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Biden’s poll matches Autumn leaves…

Victor Davis Hanson on Trickle-Down Bidenism.

China’s Weaponization of Space.

Biden Admin Silent as EU, Iran and China Freely Violate US Sanctions.

Joe Biden is all-in for open borders.

From Gatestone Institute:  Biden’s Border.

Fake-teen killer is the new poster boy for Biden’s idiotic immigration policies.

File this under “buyer’s remorse.” Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Biden’s approval drops to 38% in USA TODAY/Suffolk poll.

From the National Pulse;  EXCERPT: How Soros’s Secret Network Used Ukraine to Cover for Hillary, Hunter, and Target Donald Trump.

Inside the Clinton dossier and the con behind the Russiagate scandal.

Ex-DNI Ratcliffe expects ‘many indictments’ from Durham investigation.

An article in the Gotham Gazette says Pregnant People Need a Green New Deal. Is the author from this planet? “Pregnant People?”  People are pregnant? What a putdown on women. After that “profound “woke” statement, would the author please explain how the billions of people who were born during the other stages of the world’s climate changes since the beginning of time managed without a green new deal? The “woke” author needs to wake up and join the real world. (Sorry, this is one article I could not get past the headline to read…the headline may have grabbed my attention, but my time is better spent reading about how to solve real problems or enrich our lives.)

Another headline that captures attention:  Democrats debate whether they misread public on mandate. A small majority (8) in the House and a tied vote in the Senate is hardly a mandate. The Progressive movement is hardly a mandate, just a very loud group with a lot of media coverage. The defund police movement failed almost the moment it started. Yet The Hill’s headline would like you to believe the democrats won a mandate…maybe The Hill believes it was a mandate, if so, they need a math lesson and should read all press releases that pass their desk.

Elections Show Conservatives, Not Leftists, Winning on Cultural Issues.

House Passes Infrastructure Bill as Democrats Pave Way for Huge Social Spending Package.

White House Explains Why Biden is Waiting to Sign the Infrastructure Bill

A new Soros emerges from the left coast:  AG James hit with Left Coast campaign cash from Karla Jurvetson.

Hundreds of Thousands to Go on Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates: Organizer.

From the City-Journal:  The Politics of Freedom/An excellent new book on the work of Harry Jaffa is also an appeal to Americans to fight for our civic and civilizational inheritance.

Good ethics depends on good facts – but euthanasia debates are full of distortions and omissions

Parents love their children. Departments of Education do not.

In case you missed this:  How NY GOP, Conservative Party defeated redistricting, voting ballot proposals.  (It may be behind a pay wall.)

There is hope, America has gave the WOKE crowd a wakeup call.

Biden blames Conservatives for his losses; thanks for the shout out, Joe; we will continue to do our job! Biden blames election woes on everyone and everything — but not himself.

New York State is turning the tide, election night showed that the Conservative Party made a huge difference around the state and with its defeat of statewide propositions 1,3, and 4. Our Vote No campaign stopped the weakening of the independent redistricting process, prevented the proposal for same day voter registration from being added to the state constitution prevented universal voting by main and ballot harvesting from being added to the state constitution also. We thank the voters for rejecting these ill-conceived, “grab for power” proposals. Read our statement here.

Ballot measures to loosen voting rules are big losers in New York election.

You can find out more about the unofficial election results statewide here and in your local county here (click on your county, the look for unofficial election results)

RSLC: If Youngkin’s Upset Was Monumental, the Results in One NJ District Are a ‘Political Earthquake’.

Who is Winsome Sears, besides being the newly elected Lt. Gov. of Virginia? Unlike New York State, Virginia elects its Lt. Gov. in a separate vote. The new Lt. Gov. elect, ran a spirited campaign to become the GOP nominee; according to Ballotpedia Winsome Sears defeated Tim Hugo in the fifth round of ranked-choice voting with 54% of the vote to Hugo’s 46% in the May 8 Republican convention. “It’s a historic night, yes it is,” Sears said. “But I didn’t run to make history, I just wanted to leave it better than I found it. And with your help, we’re going to do that.”  Watch what else the newly elected Lt. Gov. had to say after winning on election night.

