Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 12/1

Is New York City Government Sustainable?

The short answer is no. Even when you take out of the equation the countless ethical and legal questions that have arisen concerning the Mayor and other top City Officials including Commissioners, Council Members, and other officeholders, you will come to the same conclusion.

New York City only thinks of increasing revenue and spending; which has become even more difficult due to the loss of many of its higher-income citizens, who are emigrating to other states. The city consistently raises property taxes, often income taxes, and any other forms of revenue, from parking meters to various fines and fees as the solution. This, of course, does not consider inflation on non-government services.

When you are spending literally billions of dollars on illegal migrants for everything from housing, food, education, health, and transportation, you have an unsustainable budget problem. Add onto these billions the additional strains on public safety, as well as the criminal justice system and everyone feels the pinch.

Now with gigantic protests relating to the Middle East happening several times a week in the city, Mayor Adams, as a cost saver, announces the cancellation of the next three NYPD Academy classes.  That amounts to canceling 1500 new police officers from taking their oaths at a time when the retirement numbers are hitting new highs. The NYPD, in the matter of three years between the retirements and cancellation of these classes, will have the smallest force in several decades. It is just crazy and will have a myriad of unintended consequences as we have seen already.

Other agencies that provide basic services will also see their budgets cut; while taxes and fees continue to go up to cover the billions being spent on the illegal migrants and inflationary cost increases.

The Mayor talks a good game of pushing back against new arrivals. He cries for as much money as he can get from the feds and state, even as they tell him substantial new funds are not coming. In turn, the illegal migrants keep on coming to NYC, while taxpayers foot the bill with no end in sight.

Visitors to New York City see the difference and they are quick to speak up about it. The city is less safe, dirtier, and less welcoming overall than it has been since the early 1970s. In addition, unlike the 70s when you could still find inexpensive places to eat, live, and make a life for yourself and your family, everything in New York City today is very expensive.

Once again, the New York City of 2023 is not sustainable.

Patriot’s Podium Episode #16 Featuring Shaun Marie Levine, and Assemblyman Matt Slater

I am pleased to announce a special double-feature episode of Patriots Podium. In this episode, we spend our time discussing our 2023 Legislative Ratings, the process behind it, and how they come to fruition. Who better to bring on than Shaun Marie Levine, former longtime Executive Director, and current Vice Chairwoman of our State Executive Committee. As many of you know, Shaun Marie has been an instrumental part of the Conservative Party for many years, and we are thankful for her expertise to this day. In addition to Shaun explaining the outcome of the ratings, we are pleased to be joined by Assemblyman Matt Slater, who represents parts of Westchester, and Putnam County. Assemblyman Slater is a former Yorktown Town Supervisor, former chief of staff in the Senate, active in the Navy Reserves, and had one of our higher Conservative ratings. Matt had introduced several conservative bills to the Assembly that should have passed. However, because of the overwhelming majority of Democrats in the legislature, his bills never saw the light of day. There are many instances such as this, where Republican/Conservative endorsed legislators bring forth great bills, but cannot be rated without a floor vote. You can watch on any of the links below:

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Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
December 1, 2023

Statement on Removal of Rep. George Santos from Congress by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar 

Brooklyn-NY…“A stain on Congress has been cleansed. Good riddance, Mr. Santos. Let the special election process begin.” 


2023 Legislative Ratings Statement

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
November 20, 2023


Brooklyn, NY – The New York State Conservative Party today released its 2023 scoring of state legislators on 25 key conservative bills in Albany.

Overall Senate ratings averaged 38.86% — Democrats averaged 14.29% while Republicans averaged 88% — and the Assembly’s overall rating average was 39.52%, with Democrats averaging a 16.47% Conservative score and Republicans averaging 88.5%. The Governor’s Mansion and both houses of the Legislature are currently controlled by Democrats.

