Why is the main street media so afraid to shine its light where real corruption is?

China Operating Illegal Police Stations Worldwide.

US Funds Arabs Who Want to Destroy Israel

Biden Administration Turns a Blind Eye to Iranian Regime’s Brutal Crackdown

From Open The Books:  $1.4 Billion in forgiven PPP loans – Paid to wealthiest law and accounting firms.

America’s ticking time bomb: $66 trillion in debt that could crash the economy

What Democrats Are Trying to Pass Before Their House Majority Ends

From Plummeting Test Scores to Woke Curriculums, Ben Carson Addresses America’s ‘Crisis in Classroom’

National Review:  Woke Insanity Detected in Another Patient: Tulane School of Medicine

Rogue Virginia ABC Sends Police to Enforce COVID Lockdown

What happens in California finds its way to Progressives in New York: Cali Reparations Task Force Preparing $223,000 Per Person Recommendation

Showdown looms over push for higher wage mandate

No, moral sanction for drug dealers is not ‘harm reduction’

Waiving fees for library books promotes our culture of no accountability

Recent crimes highlight need for Eric Adams’ plan to treat mentally ill

NY should revisit Pataki’s ‘three-strikes’ law to fight crime: ex-Gov. David Paterson.  Rewrite the law to allow juries, if they find the defendant guilty, to come back and consider the prior history of the convict and if the “three-strikes” are similar in nature, the jury should set the sentence.

Ill-conceived bail reform laws have plunged New York into a state of chaos

New York attorney general’s office faces questions over investigation that led to resignation of top aide New Yorkers should have trust in their Attorney General; the resignation of top aide creates too many questions and makes it difficult to trust her motives.

Assembly Democrats’ plot to to undo will of Brooklyn voters.

The biggest story of the weekend (and the obvious attempt to sway the 2020 elections) has been ignored by  NBC, ABC, CBS called out for silence on Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter files’ release: ‘They’re failing Americans’

READ IT: Full Bombshell Thread on Twitter’s Censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Only One Democrat Was Concerned With Ethical Issues Regarding Twitter’s Suppression of Hunter Biden Story.  One should ask the question, why didn’t you keep your concerns in the public square? This is the first most of us are hearing of your concern for the First Amendment.

How the FBI’s nod and a wink got social media to censor The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting

Twitter Execs Didn’t Have a Good Explanation for Censoring Hunter Biden’s Laptop, New Emails Reveal

Elon Musk’s Big Mistake  Great analysis by Kurt Schlichter writing in Townhall.com

Here’s What Has Musk Concerned After Release of Twitter Files; unfortunately, he probably does have reason to worry.  Fortunately, in lives in America, not Russia or China.

Reviving the Church: How to Get Young People in the Pews

What’s Missing From the Abortion Conversation