5 Things Marx Wanted to Abolish (Besides Private Property).

From The Hill: Five takeaways from a grim night for Democrats.

From National Review: Five Takeaways from the Virginia Governor’s Race.

From the Washington Times:  Taking back America.

From the Washington Free Beacon:  Reality Bites the Democrats.

Democrats hit panic button after Virginia collapse.

Supreme Court seems wary of NY gun limits.

Kamala Harris’ prediction that Virginia result presages 2022 and 2024 comes back to bite Democrats.

Minneapolis voters reject measure to replace police department.

China is rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, Pentagon says in new report.

ACLU busts Biden’s narrative on payments to illegals.

OSHA vaccine mandate to hit large employers Jan. 4, with hefty fines for noncompliance.

Global tax agreement is a bad deal for the US.

President Biden and others who stress “necessary” climate changes, you do know this, don’t you? China Has No Interest in Climate Change.

Manchin calls election results a ‘wake up call,’ acknowledges impact of Biden agenda.

Just In: Federal Authorities Arrest Primary Steele Dossier Researcher as Part of Durham Investigation.

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Democratic Party Ballot Issues 1, 3, and 4

Contact: Bill O’Reilly
[email protected]
November 2, 2021, 11:00 P.M.

Statement from Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Democratic Party Ballot Issues 1, 3, and 4

Brooklyn, NY – “The New York State Conservative Party is proud to have led the effort to defeat three shockingly un-democratic ballot proposals in Tuesday’s election, Propositions 1, 3, and 4. They were designed by the Joe-Biden-led Democratic Party to weaken long-established election safeguards in their favor, just as they’re trying to do at the national level with HR1. We are confident that, when absentee ballots are counted, New York voters will have exposed this ploy for what it was, a gross attempt to subvert democracy. It will spell a sharp rejection of HR1 and President Biden’s attempt to rig the electoral system going into the 2022 midterm elections.”

# # #

Don’t depend on others protecting our American way of life, be a Patriot go VOTE today.

You still have time to VOTE NO on propositions 1, 3, and 4!
  Polls close at 9:00 PM.

This headline will certainly catch one’s attention:  “White People, You Are the Problem”/AT&T’s new racial reeducation program promotes the idea that “racism is a uniquely white trait.”

It’s Not Existential/Don’t confuse America’s genuine political divisions with the prospect of civil conflict.

New York State Owes Nearly $360 Billion in Retiree Health Care Debt.

China and the Crisis Presidency of Joe Biden.

Why Biden’s Palestinian Policies Will Not Bring Peace.

Why Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Bad For America.

Don’t be fooled by this cunning president and those making policy in his Administration.  Think about this for a minute…the Biden Administration leaks to the WSJ that they are considering settling with each separated family for $450K (up to a million per family) and people are quite vocal in opposition to the plan.  The Biden Administration then changes the amount to maybe $50K per child with a cap per family for maybe $200K.  Americans breathe a sigh of relief at the lower amount and the illegals laugh all the way to the bank!  When you break the law, coming to America illegally, you are not entitled to one penny!  If you didn’t want to be separated from your child…, why did you teach your child to break the law?   No respect for our laws, not one penny to you!  America last: Biden goes full Oprah, considers $450K payments to illegal migrants separated at border.

9 Examples That Show Why Democrats’ Revised Spending Bill Is Still Awful.

Who McAuliffe Chose as Final Surrogate May Be His Campaign’s ‘Dumbest Move’ Yet.

Critical race theory resegregation is undoing all of MLK’s gains.

Larry Kudlow: In the Battle Between the Left and the Far Left, They’re Both Wrong.  Also from Larry Kudlow:  The Secret Democrats Refuse To Acknowledge: America’s Emissions Are Dropping Faster Than Paris Targets.