Eleven legislators — two senators and nine assembly members — scored a 96% Conservative rating. They are: Senators Mario Mattera (2 SD) and Steven Rhoads (5 SD); Assembly Members Joe Angelino (121 AD), Ari Brown (20 AD), David DiPietro (147 AD), John Lemondes (126 AD), John Mikulin (17 AD), Philip Palmesano (132 AD), Doug Smith (5 AD), Robert Smullen (118 AD), and Chris Tague (102 AD).

Full legislative rankings are available here.

“When you look at the overall Conservative score in the state legislature you can see why New York feels like it’s falling apart,” said State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “On issue after issue, Democrats are driving this state leftward, with most Republicans fighting for common sense conservative reforms on crime, taxes, immigration, education, Constitutional freedoms, and human life. The encouraging news lies not with the incumbent Democrat legislators, but with a voting public that is increasingly recognizing that runaway progressivism is undermining the health of their state.”

Legislation used to rank legislators included criminal justice reform measures, infringement of Second Amendment rights, radical green programs, and pro-life issues that affect the lives of all New Yorkers. More than 60% of New Yorkers consider themselves either “conservative” or “moderate” according to independent polling.

“Voter education has always been a core tenet of the Conservative Party,” Chairman Kassar continued. “Taxpayers must be made aware of how their elected officials spend tax dollars and where they stand on key philosophical, cultural, and economic issues. One glance at these issue rankings will show the average citizen just how out of touch with their viewpoints most New York legislators are today.”

The Conservative Party encourages voters to review the ratings and to let legislators know where they stand,” Chairman Kassar said.

2023 Short Description of Assembly Bills/Senate Bills

2023 Assembly Ratings

2023 Senate Ratings


2023 Assembly/Senate Rating Descriptions

Short descriptions of the legislative bills used for the 2023 Legislature Ratings in the New York State Legislature

