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Daily Update

Programming Alert:   Wednesday, 5/24. Chairman Long will appear on  NY1’s Town Hall meeting to discuss immigration with other distinguished guests and a live audience.  For more information, click here. 

In Saudi Arabia, Trump Asks, “Will We Be Indifferent in the Presence of Evil?   From National Review:  Trump’s Statesmanlike Speech in Riyadh.  This is Roger Kimball’s assessment of President Trump’s speech:  Donald Trump’s Invigorating Speech in Riyadh. Arnold Steinberg, who has a long history with Saudi Arabia, writes this in the American Spectator:  The Washington Times calls it an “historic speech” that implores Muslim world to rip out Islamic extremism at its roots.  Ambassador John Bolton calls the speech, “a good start.”

Trump in Israel: ‘Iran Must Never Be Allowed to Possess a Nuclear Weapon’.  

The left wants us to think we are imagining that the main stream media is fair, thanks to Harvard (surprise) we now have proof that we are not.  The full interesting report is here.  What is especially interesting is this: Although journalists are accused of having a liberal bias, their real bias is a preference for the negative.[22] News reporting turned sour during the Vietnam and Watergate era and has stayed that way.[23] Journalists’ incentives, everything from getting their stories on the air to acquiring a reputation as a hard-hitting reporter, encourage journalists to focus on what’s wrong with politicians rather than what’s right.[24] Once upon a time, the “honeymoon” period for a newly inaugurated president included favorable press coverage.[25] That era is now decades in the past.”  Conservatives are normally people that believe the glass is half full, not half empty, we work for the positive and when the news focuses on the negative it hits us twice has hard. 

Derek Hunter writes in Townhall.com that there is something fundamentally wrong with liberals.

 Like many we believe that leaks from the White House to the press undermines the good that the current administration is trying to accomplishment.  

The Daily Signal gives us a “heads-up” on the major entitlement overhaul that could be part of Trump’s budget. (Of course, the press will emphasize the negative, so read this to know what President Trump wants to do and why.)

Dodd-Frank Has Crippled Our Economic Recovery. This Bill Would Unleash Real Growth Again.

Mayor de Blasio is so free with our money; never caring about the possible consequences.  Unfortunately, for us, he isn’t the only one.  

Robert Knight opines how the ACLU employs an army of ex-cons.  





Daily Update

This seems to be the week that the left and right appear to agree on legislation.  Kenneth Lovett writes in the NY Daily News that the Conservative Party is supporting unfunded mandate relief for counties and goes on to say that Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long said in a phone interview that the recent presidential and congressional elections was an indication that people want to do away with mandates that drive up the costs of doing business. Read the article here.  

Michael Tobin writes in NY Slant (not know for its conservative views) on the right to die, or inevitable obligation which surprisingly reads as if one of us wrote the article.  Mr. Tobin says towards the end of his article that “But most of all, this feels like a dangerous cop-out. Government should focus on improving the lives and quality of life of the living, no matter how sick, not hastening their death.”  To learn more about this legislation be sure to attend our 50th annual CPPAC in Albany on January 29 and 30 when former AG Dennis C. Vacco addresses the issue.  Registration form is here

There you have it, two issues where the right and left agree when so many think it is impossible.  The left should listen to former Senator Joe Liberman and certainly not Professor David Farris as Jim Geraghty explains in his Morning Jolt

Unlike the left, National Review and the Heritage Foundation have no qualms with President-elect Trump talking to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen. 

President Obama is handed yet another federal court setback.

This would not happen under President Trump, why is President Obama doing admitting those Australia rejects

File this under “Be careful of what you wish for.”

The smoke and mirrors of the anti-cigarette crusade and Team Obama’s last meddle in Americans’ private lives.  Whatever will we do when we are treated like adults under a Trump Administration and not subject to overzealous (aka — really dumb) regulations like this:  Federal Agents Threaten Pet Owners With a War on Cats

The war on ‘fake news’ is all about censoring real news. 