‘Our Broken Elections’: Who Broke Them and Why, and How to Fix Them.  In NYS you can take the first step in fixing the election system TODAY by VOTING NO on propositions 1, 3, and 4.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in 2 Texas Heartbeat Act Cases. Here Are the Top Takeaways.

Science says vax refusers only hurt themselves — so why endanger public safety with mandates?

Don’t depend on others protecting our American way of life, be a Patriot go VOTE NOW if you haven’t voted already.

Democrats are having a melt-down moment(s).

Tomorrow is election day and while many consider this an “off-year” it is an extremely important election year.  There are 5 statewide propositions on the back of your ballot that are extremely important to all New Yorkers.  Prop 1 will weaken the independent redistricting process enacted by voters in 2014 before it is even allowed to work. Prop 3 eliminates the requirement that citizens register to vote at least 10 days before an election. Prop 4 allows universal vote by mail and ballot harvesting.  All 3 of these propositions will guarantee that your voice will be very difficult to be heard.

Read more about our VOTE No on statewide propositions here.

Today’s Democratic Party is not the Democratic Party of your grandparents or even your parents; it has become a Party that states “Unity is our Power.”  Political Power is defined as the ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first person’s intentions.  When you crave the power, and you cannot get your followers to act in accordance with what you want and you are in power, coercion is the next step.  For example:  First it was recommended masks, then there were mandated; first it was bribing those who didn’t get the vaccine; now it is mandated vaccines or lose your job.  Think about it; do you really want to give those who campaign on “unity is power” the power they crave?  They are oligarchs who seek power, not people who have a vision to keep America the country that gives hope to her citizens.  Be strong, don’t let those who campaign on “unity is our power” gain an even greater hold on the political system that seeks to empower her people not the elected officials.  Power is two-fold; once we have felt the negativity of craved power; we must use our ability and power as parents to regain the Republic our Founding Fathers foresaw when they established the greatest county ever.

Larry Sabato has had an excessive amount of the democratic “Kool-Aid” or should I say the “Unity is our Power” “Kool-Aid” to believe what he saying on MSNBC.  It really is pitiful that a nationally known political scientist and political analyst would stoop to this level.

Deroy Murdock gives sound advice in today’s New York Post:  Democrats have screwed up everything — stop voting for them!

Burgess Owens:  All the power to the parents vs. Critical Race Theory.

Teachers, Dems fight against parental rights.

Parents DO Have Every Right to Shape Their Kids’ Curriculum.

Can U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Sing?

Facebook’s fight is really about silencing right-wing voices

26 FDNY firehouses out of service over vaccine mandate staff shortage.

Law Beat: Supreme Court ready for possible landmark gun case from Rensselaer County.

Bill Hammond testifies before the Assembly Health Committee.

China’s ‘Satellite Crusher’: ‘Space Pearl Harbor’ Is Coming.

China: A Dicey Ideological Shift.

Scott Walker’s Formula for Getting Young Americans to Reject Big-Government Socialism.

ICYMI:  Congress Didn’t Give OSHA Authority to Impose Vaccine Mandates

Do you ever think your government is leading you down the rabbit hole?

US Gasoline Prices Vault to New 7-Year High.

U.S. GDP Growth Slows Dramatically in Third Quarter.

Why Is America Financing the Chinese War Machine?

The Case for Vaccine Mandates—Refuted.

Ambulance, EMT first responders face ‘crippling workforce shortage’; and they are not the only public services that are facing this problem, Police and Fire Departments, 911 Call Centers, non-medical employees in hospitals, nursing home staff, we could go on and on, but you understand this is a “time-bomb” just waiting to explode.

NYC will pay a huge price for de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for police.

More disturbing news on the COVID-19 pandemic preparedness:  When COVID-19 struck, a lot of the state’s pandemic stockpile was out of date.

Parents Teaching or Government Indoctrination – You Choose.

Disgraceful:  Garland Refuses to Dissolve School-Board Task Force Despite National School Board Group Apology.  Is this what is influencing his decision:  AG Garland’s son-in-law’s education company supports critical race theory.  Imagine, for a moment, if former President Obama was able to get him confirmed as a Justice on the Supreme Court, fortunately he was not.

