Catching up on the news….

Hoping your holidays were filed with happiness and the New Year is your best yet.  Here are some articles you may have missed over the holidays.

“We Are Going to Kill You and Destroy Your Church”: The Persecution of Christians, November 2022

Beware aggrieved would-be emperors — like Putin and Xi

Europe’s ‘anti-hate’ laws and arrests a warning for free speech in US

Cal Thomas writes:  It’s a new year but nothing’s new — except for the decline in good journalism and real leaders

Will the Fed blink in 2023 and extend our economic agony?

What’s another $1.7T in the omnibus when you’ve taken the national debt to $31.4T?

Biden Opens Door to China Sabotage in North Dakota

Biden administration overstated Q2 job growth by 1 million: Philadelphia Fed

How feds use charities to hide the true cost of the US border crisis

Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Just Swarming the Southern Border

Kamala Harris whines media doesn’t focus on ‘strength of my leadership’

Sorry, Kamala: It’s not the media’s fault no one thinks you’re a strong leader — it’s your own

Michelle O’s Moment of Unscripted Honesty – Oops!

Unleashing Clean Fusion Power Is America’s Best Defense against Tyranny

Deroy Murdock writes that Democrats’ Gasophobia Will Kill Americans

Scoping Plan Doesn’t Secure Reliable Electricity for New York  (This is one of the must read articles you may have missed over the holidays.)

Gov. Kathy Hochul fails to tie NY lawmaker raises to tougher bail law: sources

New York pols gift themselves epic pay raise — but shrug off crime and migrants

Hochul Can Block Legislative Pay Raise;  however, as we know, she chose not to and signed it at the last minute.

Federal omnibus deal has big implications for New York Medicaid

NY must prune its bloated Medicaid program — and focus on improving low-quality care

NYC has lost 781 chain stores — including Duane Reade — since 2019

Kathy Hochul’s laughable excuse to push her flawed Penn Station makeover

What Gov. Hochul must do to prevent a coming fiscal crash

Adams’ focus on career criminals is a no-brainer: Will Albany’s soft brains listen?

New York has all it needs to reverse the crime crisis — except leadership

The price tag for COVID school closures that led to historic learning losses for kids could top $28 trillion

Rachel Levine ripped for demanding censorship of ‘misinformation’ on ‘gender-affirming care’ for kids

CDC Urges Teachers, Administrators, School Nurses to Adopt LGBT Curriculum, Endorse Transgender Identity.  The CDC made many mistakes informing the public regarding COVID-19; and they are completely wrong on having teachers, administrators and school nurses endorse transgender identity!

Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses American Schools’ Greatest Ailment as ‘Loss of Vision’

University of Minnesota Med School Gives Leg Up in Promotions to Pro-DEI Faculty

The woke university implosion — and what comes next

My New Year’s resolution: Make college leaders wake up to anti-Semitism on their campuses

Why I’m leaving college and choosing education over indoctrination

New year, new justice/Lake Placid resident Allison McGahay celebrates election to state Supreme Court

The Tax Man Cometh

Three Steps to Make the Best of 2023