The Biden Administration continues to ignore the crisis on the southern border… and the enormous cost to struggling families.

We heard throughout the just ended 2022 political cycle that democracy is in danger.  The following FEE article is an appropriate inclusion in today’s blog as we celebrate the 231st anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights that confirms the fundamental rights of American citizens.  Celebrate the genius of our Founding Fathers and all those who have sacrificed so much for the greatest nation ever created by man.  We have struggled and continue to struggle to keep this young nation what our Founding Fathers envisioned; it is up to us as we approach another crossroads in America’s journey.

Democracy is Dead, and Democracy Killed it

Political and scientific censorship short-circuits the quest for truth

The Extremists the Biden Administration Does Not See

Biden’s return to ‘normalcy’ brought us crazy instead — like Sam Brinton

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Yes, it is an invasion

Biden Immigration Narrative Debunked Again by Massive Border Bust

Eric Adams seeks $1B from Biden as NYC migrant crush swells to 30K.  “Mayor Eric Adams has asked the federal government for $1 billion to handle the crush of migrants who’ve surged into the Big Apple this year — but the cost was calculated when the population was far less than it is now and before a judge decided to open the floodgates at the southern border, The Post has learned.”  We all understand the cost that NYC is hammered with by the crush of migrants; however, does anyone consider the cost that has been placed on the southern border towns…ever since Biden took office?  Do they care??  Certainly, the Biden Administration doesn’t care…unless they are bussed to Martha’s Vineyard.  President Joe Biden has made a mockery of our immigration laws; it is his legacy and a very discouraging one at that.  The fact that the President of the United States of America does not respect the law, is disgraceful, especially knowing how many lives have been sacrificed to keep America the greatest nation ever created.  The financial burden being placed on our citizens is appalling.

The latest injustice from the Biden Administration:  Justice Department Sues Arizona over Governor’s Shipping Container Border Wall

Another Reason to Lift the Charter Cap

Oregon governor commutes sentences of all inmates awaiting state execution,  and that is not all she did with less than a month left in her official capacity.

‘Weapon of choice’: Americans on alert as tech-savvy criminals use tracking device to stalk, steal, this has been common knowledge for at least a year, so if you hear an unknown chirping find where it is emanating from and get rid of it.

This Christmas Season, I’ve Become a Hallmark Man

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