Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Impeachment sham, our legislative agenda and the minority conferences legislative agendas.

Impeachment Sham

With just days remaining in his term, President Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives in another stunt that was both a waste of time and counterproductive for America.

At a time in which tensions are high, a rushed impeachment with no due process and no trial, just a rushed vote by a Democratic majority, is shameful and set’s a dangerous precedence moving forward.

I want to thank six of our New York Representatives for voting no on the sham impeachment. I had the opportunity to speak with Congressmembers Stefanik, Zeldin, Malliotakis, Jacobs, Garbarino, and Reed. They were thoughtful and clear on why they were voting no. I applaud their transparency and willingness to discuss their rationale.

However, the State Conservative Party is disappointed that one New York Representative did vote with Nancy Pelosi to impeach the President. We consider Congressman John Katko’s actions to be ill-informed. It does nothing to bridge the divide, but it does everything to further aggravate it.

2021 Legislative Agenda

The Executive Committee of the New York State Conservative Party met last weekend in Brooklyn to finalize our legislative agenda.

Amongst the big-ticket items are repealing the criminal justice reforms passed by State Democrats in 2019, ending cashless bail, preventing defunding of the police, opposing the legalization of recreational cannabis, and vigorously defending New York taxpayers against the massive tax increases being proposed by the State Legislature.

As we finalize our agenda in the coming days, I look forward to going into more depth on what you can expect from us in 2021.

 Minority Conference Legislative Agenda

For the third consecutive year, State Democrats will control both chambers of the State House in Albany and will surely be looking to expand on their progressive agenda.

The State Legislature that brought us dangerous criminal justice reform, looks to expand on that and continue to give criminals, often repeat offenders, just as many rights as those who abide by the law daily. Additionally, Albany Democrats have made it no secret that they will work to raise taxes, including massive tax increases on the wealthy who continue to leave New York State in droves.

Last week, the Republican Senate released its agenda, “Resetting New York.” Minority Leader Senator Rob Ortt has promised Republicans will oppose all tax increases and will introduce a hostile amendment every day that the Governor continues to hold increased executive powers granted to him by the legislature last year.

In their efforts to get the economy moving in the right direction, The Assembly Minority has also set their agenda called “Jump-Start New York: A Plan for Economic Recovery.” Assembly Republicans are also looking to decrease the Governors powers and increase local authorities’ powers during times of crisis. Additionally, they want to implement the “NY Business Emergency Relief Act of 2021” to direct unallocated funds to business relief purposes.

Mexico’s Left-Wing President Mounts International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans.

State Republican Parties Criticize GOP Representatives Who Voted to Impeach Trump

Harvard students seek to revoke Trump graduates’ diplomas after Capitol Hill violence

Missouri becomes first ‘abortion-free state’ as last remaining abortion facility quits offering procedures

‘Heartless Monster’: Cuomo Critics Respond as His Spokesman Demeans Janice Dean.

A deeply divided Republic does not serve her citizens…

From the editorial board of the NY Sun:  Impeachment II: The Rush to Judgment.

9 Takeaways as 10 Republicans Join Democrats to Impeach Trump Again.

Impeachment only feeds divisions, elevates Trump in his supporters’ eyes.

The left’s bare-faced hypocrisy: Devine.

Erase and Criminalize

William Voegeli has an excellent article in City-Journal: About “Whataboutism”/When turnabout is never fair play, that I would encourage every reader of this blog to read and hopefully circulate to family and friends.  Set aside a quite moment to read it; it is equal to some of my favorites written by Thomas Sowell and the late Walter E. Williams.

Then there is this:  Major Twist in US Capitol Storming Might Have Gutted the Democrats’ Narrative on Trump Impeachment

From the Daily Signal:  “The Purge Has Begun. Where It Stops, Nobody Knows.  More from the Daily Signal:  What You Need to Know About Big Tech’s Crackdown on Trump, Parler.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends Trump ban, but admits company’s power sets ‘dangerous’ precedent

Get the popcorn ready, this should be interesting.   AOC and other progressives have a new goal: Silence the press

Do Masks Work? What the Data Shows.

Critical Race Theory Infiltrates Government, Classrooms.

Star Parker makes some very good points in her column in the Daily Signal:  America Cannot Be Great Until We Make America Good Again.

How We Can Keep the Faith in America When Everything Is Shaken.

What begins in California, somehow finds its way to New York.  Parents, grandparents be aware:  Woke Elementary

De Blasio hates gifted schooling because it exposes his own failures.

