Artificial Intelligence… designed to change destiny?

Chairman Kassar joined Alan Chartock on the radio this morning; here is the link to hear what they talked about.

Joe Mahoney writes in the Press Republican:  NY GOP looking to 2024, and includes quotes from Chairman Kassar.

Gov. Kathy Hochul weighs bill to let criminals work in New York casinos read the article to learn what Chairman Kassar has to say about this.

NY AG Letitia James blasted by ex-aide for handling of sex harass complaint

Well this is disturbing:  Notorious cartel hit man disappears from US prison system, leaving Mexico dumbfounded

We have shown in many earlier articles how today’s medical students are being inundated with equality and diversity in how sick people should be treated; more proof is in this article, which can certainly harm our children.  Pediatric group says kids should talk to their parents about tattoos — but not puberty blockers. “There was clearly no fact-checking,” one longtime AAP member said. “The AAP thought trans was the next civil-rights crusade and got boondoggled by enthusiastic young doctors (emphasis added).”

As a clinical psychologist, I believe free speech, not censorship, benefits mental health: Here’s why

If you were a businessman, where would you prefer to do business; in a state with overbearing taxes and regulations or one that supports your business in their state?  NYC restaurant barons ride Florida pandemic wave to open new spots outside Miami

The untold cost of retail theft is not discussed enough.  Ex-CEO sounds alarm about retail theft: ‘Spreading faster than COVID’.  It certainly drives up the cost of doing business and ultimately, you pay more.

Questions must be answered on ex-Twitter lawyer James Baker’s role in censorship scandals

Michael Goodwin’s latest column:  Nearing the truth on the Biden racket

Biden prisoner exchange for Brittney Griner leaves behind Marine veteran Paul Whelan — again

Biden’s pathetic disregard for the humanitarian catastrophe at the border

Guy Benson writes in   ‘Hard No’ to Any Immigration Bill Until Biden’s Border Crisis Is Controlled

Betsy McCaughey:  Team Biden’s 401(k) heist could raid your retirement for a woke agenda

Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Article on Property Rights

Rise of the bots: ‘Scary’ AI ChatGPT could eliminate Google within 2 years

AI bot that can do schoolwork could ‘blow up’ US education system, with youngest at most risk: former teacher