  1. 108-A Krueger/A.1283 Seawright: This is the inaccurately named “Equality Act” which hampers parent’s rights on issues including gender assignment while enshrining in the State Constitution the ability to induce an abortion until term.  CPNYS opposes this bill.
  2. 636-A Comrie/A. 5981-A Paulin:  This bill seeks to provide data to the public about the gender, ethnicity, and race of companies’ employees.  CPNYS believes that this bill undermines the ability for private employees to choose their employees on merit, and if enacted would require specific groups to be equally represented as an employee, not on the merits of their ability to do the job and is therefore opposed to the bill.
  3. 1066-B Mayer/A.1709-B Reyes:  This bill raises interstate commerce issues by allowing NYS to create protections for non-state residents to seek an abortion in New York State without establishing residency.  It will enhance New York’s already deplorable abortion tourism industry.  CPNYS is opposed to these changes
  4. 1163-A Sanders/A. 7691 Solanges: This bill seeks to establish the New York State Community Commission on Reparations Remedies.  There is no doubt that slavery was inhumane and had to be ended.  America did just that after the Civil War ended in May of 1865.  America’s history is unique in that America recognizes and changes its shortfalls, however, a commission on reparations remedies is not the answer in 2023, one hundred and fifty-eight years after the Civil War.  CPNYS opposes the creation of this commission, it does however, support education on slavery to be certain that no race or religion is ever enslaved again.
  5. 2328-A Mayer/A. 2793-A Otis:  This bill seeks to provide additional protection for military monuments and memorials.  Recent attempts to remove long established memorials for “political correctness” makes this bill necessary.  CPNYS supports this bill.
  6. 2475-B Hoylman-Sigal/A. 6046-Bronson:  This bill seeks to allow courts and physicians the authority to provide gender transitions for those who are too young to sign consent forms themselves and who live out of state. This is yet another bill where the extreme left interferes in the policies of other states by affirming that gender transitioning is welcomed and encouraged in New York State.  CPNYS opposes this bill that also seeks to undermine the rights of parents.
  7. 2980-C Kavanagh/A.6216-B Rosenthal, L:  This bill expands tenant protections first passed in 2019.  CPNYS opposes the bill that leaves owners/landlords with little protections from delinquent or unruly tenants.
  8. 3225-Hoylman-Sigal/A. 358 Bronson: This bill seeks to keep accurate and relevant public records of population by sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in the state of New York.  CPNYS opposes the public record of all data collection of employees as there is no viable need to collect it.
  9. 3505-B Skoufis/A4282-B Paulin:  If enacted, local elections and the many important issues candidates in such elections discuss will take second place to presidential and statewide elections, thus doing local constituencies a disservice.  CPNYS opposes these changes.
  10. 4000-D Budget/A. 3000-D Budget:  This is the State Operations Budget Bill that continues unchecked increases to state agencies spending and is a major component to the historically large increases in 2023-2024. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  11. 4007-C Budget/A 3007-C Budget:  This budget bill contains the state health and mental health legislation that provides abortion expansion in the state budget. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  12. 4009C Budget Bill/A. 3007-C Budget:  This Budget Bill (Article VII) includes tax increases, movie tax credit expansion and a variety of MTA related language that resulted in a partial state bailout. CPNYS is opposed to this.
  13. 5025 Mayer/A. 1771-A McDonald:  This constitutional amendment seeks to remove the debt cap currently imposed upon small city school districts.  Although the Party does not oppose the use of increased debt to aid small school districts, we do, as a matter of principle, oppose lifting debt cap limits.  New priorities in state leverage, as well as revising pay as you go (PAYGO), in the views of the Conservative Party makes more sense.  Therefore, CPNYS opposes this bill.
  14. 5826 Kavanagh/A 3057 Cruz:  This bill would require that before entering a plea a non-citizen defendant be told that there is a risk of deportation.  CPNYS opposes this bill that undermines the federal law passed in 1996 that may subject a defendant to automatic removal even if it is a minor offense.
  15. 5984-A Kavanagh/A. 6132-A Carroll:  This is same day registration.  It was overwhelmingly rejected as a ballot proposal in 2020.  It will lead to increased fraud and therefore CPNYS is opposed to this bill.
  16. 6218-A Parker/A. 7764 Mitaynes: CPNYS opposes this program inasmuch as significant unresolved conflicts exist in the viability both scientifically and economically for large scale offshore wind projects.
  17. 6714-B Thomas/ A. 6568-B McDonald:  This bill seeks to establish the New York State organized retail crime task force.  CPNYS supports this common-sense legislation to help resolve the rising crime rates and help address the economic impact in New York State.
  18.   7050 Skoufis/A. 124-A Solages:  This bill seeks to prohibit municipal officers or employees from displaying political advertisements on or with public buildings and various other places.  CPNYS objects to the portion of this proposal that seeks to eliminate the display of a political advertisement as an attempt to infringe the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
  19.      7354 Hinchey/ A.7430 Peoples-Stokes:  This bill extends authorization to process and distribute cannabis products.  Marijuana continues to be classified as a Federal Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substance Act, as well as viewed as a gateway drug by the majority of substance abuse treatment specialists due to its high potential for abuse.  Therefore, CPNYS opposed this bill.
  20. S 7394-A Gianaris/ A. 7632-A Reyes:  This bill violates the public intent as shown in the overwhelming rejection of a ballot proposal in 2020 to amend the state constitution to establish mail in voting.  It will lead to increased fraud; therefore, CPNYS is opposed to this bill.
  21. 7414 Gonzalez/A. 7364 Otis:  The bill seeks to clarify that homeland security and emergency services statutory review and provide analysis of measures to protect the security of critical infrastructure including for cyber security.  CPNYS supports this necessary piece of legislation.
  22. 7548 Myrie/A. 2878 Aubry: This bill seeks to make it easier to vacate judgements in criminal procedure law due to various options such as changes in the law the applicant was convicted of.  If a court grants a motion under this section, it must vacate and seal the judgement. CPNYS believes those truly wrongfully convicted should be allowed to clear their name, however the changes in the bill open the possibility of a flood gate of applications due to the loosening of reasonable restrictions. CPNYS opposes this bill.
  23. 7549-A Thomas/A.7763 Hunter:  This bill seeks a one-year moratorium on rem foreclosures. CPNYS believes that additional time granted to the debtor for non-payment of taxes places an unnecessary burden on the locality, other property owners and the public.
  24. 7551-A Myrie/A. 1029-C Cruz:  This bill, also known as the “Clean Slate” bill, seeks to automatically seal records pertaining to specified offenses.  CPNYS opposes the “automatic” sealing of records (there is a process to expunge records) and believes that any record eligible for sealing must be reviewed by appropriate legal staff.

