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We all know that bullying is not-acceptable…yet, government engages in bullying when it wants something.

Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Ongoing Assault on the United States

Iran Not Waiting for Nuclear Weapons to Destabilize the Middle East

Nuclear Iran NOT an “Acceptable Risk”

NBC News Described the Biden White House With One Word…And It’s Not Good

Gaffe-prone blowhard Biden is no Churchill: Rarely have so few had to clarify so much

Biden Administration Implements a Racial Spoils System

Evidence Is In, Rep. Mark Green Says: Democrats’ Control of Presidency, Congress ‘Very Bad for America’

2 million new faces in 16 months: The Biden era’s foreign-born boom

Biden admin to cancel $5.8B in school loans for former Corinthian College students

Biden’s Pitch to Voters: You’re Wrong About the Economy, Stupid

Mr. President, if we are so wrong about the economy why didn’t business create the expected 300,000 new jobs? US companies added just 128,000 jobs in May, lowest in two years: ADP

How many advertisements and lectures have you heard about bullying and how harmful bullying is? So why is really over-the-top bullying adopted by government to get what they want?  This is outrageous!!! No Free Lunch: Biden Admin Will Pull Meal Funding for Schools That Don’t Comply With Its LGBT Agenda

Stop Lying about the Historical Understanding of Gun Rights

Gun Laws Won’t Fix a Problem of Culture and Spirit

Has Anyone Highlighted This Key Detail About the Texas Shooter’s Background Check?

In Albany This Week, First Do No Harm

Hochul Blames Utilities for Costs of State Climate Policies

ICYMI: The 2022 Albany Power 100/The political leaders at the dawn of the Hochul era.

The New York Times Explains Why Mask Mandates Don’t Work

Mindboggling! Empowering Addiction/New York subway-ad campaigns on fentanyl and pot endorse destructive social norms.

Laughter, the Bane of Tyrants

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Legislative Memo IN OPPOSITION TO… A. 6678-E Walker   S. 1046-E Myrie

486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax

 2022 Legislative Memo


A. 6678-E Walker   S. 1046-E Myrie

TITLE:  An act to amend the election law, in relation to establishing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New York, establishing rights of action for denying or abridging of the right of any member of a protected class to vote, providing assistance to language-minority groups, requiring certain political subdivision to receive preclearance for potential violations of the NYVRA, and creating civil liability for voter intimidation.

PARTY POSITION:  The accompanying legislative support memo states that the purpose of this bill is to encourage participation in the elective franchise of all eligible voters to the maximum extent, to eligible voters who are members of racial, ethnic, and language-minority groups shall have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process of the State of New York, and especially to exercise the elective franchise; to improve the quality and availability of demographic and election data and to protect eligible voters against intimidation and deceptive practices.

Voting in New York State has never been easier.  Ballots are printed in many languages; early voting takes place for a full 10 days prior to election day, every effort is currently made to be completely inclusive and encouraging to voters.

Simply put this proposal is a method to resolve a problem that does not exist.  It seeks to change a system that has elected a diverse representation that reflects the diversity of New York State.

The proposal would impose civil penalties based on numerous perceived violations.

This proposed bill is unmanageable, extremely expensive and unnecessary.

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this proposal that seeks to provide a “protected class” that Election Law already protects.

LM 2022-007

2022 Legislative Memo IN OPPOSITION TO…  S. 9407-B Kavanagh A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax

 2022 Legislative Memo


 S. 9407-B Kavanagh     A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

 Title:  An act to amend the penal law, the general business law and the executive law, in relation to the unlawful purchase and unlawful sale or delivery of a body vest.

Party Position: This proposed bill creates two new sections of Penal Law that seeks to make it unlawful to purchase a body vest when, “not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, they knowingly purchase or take possession of a body vest.”  People who are not eligible to purchase a body vest would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor the first time, and a class E felony on subsequent offenses.  The same penalty would be imposed on the seller or a person who exchanges, gives or disposes of a body vest.

The General Business Law is amended to create a violation punishable by a fine up to $5,000 for the first violation and up to $10,000 for subsequent violations.

Although the Party can conceptional support regulating body armor, ordinary citizens are looking for lawful ways to keep their families and themselves protected from the violent crime rates that, unfortunately, continue to rise.  We are concerned that this proposed bill, which is overly broad, would hamper the ability of everyday people from purchasing similar protection for themselves and their families.

The Conservative Party urges a no vote on this bill.

