Chairman Kassar discusses Pay Raises for Albany, the Lame Duck Session and Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine’s Retirement

Pay Raises for Albany


The Legislature is planning on returning soon to vote themselves a more then 18% pay raise

bringing their salaries to $130,000 a year for a part-time job. The Conservative Party remains

opposed to any pay increase for its part-time Legislature.


Our opposition is based on both an objective and subjective view of the Assembly and Senate.

Subjectively, they do an awful job. Frankly, the party does not want to pay them more for giving

us unsafe streets, a sour economy, depopulation of entire regions, infringements on second

amendment rights, suppression of individual rights through mandates just to make a few points.

Objectively, the job is part-time despite efforts to eliminate outside income which will result in a

Legislature devoid of members who are part of the actual work force. This loss to the Legislature

of individuals who work at regular jobs or own businesses will do significant harm to a body that

strives to be representative of the government. The planned salary increases to $130,000 annually is

better than double the average salary of a single New Yorker working full-time.

We should call this what it is, a heist. But instead of ski masks, they’re wearing suits and dresses.


Lame Duck Session


The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats for less than two more weeks, is

moving full speed during its final days to pass spending legislation filled with numerous

programs that would go nowhere in the Republican controlled House that was recently elected by the

people of the United States.


It is not certain if the current Republican membership of the House operating in a tight minority

can win the day. What we do know is that the current 50/50 Senate can prevent the House Democrats

and Schumer from moving forward.


Our Conservative Party-endorsed delegation of eleven House members who will be taking office

on January 3rd understand and agree with our position. However, to win and get to next year we

need the US Senate to stand up.


At the moment, it does not look like that will happen. Put one more check mark next to a reason

why Mitch McConnell needs to go.


Executive Director Shaun Marie Levine to Retire


They say all good things must come to an end, in this case good is an understatement.

After more than twenty-seven years of steering the Conservative Party on a day-to-day basis our

Executive Director, Shaun Marie, has informed me that she plans to retire effective December 31st.


Shaun has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Party for Mike Long, for me and most importantly for you.

Frankly, she is irreplaceable.


The good news is that she will remain the Executive Vice Chairman of the State Party and as

such she will continue to play a key leadership role.


We will have much more to say about Shaun Marie in the weeks to follow as her service is worthy of

being recognized on its own. For now, allow me on your behalf and mine to say THANK YOU!


The Party is now taking on the enormous task of interviewing a successor to Shaun Marie for the position of Executive Director. I hope to have an announcement soon.


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