Attorney General James Files Lawsuit Against the NYPD for Excessive Use of Force during the “peaceful” demonstrations in NYC this spring and summer.  The rule of law applies to those demonstrating; a peaceful demonstration does not end up with tens of millions of dollars in damages or setting police cars on fire and Molotov cocktails thrown at the police.  AG James noted, no one is above the law and that includes those who demonstrate.

The City Journal writes about  Joe Biden, Re-Regulator.

Restart, Reset or Renew? The Strategy against Iranian Nuclear Ambition.

From the Washington Examiner:  Andrew Cuomo’s vaccine blunder is yet one more reminder of his pandemic failure.

To those who promote taxing the rich, read this:  The Impoverished Idea of a Wealth Tax

The Empire Center writes that Cuomo Delays Releasing Nursing Home Data for Two More Months.

Today’s blog ends with these words of wisdom from Thomas Jefferson “An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens.”   Unfortunately, far too many today do not exercise his wisdom.

Our First Amendment is on life support; and those who have benefitted by its life are suffocating it.

Andrew Cuomo’s sad State of the State speech.

Here are two articles regarding the Governor’s State of the State delivered yesterday from an upstate paper:  Cuomo vows to vaccinate 70% to 90% of New Yorkers  and Vaccinations, boosting economy top Cuomo 2021 agenda.  The focus of these two articles is COVID-19 and not the problems New Yorkers will face with the substantial budget shortfall taxpayers are facing.  COVID-19 is a major concern for all New Yorkers (as well as the world’s population) but, the way government responds to the economic fallout must be questioned by those reporting on the problems.  How do we expect people to understand the depth of the economic shortfall, and how it will be resolved, if the newspapers gloss over the seriousness of the budget concerns?  The media has a responsibility to inform the public; our Founding Fathers realized that by elevating their importance in the First Amendment.  It is time they accept that responsibility no matter how unpleasant it may be to report; government does not need cheerleaders as much as her citizens need to be fully informed.

Bill Hammond writes that the State’s Vaccine Appointment System Was Not Ready for Prime Time.   (BTW, it still isn’t…)

Janice Dean: COVID vaccine distribution botched by Cuomo – why wasn’t New York’s governor more prepared?

The perilous side-effects of banning evictions mean it can’t go on forever

Victor Davis Hanson opines about Crazy 2020 Is Dead! Long Live Crazier 2021!

Charles Hurt write in the Washington Times about the impeachment of King Lear: Shakespeare would have been in love with Donald Trump.

Pompeo slams anti-American ‘woke-ism’ at Voice of America, U.S. broadcast outlets.

Biden Says He Will ‘Defeat the NRA’ While in Office.

As we noted yesterday:  Dems continue ‘selling out America’ in new impeachment push

The man will say anything to get the press’s attention.  Schumer: Put Everyone Who Was in the Capitol on No-fly List.  Yes, the people who stormed the United States Capitol were wrong and they broke the laws of our land and should face the consequences for their action; and they will.

Anyone surprised about this?  Antifa’s Determined to Prevent a Book About Their Tactics from Being Published.

Wow, this makes the collusion between a campaign and a social media outlet, even worse than anyone could have imagined.  Emails Reveal Facebook Banned Users at Hunter Biden’s Request.

Left-Wing Billionaires Turn to For-Profit Corporations for Giving.

Twitter Sends Out Major Irony About Freedom of Expression During Elections.

Facts Win Out – Peter Wood’s learned and thoughtful demolition of the 1619 Project.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Iran, China, Promise to be the Biggest Tests of Biden’s Presidency in 2021. Also from Gatestone:  EU-China Investment Deal: “It Spits in the Face of Human Rights”

Sad, but true:  The Endgame of Transgender Ideology Is to Dismantle the Family.

Rest in Peace:  Sheldon Adelson, Longtime GOP Donor, Dies at 87.

Most in the Democratic leadership posts would rather play politics than save our Republic.

“Rather than give America the peace it desperately needs in the wake of the Capitol Hill assault, Big Tech is tossing more fuel on the culture-war fires.”  Big Tech’s assault on Parler proves it’s gone full cartel.

Heritage President Kay C. James on Social Media Censorship.

Why ban of @realDonaldTrump proves Twitter not ‘just a platform’.

Storming of the Capitol was stupid, but Democrats’ flaming hypocrisy is outrageous.

