Daily Update

The EPA,  created in 1970, has long been a federal agency overstepping its charter, but collecting information about employees sexual orientation is beyond comprehension especially when the EPA states that gender is “an evolving area.”  

David Keene opines on ‘A pack of sore losers.’ while the Daily Signal gives us their take on why Jill Stein is creating havoc with her expensive and grandiose delusions that numbers will change.

Meanwhile, some think Hillary is raising election doubts to ‘Keep Her Options Open’ for 2020.  (I’mmore inclined to believe she is raising doubts to keep those speaking fees from totally drying up.)  Ed Klein has his own interesting thoughts on why Hillary is involved with the recount. 

Artists’ Free Speech Rights at Stake in Washington Florist Case

Trump delivers one for workers. 

Why is this man even being considered as the new DNC Chairman?   Apparently, there is another choice.  Has the DNC looked at the results of this election?  Do they really think either of these candidates will bring the democrats home?  It is no wonder they lost and will continue to lose.

Was there any doubt that Nancy Pelosi would be re-elected minority leader?

Betsy McCaughey has an opinion piece on the looming replacement of Supreme Court Justice Scaliain the NY Sun and an interview on Fox Business News regarding Obamacare.  As we mentioned earlier this week, former Lt. Gov. McCaughey will be one of our CPPAC speakers in January at the Radisson Hotel in Albany.  The registration form is here

Millions in city taxes are wasted on unused public school spaces

California has really gone off the deep end with this idea

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams…a must read!