Merrick Garland repeatedly spars with Ted Cruz on whether he sought ethics review

AG Garland please note:  Parents Finally Catch On: Will Not Be Threatened.

Conspicuously missing in Facebook whistleblower dumps is any hint of worry about left-wing hate and lies.

Has America Gone Mad? Biden’s Presidency Now Being Met With Incredulity in Europe

Doesn’t this make you feel secure knowing this person will oversee elections:  Biden administration announces appointment of Republican to key election security role.  Me neither.

Dems’ Enronesque accounting is just one more sign of how inept the Biden ‘Build Back’ agenda truly is.

Dems plan billionaires’ unrealized gains tax to help fund $2T spending bill.

As clock ticks down, Manchin is the vote to get on spending plan.

Manchin raises concern over billionaire tax.  He should and so should every elected official in Congress.

Progressives scramble to save top priorities from chopping block.

Democrats still trying to get illegal immigrants provisions into stalled $3.5 trillion spending bill.

From The Hill (Wed. 10/28 at 10:30 AM) we note the time because it is a never ending drama that is subject to change at any time: What’s in and what’s out of the Biden framework.

From National Review on line:  Biden Admin Announces Reconciliation Framework in Last-Ditch Effort to Unite Caucus ahead of Foreign Trip.

Push for the ‘AOC Prevention Act’ to stop spending binge.

Stephen Moore’s Committee to Unleash Prosperity Issue 397 explains how Biden Budget Buster Destroys Over 8 Million Jobs.

When a person stoops to this level of low, they shouldn’t be elected dog catcher, let alone governor.

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife tries to clean up his image — good luck with that

Teaching Children to Recognize Propaganda.

Hope for America.

Sorry, Washington Post, But Parents Do Have Every Right to Shape Their Kids’ Curriculum.

Sen. Rick Scott: Suburban voters are rejecting Democrats’ radical agenda.

Biden’s plagiaristic Pinocchio personality propelled him into the presidency and we are paying the price.

The Whole Justification for Sanctuary Cities Is Wrong.

Biden’s Absurd Gender Strategy. More about Biden’s gender agenda here:  As America Suffers Shortages & Inflation, Biden Admin Prioritizes ‘Intersectional’ Gender Manifesto.

Betsy McCaughey explains How ‘Biden Bucks’ will gut the American work ethic.

Monica Crowley: Biden’s destructive policies – here’s how to lose a country in 10 months.

AG Merrick Garland, White House owe America’s ‘domestic terrorist’ parents an apology AND an explanation.

Joe Biden is a cunning political player who wants to leave his mark on America…and not in a good way! Nothing that he has done since being elected president reflects the platform he produced in his basement.  Biden admin gives post to National School Boards Association chief who signed ‘domestic terrorism’ letter.

‘Worse than it has ever been’: Biden’s border wall gaps heighten dangers, scare off feds.

Biden’s empty suit foreign policy.

ICYMI:  The Biden Admin Said It Left 100 Americans in Afghanistan. They Now Admit It’s Far More.

While Manchin may have cut some spending, he is still caving to the Left’s demands:  Manchin signals deal on partisan spending bill could happen by week’s end

From the Wall Street Journal (Subscription required) The Democrats’ Wealth-Tax Mirage.

Eric Metaxas: Is atheism the enemy of freedom? Here’s how retreating from faith makes US less free.

How America Went ‘Race Crazy’: Author Charles Love Explains and Offers Remedies.

Ben Stein writes: Common Sense About America’s Appeal.

Hochul’s Health Dept. continues Cuomo-era stall in releasing nursing-home COVID info.

Loudoun County Students Stage Walk-Outs to Protest Sexual Assault in Schools

Woke Children’s Books: Indoctrinating the Next Generation of Radicals.

From the City-Journal:  The Diversity Bureaucracy.

From the Washington Times:  Welcome for Truth Social, a woke-free worldview.

