into ‘everything is racist’ is not

Supreme Court poised to make landmark rulings on abortion, guns, religious rights.

‘Trying to Fail:’ Amid Border Crisis, New DHS Rules Reduce Arrests, Deportations of Illegal Immigrants.

“Back to Pre-9/11. But It’s Worse.”

Nuclear Armed Iran More Dangerous Than North Korea.

Islamist Terrorism Flourishing Under the Taliban.

Biden Ignores Palestinian Support For Terrorists.

Elizabeth Warren and Cori Bush Team Up to Give the Presidency New Superpowers.

DOJ Inspector General’s Report Exposes a Broken FISA System.

Ominous signs from Harvard and other prestigious American institutions of higher learning.  There was a time when a Harvard degree was worthy of its price tag; but today, professors and  “…students alike are scared to defy a rising campus orthodoxy and are self-censoring on campus. The damper on free speech clearly goes against the university’s supposed mission, which is to educate by fostering knowledge.”

American Barbarism Is Alive and Well.

Kevin McCullough writes about The Wife Beater In Chief.

Kamala Harris still can’t handle unscripted events.  Yet some pundits believe she will be the one to keep Congress in the Dems hands in 2022.

Dems Tuck Multibillion-Dollar Handout to Illegal Immigrants Into Reconciliation.  Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill gives migrants same child benefits as Americans.

Del Rio residents sound off on Biden’s handling of migrant surge.

The Heritage Foundation has created the Budget Reconciliation Tracker for us to better understand what President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats in Congress are desperately trying to get over the finish line.

President Unity Gives Unhinged Lecture on Debt Ceiling.

Blame Jeff Flake’s Cowardice for the Kyrsten Sinema Bathroom Stalkers.

Kudos to Andrew Yang on what appears to be a very honest article in Politico:  When I Ran for President, It Messed With My Head.

From the City-Journal:  The Right Way to Welcome Newcomers/Extending voting rights to non-citizens is a deeply flawed idea—we should encourage them to become citizens instead.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Hochul open to decriminalizing sex work, Tenney introduces Bill to stop government mandates and our upcoming Fall Reception on Thursday, October 28.

Hochul Open to Decriminalizing Sex Work

 “It is absolutely something I’ve thought about and I’m considering,” those are the words of Governor Kathy Hochul when discussing legalizing sex work in New York State. “I’m discussing it with many advocates and people who have strong opinions on this.”

Decriminalizing sex work will create havoc in urban communities and cause more stress that our communities simply can not afford. In a climate in which criminals are walking free due to cash bail reform, this new progressive agenda item can only further erode our society.

In the New York State Senate two bills have been introduced, one that would completely decriminalize sex work and the other would still make it illegal to pay for sex from.

Decriminalizing promotes sex trafficking and is a gift to the men who are running them for a profit. Listen to the comments from Erie Chairman Ralph Lorigo here.

 Tenney Introduces Bill to Stop Government Mandates

Congressmembers Claudia Tenney sand Jim Banks, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, introduced the Health Freedom For All Act on Wednesday to prevent the Biden Administration from enacting vaccine mandates on the American people. The bill would clarify that under existing law the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not have the authority to implement rules requiring Americans to undergo COVID-19 vaccinations or testing.

President Biden announced that he would impose a mandatory vaccine requirement on US businesses employing more than 100 workers or require weekly testing for those who remain unvaccinated. This decision is in contrast of previous assurances made by President Biden that he would not impose such mandates on American’s, instead prioritize voluntary vaccination efforts.

New York began firing individuals working in the medical field or education system if they are  not in compliance with the state’s mandatory vaccination requirement on Tuesday which immediately led to urgent cares in Albany being closed due to lack of healthcare workers available.

Nurses were yesterday’s hero’s and today’s villains. They deserve better and our citizens deserve their individual liberties.

Annual Reception

Our annual reception returns October 28th to Westchester County. This year’s honoree is Ron Robinson, former President of Young America’s Foundation. For years the foundation has been committed to ensuring young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.

As a principal outreach organization of the conservative movement, the Foundation introduces thousands of young Americans to these principles.

Young America’s Foundation stepped forward to save President Reagan’s Western White House, Rancho del Cielo, in the spring of 1998 to preserve it as a living monument to Ronald Reagan to pass on his ideas to future generations. President Reagan committed himself to reaching young people with his ideals—a goal that is also central to the Foundation’s mission.

Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin will be a special guest and we expect to announce more guest shortly.

NYC Restaurateurs: Business Down 40 to 60 Percent Due to Vaccine Mandate

‘Trying to Fail:’ Amid Border Crisis, New DHS Rules Reduce Arrests, Deportations of Illegal Immigrants.

Nearly 300 COVID-Positive Illegal Immigrants Quarantined in EL Paso Motels.

Hunter Biden and the Art of Corruption.

President Biden, you have been well served by America’s freedoms guaranteed by our US Constitution, why are you unwavering in your determination to alter them now?

State Vice-Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo (Erie County Chair) appeared on NBC’s WGRZ’s Town Hall on Tuesday evening to discuss Gov. Hochul support of decriminalizing prostitution.  You can watch it here.  Note how strongly Mr. Lorigo supports women.

Michael Goodwin writes about the Tragic cost of Biden’s Afghanistan lies.

James Jay Carafano writes that Joe Biden’s plan to stop terror is ‘far’-fetched.

Biden Democrats have declared war on American small biz.  “Americans don’t deserve to bear the brunt of policies pushed by people in Washington who will never feel the effects of them, and who will receive a healthy paycheck each month no matter what.”

Betsy McCaughey exposes the billions hidden in $3.5 trillion bill to tilt election scale.

A ‘Titanic’ effort: Biden push to enact agenda headed for iceberg.

Malarkey, in Trillions.

Biden’s Immigration Treachery Threatens the Nation, Not Just National Security.

Poll shows people aren’t buying Democrats’ voter-suppression narrative.

New Poll: One Piece of Bad News for Biden after Another.

Garland should extend funding for special counsel John Durham’s Russiagate probe.  This will be the first true test of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s independence…does he have the backbone to extend funding?

BREAKING NEWS:  Durham Issues New Subpoenas in Probe of FBI Russia Investigation, Targets Clinton Campaign Law Firm.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Acknowledge Economic Reality Because She Thinks It’s Mean.

David Marcus: Biden admin doublespeak – your handy guide to White House euphemisms.

Gatestone Institute write about A New Word for the Administration/For Those Who Have Chosen Power and Profits over Patriotism.

Larry Kudlow writes: If the Federal Reserve Craters to Leftist Democrats, King Dollar Will Be in Trouble.

Yes, Virginia parents should tell schools what to teach.

Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC: ‘This Is a Turning Point.

Despite Gov. Hochul public statement of not supporting the defunding of police, Gov. Hochul appoints another strong supporter of defunding police.   Why is it that most every democrat elected official ignores a simple fact:  actions speak louder than words?

Bill Hammond alerts us that Hochul’s Emergency Order Imposes Insurer Restrictions Sought by Hospital Group.

New York’s disconcerting new governor.

YouTube bans accounts with vaccine misinformation.  Quick question for YouTube:  Who decides what is “misinformation?”

Taiwan’s Wealth Shows Cuba’s Poverty Is the Result of Socialism, Not a Blockade.

Victor Davis Hanson opines about Orwell and the Woke.

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