Daily Update

In 43 days we will no longer have to listen to the arrogant insulting remarks of Josh Earnest who has absolutely no concept of the sacrifices made by all our members of the Armed Services that have guaranteed his right to be an arrogant insulting White House Press Secretary.  

Earnest most likely would not even take the time to watch and appreciate this Fox News piece, nor would he understand why it is so moving.   December 7, 1941. 

The NY Post remembers.  The Washington Times shows respect.   Craig Shirley does the same in today’s Daily Signal. 

The Conservative Party offers profound respect and gratitude to all who have served throughout our history and to their families who have also sacrificed far too much.

Businessmen found Pentagon waste,  expect President-elect Trump to do his best to get rid of government waste as he promised and has he has made it clear he means to by doing this

As V-P elect Mike Pence says:  Buckle up for the first 100 days

We agree with Congress, Justice Clarence Thomas should be in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

President Obama is still using that executive pen…does he realize President-Elect Trump has an eraser? 

Eric Shawn reports: A plea to Trump to bring killers back from Cuba. 

Trump’s reported EPA head is good news for those of us that think the EPA is out of control. 

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com:  Whoa: Liberals Mull Scheme to Temporarily Seize Control of Senate, Confirm Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee

A day late with Thomas Sowell’s column.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams