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Democrats will stick to denial even if it means burning down the Republic

Deroy Murdock explains (with a great sense of humor) how the KGB orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s defeat.  Send this to every democrat who really thinks the Russian’s influenced our election and maybe they will realize just how silly the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi theories are. 

Michael Goodwin’s latest gem is here.

Lie of the year:  Abortion clinics are safe.

Government Intervention in Housing Has Always Been Bad. Here’s Why Today Is No Different

Tom Price is right

E. J. McMahon writes about government leaning on the 1%

ACLU: Sight of cross on public tree inflicts ‘irreparable harm’, the question is would the ACLU represent me if I said the sight of a minaret inflicted irreparable harm to me?

John Fund gives us his take on What’s Behind Trump’s Move to the Right

Trump’s ‘Penny Plan’ Could Slash Federal Spending Over Decade

Why America Is an Exceptional Nation

In a last ditch effort to free their son, the parents of First Lieutenant Clint Lorance have created a video plea asking President Obama for a presidential pardon.  The heartbreaking four-minute video features Anna and Tracy Lorance explaining the character of their son and why he deserves to walk free.  Lieutenant Lorance was convicted of murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison for ordering his men engage three military aged males riding a motorcycle speeding towards his patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan in July of 2012.

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Since his court martial, it has been revealed that the two men killed as a result of his orders both were biometrically linked to terrorism and IED attacks that killed U.S. troops.  Over the past eight years, President Obama has granted a record number of presidential pardons and commutations to hundreds of criminals, including those with drug and gun convictions.

READ: Clint Lorance’s Personal Letter to Pres. Obama

In fact, the White House boasts of the fact that Obama has commuted the sentences of more individuals in one year than in any other year in our country’s history.  Wouldn’t it be nice if—instead of pardoning or commuting the sentence of another criminal—President Obama could do the right thing and free this hero?

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