Where is our education system heading?

Biden Administration Asks Supreme Court to Allow Student-Debt ‘Forgiveness’ Order to Take Effect

And if it doesn’t this is what many of those promised student debt forgiveness have been saying:  Student debtors refuse to pay back loans: ‘I’m not gonna feed this monster anymore’

The dumbing down of our education has reached a new low:  Students at NYC high school get third grade-level lessons on ‘Goldilocks’

NY Regents are looking to snap education standards out of existence

Report Reveals Just How Much the DEI Complex Has Infiltrated Medical Education

This is one of those articles every parent or guardian of young children must read and then get involved in knowing if their school is adopting the Biden administration’s edict.  Leor Sapir writes in City Journal: The School-to-Clinic Pipeline/New rules from the Biden administration will worsen gender-related distress in children.

Unless Hochul gets serious on crime and disorder, the MTA will fall off a fiscal cliff

Hochul raised record-breaking $60M to win term as governor — spending roughly $20 per vote.  “Much of the money was raised from entities with business before the state — including donors who operate casinos seeking a license in New York, film companies that benefit from tax credits, cannabis companies, contributors from the massive health care industry who run or work at hospitals and nursing homes, and other state contractors and public employee unions.”

Jeffery H. Anderson writes about The Election, By the Numbers/Exit polling shows a citizenry dissatisfied with both parties, most politicians, and the general direction of the country, in City Journal.

Guy Benson has an update on the US House races:  Race Calls: Republicans’ Narrow House Majority Has Expanded

This Vietnam Veteran Paid His Past-Due Rent. He Still Faces Eviction From Ebenezer Baptist Church’s Apartment.  You may ask why does this matter?  It matters because Georgia’s Sen. Warnock has repeatedly dodged questions about evictions from his church’s apartment building since the Free Beacon broke the story in October.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lee Urges GOP Senators Who Voted for Radical Marriage Bill: ‘Have the Courage to Protect’ Free Exercise of Religion

Robert Knight writes about Christmas queens and the oxymoronically named Respect for Marriage Act

Guy Benson writing in Townhall.com asks the obvious question:  Red Flag: Why Was the Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect Free in the First Place?

It’s Time for Federal Agency Enforcement Reform

Biden Administration’s Inaction Legitimizes Iran’s Brutality

Is Multiculturalism Destroying Western National Identities?

Qatar’s Double Game: Funding Islamists While Pretending to Be America’s Ally