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NY POST: Politicians looking to end-run NY clear demand for clean elections

Conservative Party Vice-Chairman Allen Roth and together with pollster John McLaughlin discuss Governor Hochul and the radical Democratic-controlled State Legislature attempt to do an end-run around the will of New York’s citizens

On Election Day, the public decisively defeated Propositions 1, 3 and 4.

  • Prop 1 would’ve effectively ended the bipartisan redistricting commission that voters passed by referendum in 2017, and also given special protection to count illegal immigrants in redistricting. It lost 56 percent to 44 percent.
  • Prop 3, to allow same-day voter registration in a state that doesn’t require ID to vote, lost 58-42.
  • Prop 4, to legalize no-excuse absentee ballots, and so enable ballot harvesting, went down by 56-44.

These decisive victories for honest elections won support across all parties, ideologies, and areas of the state. Yet Hochul has chosen to ignore the voters’ will. The day before Thanksgiving, she signed a law to gut the work of the bipartisan, voter-approved redistricting commission and let simple majorities of the Democratic-controlled Legislature approve new redistricting lines.

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Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Rent Moratorium Renewed, No Vaccination Mandates,Texas Signs new Abortion Law

Rent Moratorium Renewed

The New York State Democratic majority in the Assembly and Senate convened a special session this week to renew the rent moratorium that will certainly cost some landlords their property, decrease affordable housing, and sets the stage for rents to become astronomical at the end of the moratorium.

This needs not be the case and is evident by this morning’s jobs report, there are millions and millions of jobs to be had around the country, many of them right here in New York State.

The moratorium extension is an attempt to cover up the state’s failure to disburse rental assistance funds. Nationally, $1.7 billion was made available by the Federal Government and nearly 90% has yet to be distributed. In July New York’s own $2.7 billion funds, consisting of both Federal and State money, had barely been touched. This is yet another massive failure by the State of New York to do its job.

The results of their incompetence could spell more disaster for New York and will certainly lead to skyrocketing rental prices all over the state.

No Vaccination Mandates

Currently, there are several lawsuits making their way through the judicial system to stop government efforts to make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for teachers and health care workers.

“My body my choice” is a war cry amongst the liberal left, unless they’re the ones telling you what to do. Hypocrisy and the ultimate lack of self-awareness.

There are also a number of lawsuits pending that would block NYC’s requiring of indoor venues, such as restaurants, to show proof of vaccination before dining within their establishment.

The Conservative Party supports these efforts. In no way shape or form will we ever side with those weaponizing the government to infringe on your civil liberties.

While I am fully vaccinated and think getting one is a good idea, it is becoming all too easy for our freedoms to be trampled upon on this issue and so many others.

Texas Signs new Abortion Law

I was pleased with Texas’s implementation of a ban on abortion after 6 weeks. I was also gratified that the United States Supreme Court sided with Texas with a 5 to 4 vote in refusal to block the law.

This is an indicator that Roe v. Wade could be reversed, sending the issue on abortion back to the states. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pledged to return to Washington to codify Roe v. Wade, furthering how important it is to take back the House of Representatives in 2022.

Sadly, with one of the most left-wing governments in the nation, this will do little for us in New York, but I take solace in knowing that as we move forward this national tragedy will receive a solid push back with many states reportedly looking at the new law in Texas as the potential for their own.

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Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Gov. Kathy Hochul

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar

August 24, 2021

“The New York State Conservative Party congratulates Gov. Kathy Hochul on her swearing-in today. We wish her well as New York’s 57th governor, even as we represent a sharply divergent political viewpoint.

“We were struck, however, by the Governor’s response to a reporter’s question this morning asking Mrs. Hochul to identify the thing she most hopes to accomplish in Albany. “I want people to believe in government again,” she said, as though she had nothing to do with the corrupt administration that lost the faith of New Yorkers.

“Not for nothing, as we say in Brooklyn, but Governor Hochul has been Andrew Cuomo’s chief lieutenant in Albany since 2015. To suggest that she is in no part responsible for that loss of faith is disingenuous in the extreme.

“Governor Hochul may have been better served by admitting her own culpability in the corruption that went on in Albany these past six years and asking New Yorkers for forgiveness. Or is that too much for us to expect?”


