Weekly Wrap-Up from Chair Jerry Kassar

Welcome to my Weekly Wrap-Up for May 23, 2019!


If you look up “Memorial Day” online, much of the information you’ll find is about sales, vacations, and cookouts. I don’t want to be a killjoy – Memorial Day does mark the unofficial start of summer for most Americans – but let’s not forget the true meaning of this important remembrance: It’s a time to honor those service members who sacrificed their lives defending our country. Today, this weekend, and throughout the year, my prayers go out to the families of the fallen and to military members who grieve for their lost brothers- and sisters-in-arms.

Let’s make our new Weekly Poll a time for reflection: Which word do you think BEST describes the men and women who serve our country in the Armed Forces? I look forward to your responses!


Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of criminal behavior and is now shockedshocked! – that the President now views her and Chuck Schumer as hopelessly untrustworthy. The Pelosi/Schumer forces are playing by the old Washington rulebook, in which principles matter less than political theater; hence the accusation of a “cover-up” doesn’t include what, precisely, is being covered up. Good for Trump for not playing along.


More and more proof that illegal immigration and sanctuary policies threaten our country’s safety.

Meanwhile HUD Secretary Ben Carson is hounded by the left for putting Americans first.

New York City’s affordable housing con game.

Not all students benefit when billionaires pay off student loan debts.

Cauliflower is becoming politically incorrect.

Democrat who helped write health care laws we have now blasts health care laws we have now.

Have a nice weekend!