Author: Gerard Kassar

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the “Woke” effort to cancel Columbus Day, Biden’s cognitive state and how independent efforts are running commercials to Save Our State.

New York Democrats Canceling Columbus Day

 The Conservative Party was the first to blow the whistle on an attempt by Assemblywoman Mitaynes and Senator Ramos to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. Erasing history might be fine if you are living under a Stalin type regime, but that will not happen here.

In the end, we can thank Lee Zeldin for putting a stop to it. Within hours of the proposal going public Lee Zeldin declared that his administration would have no part of such a crazy, disrespectful idea.

Of course, Governor Hochul then agreed, in essence, reversing her lack of interest in protecting Columbus Day, which was very apparent last year.  New York has plenty of very real pressing needs. Re-naming a holiday enjoyed by millions of residents and guests, not just Italian Americans, is not one of them.

Read my full statement here.

Biden Raises Eyebrows

President Biden continues to raise eyebrows with his odd behavior. This week he made a peculiar comment at a public event concerning the whereabouts of the late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski who tragically died in a car crash in early August.

The White House, which is now very experienced with covering up the President’s strange behavior, was quick to come up with a nonsensical explanation that she was on his mind despite the fact he asked the event crowd “Where is Jackie? She must not be here.”

The President’s cognitive state has been a frequent topic well before his election. As the 2024 election approaches, he should submit to an independent examination to ensure the American people and the world that he is mentally fit of doing his job. Americans deserve to know their Commander- in- Chief is making final decisions, not some unknown, unelected White House staff member.

Independent Efforts Activated to Save Our State

Commercials are appearing throughout the state taking aim at Governor Hochul and her re-election efforts from independent groups focused on crime, inflation and the economy.

This will help even the playing field against the gigantic war chest that Hochul has accumulated through a fundraising effort that has been accused of corruptly providing no bid contracts to Hochul friends. This is, unfortunately, no surprise as Hochul corruption ties run deep.

Public information indicates that two Independent Expenditures (IE’s) are spending currently over $2 million a week bringing forth the truth about the Hochul Administration to the people of New York.

We are just over a month away from Election Day. It is imperative we get voters out to the polls to give New York a fighting chance; free of a corrupt Hochul and shadow of a disgraced Andrew Cuomo.

Biden Admin Gives $41 Million in Contracts to Soros-Linked Group to Help Illegal Aliens Fight Deportations

Biden Admin Names White House Chief Of Staff’s Wife As Ambassador For Plants And Animals

Anthony Fauci’s Net Worth Increased Over 70% to $12.7M Since The COVID Pandemic, Report Says.

Wandering Joe Biden Gets Lost Again After Delivering Remarks

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the “Woke” effort to cancel Columbus Day, Biden’s cognitive state and how independent efforts are running commercials to Save Our State.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
September 26, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “Woke politicians in New York love nothing more than virtue signaling, and they’re at it again this week in trying to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day (A.10728 – Mitaynes; S. 2759 – Ramos). Talk about an empty gesture. If Assemblywoman Mitaynes and Senator Ramos truly want to make amends for the American history they despise, they’d submit legislation to return the state to Native Americans, starting with their own property.

“Any takers?

“In the meantime, those of us who appreciate U.S. history, as imperfect as it can be, will proudly celebrate Columbus Day again this year. Christopher Columbus is a major historical figure, of special significance to Americans of Spanish and Italian descent, and the national holiday in his name is well merited. It must remain.”



Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]

Nassau County – Sept. 25…Gerard Kassar has been unanimously reelected as Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, it was announced today. Mr. Kassar was voted into a third two-year term by the Party’s State Committee which met in Nassau County on Saturday to elect officers and attend to other party business.

“I am thrilled to be given an opportunity to serve the NYS Conservative Party again as its State Chairman,” Mr. Kassar said. “My tenure as Chairman has been filled with exciting challenges and many successes. I expect my new term to take the same path, with many successes this November. With these wins the Conservative Party will play a leading role in returning to our state safe streets, economic prosperity, common sense education policies and an acceptance of constitutionally protected liberties.”