Robert J. Knight: Overcoming the power of fear spun from the Democrats’ ‘cancel culture’.

A name change can’t erase the evil Facebook released.

Poland Claws Back Sovereignty from European Union

Aren’t you happy that you don’t work for Mark Zuckerberg today?

Don’t fall for Dems’ self-serving baloney about safeguarding elections: Vote ‘No’ on NY’s Props. 1, 3 and 4.

Sluggish in September: NY job growth still trails U.S.

Trouble Won’t Be “Transitory”/Mounting problems with inflation, the supply chain, and energy shortages are not likely to resolve themselves quickly.

To the left, America’s mounting disasters are just bumps in the road.

Don’t Let Democrats Turn US Into Europe.

Politics of Innocence/Joe Biden’s administration ushers in a destructive new version of the American regime.

China’s Test of Orbital Hypersonic Missile Is a Big Deal.

The Essence of Conservatism.

Facebook Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not having a good day.  Facebook’s ‘tier’ system decides which countries it prioritizes for content moderation and ‘History will not judge us kindly’: Facebook employees rip Zuckerberg in leaked messages.

It’s Deliberate.

What Soccer Referees Can Teach Us about Politics and Government.

John Kerry Holds $1 Million Stake in Equity Fund Linked To Uyghur Labor Abuse.

A JetBlue Jihadist? The Great Press Cover-up.

Pompeo and Libby: China’s COVID coverup and its terrible costs demand accountability. US must step up.

The Pandemic in Perpetuity

Failed escapes at Kabul airport led to living nightmares for these Afghans in hiding: The Last 96.

Only 30% View Merrick Garland Favorably.  They must be the 30% who live in their own world.

Attorney General Merrick Garland must call off war on parents: Devine.

Seriously?  Hiker lost for 24 hours ignored calls from rescuers because of unknown number.  It is pretty sad that a person has to be told this: ““If you’re overdue according to your itinerary, and you start getting repeated calls from an unknown number, please answer the phone; it may be a [search and rescue] team trying to confirm you’re safe!”  Fortunately for the hiker, they eventually found their car and returned home safely.

Travis Tritt Thanks Braves, Rips ‘Wing Nut Cancel Culture’ After Singing Anthem: ‘Thanks For Allowing Me To Pay Tribute To America’.  To which we say to you:  Thank you for paying tribute to the greatest nation ever!


The White House spin is only digging a deeper hole; it is time they accept that twisting facts doesn’t work.

New York’s proposed Green Amendment could usher in “vigilante regulation through litigation.”

Biden’s AWOL administration

Rich Lowry writes in the NY Post Op-Ed Page:  We’re facing a new cold war with China — and need to act like it.

NIH Admits to Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan, Says EcoHealth Violated Reporting Requirements.  So, President Biden, what is your response to the breaking news?  How will you have Jen Paski spin it?  And how will Paski spin this?  McLaughlin Poll: Biden’s Approval Falling, Trump Remains Clear 2024 Favorite.  Or this?  Fox News Poll: High voter worry on inflation as Biden economy ratings plummet.  Maybe Psaki will defend this better:  ‘Can’t Afford Half This Stuff’: Shoppers Rage As Biden’s Inflation Crisis Torches Their Wallets.

Then again, Charles C. W. Cooke made this observation yesterday:   Psaki providing increasingly curious responses to Biden’s many woes

Will the press be honest after listening to AG Garland’s testimony on January 6th?  Garland Debunks Democrat ‘Insurrection’ Claims About January 6th.

This is undoubtedly a court case to watch:  Parents Sue AG Garland for Violating Free Speech Rights with FBI School-Board Memo.


This is a minor win, as a procedural vote by Schumer allows the bill to be brought back for a vote.  GOP blocks Senate Democrats’ revised elections bill.

Rubio Delays Vote on Biden Nominee Over ‘Defense of Infanticide’

So, what else is new?  Dubious Tactics To Boost McAuliffe for Virginia Gov/VP Harris, press sec Psaki face criticism over questionable electioneering actions.

