Daily Update

Wow, Assemblyman Gjonaj, just won re-election and already he is telling his constituents that he would rather be in the NYC Council.  I guess to him, it really is all about the money. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo is playing Santa Clause with our money.

What is it with elected officials urging people to disregard their responsibility

Nicole Gelinas writes that De Blasio’s horse carriage ‘fake news’ is creating chaos. 

This is what happens when you have no idea what government’s role should be.  Seriously, Mayor de Blasio?  Tax dollars should be spent in keeping citizens safe, making sure transportation is safe and reliable, babies are not being scalded to death in city housing, students have what they need, being “stressed” over the election results is trivial in the light of real problems that tax dollars should be directed to. 

E. J. McMahon writes in Crain’s NY Business that Wage hike is silent jobs killer

The Auburnpub.com calls out Governor Cuomo’s hypocrisy!

Follow the money…, then deny that you do.  The Governor seems to have the same modus operandi. 

President Obama’s narcissism is even worse than we thought. 

One of These 21 Men and Women Will Be Trump’s First Supreme Court Pick. 

How Donald Trump Can Put an End to Sanctuary Cities

Dr. Stein. it is time to let go

Monday’s with Robert Knight.