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2022 Legislative Memo calling for passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco


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2022 Legislative MemoIn Support of  9095 Byrne / S. 8656 Tedisco

 Purpose:  A concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly proposing an amendment to section 1 of article 2 of the constitution, in relation to allowing only citizens to vote at elections.

Party Position: This proposed amendment to the New York State Constitution, when passed by the voters of New York, will provide that the right to vote is reserved only for law-abiding citizens who meet the requirements to vote in New York State.

Allowing non-citizens the privilege of voting diminishes the voting power of those who are born in America and those who have chosen the process to become American citizens.

Some of the requirements to become an American citizen are to establish residency where they intend to apply, live in the US for a certain number of years as a green card holder, have a basic understanding of English, both spoken and written, as well as demonstrating knowledge of history and government, and to have a good moral character.

New York State has welcomed untold numbers of people wanting to live in America; New Yorkers are proud of the diversity of the residents who chose to live in New York.

New York’s residents must be given the opportunity to amend our constitution to make it perfectly clear that only citizens have the right to vote in our great state.

This proposed amendment seeks to supersede any effort to expand the right to vote to non-citizens at the local level.

If you, the elected members of the legislature, truly believe that you speak for the people of New York about a decision as important as allowing non-citizens the right to vote, you should allow the people of New York decide.  The first step is to pass this proposed amendment this year and again next year.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges the passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco.

LM 2022-003

2022 Legislative Memo…In Opposition to S. 8949-Krueger – Governor Program Bill #13

2022 Legislative Memo…In Opposition to

 S.8949-Krueger – Governor Program Bill #13

 Purpose:  This bill would permit a person designated as a candidate for nomination or for party position, or nominated for an office, to decline the nomination when the person has been arrested or charged with one or more misdemeanors or felonies, either by the filing of an accusatory instrument in state court or by the filing of a criminal complaint or indictment in federal court. Additionally, the bill permits declination when the person has been convicted of one or more misdemeanors or felonies under state or federal law. The qualifying circumstances to be eligible for declination under this section must occur after such person’s designation or nomination for office.

Party Position:  Election Law in New York State is quite clear on when a candidate can decline a nomination to any public or party office.  This bill is a blatant attempt to change Election Law to allow former Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin’s name to be removed from the Certificate of Nomination and Designation filed by the State Democratic Committee following their nominating convention held on February 17, 2022.

Brian Benjamin was sworn in as the Lieutenant Governor of New York State on September 9, 2021 and served until April 12, 2022 just hours after he was indicted by federal prosecutors in Manhattan on five corruption-related charges that alleged he attempted to trade a state grant for campaign contributions while serving as a state Senator.

Kathy Hochul was sworn in as governor at the stroke of midnight, August 24, 2021, when disgraced Andrew Cuomo’s resignation took effect.  In her remarks later in the day, the first ever woman governor in New York state vowed to always be “direct, straight-talking and decisive.”

Gov. Hochul’s vetting process for Lt. Governor was either profoundly shallow if a pending federal prosecution was not discovered or purely political to “balance” the democratic ticket.  Either way, Governor Program Bill #13, is an unconcealed attempt to do an end run around her lack of judgement in nominating Brian Benjamin in the first place.

The Democratic State Committee also had a moral obligation to properly vet both candidates prior to their nomination.

Now the members of the New York State Legislature are poised to change Election Law due to the lack of due diligence of all involved in the nomination and designation of the candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor by the State Democratic Party in 2022.

The democrats in the State Senate and State Assembly, beholden themselves to the Democrat Party, are poised to, yet again, cover for the corruption that permeates New York State.  Shame on them.

The Conservative Party of New York State firmly opposes this pending legislation.

LM 2022-002

Legislative Memo Opposed to Absentee Ballots

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 2022 Legislative Memo…
 In Opposition to
S7565-B Biaggi (on Election Committee Agenda 1-10-2022)

 Purpose of Bill:  To allow voters who are concerned about voting in-person due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to request an absentee ballot through December 31, 2022.