Larry Kudlow writes: Here’s to the New Washington Power Couple. He Hates Spending, She Is Loath To Tax.

Gov. Hochul, didn’t you commit to transparency?  The Health Department’s response to a FOIL request for nursing home data triggers 2020 déjà vu.

Capitalism Is Good for the Poor.

Economic Freedom Is the Path to Healthy Environments, Social Progress, and Good Governance—Not Woke Corporatism.

A Special Emergency Retirement Broadcast…The Coming Inflation Time Bomb featuring Larry Kudlow.

Choosing Children Over Self-Centered Ambitions.

Teen suicide and transgenderism.    To my daughter’s gender therapist: you were wrong.

Is Joe Biden someone’s puppet or a Machiavellian person determined to destroy the American Dream?

How can a man who professes to be truly concerned about those seeking asylum in our beloved nation, endanger America’s citizens by sending a message to the drug cartels that America has open arms and will deport those they drop at our borders?  Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants.  More on what has taken place is here:  Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants.

Watch: Customs and Border Protection Nominee Repeatedly Dodges Calling Border Situation a ‘Crisis.

Biden CBP Nominee Puts Admin to the Left of Obama on Immigration

A very important read from Gatestone Institute:  Huawei’s Long Game.

China, Russia navy ships jointly sail through Japan strait.

This is very disturbing: ‘We Just Don’t Know’ How to Defend Against Possible Chinese Hypersonic Missile: US Ambassador.  Investing in what our military should be doing – protecting our country – instead of all the new age military absurdity would have this problem solved.

Gen. Keith Kellogg: Our military and the alarming disappearance of accountability.

To please unions, Biden refuses to automate ports — fueling supply-chain woes.

Consumer Goods Giant to Raise Prices on More Staples, Blames Increase in Cost on Raw Materials

Psaki Laughs About the Supply Chain Crisis.

10 Absurdly Wasteful Items Tucked Into Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Tax-and-Spend Monstrosity

No matter what the amount it is just plain wrong to consider:   Biden administration scales back IRS bank-monitoring plan amid growing pushback/Democrats’ threshold for IRS bank-monitoring plan raised to $10,000.

The Freedom to Vote Act is remarkably anti-voter.

Some Things Money Can’t Buy/For everything else, there’s deception.

The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated.

This Doctor Opposes COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. Now His State Won’t Let Him Practice Medicine.’

Imagine a Supreme Court packed with Merrick Garlands.

How New York voters can see how redistricting affects them.  You can still make your voice heard on redistricting, click here to find out when the rest of the public hearings are.

Has any one seen the Joe Biden that campaigned (from his basement) to be president; the man who is masquerading as Joe Biden is really Sanders and the Squad.

Eight Reasons to Overturn Roe v. Wade.

Albany pols, NYPD order cops to do nothing as drug addicts shoot up.  Chairman Kassar’s reaction to this outrageous move by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul: “This is not even a standard Democratic view. This is a progressive Democratic view and that’s what she’s signing on to here,” he said. “It all seems to be very oriented toward keeping the socialist progressive movement happy and she is working to protect herself against (likely NYC-based primary opponents) Tish James or Jumaane Williams.”

The NY Post editorial of 10/17/2021: Gov. Hochul’s drug-war surrender will be the death of NY neighborhoods.

Iran’s Mullahs and China Empowered Under Biden Administration.

A Sinking Ship of State Drowns Everyone.  “For the Chinese Communist Party, seeking to master the 21st Century as the one global superpower, it represents a strategic victory without so much as firing a single bullet.”

Biden’s Credibility Plummets over Purchase of Chinese-Made Drones.

Biden’s Commission on Supreme Court Reforms Warns Expanding Court Could Be Seen as ‘Partisan Maneuver’

Kevin D. Williamson opines on the NY Post editorial page that Biden’s trillion-dollar spending spree will lead to financial collapse.

