If you have Bitcoins, are they really a safe investment?

John Gizzi writes in Newsmax:  N.Y. Rep.-Elect Brandon Williams Puts GOP on Verge of Majority

Eric Swalwell laments it’s ‘so stupid’ for parents to control their kids’ education, I wonder what his wife thinks about his statement.  Most people, I am sure, will agree with Jonathan Turley’s assessment of it:   Eric Swalwell’s ‘stupid’ education tweet may cost Democrats in 2024.  This probably triggered Congressman Swalwell:  Parental Rebellion Pays Off: Conservatives Win School Board Seats.  Imagine Swalwell’s reaction when he reads this:  Schooled by DeSantis/ The Florida governor shows conservatives how to break the teachers’ union stranglehold on local school boards.

Democrats’ risky campaign tactic played fast and loose with election ethics.

Schumer on Dems Keeping Senate: Americans Have ‘Vindicated’ Our Agenda. Message to Sen. Chuck Schumer:  If Warnock loses to Herschel Walker next month, how does the status quo of the US Senate indicate a vindication of your agenda?  Even if Warnock wins, how does a one seat pickup indicate a vindication?  This US News and World Report’s (puff) piece also calls your maintaining the leadership position as vindication, but only points to three bills with Kamala Harris’s deciding vote needed to pass them, but it neglects to mention your coffers were benefited  by Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced former CEO of FTX whose business filed for bankruptcy days after the election, but not before pumping $40 million into the Democratic Party to spend on “get-out-the-vote” and other shadowy ballot-harvesting mechanics for the midterms. Vindication?  Not even close to vindication; sycophantic politics at its worst.  Did we happen to mention that Sam Bankman-Fried, not only spent a considerable amount of time lobbying key Washington decision makers and testifying before Congress while CEO of FTX, his fingerprints are all over key pending pieces of crypto legislation, like the still in-progress Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA). There will be long term effects as the crypto industry’s plunge comes as investors continue to grapple with the stunning implosion of FTX, one of the biggest and most powerful players in the industry.

Uncle Sam is playing the same game as broke, disgraced crypto king

How World Economic Forum, others are hiding their past ties with FTX

NYS Comptroller tells us what we already knew in his report: Controls and Management of the Unemployment Insurance System.  The system is severely lacking and cost taxpayers far too much by the lax protections in place to prevent overpayments and payments to those who do not qualify.

Kevin O’Leary on Inflation: You Printed $7 Trillion in 30 Months. What Did you Think Would Happen?

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