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Republican Lawsuit Forces NYC’s Hand on Identifications for Undocumented Immigrants.  Kudoes to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and Assemblyman Ron Castorina for making a strong case that  convinced Richmond County Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo to order the city not follow through with longstanding plans to purge the files of municipal I.D. initiative.  Of course, Mayor de Blasio is fighting back

Judge Andrew P. Napolitanoopines in the Washington Times on Are sanctuary cities legal

Judges’ message to kids: It’s OK to cheat.

Each article, in its own way, sends the wrong message to the citizens of our great country, essentially it makes it possible for you to pick and choose what laws you want to obey.  The bleeding hearts in New York’s Appellate Division “ruled that, given her previous “unblemished record,” firing her for a “one-time mistake” actually “shocks our sense of fairness.”  Hmmm, if a driver never has any tickets in 30 years of driving, yet goes on a drinking binge one night and causes the death of an innocent person…should they be given a pass because it was a “one-time mistake.”  When did every thing become a “gray area,” things were much clearer when adults made decisions on the law…not on the excuses for not supporting the law.

Cheating on tests is unacceptable, protecting illegal immigrants is unacceptable and leaders that call for cities, towns, colleges, churches to become a sanctuary place are morally unacceptable. On November 8, Americans sent a clear message, we will no longer be silent when unacceptable things are encouraged by certain leaders and judges who fail to enforce federal laws.  After all, if they can pick and choose which laws to follow, so can every citizen. 

Monica Crowley opines on Donald Trump and getting the job done in the Washington Times. 

It isn’t only Bowe Bergdahl who is looking for a presidential pardon.  (Think of the message that would send should President Obama grant them…)

Top House Republican Proposes Aggressive Plan to Help Trump Fight Terrorism

Four democratic Senators want another bailout (this time a private pension)  and are determined to get it

The Heritage Foundation reintroduces us to Scott Pruitt, Mr. Trump’s choice to reign in the EPA.

This Judge gets it right!

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