The New York Conservative Party was formed in 1962 to restore a meaningful choice to the voters of New York State. At that time, the three existing political parties espoused the doctrinaire liberal philosophy of the welfare state at home and the collectivist ideology abroad. In just six decades, the party has grown from a small band of conservative-minded men and women to a statewide organization dedicated to the traditional American values of individual freedom, individual responsibility, and individual effort.

The full slate of elected Conservative Party leaders follows:

State Chairman – Gerard Kassar

Executive Vice Chairman – Shaun Marie Levine

Secretary – Howard Lim, Jr.

Treasurer – Francis T. Vella-Marrone

State Vice Chairs

Daniel M. Donovan

Hugh Fox, Jr.

Thomas M. Long

Ralph C. Lorigo

Donald S. Mazzullo

Allen H. Roth

James M. Thomas

Michael E. Torres

Regional Vice Chairs –

William R. Beckman – Hudson Valley Region

Henry “Hank” Ford – Northern Region

Brian Gardner – Capital District Region

Russ Gugino – Western Region

Christopher J. Kendall – South Central Region

Jason J. McGuire – Mid-Western Region

H. Leonard Schick – North Central Region

At-Large-Members –

Stuart J. Avrick

James J. Barrett, Jr.

Carol Birkholz

Ross Brady

Michael Buttino

David Mario Curcio

Thomas V. Dadey, Jr.

Louis DeCicco

John P. DeLessio

Chung Dick

John E. Flynn

Robert A. Fois

Edward J. Gaddy

Michael Garlock

John J. Hayes

Eileen Johnson

Jim M. Kerr

Paul Kosowski

Edward A. Magilton

Aaron M. Martin

James M. Maxwell

Patrick A. McManus

Bernard Ment

Donald F. Minichino

Christopher M. Mistron

Dimitry Edward Naemit

Scott D. Nasca

David Pappert

James F. Quinn, Jr.

Reid W. Robbins

Brett A. Robinson

David H. Ryan

Laura A. Schreiner

Robert E. White

Anna M. Wilcox

George S. Wonica


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden at U.N., Hochul Sells out New Yorkers to Campaign Donor and Adams Questioning Congestion Pricing.

Biden at U.N.

Biden said that we will never allow Iran to have nuclear capabilities, but those are just more words coming from a President and a Government that turned a blind eye to the human rights atrocities that have defined Iran for decades. Iran is a rogue state that uses a morality police to enforce suppression against women and all those who oppose their dictatorial rules.

I joined literally hundreds of Iranian freedom supporters at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza as they chanted their opposition to President Raisi as he spoke to the General Assembly.

For the UN to remain relevant, individuals like Raisi representing terrorist states must not be allowed to address the world. The United States made that mistake in the 1940’s, when we allowed the United Nations headquarters to be in New York. Now, 80 years later, we are constantly reminded of how serious an error this has been.

Allowing Iran and other anti-American terrorist states free access to address the United Nations and the world, defies the original charter of the United Nations. Foreign nations prone to hurt their own, in addition to Americans, should not be welcomed with open arms.

Read my full statement here.

Hochul Sells out New Yorkers to Campaign Donor

It is mindboggling how awful the Cuomo/Hochul, and now Hochul, administration have been during the COVID pandemic.

Governor Hochul wants us to believe that she is exempt from responsibility for the many preventable nursing home deaths and cover up that trailed itself back to the Governor’s Executive Office in which she served as the second in command. Her excuse, that they did not communicate on the matter, is not a very good defense when you have a constitutional responsibility. Ignorance and failure to do the job is what someone of integrity would say, that is not who Kathy Hochul is.

Now we have a Hochul scandal that links her with a scam to provide a large campaign donor

with a no bid contract to provide COVID testing products at a price well above what other states were paying. Once again Hochul pleaded ignorance but has since been shown to have attended a fundraiser thrown by the vendor, Digital Gadgets, for her campaign a short time before the Hochul administration awarded them the bid free contract amounting to $637 million dollars, 45% more than what California paid.

Adams Questioning Congestion Pricing

 Frankly, I have not been impressed by the Adams administration, but I am pleased to see him coming around on congestion pricing.

Congestion pricing is all about the West Side wonks telling New Yorkers what is good for them.

The plan is no more than a Hochul backed bail out of a faltering MTA. New York City refuses to enforce toll evasions which is costing the city hundreds of millions. Now, they’re planning to punish drivers in an effort to make up for the deficit.

