Weekly Wrap-Up

“Outspoken ex-Marine” – the New York Times’ description of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, President-elect Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, is music to my ears. 

“The president-elect could not choose a better man to be our next Secretary of Defense,” says Ralph Peters of Fox News. “I trust Jim Mattis because he’s a man of character, that most un-Washingtonian quality.”

There are many articles such as this one, from people close to the General, which echo that sentiment. 

Mattis is described as a “warrior monk” with a big library – and his colorful quotes are certainly worth a read. 

What do you like most about Gen. Mattis and his qualifications for Secretary of Defense? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

And for the second question, let’s go back to those quotes I just mentioned: I’ve listed my favorites – which one do you like most? 

News of the Mattis nomination has made this a wonderful day for me, but of course Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is trying to ruin it. 

Maybe a sign of things to come – do you think General Mattis and President Trump’s “team of outsiders” cabinet nominees will face difficulties getting confirmed by the Senate? That’s Poll question three for this week. 

Meanwhile in Washington, the Democrats have doubled down on failure by putting “clueless” Nancy Pelosi back in power – and with that, the Democratic Party may very well be on the verge of extinction.

And it’s now clear (as if it wasn’t already) that Chuck Schumer will violate any principle to toe the Democratic Party line.

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and he’s already delivering on his promises. 

And by the way, despite the media’s outrage, the President-elect is probably right when he talks about the impact of voter fraud

Here in New York, all signs point to more Cuomo Administration incompetence.  

And finally, this past week we said goodbye to a truly despicable human being. May the myth of Fidel Castro die with him. 

Have a great weekend!