Hypocrite!  You remained mostly silent during the summer of rage and now you are fanning the flames.  Schumer presses FBI to be vigilant of further threat of violence.

Insurrection:  a violent uprising against an authority or government.  Madam Speaker; you, and those you lead, may think President Trump was responsible for an “insurrection” but never once did he call for violenceYou, Madam Speaker, used your office to introduce an impeach resolution.  Shame on you and all your lemmings.  Shame on the media for not acknowledging that you are pouring oil on a fire.  Shame on President-elect Joe Biden, who superficially makes a call for unity, but does absolutely nothing, as he did all summer, to calm things down.  You call yourselves leaders, you took an oath to protect our US Constitution (“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”) yet, you, Madam Speaker, today you purposefully and deliberately allowed a resolution for impeachment to be filed, to appease your base and you and your lemmings continue to divide our Republic.  Shameful and sad that power means more to you, Madam Speaker, and your lemmings than this great Republic called America.

Mark Levin Condemns Criminals, Blasts Media Exploitation of Capitol Violence.

Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature get desperate for cash.  (see our statement on Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State here.Cuomo urges Biden to deliver on billions in aid at State of the State address.

Statement by Chairman Gerard Kassar on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State

For Immediate Release
January 11, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @cpnys
Statement by Chairman Gerard Kassar  on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State

Brooklyn, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State was a pure political speech that failed to address the structural fiscal situation that multiplied the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were no details as to when he intends to return control of the government back to its duly elected representatives, nor when businesses can return to their normal operations, in fact, he noted that further business closings may be needed.

Gov. Cuomo’s reliance on the federal government bailout is as shortsighted as his reliance on the sale of recreational marijuana and the institution of mobile sports betting.  Bad ideas remain bad ideas even if it helps you gain revenue.

New Yorkers need a Governor that is willing to make the structural changes necessary and show the leadership to provide a path to economic recovery, not the Pollyanna statements made to placate progressives.

# # #

Chairman Kassar discusses the new Congress, NY’s fumbled vaccine rollout, and NY’s shocking new legislative bill.

117th Congress

On Sunday the 117th Congress took their oaths of office and officially became United State Representatives.

At the moment our New York State delegation has grown by one member when Nicole Malliotakis was sworn in as New York’s Representative from the 11th district. Soon, I expect our number to grow again when Claudia Tenney’s victory is certified.

I want to congratulate our re-elected incumbents Rep. Elise Stefanik, Rep Lee Zeldin, Rep. John Katko, Rep. Tom Reed, Rep. Chris Jacobs, and newly elected Rep. Andrew Garbarino who was elected to replace the retiring Rep. Peter King.

I look forward to the future with our new slate of Representatives. Their futures are bright and they are eager to work on behalf of their districts.

Additionally, New York State Conservative Party staffer John Seravalli has joined the staff of Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis in Washington D.C. John will be traveling between New York City and D.C. and will continue as an active member of the party and State Executive Committee. Please feel free to continue to reach out to him at any time.

Finally, I would be remise if I didn’t comment on Wednesday’s terrible events that transpired at the U.S. Capitol, a not only historical complex, but a complex in which was holding our New York delegation and staff members.

As our executive director noted in Thursday’s daily update, “…what happened was wrong.  When an election is lost, by whatever means, we examine how we lost, we hold our head high and we do not destroy all the good we have done.  We are no longer kids in school playgrounds fighting about who dropped the ball.  We must be the adult and demand that cooler heads prevail; we cannot criticize Antifa and the rioting that occurred all summer long, then let our anger react in a similar way, albeit, I do believe that some from Antifa were at the rally and edged on the crowd in Washington, DC.

I understand the frustration that people have; I understand how being out of work for 10 long months (and no real end in sight) can create resentment against a government who has forgotten that “We the People” run the greatest experiment in democracy.  I understand that the politics of playing with people’s lives has caused many to lash out in anger, but, unbridled anger will not resolve the serious conflicts America is facing within.

We must regain the dream that our Founding Fathers believed in.  We must remember our history and acknowledge, while not perfect, we have corrected our mistakes.  Erasing our history, or not knowing it, can allow some of the same mistakes to be made again.  We must focus on the generosity of Americans; those who serve to protect our way of life; those that give to those who need; those that create jobs for others to earn a living; those who worship God, not the statism that seeks to replace Him and we must refocus on the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Governor Cuomo Fumbles Vaccine Rollout

 Governor Cuomo is running out of people to blame for his failures, but I don’t believe that will stop him from passing the buck on his inability to do his job.