The Conservative Party organizations representing the five counties of the City of New York have endorsed the following candidates for this year’s citywide election contests: Bill Pepitone for Mayor, Tony Herbert for Public Advocate, and Paul Rodriguez for Comptroller.
“I am beyond humbled and honored to accept the endorsement of the five counties of the New York City Conservative Party,” said Bill Pepitone, candidate for Mayor. “The Conservative Party’s beliefs and values reflect how I was raised by my parents, and I will rely upon such to bring strength, stability and solidarity to every community within our great city.”
“It is truly my honor to have been given the support of the New York City Conservative Party, who my values and ideas of governance here in New York is aligned with strongly,” said Tony Herbert, candidate for Public Advocate. “I look forward to our longterm collaboration and helping to carry the positive message of what the party stands for and its interest in seeing a successful and thriving New York City!!!”
“Bill Pepitone, Tony Herbert, and Paul Rodriguez represent commonsense values that will bring NYC back,” said Kings County Chairwoman Frances T. Vella-Marrone. “Their platform of public safety and fiscal responsibility will serve the people of NYC well. Brooklyn as well as all of NYC will benefit from their leadership. I urge all New Yorkers to vote for this impressive slate of candidates on the Conservative Party line in November.”
“The team of Bill Pepitone, Paul Rodriguez, and Tony Herbert are exactly what NYC needs right now,” said Bronx County Chairman Patrick McManus. “In my opinion, combined they are the perfect balance of candidates to bring back law and order, community support and fiscal responsibility to OUR city. Please be sure to come out this November and vote row C, the best choice for ALL of NYC.”
“We are proud to announce three excellent citywide candidates, who, when elected, will bring New York City back to the pre-deBlasio excellent city that it was,” said New York County Chairman Stuart J. Avrick.
“Our Conservative candidates will give the people of New York City a clear cut choice of public safety, fiscal responsibility, and common sense policies,” said Queens County Chairman Thomas M. Long.
“These three individuals have impressive credentials that will nicely complement our assembled team of candidates for contests on Staten Island this year,” said Richmond County Chairman David Mario Curcio.
This year’s general election contests for Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller are scheduled for Tuesday, November 2nd, with Conservative Party candidates appearing on Row “C” of the ballot.

Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 23, 2019!


If you look up “Memorial Day” online, much of the information you’ll find is about sales, vacations, and cookouts. I don’t want to be a killjoy – Memorial Day does mark the unofficial start of summer for most Americans – but let’s not forget the true meaning of this important remembrance: It’s a time to honor those service members who sacrificed their lives defending our country. Today, this weekend, and throughout the year, my prayers go out to the families of the fallen and to military members who grieve for their lost brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

Let’s make our new Weekly Poll a time for reflection: Which word do you think BEST describes the men and women who serve our country in the Armed Forces? I look forward to your responses!


Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of criminal behavior and is now shockedshocked! – that the President now views her and Chuck Schumer as hopelessly untrustworthy. The Pelosi/Schumer forces are playing by the old Washington rulebook, in which principles matter less than political theater; hence the accusation of a “cover-up” doesn’t include what, precisely, is being covered up. Good for Trump for not playing along.


More and more proof that illegal immigration and sanctuary policies threaten our country’s safety.

Meanwhile HUD Secretary Ben Carson is hounded by the left for putting Americans first.

New York City’s affordable housing con game.

Not all students benefit when billionaires pay off student loan debts.

Cauliflower is becoming politically incorrect.

Democrat who helped write health care laws we have now blasts health care laws we have now.

Have a nice weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 17, 2019!


America’s illegal immigration crisis continues to ravage our borders and radiate throughout the country, from car crashes to rape and mass murder. Here in New York, we’re facing this question: Should people here illegally be given a driver’s license? Our state’s political establishment says yes – the Conservative Party says no, and if you agree, please sign our Petition if you haven’t already.

The Conservative Party is taking action locally, and President Trump continues to fight for sane border policies with a new merit-based reform plan and continued efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Since President Trump is proposing it, of course Chuck Schumer is opposed. But Democrats who constantly want America to be more like other countries may have a hard time explaining why Canada and New Zealand have set such poor examples on immigration.


The fight for life has been prominent throughout the United States this week, including here in New York. Sen. Pam Helming offered an amendment from the NYS Senate Floor that would have reversed part of the abhorrent Reproductive Health Act signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 22, 2019. The proposed bill that Sen. Pam Helming introduced at our request, and offered as an amendment would have re-established the fact that infants born alive are human beings and must be protected. Unfortunately, the amendment failed in the Democratic controlled NYS Senate, but our efforts will continue in both houses until New York state government acknowledges the precious life a woman carries is a human being entitled to their own life.

Outside of New York State, the Pro-Life movement has had some successes. Pro-life measures enacted in Georgia and Alabama not only protect the unborn – they also pose a direct threat to the outdated precedent set by Roe v. Wade. It’s about time.

