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Daily Update

It is no wonder that the millennials whine about everything….they take the lead from President Obama who is whining about the fact that he could not control Fox News in the same manner he controlled the rest of the media. 

The Sheriff of Wall Street is staying and that is not good news for those who think they are above the law. 

New York Attorney General Ordered to Release Climate-Change Pact. 

President-elect Trump please end this nonsense. The Washington Free Beacon has more on this nonsensical government waste.

Will President Trump Force Cuba to Return Convicted Cop Killer Assata Shakur?   The Cuban government responded to Christie’s request (to return Joanne Chesimard)  by saying they have the right to protect politically persecuted people inside their country and refused to turn over Shakur. Obama didn’t ask for her return as part of normalization, despite requests from a number of law enforcement organizations.

Even the Green Party Has Turned Against Jill Stein

The Daily Signal writes about setting the record straight on Detroit charter schools. 

Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr, opines on why City Hall must stop denying space to great new schools. 

This is progress??  Human embryo experiment shows progress toward ‘three-parent’ babiesThis is not progress, it is dehumanizing the amazing concept of two individuals creating a life. 

What happens when opposing views clash?  New York will lose…unless President-elect Trump comes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s rescue. 

Fresh proof that expanding casinos is a sucker’s bet

Charlie Kirk writes about time spent on the presidential trail with Donald Trump, Jr. 

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