Earlier this spring, in typical Cuomo fashion, he made President Trump the scapegoat saying they didn’t have enough ventilators or hospital rooms. Weeks later we would learn ventilators went unused and hospital rooms unutilized.

Now we learn of the 630,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination delivered to New York State, less than a third had actually been administered according to a report issued last week.  A chapter that is surely to be left out of the Governors next book.

Conservative/Republican Assemblyman Michael Lawler said on twitter this week: It’s very simple: @NYGovCuomo asked for and was given complete control of the pandemic response back in March of last year. He therefore is completely responsible for the consequences of his decisions: nursing home deaths and the failed vaccine distribution.”

The facts remain that the Governor has been given a free pass from the very beginning and continues to be absolved of all responsibility, no matter how much he has failed. While the Governor profited from tragedy, businesses and livelihoods were stripped from working class New Yorker’s. While he received an Emmy, businesses received orders to close. While he looked for more fame allowing nearly 7,000 people in an NFL stadium, he wouldn’t allow you to have 10 paying customers in your restaurant.

The Trump Administration in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies worked in record time to produce a vaccine. The Cuomo Administration had one job, administer it to New Yorker’s. He has failed to even do that.

Shocking Assembly Bill A416

 Earlier this week Democratic Assemblyman Nick Perry introduced a bill so shocking I had to read the text twice.

Below is text directly from the Bill:


Yes, you read it right. New York Democrats want to give the Governor the right to forcibly remove you and place you in the “appropriate” facility.

As we continue to operate under one party control in New York State, the legislation coming out of Albany continues to expand the Governors powers and put New Yorker’s at risk of financial ruin or stripping us of basic rights. I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg and implore you to pay attention to the legislation and rhetoric coming out of Albany.

As we continue to lead the country in out migration, we are on pace to set New York back a generation. It is time we get serious about the challenges facing us and put an end to this assault on our basic rights.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson BLASTS media for hypocrisy on riots

Eric Swalwell should be kicked off intel committee and stripped of security clearance, experts say.

Trump cabinet member on 25th Amendment: ‘We’re not doing it,’ says Trump wants smooth transition

Retail rents tumble to historic lows in New York City amid bankruptcies and store vacancies

NYC Begs Gov. Cuomo To Let It Start Vaccinating Seniors: ‘We’ve Got To Save Lives’

“America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law.”

Brian C. Adams writes in the City Journal about the dark days that have occurred since November 3, 2020.  Some will be incensed about his words; some will agree. (The various newspapers and pundits all have opinions that will try and influence what you think.)  The Party has received numerous comments on what happened yesterday in Washington, DC and what led to that ugly display of mob rule; some supported what happened; most did not.  I am one who did not.  I do believe that there were irregularities that occurred on election day; I also believe that the four years that Donald J. Trump was president, the media, the never-trumpers, the swamp, the power-crazed oligarchs did everything within there power to destroy a man who loves America and wanted every person to have the same opportunities to be successful.  Donald J. Trump created an economy that lifted all those who wanted the opportunity to be lifted; he stood up for the unborn; he cut regulations where necessary and ran the country as an efficient businessman, not bound by the politics that Washington, DC craved.  President Trump stood up for America on the world stage and brought together countries in the Middle East that no one thought possible.  North Korea knew he meant what he said; as did Iran.  President Trump ran on a platform to make America great again, and to the best of his ability, he kept his promise, despite the constant onslaught of those who resented the fact that a non-political person was elected the 45th president of the greatest nation in the world.  Election day, November 3, 2020, should have been his re-election; but those who had worked so hard to destroy him for four long years, with the help of COVID-19 emergency changes made without the consent of state legislatures managed to maneuver the system to their benefit.

What happened was wrong; what happened in Washington, DC was just as wrong.  When an election is lost, by whatever means, we examine how we lost, we hold our head high and we do not destroy all the good we have done.  We are no longer kids in school playgrounds fighting about who dropped the ball.  We must be the adult and demand that cooler heads prevail; we cannot criticize Antifa and the rioting that occurred all summer long, then let our anger react in a similar way, albeit, I do believe that some from Antifa were at the rally and edged on the crowd in Washington, DC yesterday.

I understand the frustration that people have; I understand how being out of work for 10 long months (and no real end in sight) can create resentment against a government who has forgotten that “We the People” run the greatest experiment in democracy.  I understand that the politics of playing with people’s lives has caused many to lash out in anger, but, unbridled anger will not resolve the serious conflicts America is facing within.