LM  2022-006

2022 Legislative Memo in opposition to expanding abortion to non New York State residents

486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax

 2022 Legislative Memo


A10094-A Burdick/S 9039-A Biaggi

A.10372-A Rules (Lavine)/S 9077-Krueger

Party Position:

Each of these proposed bills expand the act of aborting an unborn child.

A. 10094/S. 9039 seeks to grant those who travel to New York state for the purpose of obtaining an abortion the “rights” of a citizen of New York state. Known as the “FIRE HATE” (freedom from interference with reproductive and endocrine health advocacy and travel exercise act). It seeks to circumvent the jurisdiction of Courts outside of the State of New York to restrict their state citizens from traveling to New York to exercise the “rights” provided to New York citizens.

A. 10372-A/S. 9077-A seeks to provide legal protections to abortion providers. Similar to the above, the bill seeks to prohibit courts from cooperating with out-of-state civil and criminal cases that stem from abortions that took place legally within New York state.  It also seeks judicial protections by prohibiting law enforcement from cooperating with any anti-abortion states; investigations regarding abortions that took place legally.  It also prevents extradition of abortion providers.

New York allows abortions through all stages of pregnancy almost up until the birth of an innocent unborn child.  It is incomprehensible to allow abortions to be preformed on out-of-state residents, and certainly to not allow New York’s taxpayers to pay for abortions for out-of-staters.

The Conservative Party of New York State is a pro-life Party that believes an unborn child has a right-to-life.

We strongly oppose these bills and any bills that seeks to end the life of an unborn, innocent child.

LM 2022-005

President Biden believes he isn’t getting enough credit for all he has done for us…

Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann Found Not Guilty in Politically Charged Trial

Jurors ignored evidence to acquit ex-Clinton lawyer of lying to the shameful FBI

Why, for the UN, Is One Mosque Massacre So Much Worse than Countless Church Massacres?

Biden Admin’s Iran Nuclear Policy is Disastrous, Misinformed and Dangerous

This is a Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Op-Ed by Joe Biden: My Plan for Fighting Inflation/I won’t meddle with the Fed, but I will tackle high prices while guiding the economy’s transition to stable and steady growth.  In all honesty, I had trouble reading past the second sentence “Energy markets are in turmoil.”  What else would he expect when on the very first day of his administration, he ends the Keystone Pipeline.  Biden is glossing over all his errors, and quite frankly, I am surprised that the Wall Street Journal printed it.  I am curious how many Pinocchio’s it will earn from the Washington Post…or will they give President Joe Biden a pass?

Guy Benson writes: NBC News: Biden ‘Rattled’ By Polling, Angry He’s Not Getting Enough Credit

Biden tax increases would harm jobs and wages, study shows.

A Gallon of Gas Now Costs More Than the Federal Minimum Wage in These Cities.

Progressive policy experiments hurt the people they claim to help.

America might finally be waking up to ‘wokeness’

No Kidding, Doc: Medical Experts Tell Us What We Already Know About Lia Thomas.

What Is Section 230 and How Is It Different Than the First Amendment?

Bureaucracy Doesn’t Allow Courage

The Pandemic ‘Treaty’ About to Land on Our Doorstep

Europe: Demography Governs Democracy

Russia: Lone Wolf of the Steppes

Newsday (subscription required) writes: High court ruling in NY concealed carry case could loosen gun laws

The UK’s Single-Payer Healthcare System Has Become a State Religion—and It’s Failing

NY Democrats’ next dirty trick?

NY Democrats are whining about the mess they made by trying to defy the voters.

The Heritage Foundation writes about School Safety Initiative; Facts, Issues and Solutions.

This is one of those articles truly worth the read.  Kurt Mahlburg, the author of this article, is an Australian with conservative values and close family ties to the United States, he finds mass shootings like the recent unspeakable tragedy in Texas every shade of confusing.  The right to bear arms is “child sacrifice” — and abortion is not?

Who can do a better job of ending the current wave of mind-numbing violence, government or society?

