Will it get worse before it gets better? Only if we let it!!

US Has Sent a Net $309 Billion to Communist China This Year.  You can be fairly certain that net amount is building their military while the Chinese regime’s systematic attacks on the human rights of the Chinese people continues.

Amended Respect for Marriage Act Still Threatens People of Faith.  These 12 GOP senators voted for same-sex marriage bill

File this under, giving credit when credit is due; Bipartisan Senate Votes to End Biden’s Pandemic Emergency.

Harris hits her stride as White House grooms her to replace Biden on 2024 ticket

Spencer Brown writes in Townhall.com:  Oh, So That’s What Nancy Pelosi’s Doing Next.

US Homebuilding Tumbles to Two-Year Low Amid Soaring Mortgage Rates

 Warnock’s Church Belongs to Coalition That Wants to End Military Aid to Israel.

Gary Tilzer, has a comprehensive analysis in The Jewish Voice:  MRI of the Lasting Effects of Zeldin High Turnout Election

Ballot Election News has a small note (big enough to be noticed!) on how the Conservative Party did on election night.

Audit: New York was rife with UI fraud during pandemic.  Ken Girardin asks the question of the day in this New York Post article: $11 billion was stolen from taxpayers in a massive fraud — will officials just ignore it?

Flawed discovery ‘reforms’ are still creating chaos at DA offices — and adding to NY’s crime surge

Zeldin Threat Passed, Criminal Justice Reformers Ready to Push Hochul.  The Governor, prior to her re-election Hochul vow(ed) to fix NY — ‘first thing tomorrow’.  That was then; this is now: Gov. Kathy Hochul kicks the can on crime reform after narrow election win.

While some clemency reforms quietly take shape, advocates look to gov for more.

Also on the democratic agenda:  Lawmakers begin push for $20+ minimum wage in New York.  The proposal would also index minimum wage to inflation. Just what one needs with inflation raging, an additional expense, if it passes, albeit not effective until 2024 in increments until 2026.  In New York City, residents who order take-out on an App are facing this: Food Delivery Workers Would Be Paid $23.82 Minimum Under Proposed New City Rules, an hour plus tips effective in 2025.  If you live in NYC and are opposed to the changes, there is a public hearing on December 16.

Why Catholic schools didn’t fail at all while public ones did during COVID pandemic

Jordan Alexander, writes in Intellectual Takeout, We Live in a Culture of Pornography.  So true and so sad that it is true.

John O. McGinnis writes in City Journal:  The Kids Are Not All Right/The outcome of most enduring concern in Tuesday’s midterms was the Left’s total victory among the young.