25). S.7564 Myrie/A.7760 Walker:  This bill seeks to expand the public campaign program.  CPNYS is firmly opposed to using tax dollars for campaigns. This proposal expands the current allowances resulting in the commitment of larger donations for the use in establishing matching funds allocations.

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Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap Up 11/17


I wanted to take this time to wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving. As we gather with family and friends next week on Thanksgiving Day, let us reflect on the principles that have shaped our great nation. 

From the pilgrims’ journey to the founding fathers’ vision, our history is a testament to the enduring values of freedom and liberty. Even in times of hardship, we express our deepest gratitude for the blessings of being Americans in a land where the pursuit of happiness is a sacred right. Our forefather’s sacrifices echo in the foundation of this great nation and state.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our members of the New York State Conservative Party. Your unwavering commitment to conservative principles strengthens the foundation of our democracy. Together we stand as guardians of limited government and common sense conservative values, just as our predecessors did. 

To our dedicated supporters, your tireless efforts have been instrumental in preserving the conservative vision that has defined our party. Your commitment fuels our mission to protect the constitutional liberties that make our nation exceptional. If it wasn’t for our members and supporters, the Democrat Party would have free reign to do whatever they please with no accountability. Surely it would not be the America we know today if that were the case. We are thankful for you each and every day.

As we come together to celebrate this day of gratitude, let us remember the enduring spirit of America and the responsibility we bear to uphold its legacy. With yet another successful election behind us, we rapidly approach a Presidential election year. It is our responsibility to continue the fight, but for now, enjoy this time to relax and cherish time with loved ones because that is what this Holiday is about. May this Thanksgiving be a time of reflection, unity, and appreciation for the blessings that unite us as one nation, under God.

I’ll leave you with this quote from President Reagan, “Although we are a pluralistic society, the giving of thanks can be a true bond of unity among our people. We can unite in gratitude for our individual freedoms and individual faiths. We can be united in gratitude for our nation’s peace and prosperity when so many in this world have neither.”

Happy Thanksgiving,

Jerry Kassar

Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
November 16, 2023

Statement on Rep. George Santos by New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“The House Ethics report says what we already knew: Mr. Santos must either resign or be expelled from the House of Representatives. The Conservative Party has been crystal clear about Rep. George Santos’s criminal behavior since it was first revealed. We’ve urged Mr. Santos to do the right thing for his district, country, and political party by resigning, but Mr. Santos wanted to do it his own way. Now his time is up.

“We urge his immediate resignation, and, absent that, his removal by a vote of his House colleagues. We will then urge Gov. Hochul to call a special election in NY3 as quickly as possible. No one is above the law.”


Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
November 16, 2023

Kassar: Crimes Have Consequences; Hochul’s Ill-Conceived “Clean Slate” Act Can’t Erase Criminal Behavior; Deprives Business Owners of Critically Important Information

Brooklyn-NY…“It’s clear who Governor Kathy Hochul is listening to and it’s not the voting public. New Yorkers are outraged at the ongoing crime wave and have made their voices heard about ill-conceived criminal leniency policies like no-cash-bail. But Mrs. Hochul and her woke advisors were only warming up.

“The Democrats’ new ‘Clean Slate’ Act will erase the criminal records of thousands of New Yorkers, depriving potential employers of essential information when making decisions. Many of these businesses are willing to give people with criminal records a second chance, but to restrict their information is dangerous and wrong.