Socialism isn’t what made America great.  Socialism has never lifted countries out of poverty and provided freedom for all their citizens.

We must regain the dream that our Founding Fathers believed in.  We must remember our history and acknowledge, while not perfect, we have corrected our mistakes.  Erasing our history, or not knowing it, can allow some of the same mistakes to be made again.  We must focus on the generosity of Americans; those who serve to protect our way of life; those that give to those who need; those that create jobs for others to earn a living; those who worship God, not the statism that seeks to replace Him and we must refocus on the golden rule:  treat others the way you want to be treated.

Today is a new day, with it comes hope.  Hope that America will heal as it has in the past.  I am committed to doing my part, are you?

With apologies to Stuart Gorrell and Hoagy Carmichael: Georgia is on our minds today.

Georgia’s duty: Stop the far left from dominating Congress.

A Time for Choosing: A Test for Our Souls.

A legitimate loss is something everyone can understand (albeit not happy about) but this is outrageous!  WATCH: Stacey Abrams Brags About Lack of ‘Exact’ Signature Matching in Georgia.

‘A-woman’: Oy vey!

Sorry, Pelosi: Eliminating official use of ‘mother’ isn’t inclusive — it’s waging war on women.

Desperate to have her name back in the national news:  ‘Not Just a Man’s World’: Wasserman Schultz Praises House Rules that Strip All Gendered Language

About that “blue wave,” obviously they miscalculated it:  House Minority Leader McCarthy Touts Large GOP Freshman Class in House of Reps.

Charles Hurt opines in the Washington Times:  Trump still selling ice cream in a desert of electoral politics

The Return of Reckless Keynesian Economic Policy.

Secretary Pompeo: ‘The True Face of the Chinese Communist Party Has Been Exposed’.  (The elephant in the room is how will Hunter’s Dad deal with it?)

And China isn’t the only problem:  Congressmen Beating the Drum for Iran’s Mullahs.

Please, someone reassure Americans that America will not have two people in the White House that have a prerequisite to plagiarize.

Democrats and Republicans Fume After Cuomo Threatens State Hospitals

Legislators:  Please tell your constituents this headline is incorrect!  No sign that NYC’s surging violence will wane in 2021.

The exodus from New York continues:  New York ranks second for outbound moves in 2020.

Bob McManus opines in the NY Post today that the NYT discovers crime wave but goes silent on Black Lives Matter’s role.

From ZeroHedge Statistician: Lockdowns Don’t Work Because They Force People to Congregate In Fewer Places.

Here is a very interesting article about health care:  Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire to shut down health-care venture Haven.  I can’t help but wonder how some of the most profitable, smartest run businesses in America can’t seem to make health care work for their employees.  Did they decided it consumed too much of their profits?


For Immediate Release
January 5, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882 @cpnys


 Our Founding Fathers’ insight when creating the new United States of America continues to astound today’s citizens when we are faced with extraordinary circumstances that need to be resolved.  It is a constitutional obligation to be certain that our elections take place as laid out in Article II of the US Constitution, and as of this date, questions remain that Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada followed or supplanted the election law laid out by the Constitution and/or the legislatures of each of these states.

The 74+ million people who voted for President Donald J. Trump have the right to have their representatives in Congress question the certification of the November 3, 2020 elections, and the votes cast by the members of the Electoral College, as liberals did in January, 2017. Which, by the way, wasn’t the only time objections were made regarding the certification of the votes cast by electors to the Electoral College.

Earlier, in 2005, Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, said at a press conference with Sen. Barbara Boxer, “How can we possibly tell millions of Americans who registered to vote, who came to the polls in record numbers, particularly our young people … to simply get over it and move on,” while questioning Ohio’s 20 electoral votes that a report by the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee found “numerous, serious election irregularities” in Ohio that led to “ significant disenfranchisement of voters.”

Much has been reported how the COVID-19 pandemic led to various changes in election laws that were not passed, as required by the US Constitution, by state legislatures.  Every citizen who cast their vote in the 2020 elections has the right to know that their vote was cast according to the Constitution and/or state laws — passed by their legislature and signed into law by their governor — of their home state and not supplanted by those who did not have the authority to do so.

The government of these United States is run by its people; who elect representatives to speak for them; it is the obligation of these elected congressional representatives to be certain that every vote cast, was cast in good faith that the laws of the states were meticulously followed.