Believe it or not, there is an easy solution—enforce the law. Ticket turn style jumpers and toll evaders. Law-abiding taxpayers are fed up with answering financially to a city not willing to hold those most likely to break laws accountable. This year its drivers paying additional tolls to enter Manhattan, next year it will be an added 2% tax with a creative name, further squeezing New Yorker’s out of the state. It must stop.

October 18th, save the date, we have Larry Kudlow and John Gizzi speaking at our Fall Reception. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets. 

Americans have lost $4,200 in​ ​income under Biden​, wiping out Trump gains​: Heritage

Kerry: Inflation Reduction Act ‘amazing’ bill but ‘I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation’

Orthodox Jews excluded from Biden’s hate crime summit: report

REVEALED: Activist group suing DeSantis over Martha’s Vineyard migrant flights backed by George Soros

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden at U.N., Hochul Sells out New Yorkers to Campaign Donor and Adams Questioning Congestion Pricing.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Zeldin’s closing in, Family Farms and California’s far left agenda.

Zeldin Closing in on Hochul

 As you have hopefully seen, a new independent poll shows Lee Zeldin within four points of Governor Hochul. That poll, along with a poll made public over the summer conducted by renowned pollster John McLaughlin, shows momentum is on our side with a little under 2 months remaining.

This news does not come as a surprise, you can feel it on the streets, you see it online and you sense at every Zeldin appearance that the tides are changing.

In the past month alone, Lee has raised almost four million dollars, including $1.5 million at an event headlined by President Trump last weekend.

With November 8th quickly approaching, it is imperative we continue to spread the word about Lee Zeldin and his campaign. We have a real opportunity right in front of us to bring back public safety, and common sense spending while protecting our farmers and making sure congestion pricing never sees the light of day. There is too much on the line to not get involved.

You may contact the Conservative Party if you would like to get involved or request a lawn sign.

New York Planning to Ban Family Farms

Very few New Yorkers understand the economics behind maintaining a family farm, yet most New Yorkers will tell you family owned and operated farms are businesses worth supporting.

The State Government, through an unelected board, has now proposed a change in overtime rules that will force many smaller farming operations to go out of business which will ultimately lead to the loss of jobs, the ending of family owned businesses and traditions, and finally forever changing the landscape of our rural counties.

The Governor and Democratic controlled Senate and Assembly won’t rest until all of Upstate New York looks like New York City.

The Conservative Party has joined with Senate and Assembly Republicans, Lee Zeldin, and the state GOP in urging the New York State Labor Commissioner to reject the Farm Labor Wage Board’s recommendation.

Read my full statement here.

California Continues To Get It Wrong

 California, a state that is doing a job equal to only New York when it comes to out migration, is set to ban the purchase of new cars after 2035 that are not electric vehicles.

Ironically enough, within 48 hours of that announcement, the need to stop charging your electric vehicle was announced and a pause went into effect because of the state’s insufficient electric supply and their inability to sustain their grids current load. It would make you laugh if it was funny.

New York, apparently not one to learn from other state’s mistakes, is on the verge of doing the exact same thing when it comes to vehicles. The legislature and Governor are close to signing off on a ban of new non-electric vehicles in 2035, even while knowing that fully charged vehicles have been shown to perform poorly in New York’s colder environment.

With power plants being shut, electric prices are expected to rise almost 40% over the winter. Calls by the cyber mining industry for new sources of power are being ignored while alternative energy sources are more of a fantasy then a reality in terms of their ability to meet demand.

It does not take a genius to know that you do not follow someone over a cliff, yet Governor Hochul seems dead set on following the lead of California and Governor Newsom. She won’t stop and she’s taking you over that cliff with her.

States confirm plan to tax student loan handout funds

Oberlin College begins payment of $36.59 million to Gibson’s Bakery after Ohio Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal

Joe Manchin’s Political Career Appears to Be Over

Jason Whitlock Calls Out South Carolina Basketball Coach Dawn Staley’s Hypocrisy, Tells Her To Cancel Games Against Memphis Due To Violent Crime

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up wishes all a Happy Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day

In the annals of modern history, few nations can boast about the productivity of its work force more than the United States.