“Mrs. Hochul and her woke colleagues are systematically working to create a fairy-tale, consequence-free state, where criminals avoid jail time and crimes are forgotten by the state. But what about the consequences to the victims? And what about the unknowing employer? It’s hard to imagine a Governor worse on public safety. Everyday New Yorkers pay the price.”


Statement From NYS Conservative Party

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
November 15, 2023

Hochul Social Media ‘Hate Speech’ Surveillance Creates Chilling Precedent: New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

Brooklyn-NY…“Governor Hochul’s scheme to monitor the social media transactions of New Yorkers is chilling to the core. Nobody wants to see the type of internet vitriol that occurs between some citizens, but government’s giant hand can be the most frightening one of all. Law enforcement authorities can and should monitor legitimate terrorism suspects online, but spying on everyday citizens is unconstitutional and wrong.

“We speak about the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘social credit scoring’ system with tremendous derision, but here in New York we risk walking down the same path. Where one begins scoring citizen speech, one begins scoring citizens. Leave law-abiding New Yorkers alone.”


Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-Up 11/10/23


Overall, it was a mixed day that saw some gigantic wins for the Conservative Party; especially in Suffolk and Nassau Counties and some notable setbacks. The two counties, with 3 million residents, had been moving to the right for the past few years and is now highlighted with a Republican/Conservative Suffolk County Executive–Elect and a super majority in the Legislature. Together with numerous victories in Nassau County, Long Island’s deep red became a national news story. Nassau held the North Hempstead Supervisor position comfortably; a big town which until two years ago, had consistently elected Democrats for almost thirty years.

There were also many candidates who won by the difference of the Conservative Party line, including the newly elected Mayor of Troy, the first woman and first Republican/Conservative in many years, as well as the Sheriff of Rensselaer County.

In NYC, the Bronx Conservative Party was the margin of victory in a hotly contested City Council race. A first in the Bronx in literally decades.

Of course, it was not all good news. Although many areas saw the status quo, we did lose several key County Legislative seats costing us local control, town Supervisor positions, and other local offices. Unfortunately, there was a District Attorney Office that turned blue and a County Clerk spot too close to call that we currently hold.

The Party worked hard, and our total votes cast on our line Tuesday was high. For me, that is more than a consolation, but a reflection of our strength and momentum into 2024.

The Party goes into the key 2024 elections being able to look back on 2023 as a year that reinforced the key role our Party plays in New York State politics.

You can read our full Election Day statement here:


The Court of Appeals next Wednesday will hold a hearing to determine if the Congressional Reapportionment should be sent back to the NYS Independent Redistricting Commission and then to the NYS Legislature.

When a special master under instructions from the State Supreme Court drew the lines last year because of the Commission and Legislature doing an unconstitutional gerrymander it was expected that they would be for the remainder of the decade. Statements at the time from multiple Judges, legislators, and experts said as much. The State Constitution speaks of reapportionments being final. A second review by the State Supreme Court said the same.

Yet, here we are. Democrats controlling the appeals courts in the State saw an opportunity. Now we will find out just how political the Court of Appeals has become. A majority Democratic Court ruled in favor of the lines that are now in effect.

So, what did Hochul and the Democratic leadership of the Legislature do? They changed the makeup of the Court of Appeals.

New Yorkers have long suspected corruption in the NYS Judiciary when political decisions are involved. This Court of Appeals can uphold what they have already done, or feed into the public’s belief that when it comes to politics, New York’s Democratically controlled Courts are fixed.

Patriots Podium Featuring Marilyn Musgrave

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marilyn Musgrave, former Colorado Congresswoman and Vice Chairwoman of Susan B. Anthony’s List. Marilyn has a proven Conservative track record, and is a major asset to the Pro-Life movement. Listen as we discuss many topics such as political culture in D.C., the Biden administration’s Anti-Life agenda, Roe V Wade, and much more! Visit any of the following links to listen:

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