# # #

Be forewarned; the oligarchs are two US Senate seats from taking over.

Whatever happens on January 6, Terry Paulson speaks for over 74 million Americans when he writes:  We Remain Forever Grateful Mr. President.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times;  At stake this week: Saving America from a unified socialist government.

Congress Approves Rules Regulating Jan. 6 Electoral Vote Count.

Real Clear Politics reports on Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments of 2020.

And Jeff Davidson, writing in reminds us of what Things That Donald Trump Did Not Do.

Thank you, Congressman Andrew Biggs (R-AZ) for calling out the cartoon published in the Washington Post:  The Washington Post’s Cartoon Crossed the Line.

Salena Zito writes in the Daily Signal that Our Hopes for 2021 Won’t Be Fulfilled by a Politician, but by Us.  Also, from the Daily Signal:  Law Professor Speaks Out After Being Shamed for Writing Honest History of BLM.  And some wise words from Kay C. James, President of the Heritage Foundation:  Why Conservatives of All Stripes Must Unite in 2021

From the Epoch Times, a very interesting article:  Exact Fallout of Presidential Election Predicted in 2019 War-Game Paper.

Biden’s Critical Race Theory Two-Step.

Why Biden won’t stand up to the Chinese menace.

China launches major military exercise with its second aircraft carrier, the Shandong.

Chinese Citizen Journalist Sentenced to Four Years for Coronavirus Reporting.

China: Paying US Media to Publish Propaganda.

China expected to displace US as world’s biggest economy by 2028: report.

China Using COVID-19 to Overtake America’s Economy.

Uncovering the Chinese Government’s Pandemic Deception.

Will Joe Biden take on our alarming China problem?

Better yet, how would Ossoff handle the problem, if elected to the US Senate?  Watch this.

The China Threat is Real and Upon Us.

Joe Biden, you must be prepared:  The Bill Is Coming Due for China’s ‘Capitalist’ Experiment.

Did Americans Come to Love Big Brother?

From the Federalist:  5 Big Things We Learned About Our Elites In 2020.

From the City-Journal:  Mayors for Free Money/A growing coalition of urban leaders embraces a guaranteed basic income.  Also from the City-Journal:  Tell Only LiesThe Perils of “Doing Something”/Fifty years on, Edward C. Banfield’s skeptical take on the urban crises of his day offers useful advice for dealing with our own and Biden and Schools/Federal education policy is likely to take a sharp left turn.

Headlines are purposely written to grab your attention:  Trump tells Georgia officials to ‘find’ votes to defeat Biden in recorded call.  There is always more than the headline.

Charlie Gerow opines that It should always be nation over politics.

Frank Vernuccio writes in Townhall Finance ( that Washington Drowns In Red Ink.

Here’s how ‘social justice’ ruins the lives of innocent people, even high school students.

Trump’s minority outreach laid groundwork for expansion of base: ‘It scares the heck’ out of Dems.

The Poisonous Economics of Wealth Taxation.

“The state’s economy, which Gov. Cuomo and de Blasio locked down, is failing to spit off enough tax revenue to fund the state’s spending plans, they’ll argue, so taxes must rise to fill the gap.” Albany is planning more pain for New York in 2021. “…  New York’s future rides on stopping the loony left.”

Really, how surprising that they will fawn over Biden.  CNN’s Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper say media coverage will change under Biden administration.

Casey Seiler, writes in the Albany Times Union, about the Gov’s plan to allow 6700 football fans attend the Buffalo Bills playoff game on Saturday, 0109 2020.   Well worth reading:  Because the gov says so.

From the NY Post editorial page:  King Cuomo’s COVID rules meet the Constitution.

COVID vaccine fiasco shows Cuomo and de Blasio’s ineptitude.

Team Cuomo’s latest nursing-home hypocrisy.

Janice Dean is a non-political person (meteorologist on Fox News) who suffered the loss of her beloved in-laws due to COVID-19.  Fortunately, Mrs. Dean has a platform (social media presence) to speak for those who do not have a large platform to hear their concerns.  Read her moving article here:  Janice Dean: The tragic rise of Andrew Cuomo amid COVID-19 — a real American crisis.

From Bill Hammond writing for the Empire Center: Cuomo’s Summary of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Data Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Victor Davis Hanson writes his last article for National Review:  A Guide to Wokespeak.   Mr. Hanson appeared on Fox News (December 30, 2020) and restated all the reasons why the Jan. 5 US Senate election in Georgia is so important to our Republic.  And then there is this from Mr. Hanson: What Will Historians Make of Our Annus Horribilis?  Thank you, Mr. Hanson, always the straight shooter who lets us believe that America can come back stronger.