Why Democrats’ Domestic Terrorism Bill Actually Goes After Political Opponents

Biden Takes Blind Sheikh’s Terror Group Off Terror List

National Security Crisis: Russia’s and China’s Nuclear Threats

Whoopi Goldberg ripped into Republicans after several senators expressed their thoughts and prayers in response to the elementary school shooting in Texas on Tuesday. “Why are we always at square one with this? And I swear to God if I hear another Republican senator talk about their heart being broken, I’m gonna punch somebody. I can’t take any thoughts and prayers,” said Goldberg on Wednesday’s episode of The View.  Has it ever occurred to Ms. Goldberg, that guns are inanimate objects and that it is an individual who controls what it does?  And I wonder if it has ever occurred to Ms. Goldberg that for the last 49 years women (and men) have been extremely vocal about a woman’s right to abortion?  (Including Ms. Goldberg herself, albeit who noted it is a difficult decision to make, at 14 and pre Roe v Wade it really was difficult.  And there are many, many women who have had post Roe v Wade abortions that, to this day, regret having one.) Abortion has become the rallying cry for progressives and some want abortion legal up until birth.  For 49 years our youth has been exposed to women’s demand to take the life of their unborn child…and no one makes the connection that by demanding the right to abortion, one is also saying life has no value.  Society has to examine what it is saying about the value of life.  It isn’t only mass shootings of innocent children in a classroom, or people buying groceries, it is the cold- blooded murder of Daniel Enriquez on the Q Train, Christina Yuna Lee’s brutal murder in her apartment, Kyhara Tay, an 11-year-old Bronx girl killed by a stray bullet while the 15- year-old killer aimed at a 13-year- old boy.  It isn’t only mass shootings, Ms. Goldberg, look at the stats in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and almost any other area… and it isn’t only guns; knives are being used more often than ever. And Ms. Goldberg, your language that “I’m gonna punch somebody” only adds to the culture of violence you abhor.  Every single one of us should be making every effort to value every life…those born and those still unborn; maybe then we will see a decline in horrendous, senseless, cold-blooded murders.

Christopher F. Rufo writes in City-Journal: Laying Siege to the Institutions/Why conservatives must go on the offensive against the elite-supported, toxic ideologies undermining American life.

Calling Us Terrorists Wasn’t Enough: NSBA Wanted Military to Crack Down on Concerned Parents.

Left-Wing Prosecutors Prepare Plan B on Roe.

Nine Ways to Raise Fearful, Unhappy, and Woke Kids (Without Really Trying)

‘We’re Literally Experimenting on Children’: Bill Maher Challenges Transgender Craze

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Shares How Christ Inspired Him to Stand Tall Amid BLM Protests

Neil Patel writes:  I’m Indian American. What I Think When Republicans Are Accused of Racism.

Everybody except Democrats sees inflation as the big issue.

Tracking the increased outflow of NY taxpayers in 2019-20.

‘Political Vendetta’: Sen. Grassley Slams FBI’s Role in Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative.

/ In CPNYS NEWS / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Who can do a better job of ending the current wave of mind-numbing violence, government or society?

2022 Legislative Memo in Opposition to local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.


486 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209

(718) 921-2158 Voice  * (718) 921-5268 Fax

2022 Legislative Memo


 S.6197-C Skoufis A. 8560-C Paulin

Purpose:  Provides that all certain local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.

Party Position:  All politics are local is a much-used phrase used in the art of politics.  It is a known fact that local elections are the closest to the population in city, towns and villages, as these elections have a direct impact.  It is the local elections that has an immediate and long-term impact on residents.

This proposed bill seeks to “fix” an issue that isn’t broken.  There is no confusion in the current system of holding certain village, town and other elections in odd-numbered years.  Voter turnout is shaped by issues, for example, people in villages, towns and other election districts, know that their local mayor or town council member has little influence or ability to curb inflation, but can help with a street light on a corner that has far too many accidents.  If a corner needs a street light, there is always a large turnout.

The failed progressive policies put forth by former Governor Cuomo, followed and enhanced by Governor Kathy Hochul and passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature are being rejected by New Yorkers.

This proposed bill is just another power grab by Governor Kathy Hochul and the Democratic members of the Legislature to maintain their extremely tight grip on all political levels in New York State.

This proposed bill does not address how current office holders are affected and if it becomes law, it would be effective immediately.  It is a poorly written bill that only seeks to seize power with this disparaging and most likely unconstitutional scheme.

Democrats should take political advisor Bert Lance’s advice, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to S. 6197-C/A8560-C.


/ In Legislative Memos / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on 2022 Legislative Memo in Opposition to local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.

President Biden’s “incredible transition” has been his goal from the very beginning.

President Biden seems to praise high gas prices as ‘incredible transition’ Americans must go through.  We said on day one when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline this was his plan…he has no concept of the burden he is placing on American citizens, nor does he really care.  Absolutely shameful, that President Biden continues to cater to the far-left progressives in the Democrat Party, while oblivious to the pain that struggling families are facing.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth has this to say in City-Journal:  Fight Inflation with Energy/If President Biden wants to tackle higher prices, he should forget about more tax hikes and instead reverse his policies on domestic oil and natural gas production.

