Daily Update

In case you missed Congressman Peter King last night on Fox News, here is what he said:   Canceled intel briefing on alleged Russian interference in US election is ‘disgraceful’

Nearly half of de Blasio’s Renewal schools did even worse this year...but,  as usual,  Mayor de Blasio is in denial. 

The National Review sounds off on Mayor de Blasio’s lawless data-destruction plan. 

Teen made up story about anti-Muslim attack on subway.  And her sister is making things worse…this case illustrates how the media exploits its agenda as it did in 1987 in the Tawana Brawley case.  Is case you doubt the left’s media agenda, read this.

Hillary’s “people” are now blaming Huma. 

This one article makes the case for changing the tax code.

Hmmmm, how could this happen?  Of course, the elections commissioner is surprised about too many votes in 37% of precincts!

Obama, just cannot let go!   ‘11th hour power grab’: Obama mandates state funding for Planned Parenthood.  

File this under “good news”:   Wheeler to step down as FCC chairman

And file this under “good news” also:  Loretta Lynch Admits Blanket Pardon For Dreamers Is Impossible.

Dennis Prager:  Just say Merry Christmas!

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