From the mighty creator of the fortress of democracy, to the industrial revolution, the progression of electronics, to cyber technology—the “Made In America” label is what consumers value, and nothing compares to American ingenuity.

Labor Day is about the men and women who made, and continue today, to make American great. From America’s inception to the modern day, New York was built by those who worked hard in pursuit of the American dream for their families. The nearly 2 million members of New York’s Labor Unions continue on that journey today.

We must focus on advancement, not regression. The current President and his administration are more interested in hand outs, not hand ups. They have fostered in a new generation of entitlements and giveaways, not hard work and opportunity. We must return to what made us, as Ronald Reagan said, “the shining city upon a hill.” At our core, we are a people who indeed still value hard work. We must work to foster those same principles to those who are following in our footsteps.

Biden: “I Don’t Consider Any Trump Supporter A Threat To The Country

CNN Calls out Biden’s Use of Marines in Speech, Left Goes Wild in Response.

WH Press Secretary’s Claim of No One Walking Across the Border Quickly Debunked With New Videos.


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
August 29, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “The Proposed Congestion Pricing Tax is a slap in the face to outer borough and suburban commuters struggling to make ends meet. The tax has nothing to do with reducing congestion and everything to do with bailing out a profligate MTA that has never been able to manage money.

“We now know that Congestion Pricing will have an adverse environmental impact on New York residential communities, while doing virtually nothing to remediate traffic in Manhattan’s core business districts. This is simply an MTA cash grab disguised as an environmental measure.

“Congestion Pricing was a bad idea when it was passed in 2019, and it’s an even worse idea now. The situation has changed dramatically in the past three years, and it would be foolish not to recognize that. Covid and crime have dramatically altered commuting habits, and New York now finds itself struggling to get workers back into Manhattan offices which have historically provided billions in tax revenue to the City and State. Why on earth would we want to add a paywall to enter the exact area of the city we’re trying to revitalize?

“If government and MTA leaders want fewer cars on the road and more mass transit commuters, they should start by making subways and buses safe and clean. How’s that for a novel idea?”



Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the August Primaries and Gov. Hochul wants you gone.

Tuesday’s Election Results

 Although the Conservative Party did not have a perfect Election Day, the overall results this past Tuesday were good. Our lone loss in New York 19 was a hotly contested race which saw Marc Molinaro fall just short. Hindered by high turnout due to multiple Democratic primaries, I fully expect a different result in the 19th District this November that will result in a Molinaro victory.

However, all six of our endorsed candidates running in Republican primaries for Congress won. This is huge news and ushers in a unified Conservative and Republican ticket.

In the 22nd Congressional District (Onondaga/Madison/Oneida) Conservative Party candidate Brandon Williams overwhelmed Steve Wells, who outspent Williams many times over, and had support out of Washington DC.

In the 17th Congressional District, Mike Lawler won both the Conservative and Republican primaries that resulted from the twists and turns of the redistricting season.

In the 23rd Congressional District, Conservative Party candidate for congress Nick Langworthy won a nationally watched primary and is now poised for victory this November.

They join our many other Congressional candidates from all corners of the state that are pushing back against the Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer progressive DC agenda. We would like to congratulate Nick LaLota, Nicole Malliotakis, Claudia Tenney and Andrew Garbarino on their strong victories.

To close out the federal elections, congratulations are in order to Congressman Elect Joe Sempolinski who won the Special Election in the 23rd District and will be finishing the remainder of the retiring Tom Reed’s term.

Several Assembly candidates moved up to Senate nominations creating vacancies that will be filled for Assembly over the next few weeks. Additionally, a few State Senate primaries saw GOP/Conservative endorsements becoming aligned in two cases, and in one case a registered Conservative winning a Conservative Party primary in the Cayuga/Onondaga area creating a three-way race in November.

The players are now in place for November. The readers of this wrap-up are our first line in a battle that will affect our state and nation. If you are not already involved call our Conservative Party State Headquarters at 718-921-2158 so we can put you in touch with a campaign or party leader.

Read my full statement on Tuesday’s results here.