Government Greed Caused Inflation, For the Record.

It’s not just spending — Biden’s record regulations are driving inflation too.

Laura Ingraham lays out Biden’s Plan to Destroy America.

One knows Biden has a serious problem when even MSNBC is blasting the Biden Administration over its response to formula shortage.  (MSNBC should be letting their viewers know all the other Biden Administration’s errors in judgement.)

Heather MacDonald writes in City-Journal: Using Tragedy for Racial Propaganda/After the horror in Buffalo, President Biden and others peddle an entirely false charge: that whites are the biggest source of hate crime and interracial violence in the U.S.

Here’s the Dems’ New 2022 Midterm Nightmare.

And then there is this:  Biden’s National Security Advisor Was Fully Briefed on Hillary’s Russia Scam.

Abort and import: Democrats replace the missing millions with immigrants.

Guy Benson on Ms. Abrams rigged world.  Stacey Abrams: Massively Increased Voter Participation Can Still Be ‘Suppression,’ You Know.

From ‘the rights of women’ to ‘abortion rights’: the loss of a moral vision.

The Letdown That Is Women’s Lib

Brain tumors, lethal drugs, and the art of dying.

Pro-Abortion Activists Pledge ‘Summer of Rage’

3 Life Inspirations for George Orwell’s 1984.

When things are bleak, it pays to have some humor mixed into a serious message:  Family’s Inflation Parody of Meatloaf Hit “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” Goes Viral.

Did you know that NYS has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force?

China Starting Next Global Crisis By Gobbling Up Sri Lanka.

Another Way the US Government Is Threatening National Security.

San Francisco Archbishop Bars Pelosi from Receiving Communion over Abortion Stance

NY ‘red flag’ law didn’t flag Buffalo shooter. Why? (Editorial Board Opinion)

Agenda-driven judge’ who cut teen rapper C Blu loose is partially responsible for NYC crime surge: source.  Question for Governor Hochul:  How do you overcome an agenda-driver judge with all the “solutions” you are prosing in your Executive Orders issued after the horrendous shootings in Buffalo, NY?

States like New York are trying to create government watchdogs to prevent another radicalized youth from killing those they profess to hate, however, as this article notes, it is not only a state issue, it is international. The US is letting its people be radicalized through social media.  In fact, New York has a Domestic Terrorism Task Force, however, it hasn’t met since it was created two years ago.  But because of the outrageous mass killing in Buffalo, Gov. Hochul is planning on bulking it up now. We need a Governor to take the initiative, not govern with knee-jerk reactions.

IMPORTANT: Homeland Security’s Rebooted Disinformation Plan Is No Better Than the First

Stop New York’s climate madness before it drives electric rates into orbit.

In a 6-3 decision the Supreme Court sides with Arizona against death row inmates.

Kudos to Consumer Reports:  State Farm accused of pushing LGBTQ+ books on kids, Consumers’ Research launches ‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’

Transsexual pioneer criticizes modern trans activists, says they’re indoctrinating kids: ‘This isn’t a game’

Seven books that show NYC is pushing transgenderism, LGBTQ+ curriculum to kids as young as kindergarten.

Bill Maher Notices Something Odd About These Transgender Kids.

From the Daily Signal:  We Hear You: Tampons in Men’s Rooms, Marxists in Classrooms, and Abortions for ‘Persons’.

Churchill: The election mess Democrats deserve

Have I Been Redistricted? Search Your Redrawn Political Districts in New York  (only good for NYC).

Sir Acton’s words about power corrupting are even truer today than they were in the 1800’s.

Be wary:  Hochul Unveils Flurry of Executive Orders to Address Gun Violence, ‘Online Extremism’ after Buffalo Massacre

From the Empire Center via the NY Post:  New York’s climate plan will cost hundreds of billions —and Albany is trying to hide it.

NY’s pandemic-punctuated school spending topped US average by 89%.

Finally, a lucid moment for the Biden Administration, let’s hope it lasts long enough to carry through.  Biden Administration Considers Shutting Down Disinformation Board amid Blistering Criticism: Report.

However, the board remains.  While team Biden dumps ditzy disinfo czar Nina Jankowicz— but its board remains a threat to free speech.

This is disheartening, people won’t even be able to purchase the amount of gas they need just to get to work and home.  Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing

Biden has no idea how to fight inflation/And we’ll pay the price for it

Charles C. W. Cooke writes in National Review that Democrats Can’t Fix What’s Wrong with Joe Biden.

