The Biden Administration just keeps issuing invitations to migrants to cross the border…with you footing the bill.

Massive Weekend Migrant Caravan Overwhelms Texas Border Town; and it is only going to get worse. Does Biden even watch the news to know what is happening? Does he even care about how the towns cannot absorb the influx of people in need? No need to answer, if he did, he would go see for himself.  And then there is the amount of drugs being smuggled into our country that creates another serious problem: Fentanyl and a stronger form of meth now driving American homeless crisis.  Here is another invitation to keep migrants coming using your tax dollars:  HHS approves Washington state request to offer health insurance to illegal immigrants, citing ‘health equity’.  And we know it won’t be limited to just Washington state.

James Bovard writes how Twitter Files reveal how federal censors made mail-in ballots sacred — boosting Biden.

Peter Schweizer writes about Elon Musk’s Twitter Files Dump in Gatestone Institute

Rich Lowry writes in the NY Post Op-Ed pages that Elon Musk has trumped Trump as America’s foremost culture warrior

A new Siena poll notes that New Yorkers give Kathy Hochul low marks on meeting policy goals in 2022. So, someone please explain to me why they voted for her. If you didn’t like the job she was doing, why would you award her 4 more years so she can disappoint you?

James E. Hanley, reports in Empire Center: The Market Can Drive Electric Vehicle Sales.  It’s summary: it appears that the market will work in meeting the state’s long-term climate goals, insofar as light-duty vehicles are concerned, and will do so without imposing costly mandates on individuals who cannot afford them.  That’s why it should be allowed to work without interference and the state should repeal its 2035 zero-emission vehicle mandate.

Saving Lives or Ruining the Neighborhood? East Harlem Locals at Odds as America’s First Safe Injection Site Turns One. (I sincerely believe giving drugs, in the name of saving lives, only sends the wrong message to America’s youth.)

There was a time, not that long ago, when this would be unheard of:  Drag Queen Story Hour Performer To Attend White House Ceremony

Biden Pledged To Support US Miners. Now He’s Looking To Outsource Their Work to Foreign Green Energy Mines. It really is pathetic that the President of the United States is so willing to outsource jobs and put Americans out of work.

Inflation eases more than expected in November to 7.1%, but consumer prices remain elevated; better, but still creating a genuine problem for families.

Senate Poised to Vote on Whether to Protect Charter Schools. “Although the Biden administration may not like them, charter schools are welcomed in blue states and cities because they serve students, including minority students, so well.”  Let’s see if the Senate will do right for our children, or cave to those opposed to Charter Schools.

Leor Sapir writes in City Journal, about The Placebo Is the Point/A new paper highlights the fundamental bias in the world of “gender-affirming” research.

Richard K. Vedder, writes in American Spectator about The Most Selfish Generation/ Americans today can’t match the achievements of the Greatest Generation.

I am shocked that this could happen since we have such a diligent press corps:  Biden official hid info about meetings with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi from public

How did she obtain her teacher’s credentials to teach? Minnesota science teacher claims cell biology lessons are part of ‘capitalist indoctrination’