Hochul Wants You Gone

 “Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” That directly from the mouth of unelected Governor Kathy Hochul to anyone who disagrees with her. These comments came as Hochul stumped in NY-19 for Democrat Pat Ryan who emphatically shook his head in agreement with Hochul.

Strong words from Governor Cuomo’s rubber stamp who is only in the position she is in because the former disgraced Governor couldn’t keep his hands to himself. New York has lost over 1.5 million residents the last decade and now the Governor is telling over 5 million more to get lost. Someone should tell her that New York and her 220 billion dollar budget can’t afford to lose more taxpaying residents to the likes of Florida, Texas, or North Carolina.

New York City residents pay the country’s highest combined state and local income tax rate and now, according to Hochul, your money isn’t even good enough for New York if you consider yourself in any way Conservative.

 Governor Hochul owes millions of New Yorkers a sincere apology. Read my full statement on her comments here.

Furious families of 13 killed in Afghanistan demand respect from Biden administration: ‘Say their names’

Think Tank Says 14 States Improved Their Election Integrity Score

 Under Biden, You’re 4 Times More Likely to Face an IRS Audit

 Karine Jean-Pierre throws out rough $24B a year estimate for student loan handout plan: ‘We’re going to see’


Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
August 24, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “The New York State Conservative Party is proud to have backed six congressional primary winners in last night’s elections — Nick LaLota (NY-1); Andrew Garbarino (NY-2); Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11); Brandon Williams (NY-22); Nick Langworthy (NY-23), and Claudia Tenney (NY-24). The Conservative Party also congratulates Assemblyman Mike Lawler (NY-17), whom we endorsed, for his Republican and Conservative primary victories Tuesday night. And though he fell short in a razor-thin-margin race yesterday, we have every confidence that Conservative Party-backed candidate Marc Molinaro (NY-19) will prevail in November’s general election.

“These eight congressional candidates, along with other Conservative-backed candidates for Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly, represent the coming vanguard of common-sense change in America. They offer New York families relief from President Biden’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Charles Schumer’s inflationary spending agenda, lower taxes, stronger crime fighting measures, and greater parental involvement in schools.

“The Conservative Party will work day and night for the next 10 weeks to elect each of these candidates — and all Conservative backed candidates — to public office. Progressivism has left New York less safe, more expensive, and deeply disillusioned. We can’t remember a time when change was more needed.”



Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
August 23, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “Governor Kathy Hochul owes millions of New Yorkers an apology they’ll never get. Mrs. Hochul, like Governor Andrew Cuomo before her, genuinely believes that people who object to her extreme views on abortion, cashless bail, and the environment have no business living in New York State. Her statement was as arrogant as it was embarrassing.

“Mrs. Hochul’s fear of opposing opinions telegraphs just how concerned she is about Lee Zeldin and Marc Molinaro in November. It’s no wonder she wants to ship them out of state.”


Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden’s Afghanistan’s Withdrawal; Our National Affairs Conference, Early Voting and Zeldin Lawn Signs.

Anniversary of the Afghanistan Withdrawal

A year later the United States remains under the very dark cloud of the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The loss of American lives was senseless, and to this day, continues to churn my stomach. To add insult to injury, billions in military equipment was left behind and is still in the hand of the Taliban.

It has been discussed, and is fair to speculate, that Russia felt empowered to invade the Ukraine as a result of the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and reaction to the weak decision making that came from the

Biden administration.

America prospers when we are at peace through strength, and we have showed no interest in being strong with those most willing to wish harm to our country. As a strong America goes, the world goes.

We must never have a repeat of Afghanistan.

National Affairs Conference

The NYS Conservative Party held our National Affairs Conference this past weekend filled with speakers and followed by a reception in beautiful Greenwood Lake, Orange County.

The conference began with the release of the Conservative Party’s updated National Affairs platform. Our full platform can be found here.

We were happy to be joined by expert speakers on China, Manufacturing,

Constitutional Law and the Ukraine. Additionally, we were very pleased to be joined by Congressional Candidates Colin Schmitt and Mike Lawler.

Early Voting Continues

The Conservative Party has endorsed the following candidates running in the August 23rd Republican Party:

  • NY-01 Nick LaLota
  • NY-02 Andrew Garbarino
  • NY-11 Nicole Malliotakis
  • NY-22 Brandon Williams
  • NY-23 Nick Langworthy
  • NY-24 Claudia Tenney

We have also officially endorsed Michael Lawler who is in both the Conservative and Republican primary.

