Weekly Wrap-Up

“Fake News” – it’s the hottest catchphrase in America right now, the liberals’ diagnosis of all that is wrong with our nation. It boils down to this: Any commentary, news story or data that the left doesn’t like is “fake.” 

The Washington Free Beacon has an impressive overview of this new left-wing phenomenon and the absurdity of the liberals’ cry for honesty. 

And the left’s new crusaders against “fake news” couldn’t be more laughable: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid


Obama even had the audacity to decry “fake news” to Rolling Stone magazine, a purveyor of one of the most outlandish and hurtful “fake news” stories in recent history. 

But Obama, Clinton et al are giving the liberal media a run for their money. 

Remember when Obama claimed he didn’t know about Hillary’s personal email or server? Fake

Did you hear Obama’s claim this week that he’s kept America safe from terrorism? Fake.

And then there’s Obama’s infamous claim that under Obamacare, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Fake

Remember when Hillary claimed she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire? Fake.

How about when Hillary got the word out that she had turned over all of her emails… fake.

Remember when Team Hillary broke the news that the Benghazi attacks were caused by a YouTube video? Fake.

And who can forget in 2012, when Harry Reid spread the news story that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay taxes? Fake. (Good riddance to him, indeed.)

Other liberals are joining in the fun, too. Mayor de Blasio is jumping on the bandwagon about hate crimes skyrocketing in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. You guessed it – fake

Which of these liberal fake news stories do you think is the most outrageous? That’s Question One in our new Weekly Poll. 

Of course, Hillary and the Democrats think they are the ones who should be able to determine what is “fake news” and what’s not. Hillary says, “It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.” Harry Reid says, “Much of the responsibility for separating what is real and what is fake will fall on Democrats.” 

Why do you think the Clinton/Obama liberals want to seize more control over the news coverage you are able to see?  That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Of course, the media is complicit in all of this. They seem willing to surrender their freedom to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – and biased news outlets have relentlessly pushed the liberals’ fake news stories. 

At this point, which major news outlet do you find the LEAST trustworthy? 

I look forward to seeing people’s answers on this third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

Have a great weekend!