NYC Turns from Rewarding Failure in Schools to Punishing Success.

Economics Is About How to Grow the Pie, Not How to Slice It Up.

So, should one believe that when a potential Biden Administration appointee files a “conflict of interest” form, that they will be automatically able to disregard the prior arrangement they had with the potential conflict of interest?  Janet Yellen made more than $7 million in speaking fees in 2019, 2020.  Wouldn’t it better for any administration to tap a person without any potential conflict of interest?

Speaking of conflict of interest, do you think Alexander S. Mackler, who is serving on Joe Biden’s Justice Department’s transition team may have his own conflict of interest while serving as an advisor for Biden?

Progressives, note this:  States of Growth and Decline.  (Those who move from blue to red states, a piece of advice:  do not bring your voting habits with you, duh, that is why you left! Sadly, sometimes, I think {when they continue to vote progressive} it is a plan to let the oligarchs take over because I can’t believe they would be foolish enough to continue voting for the same failed policies.)

Progressives changing House Rules:  Proposed House Rules Seek to Erase Gendered Terms Such as ‘Father, Mother, Son, Daughter’.  This is the result; Congress Has Officially Gone Gender Crazy.  Is it possible that Democrats really do not know what the meaning of “amen” is?

Note to progressives and progressive wannabes who are elected officials in New York State:  your policies have helped create this horror, what are you doing to keep your constituents safe?

Say a prayer for New York City.

Sen. Manchin: Repealing Hyde Amendment Would Be ‘Foolish’.

Parents and Grandparents:  Are you aware of this?  Cartoons Are the Left’s New Weapon to Target Your Kids.

Preserving America’s Past Through Trump’s 1776 Commission.

We kept an eye on the news…here are a few items you may have missed over the long Christmas weekend.

UPDATETrump signs COVID-19 relief bill with $600 stimulus checksWho gets a second stimulus check? What to know after Trump signs COVID bill

9 Things You Need to Know About the $1.4 Trillion Fiscal Year 2021 Omnibus and $900 Billion COVID-19 Package.

More on the spending plan here.  Pork City: Here Are the Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package.  (It really is disgraceful how little is going to those who pay the bill…along with their children, grandchildren and most likely their great-grandchildren if not even one more generation.  Simply disgraceful.)

How $10 Million for Gender Programs in Pakistan Got Tied to a COVID Relief Bill.

When one political party has total control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government (in most cases when one political party owns both the Executive and Legislative branches, they also control the Judicial branch) this is how they do business:  they issue the fact that they will be meeting to pass legislation; most likely with one item (or possibly a few) on the agenda and let you know what that bill(s) will be; most likely when you are not paying attention (like over a holiday weekend); then on the day they are to meet — today, the full agenda comes out.  In the case of the Assembly, 31 pages with bills, in the Senate 18 pages with bills listed.  Very little time to review when the Assembly Agenda is made public at 10:08 AM and session is at 12:45 PM; Senate agenda was issued at 8:28 AM and session is at 1:00 PM.  Foolish of me to believe that transparency is upmost in what government should be doing when passing bills, either in Washington or Albany.  I guess the rule of thumb has become what Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when Obamacare was passed in 2010:  “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Georgians—As a Lifelong Democrat, I Implore You to Support Loeffler and Perdue.

Jeremiah Wright preached at Raphael Warnock’s church in 2014…anyone surprised?

Does this spell trouble?  Georgia Has Registered 76,000 New Voters Ahead of Senate Runoffs

8,000 Ballots Requested in GA Senate Race Believed to Be from Non-Residents, Secretary of State Investigating.

Grover Norquist: Georgia Senate runoffs – tax increases coming if Democrats win these races.

Dem Senate Hopeful Urged Americans To Follow Chinese State-Run Media.

‘Blueprint for Positive Change’ Exposes the Left’s Plans for Conservatives.

Biden Embracing Obama’s Failure in Foreign Policy.

Biden CIA Appointee Worked with CCP Propaganda Org Conducting ‘Undercover Intel Ops’, Appears on China State Media.

From the Washington Times:  How Silicon Valley scions launched ‘unprecedented cover-up’ in Hunter Biden case

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  China Wants to Be the World’s Banker.

China Engaged in ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Americans’ Mobile Phones, Report Finds.

