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Peter Murphy writes in the Washington Examiner that The incoming Congress will be more pro-school choice than ever

Steven Malanga writes in the City Journal; Why the Middle Class Flees States That Tax the Rich

Conservatives we lost in 2022

These are two must read articles in today’s daily update: Gatestone Institute’s The War for Eight Billion Minds and Ben Shapiro’s The Slippery Slope Never Ends

Vote Recount Flips Massachusetts Midterm Race From Republican to Democrat by 1 Vote. The point is never underestimate the value of your vote.

Words of Light In Dark Times

One of the most humble and generous people in show business (and a great actor) talks modestly about his Gary Sinise Foundation .org.  This isn’t an advertisement for money, just an interview with Neil Cavuto last week, one that is uplifting and wishful that more people would emulate Gary Sinise.

Is Thomas Sowell one of the most important thinkers of our time? (This is a reprint from June 7, 2022, I included it because it is a terrific book if you are looking for that last minute gift.)