NY POST: Politicians looking to end-run NY clear demand for clean elections

Conservative Party Vice-Chairman Allen Roth and together with pollster John McLaughlin discuss Governor Hochul and the radical Democratic-controlled State Legislature attempt to do an end-run around the will of New York’s citizens

On Election Day, the public decisively defeated Propositions 1, 3 and 4.

  • Prop 1 would’ve effectively ended the bipartisan redistricting commission that voters passed by referendum in 2017, and also given special protection to count illegal immigrants in redistricting. It lost 56 percent to 44 percent.
  • Prop 3, to allow same-day voter registration in a state that doesn’t require ID to vote, lost 58-42.
  • Prop 4, to legalize no-excuse absentee ballots, and so enable ballot harvesting, went down by 56-44.

These decisive victories for honest elections won support across all parties, ideologies, and areas of the state. Yet Hochul has chosen to ignore the voters’ will. The day before Thanksgiving, she signed a law to gut the work of the bipartisan, voter-approved redistricting commission and let simple majorities of the Democratic-controlled Legislature approve new redistricting lines.

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