However, occasionally Biden gets sage advice and listens:  Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Address Baby-Formula Shortage.  Conversely, if the FDA had done its due diligence, a shortage could have bee avoided.  A Formula for Shortages/The FDA has made critical mistakes in regulating the manufacturing of infant formula that it should ameliorate as quickly as possible.

It seems that the wall protecting the Biden’s may have a crack to let some news out:  NBC: Hunter Biden Has Made Millions From China.

Replacement Theory and Replacement Facts.

Fixing the blame for mass shootings/Progressives need to stop using tragedy to further their political agenda.


The ironic twists to Democrat claims that the GOP backs ‘replacement theory’

Mr. Musk, hits the nail on the head with this statement.  Elon Musk to vote GOP for first time because Democrats are ‘party of division & hate’

Roe v. Wade ruling has Biden administration bracing for nationwide wave of violence.  They may be bracing for a nationwide wave of violence, but rest assured those who support life will not be part of any violence.

How to stop children being indoctrinated.

Sir John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet said in 1857, Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Statement from Gerard Kassar, Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, on Possible Lawler Candidacy for Congress

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
[email protected]
May 18, 2022

Brooklyn, NY - “I’m pleased to learn that Assemblyman Mike Lawler is considering running for congress in New York’s newly drawn 17th congressional district. Should Mike choose to run, he will have my unqualified personal endorsement in the race. 

“This would be an easy decision. Assemblyman Lawler is a solid, common-sense conservative who has won support from Republicans, Democrats, and independents in his current Rockland County district. 

“Mr. Lawler would be able to deliver for New York if and when Republicans win the House in November, and his level-headedness is desperately needed in Washington. He would make a superb member of Congress.”



/ In Press Release / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on Statement from Gerard Kassar, Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, on Possible Lawler Candidacy for Congress

Can mass shootings be prevented without eroding the First and Second Amendment?

With politics in classrooms, Tuesday’s school-board elections are high stakes.  If you haven’t voted yet, you still have time to do so, most school districts are open to 8:00 PM and some as late as 9:00 PM.  Elect a School Board that thinks like you do.

Go Rep. Stefanik: Biden owns our baby formula mess.

Watters: The left is trying ‘capitalize’ on the Buffalo, NY shooting to divide the country.

Rise in police deaths reinforce need to support police officers.

When the Rule of Law Ends, Tyranny Soon Follows.

Biden Pushes Extreme Gun Control Using a Lie.

I really feel sorry for the people who only watch or listen to MSNBC as this news outlet runs mostly negative anti-American issues.  MSNBC Claims Homeschooling Is Driven By ‘Insidious Racism”.  Here is another MSNBC host who delivers the same one-sided bias:  MSNBC’s Chuck Todd claims the right appeases White supremacists by crying ‘free speech’.

How can Talia Lavin be considered a journalist, if even only writing for Rolling Stone magazine?  Liberal writer claims Buffalo shooter was ‘mainstream Republican,’ says party obsessed with ‘white fertility’.  I am quite sure she does not know the Buffalo shooter (who for the record is a sick psychopath who deserves, at the very least, life in prison with no possibility of parole ever) nor did Ms. Lavin have the time to research what she wrote in the article.  Her words are purposefully inflammatory for a reason – and can also create untold damage to minds that believe what she writes.  BTW, New York University has hired Talia Lavin as an adjunct journalism professor less than a year after the former New Yorker fact checker resigned after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo.  Next thing we will learn about her is that Biden nominated her for the “Disinformation Governance Board” to work along side of the other radical, Nina Jankowicz.

Prevention Duty/We need to get better at identifying and stopping mentally disturbed individuals before they perpetrate tragedies.  This article is well thought out and should be discussed with the understanding that it is a delicate matter and it cannot be left in the hands of government appointees similar to those who Biden appointed to the “Disinformation Governance Board.”   Government must never have carte blanche to commit mentally disturbed individuals without serious due process.

Stamping Out the Fire of Free Speech Only Makes It Spread Faster.

Peter Doocy scores again at a White House press conference:  Karine Jean-Pierre Appeared To Dodge When Peter Doocy Asked How Raising Corporate Taxes Lowers Inflation.

Sussmann-Durham trial: Prosecution says Clinton lawyer used FBI to create an ‘October surprise’ against Trump.

Ben Shapiro writes about the Left’s Chilling View of Children.

Be aware if this:  Dark Money Group Disguising Liberal Campaigns Across the Country.