File this under “the effects of the Biden economy” Americans seeing ‘serious financial problems’ in past few months

While you may not think, from its title, that this article has anything to do with the USA, read it because it does:  France to Vote on the Great Replacement of Western Civilization.

Gordon G. Chang does not mince any words with his latest op-ed in Gatestone Institute:  ‘War is Real’: Defend Taiwan or Give It the Bomb.

The U.S. Supply Chain Makes No Sense.

This will not resolve the current problems:   Biden Nominates Maritime Administrator with Zero Shipping Experience Amid Supply Chain Crisis.

From the National Review editorial board:  Unions Have Made Supply-Chain Problems Worse.

Victor Davis Hanson asks the question all of us are asking:  What Happened to the Beloved Military?

From The American Spectator:  Election Fraud Is Alive and Well in 2021.  As an aside:  PLEASE VOTE NO ON NYS STATEWIDE BALLOT PROPOSALS 1, 3, AND 4. 

Andrew C. McCarthy writes in National Review: Federal Crack-House Law Withstands Progressive Challenge.

Was the hierarchy FBI always so political?  In retrospect, I imagine that Byron York’s, Washington Examiner’s article, is nothing new:  DOJ memory holes Andrew McCabe wrongdoing.

Excellent article in the City-Journal written by Lee Siegel:  Liberal Pieties, Illiberal Consequences/We can fight censorious certitude by allowing for moral complexity.

If you are thinking about buying your young children or grandchildren for Christmas or Hanukkah, perhaps you should read this article first:  The Very Intersectional Caterpillar.

President Biden should go back to his basement…we were safer when all he did just troll Facebook.

So, where’s The Post’s Pulitzer for Hunter Biden exposé?: Goodwin.

Leaked Border Patrol docs show mass release of illegal immigrants into US by Biden administration

Biden threatens to call out companies that don’t help end supply bottlenecks.  Hmmm, maybe he should turn to his friend, Mark Zuckerberg (who) spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got out the Dem vote, and have him end the supply bottlenecks. If Zuckerberg can get the Dems out to vote, shouldn’t he be able to get them the supplies they need from Biden’s best buddy, China?

Biden’s Pro-Communist Nominee.

He really does live in his own little world:  Biden praises supply chain team even as White House fails to guarantee arrival of Christmas presents.

The Memo: Troubles pile up for Biden.

A supply chain bottleneck/Biden administration buries its head in the sand, lies about inflation concerns.

How Zuck’s Bucks helped flip Wisconsin for Joe Biden after Hillary’s 2016 defeat.

Mr. President, what is your response to this?  More than 100K workers threaten strikes as unions flex muscles.

Producer inflation sets record for sixth straight month.

One can’t help but worry that the Biden Administration will fail at this also:  White House brings together 30 nations to combat ransomware.

From the Daily Signal:  Biden’s Taxes Hit Americans at the Top and Bottom.

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Oil Prices and Bad Policy/A Biden ban on oil exports would make the supply shortage worse.

Obama Economic Advisor: Buckle Up, Inflation Will Get Out of Control Thanks to a Woke Fed

Any wonder why we don’t trust the news:  Katie Couric: I withheld RBG’s harsh anthem-kneeling comments to ‘protect’ her.

Just in case you didn’t know what this phrase means, Larry Kudlow explains that ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is America’s Cry of Sanity as the Country Seems To Be Going Nuts.

“YIKES”: Fresh Fauci E-Mails Show NIAID Chief & Wife’s Flippancy Over Vaccine Deaths, More Interested in “Immortalizing” Him.

How Are the Billions in Emergency Aid to New York Being Spent?

From City-Journal:  When Cops Kill/Claims of systematic racial bias don’t stand up to empirical evidence.  Also, from City/Journal:  What Is Critical Race Theory, Really?/And why that’s often the wrong question.

Schools Group That Urged Attorney General’s Anti-Parent Initiative Has Ties to Democrats, Unions

From The Sun:  A Radical Dissent by Justice Clarence Thomas Offers a Reproach to Merrick Garland.

After 30 years, Clarence Thomas now ‘the most important justice’.