If Twitter hadn’t overplayed their hand, would the intel officer’s accounting of Hunter’s laptop be acceptable?

Meet the Beijing-Aligned Group That Branded a Republican’s Tough-on-China Rhetoric ‘Racist’. An eye-opening analysis of just one congressional race.

Biden Is Betraying Freedom-loving Protesters in China and Iran

Biden not scheduled for first border visit despite being just 100 miles away

The GOP Seems Poised to Be Suckered into Another Trap

FBI’s fake ‘warnings’ about our Hunter story were clearly a coverup to aid Joe Biden

Rich Lowry writes (and I agree with him) that Intel officials who claimed Hunter Biden laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’ far more blameworthy than Twitter censors

In all honesty, it is painful to watch the White House press briefings conducted by Karine Jean-Pierre. Release of Twitter files on how Hunter Biden story was censored ‘not healthy’: White House

From the Daily signal: ‘Twitter Files’: Why They Matter and What’s Next for Elon Musk

It seems to me that the more we learn about Khan’s resignation, it makes AG James look like she was willing to prevaricate what was alleged to happen by her trusted employee. So much for her public stance of you must believe every woman. Internal docs confirm AG Letitia James knew about aide’s sexual harassment scandal well before election

Attorney general releases timeline of events leading to Khan’s resignation

Churchill: Do as Tish James says — but not as she does?

The 2022 AG candidate for NYS Attorney General, Michael Henry, wants to know (as do I) what AG Tish James knew.

From Newsome to NY in four days:  NY lawmakers push for slavery reparations for black residents

‘Black hole’ MTA ‘should not be asking for more money,’ US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis scolds

Absolutely mindboggling and so very sad that this is what our country is coming to: Virginia Restaurant Kicks Out Family Foundation Over Abortion, Traditional Marriage.  Why is it that those who call for equality and diversity are so WOKE that a group cannot eat in the restaurant?

Disturbing: Canada’s Euthanasia ‘Slippery Slope’ Is Real and Horrifying

This is also disturbing:  Elementary School Teacher Says It’s ‘Enjoyable’ to Confuse Children About Gender Identity.  Enjoyable? I am falling into the teacher’s labyrinth of getting attention…anyone who enjoys confusing children who appear, by their remarks, to be young, is obviously just pretending to be transgender, non-binary or trying out for a remake of “Some Like It Hot.” Every teacher I have ever met wants to teach, not confuse, their students.

John Minick writes about Finding Hope in These Trying Times

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