Finally, we have endorsed Marc Molinaro and Joe Sempolinski who are running in Special Elections for Congress. It is important to remember,

Conservatives can vote in the Special Election and may very well be the difference in winning and losing.

We must mobilize Conservative voters August 23rd!

Lee Zeldin Yard Signs

Our order of Lee Zeldin for Governor Vote Conservative yard signs has arrived!

If you would like a sign, please call our headquarters at 718-921-2158 and we will make arrangements for one of our county organizations to deliver a sign, or signs, to you.

Half of US companies preparing to cut jobs, survey shows.

Ron DeSantis announces 20 charged for voter fraud in Florida

Labor Day Flights Will Cost 23% More Than Last Year.

Families Need A Rein On Inflation, Not Shortsighted Spending Gimmicks




/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden’s Afghanistan’s Withdrawal; Our National Affairs Conference, Early Voting and Zeldin Lawn Signs.

Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Mar-A-Lago raid, Texas sends migrants to New York, Hochul double downs, early voting and special elections on August 23rd.


So far, the Justice Department and FBI have failed to explain why they needed to break 200 plus years of precedence by raiding a former President’s home for purposes of locating documents that were part of ongoing discussions.

Most Americans, including myself, looked at this action as an overreach of federal authority on a potential political opponent, much like you’d see in a third world country. It is also abundantly clear a double standard exists when it comes to the Justice Departments action with individuals like Hunter Biden being shielded from investigations.

Please read my full statement here.

Texas Sends Migrants to New York

 I had hope for Mayor Adams. That hope is fading as he trips over his own polices and then moves to blame others. He wanted a sanctuary city, and he got one. Now when Texas and other southern border states look to send some asylum seekers to places like New York, he suddenly wants to have nothing to do with them.

Make no mistake about it, I am not at all encouraging New York to welcome buses of illegal immigrants looking to use poorly constructed federal laws to allow most anyone crossing the border that turns themselves into authorities to claim some form of asylum.

Adams should be focusing on Biden border policies and the issue of unchecked immigration over our southern borders. Even better, he should give Vice President Harris a call and suggest that they board one of those NYC bound buses and take it back to Texas to see the border for themselves.

Hochul Doubles Down

 I will not discuss changing the bail laws until a new legislature is seated in January, Governor Hochul recently declared. I have two comments on her line in the sand:

1.) we would all be better off having Lee Zeldin in office January 1st so that we really will have a repeal of the supposed criminal justice reform that makes it difficult to keep most criminals in jails

2.) having more Republican/Conservative Senators and Assembly-Members would complement Lee’s efforts as our Governor very nicely.

Hochul is just awful. She wants to keep the extreme left of her party in line and does not care how out of touch that makes her with the majority of New York residents on law and order issues. She knows it is reaching a tipping point, causing her to punt to next year. Let’s make sure Hochul does not have a next year in government.

Early Voting and Primary Day

 Early voting begins tomorrow Saturday, August 13 and runs through Sunday, August 21. It is imperative we get our family and friends out to vote for Conservative Party endorsed candidates all over the state.

We are asking Republicans to vote for Nick LaLota, Andrew Garbarino, Nicole Malliotakis, Brandon Williams, Claudia Tenney, and Nick Langworthy in their primaries!

Special Elections

 There are two Special Elections August 23 in New York’s 19th and 23RD Congressional Districts that are must wins for the State of New York.

Conservative Party members will play a pivotal role in electing Marc Molinaro in NY-19 and Joe Sempolinski in NY-23! Early voting begins TOMORROW August 13th and runs through August 21st.

EXCLUSIVE: Computer repairman claims FBI agents threatened him and told him to say NOTHING about Hunter Biden’s laptop when they came into retrieve it – two months after he said he was willing to hand it over

True Rate of Inflation ‘Much Higher’ Than Official Government Figures Show: Expert

New Poll Shows Liz Cheney Getting Absolutely Crushed

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Gerard Kassar / Comments Off on Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the Mar-A-Lago raid, Texas sends migrants to New York, Hochul double downs, early voting and special elections on August 23rd.