Daily Update

NYC Councilmember Brad Lander got his bill passed, but, after seeing the results, would he consider repealing it?  Doubt that he would, despite realizing it was a bad idea.

Another bad idea is the fact that Governor Cuomo is thinking about hiking taxes and again breaking his 2010 campaign promise to not raise taxes

The Board of Regents wants even more of your money, $4.3Bincrease over the next three years.

Some legislators in New York use situations like this to push for euthanasia here by calling it “death with dignity.”   Perhaps those same legislators should read Kathryn Jean Lopez’s article in National Review

A love-hate relationship with ‘fake’ news.  (Don’t forget to vote in our weekly poll.)

It is a good thing there are only 37 days left in theObama Administration as he really is becoming delusional…Obama on the ‘Daily Show’: Voters should have cared more about Russia’s meddling in the election inferring that the real issues did not matter.

Key Questions About Russia’s Alleged Hacking of the US Election

The Daily Wire gives us 4 Reasons Russia Didn’t Swing The Election To Trump.   (BTW, there are many more.)

Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence: We’re Not Sure About The CIA’s Assessment On Russia

Did Obamacare Really Insure 20 Million?

Will New Yorker’s be penalized again by their high state, local income and property taxes

Tuesday’s with Thomas Sowell.