Biden intends to visit the southern border…if he does, will it change anything?

Biden Administration Touts Drained Emergency Oil Reserves as Top 2022 Accomplishment. Great accomplishment, draining our emergency oil reserves and selling it to our nemesis.

Biden Tells Supreme Court Veterans Law Gives Him ‘Clear Authorization’ To Cancel Student Debt; Seriously? Biden is living in his own little world thinking he is a folk hero by giving away OUR money.

It’s Biden who doesn’t care about migrants — or NY’s lack of ‘room at the inn’.  No one cared about the border towns being overrun with illegals, but now they understand better what has been going on since Biden opened the flood gates. The people coming into our country are beholden to the cartels helping them and our citizens are paying far too high a price. Housing, schools, medical care simply cannot absorb the ever increasing numbers flooding America. America has always and still is a country that welcomes immigrants; the difference now is that those flooding the border towns, no longer respect the rule of law. Ask us if we have the means to help you; don’t demand/assume that we adjust to your needs.

Biden Reveals New Plan to Finally Address Raging Border Crisis. At this point here is the only plan that is guaranteed to work Mr. President:  Build. The. Wall.

Biden says he intends to visit southern border on Mexico trip  It simply amazes me that Biden calls for the end of finger pointing, them blames Republicans. For a person who has been an elected official since 1973, has he not learned how to negotiate?

If moderates don’t rally behind Gov. Hochul and her chief judge pick, the hard left will rule the state; the unfortunate reality is that the moderates are afraid to be primaried, so they will fall in line and the hard left will get its way.

NY state Democrats pack key panel to sink Gov. Hochul’s top-judge pick Hector LaSalle; if the democrats “stack the panel” it proves that one party rule in New York (or any locality) has no or little regard for governing; they want what they want and they will do whatever it takes. Governor Hochul should have vetoed the pay raise bill to prove 1) she has a backbone and 2) is willing to fight for what she thinks is best for New Yorkers.

Beijing Threatens ‘Countermeasures’ After US Restricts Travel From China

Soros Doubles Funding to Left-Wing Legal Group Working To Upend Supreme Court

Cal Thomas asks the question:  Where have all the thinkers gone? No wonder our politics is a mess; (obviously they are watching The View.)  ‘The View’ is the biggest source of misinformation in America

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