Statement From NYS Conservative Party 7/9/24 SAVE Act

Contact: Andrew Davis, 845-522-1915
July 9, 2024

Common Sense: Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act (SAVE) by Chairman Gerard Kassar

The New York State Conservative Party is amazed that most Democrat members of Congress are opposed to the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, which is expected to pass the Republican-led House of Representatives this week. The SAVE Act addresses the critical need to protect the integrity of our elections and ensure that only United States citizens are permitted to vote in federal elections. 

The SAVE Act addresses the disturbing trend of some municipalities allowing non-citizens to vote and sends a clear notice that this will not be tolerated. This trend raises significant concerns about the sanctity of our voter rolls and the integrity of our electoral process. The NYS Conservative party is proud that our ten member New York Congressional Delegation unanimously supports its passage. The SAVE Act takes decisive action to combat these concerns by requiring states to remove non-citizens from voter rolls whenever documentation or verified information is received indicating that a registrant is not a U.S. citizen. 

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has also highlighted a loophole in the National Voter Registration Act that does not require proof of citizenship during registration for federal elections. This loophole has led to instances of non-citizens being registered to vote with no repercussions. Federal law currently prohibits states from verifying citizenship status during registration for federal elections.

The President, Senate and House Democrats oppose the SAVE Act, citing this is another way to make it harder for people to vote; some democrats are even calling it a “non-issue”. Overwhelming, the majority of Americans consider election integrity as one of the major issues facing the American people. To no one’s surprise, President Biden has already signaled the possibility of a Presidential veto if it is sent to his desk. 

The SAVE Act is a common sense step to shore up election integrity, and to partially combat the Democrat caused immigration crisis. It is imperative that our elections remain free from interference and that every vote cast is legitimate and legal. The question is, why are Democrats, and the President unanimously opposed?