Is bureaucracy destroying America?

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul vetoes bill to fight deadly fentanyl scourge. Hochul, in a series of veto messages last week, said the fentanyl fighting bill was one of 39 measures that would have created task forces and commissions costing about $40 million that was not accounted for in the state budget.  This gives you an honest look at Governor Hochul’s commitment to help end the crime in New York. The Governor could have signed this bill, and vetoed the other 38, thereby keeping some of the costs down.  However, common sense was lacking, and fentanyl will still cross the border and reach New Yorkers. A commission may have helped, but we will not know, and  deaths will continue, even innocent children who never had a chance to live:  Syracuse baby who died had 23 times the amount of fentanyl that would kill an adult, report says.

Yes they cannabis: Hordes of illegal shops — some selling tainted pot — invade NYC

NY’s Cannabis Control Board is failing Job One: protect public safety

New York state Sen. Tom O’Mara: One-party rule in Albany means lack of oversight

‘Last thing we need’: Pols want NYers to pay $300M so illegal migrants can stay. “We have a moral obligation to make sure that new Americans have legal representation. Otherwise, the odds are without a lawyer they’ll be sent back to their country of origin and could face dire circumstances, including death,” state Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) said of legislation he is sponsoring alongside Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D-Queens).  So, Sen. Hoylman (and Assemblymember Cruz), your statement leads us to believe that, if a thief breaks into your Manhattan (or Queens) home, you will embrace them because they may have no place to live and most likely don’t speak English because they are a “new” American, you will then pay for their lawyer, despite the fact they won’t have to pay bail and lawyers are available if you can’t afford one, and you will forgive their lack of the moral obligation not to break into your home.  Will both of you gladly do this? Yet, you expect hard working New Yorkers to foot the bill for your misguided compassion. New Yorkers are compassionate, and more than willing to help, however, compassion is a two-way street and that means coming into America legally.

Mayor Eric Adams steps up to get NYC’s seriously mentally ill into the treatment they need.

Perhaps this wouldn’t have happened if communications were better and it may take some time to have it work in everyone’s best interest, but it is a good step to helping all involved. NYPD was ‘blindsided’ by Eric Adams’ plan to involuntarily commit more mentally ill homeless people

New Study Has Some Bad News for Wind Energy Advocates

From the City Journal: “Statistical Murder”?  By depriving communities of wealth, ill-conceived climate-change proposals will lead to worse health outcomes.

National Review writes:  The Oath Keepers Verdicts Correct the Record on January 6

Mr. Hanson has always made it clear how to save America from the enemy within; he does not disappoint in his latest column. Victor Davis Hanson:  If You Really Wanted to Destroy the U.S., Then…

This article by Daniel Greenfield for the Gatestone Institute explains where another problem is in government; it really is a must read to understand what needs to be done, if it isn’t too late.   The Bureaucracy’s Democrat Majority Made America a One-Party Government

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Court Rules Against the Biden Admin’s Request to Reinstate Student Loan Bailout 

BREAKING:  Supreme Court to hear arguments on Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan  on Friday

House Democrat Calls Out Biden Admin on Maine Lobstermen: ‘Regulating Out of Business’

A Presidential Trojan Horse: The Inflation Reduction Act.

Georgia voters, if you know this, how can you send him back to the most exclusive club in America?  Chairwoman of Warnock’s Church Sits on Board of Firm Accused of ‘Shamelessly Profiting’ Off Low-Income Tenants?