Beijing ‘Substantially Involved’ in US 2020 Election, China Analyst Says.

China: The Conquest of Hollywood.

China Lies About Its Wrongdoing on COVID, Spying, Global Aggression, Pollution, and More.

China’s virus deceptions have been even worse than we thought.

Has China Mastered Weather Modification? Should We Worry?

Voters Think China’s Influence Will Grow Under Biden.

Survey: Progressives Least Likely to Take Pride in America.

New York’s Latest Progressive Tax Proposal Has a Radical Twist.

Another Stake in the Heart of New York’s Small Businesses

‘Big Fight’ Breaks Out Over Which Interest Groups Get Vaccine First.  Do you believe Gov. Cuomo’s statement: “There will be no political favoritism,” the governor said in a news conference on Wednesday (12/16), a message he repeated on Friday (12/18)?  Time will tell.

4 Diseases You’ve Probably Forgotten About Because of Vaccines.

Victor Davis Hanson writes about COVID, Woke Science—and Death

More from Victor Davis Hanson:  After 2020 election – here’s how to keep track of upside-down world of media and politics.

I wonder if there is any connection between these two separate articles?   Hard drugs ‘pervasive’ in some fraternities; 21 charged with links to UNC, Duke, App and this one Did You Know? Chinese Government Influence at North Carolina Colleges.

3 Quotes from Founding Fathers Remind Us Why We Are a Constitutional Republic (Not a Democracy.

The Forgotten Oath of Congress.

Nothing will change until teachers change this:  Teaching Hate/The Seattle school district claims that the U.S. education system is guilty of “spirit murder” against black children.  Those who believe what this training session is teaching are so mis-guided.  This is a call for revenge; not a plan to make things better.  Those who believing this training session is a good one to be adopted, will do nothing to change any injustice; it is nothing more than demanding that the injustices suffered by some (those who choose to play the victim role) be perpetrated on those born with white skin. This type of thinking and training must end.  America is NOT systemically racial; those who believe it is have been trained to be victims, taught they are unable to attain the American Dream because of the color of their skin.  This is belittling to those who have attained the American Dream by working hard; the late Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell, Justice Clarence Thomas, Congressman-Elect Burgess Owens…shall I go on?

Is this teaching or indoctrinating?  Teachers at Elite NYC Private School Make List of 24 ‘Anti-Racist’ Demands.

The ‘Sexual Rights’ Movement Is Gaining Power Globally. Here’s What to Expect.

Conservatives Now Have an Option to Avoid Investing in Left-Leaning Companies.

Under Trump’s Tenure, Promises Made Were Promises Kept.

This could get really ugly:  States Battle Each Other Over Billions in Work-From-Home Taxes.

This is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s legacy:  New York, again, leads nation in population decline. And it could now lose two House seats.

Dan Gainor: Cuomo acts like New York is his kingdom, not a state, in dealing with COVID.

NY leaders need to face facts, and start making real cuts.

Bob McManus opines about how De Blasio’s push for new ThriveNYC waste is latest low of his fake mayoralty.

Me who? Andrew Cuomo accuser’s fast-fading charges make mockery of ‘believe all women’.

Mr. Mayor:  you must be proud of this since nothing is being done to end it.  Mayhem in the streets: Illegal vendors are overtaking NYC.

From Gatestone Institute:  Drug Trafficking: The Dirtiest Little Secret.

Barr’s Outstanding Record of Accomplishments.

Say what?  Vote reparations?   An Absurd Call for ‘Vote Reparations’.

Chairman Kassar wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!

Merry Christmas

 From everyone at the New York State Conservative Party, we want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

2020 has certainly brought us many unexpected twists and turns. It has been a challenging year for all, not just here in New York, but around the country.

Through the trials and tribulations, I have been encouraged to see how well New Yorkers have once again responded in the face of adversity.

We have much to remain grateful for and I am confident that we will soon come out the other side stronger than ever.

New Yorkers remain in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to seeing you all. Have a healthy and prosperous 2021.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

18 members of the House GOP demand emergency hearings on election fraud.

Leaving California: 135,000 More People Left the State Than Moved Here in The Past Year.

New York Lawmaker Begs Goldman Sachs Not to Go to Florida: ‘Please Don’t Leave Us’.

Carney: Biden’s Massive Tax Hikes Inevitable f Democrats Win Georgia Senate Races.

Churchill: Cuomo for AG? Oh, let the fun begin.

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