The debate over defending life continues to be riddled with dishonesty and misinformation (thanks in no small part to New York’s junior Senator), but just remember: Women are a driving force behind the pro-life movement; unlike the left, Americans are not zealously pro-abortion; and pro-life Americans are among the most caring, compassionate people in this country.

Why is the pro-life issue important to you as a conservative? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll – let me know how you approach this topic.


The Conservative Party was asked to sign on to a national statement against the radical Equality Act on gender and sexuality – of course, we took a stand for traditional values.

Local socialist’s constituents don’t look favorably upon socialism.

Attorney General Bill Barr has a wicked sense of humor, but his investigation into abuse of power is no joke.

Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign, on the other hand – there are laughs aplenty.

Have a great weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

I’ve had a great week traveling around our state, with stops at Conservative Party dinners in Nassau County, Wayne County and Monroe County – thanks so much for having me speak! Tomorrow, I will be in Liverpool, NY (Onondaga County) for a press conference regarding the Party’s efforts to put the brakes on illegal immigrants getting driver’s licenses, followed by a meeting of the state executive committee.

Upstate New York is beautiful in the spring and full of wonderful places to be. Here’s the news I’ve been watching this week…

TRUMP 2020

As the Democrats push their true (and truly narrow) agenda of impeachment, President Trump set the stage for the 2020 campaign with a raucous, riveting speech in the battleground state of Florida that as usual, drew a massive crowd of supporters.

Chuck Schumer wasn’t impressed, of course – who can blame him, since he’s being outplayed by President Trump at every turn? But the President touched on a host of issues that matter to conservatives, from abortion extremism to the Second Amendment to the border crisis.

I pulled a transcript of the speech and picked out what I think are the most powerful statements from President Trump as he charges ahead into the 2020 campaign. Which one do you think is President Trump at his best? That’s the question in our new Weekly Poll – and I know I don’t have to tell you that we’ll be hearing plenty more from our President as Election Day draws closer and closer.


Have you heard of the so-called “Equality Act” targeting gender and sexuality that’s now a progressive priority in Washington? If so, you know that the name alone is one of the greatest acts of legislative and political dishonesty this country has ever witnessed. Naturally the Democrats’ aim with this bill is to undermine President Trump, but it goes so much deeper than that.

As the Daily Signal notes, this is a bill that would advance civil tyranny, not civil rights – and it would promote abortion, undermine women, and force doctors to abandon the time-honored oath to “do no harm.”

Here in New York and in other states we can see the harm this bill will do to our nation, and the cultural impact of the Democrats’ gender revolution is already horrifying and will only get worse.

You have my word that the Conservative Party will be actively engaged on this issue – stay tuned for updates!


The collusion delusion should be dead, but even some Republicans refuse to give up.

Courageous Colorado students protest the politicization of a school tragedy.

Will a ballooning helium shortage deflate the economy?

Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 3, 2019!


Just when it seems we scraped the bottom of the barrel for bad political ideas, along comes Kirsten Gillibrand with this week’s ridiculous “Democracy Dollars” proposal – a plan to give each American up to $600 that could be used to support political campaigns.

Let that sink in: A politician has a plan to take money from taxpayers and then let them have it back on the condition that the money can only be spent on politicians. Unbelievable.

The plan was quickly mocked as a terrible and ridiculous idea – but we can’t ignore the fact that this is the kind of thinking that has gotten our nation into such deep fiscal trouble. So I want to take a closer look at it in our new Weekly Poll. Here’s my question for you: What would you say is the BIGGEST problem with Sen. Gillibrand’s call for “Democracy Dollars” funded by taxpayers?


Acting foolishly was the favorite pastime of Senate Democrats this week, as they wasted America’s time with their ineffective, unhinged questioning of Attorney General William Barr. The Democrats were playing to the cameras, but Barr was unflappable.

House Democrats didn’t fare much better, with Tennessee’s Steve Cohen crying fowl and New York’s own Jerry Nadler shutting down debate in the left’s desperate quest for impeachment. It was a circus, though that seems like an insult to clowns everywhere.


If you’re on Facebook, you may be seeing more of the Conservative Party lately – in addition to our regular posts, we have started a new ad campaign aimed at getting our message out and engaging with even more voters throughout the state. This is a particularly useful way to connect with younger, “millennial” voters, but overall our goal is to introduce people of all ages and backgrounds to the conservative principles we advocate. Our friends and supporters make outreach efforts like this possible, and I appreciate that you are part of our work!


Economy Added 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level since 1969

Trump Admin Will Protect Rights of Doctors Who Decline to Perform Abortions

A Whale of a Tale That Just Keeps Getting Weirder