Albany’s One Party Rule produces arrogant disregard for New Yorkers.

A ray of hope, finally: Supreme Court Pauses Expiration of Title 42

Title 42 must be upheld — for public health, not politics

What Steps Has Biden Taken to Reduce Illegal Immigration?

Liberal Writer Perfectly Describes What the January 6 ‘Criminal Referrals’ Really Mean

China’s Deal with Saudi Arabia is a Disaster for Biden

From National Review:  FBI Pressured Twitter to Share User Data outside Search-Warrant Process, Records Reveal

From the directly impacted NY Post: FBI pressured Twitter, sent trove of docs hours before Post broke Hunter laptop story

New York lost more high-earning taxpayers in pandemic-wracked 2020

These two articles, (from Empire Center) NY lawmakers want to be nation’s highest-paid and the (New York Post) Albany Dems introduce bill to raise legislative pay before likely special session this week shine the light on the absolute arrogance of the democratic “leadership” in New York State.  If they had an iota of a backbone, this would have been announced prior to the elections, but they don’t.  Nor do they have any empathy for the taxpayers who pay their salaries and are currently trying to make their own salaries (average salary in NYS according to ZipRecruiter is $51,453 for full time work) cover the inflation experienced this year.  $142,000 for a part time job is ludicrous; making it full time is also ludicrous, as the idea of the legislative body was to have part time legislators working in other jobs, to understand the impact of the legislation they passed.  This is a perfect example of how the government has (and continues) to run amok.

Stanford releases guide to eliminate ‘harmful language,’ cautions against calling US citizens ‘American’ It is important for parents to guide their children in deciding which college they should attend.  Learn more about Stanford (and their Woke Agenda) here

Interesting article:  The Quarter-Century Childhood

NY plans to change the way you heat your home. Gas, oil, propane furnaces to be phased out.  From Politico’s article:  The Climate Action Councildominated by executive administration officials, on Monday OK’d a final roadmap to cut emissions to 50 percent of 1990 levels by 2030 and 85 percent by 2050.  So, the question I have is this:  Since the CAC was dominated by executive administration officials, is the roadmap realistic and financially sustainable for those who , or is it just a roadmap to please the administration?

Woman pleads guilty after being charged with sex trafficking alongside GOP strategist  Most of the repulsive things occurring in today’s world is that people lack a moral compass. And when lacking a moral compass abhorrent actions permeate throughout society without regard to consequences because for the most part there are very little consequences.

What is going on in the “Fashion” world?   Gucci and Harry Styles slammed for ‘sick’ ad with child’s bed and teddy bear shirt

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