The disclosure that could end Eric Schneiderman’s career

Monday’s with Robert Knight



Daily Update

Fredric U. Dicker’s Monday column in the NY Post state’s “Trump’s staff says it’s ‘full steam ahead’ in New York.”   We attest Mr. Dicker’s headline and hope that you will join us on September 7 when Donald J. Trump attends our 2016 Presidential Reception and accepts tour nomination to run on the Conservative Party’s line in November.  Don’t miss out on this exciting event, make your reservation today

Byron York: Onstage, Trump sheds ego, lays off media, hones new role and his numbers are up reflecting the presidential Donald J. Trump

Hillary’s campaign is beginning to crack, despite all of the free media help she is privy to and the ability to lie through her smile.  Did you see this article over the weekend?  What an eye-opener!  Of course, the Clinton Campaign denies any “active role.”  The Washington Times has an article on how the Clinton Foundation used Huma Abedin to set up meetings between Hillary and big supporters.   Hillary tries to gets help from her beloved husband Bill, but Bill gets 3 Pinocchios for his spin.  Today, Colin Powell sets the record straight on another Hillary lie.  And, the FBI found almost 15,000 emails Hillary never turned over to them after she said she handed all of them over.  Anyone concerned about government taking their money to redistribute it will realize just how much Hillary plans on taking with plans like this.   All of this is so tiring for Hillary that she had to take a private jet for a 20 mile trip!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another plan to spend your money — this time one plan will cost you twice!  New York is number 1 again…this time in spending $2.6 billion on tax breaks for the film industry from 1997 to 2015, far outpacing every other state in the country.  Thanks Gov. Cuomo, we just want to know why when there is so little in return.

The Daily Signal tells us what the media gets wrong about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Monday’s with Robert Knight.


Daily Update

File this under:  Using people for your personal gain!  Really, Mrs. Clinton…why don’t you spend some time talking to the thousands of immigrants who followed the process to come to America legally and see how they respond to “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto.”  We are a land of immigrants and have benefited by the ideas and freedoms bestowed on legal immigration…LEGAL immigration, Mrs. Clinton and all any American wants is people who follow the laws of our beloved country.

Hillary is severely flawed, especially when she wants to upend the laws of our land, so the Conservative Party is poised to endorse Donald J. Trump.

Judge Jeanine Pirro on why Hillary had a private email.

Robert Knight opines in the Washington Times on a snapshot of modern madness.

Hillary may preach Religious Freedom, but like everything else this woman preaches, her actions prove otherwise.

The Clinton campaign made a suspicious edit to its website’s Sexual Assault Page

Larry Kudlow opines on the insanity of the Hillary economic plan.

If you put a frog the frog in boiling water, it will jump out and avoid being cooked.  However, if you put a frog in cold water and slowly raise the temperature to boiling, it will happily hang about until it’s cuisses de grenouilles soupe.  The Federal Government must think we are all frogs and not paying attention to how they are slowly eroding our freedoms by doing this.

About that $400,000,000,000 payment Mr. President, did the DOJ think it would look like a ransom payment?

Zephyr Teachout Has It All Wrong on Fracking.   

Jimmy Vielkind writes in Politico about Cuomo thunders, and DiNapoli shrugs. 

Shady firm linked to nearly 55K donated to de Blasio campaign



Daily Update

Yesterday’s (08/07/2016) NY Post editorial aptly described Howard Zemsky’s responses when grilled last week by both democratic and republican legislators as “sad excuses.”

This broke late Friday night...all news that administrations like to bury happens to break after hours and on weekends.  

Here is another article about the pending pay raise for legislators, notice how the Commission has until November 15 to make their recommendation which will be automatic unless rejected or changed by the Members. 

So Governor Cuomo, trying to emulate Daddy, made Hillary very upset

Sen. Tom Cotton dropped a bombshell Sunday morning which makes it even more difficult to understand why FBI Director James Comey declined to indict Hillary.  Here is what Judge Jeannine said about Hillary’s Fox News interview on July 31, 2016. 

Is this why Obama thinks Clinton is the most qualified candidate?

Bill Clinton Received Millions From Firm That Teaches Sharia Law

The Washington Post reminds the rest of the nation that Hillary Clinton’s promise to create 200,000 upstate jobs while the Senator from New York, fell flat. 

Robert Knight opines on the truth about lies.

Obama continues to try and bypass Congressional opposition, this time by trying to advance his nuclear agenda at the UN.

What Could Go Wrong With the Government’s Proposal to Put Human Cells in Animal Embryos?

This is what happens when you have a government unchecked and with too much of our money to waste

Piercing the fog of de Blasio’s cover ups

Need relief from the news…watch this video of Johnny Carson as Reagan, a “Who’s On First” spoof