Party Position:  On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, the voters of New York State soundly defeated the statewide ballot Proposition 4 “No Excuse Absentee Voting.”  This bill seeks to override the will of New York State Voters.

Voters are currently allowed to request an absentee ballot, for a variety of reasons.  Illness, physical disability, care-taking responsibilities, are a resident at a veteran health administration hospital, which are legitimate reasons to request an absentee ballot.

This bill seeks to allow until December 31, 2022 a person to request an absentee ballot to those who are concerned about the risk of voting in person.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic almost 2 years ago, prevention and treatment have advanced to a point that people have the means to protect themselves in their everyday lives.

When voters could only vote on election day, the voting polls were crowded at times and people would have to stand on long lines in order to exercise their civic duty. However, New York State has early voting that people can take advantage of; gone are the days that only one day is possible to vote.

The Conservative Party of New York State strongly opposes A 7565-B as it willfully seeks to override the fact that New York voters rejected this statewide ballot proposal just last November.

LM 001-2022

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Biden Administration Inviting United Nations ‘Racism Envoy’ to U.S.

For Immediate Release
July 15, 2021
Contact:  Shaun Marie
518-356-7882   @cpnys

Statement from New York State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar on Biden Administration Inviting United Nations ‘Racism Envoy’ to U.S. 

Brooklyn, NY – “The Biden Administration is determined to embarrass America in the eyes of the world, hand a propaganda victory to our adversaries, and stir deeper racial divisions among us.

“Why else would the Biden State Department choose to invite the United Nation’s socialist Racism and Human Rights Envoy to the U.S. to ‘collect information’ on racial injustice, reparations, police reform, and critical race theory in U.S. classrooms?

“Americans well understand their past and don’t need to be lectured on it by foreign U.N. officials. What’s important to us is our continuing march toward becoming that ‘shining city on the hill’ for all Americans, as President Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it.

“The Democratic Party, rooted in slavery, never stops trying to divide us for political gain. It should leave yesterday alone and start focusing on today. It could start by knocking off the anti-cop rhetoric and policies that have created a new national crime wave.”


LM 2021 – 001 Opposition to creating the office of ‘New York Office of Cannabis Management’


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2021 Legislative Memo…

 In Opposition to…

 A. 1248-A Peoples-Stokes 854-A Krueger

Purpose of Bill:  The purpose of this bill is to establish a new Office of Cannabis Management for the regulation of cannabis, to create a regulated and taxed cannabis industry in New York and to provide for various social and economic justice initiatives related thereto.

Party Position:  The Conservative Party of NYS is adamantly opposed to this bill that seeks to provide for the lawful possession, use and personal growth of cannabis – marijuana – for adult-use of cannabis that is still currently a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. 

 It would allow plants to be grown in the home with different stages of growth; and allow for 5 pounds of cannabis in the home and up to 3 ounces outside.

Marijuana use has increased when legalized in other states because it is available and when it is legalized kids and adolescents believe it is harmless, while science has proven it contributes to psychosis and schizophrenia, and sadly it reduces the IQ of those who start using the drug before age 18.

Traffic injuries and fatalities have increased in states that have legalized the use of cannabis, i.e. Colorado.

Second-hand smoke presents another major concern.

Instead of ending the black-market sales of illegal cannabis; black-market sales have increased in states that adopted similar bills as users look for ways to avoid the taxes the state will collect.

Do we truly want to educate our children on the profits of a drug that is considered a gateway drug?

The public costs of cannabis legalization will increase also, for every $1 of tax revenue in alcohol and tobacco tax revenues, society loses $10 in social costs according to SAM-Smart Approaches to Marijuana – the Top 10 Messages Against Legalization.

The Conservative Party urges a no vote on this bill that sends a message to the youth of New York that getting high on marijuana is harmless, funds their schools and will have no long-term effects.  Nothing could be further from the truth.


In Support of Limiting the Governor’s State of Emergency Powers Over Localities


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 2020 Legislative Memo…

  In Support of Limiting the Governor’s State of Emergency Powers Over Localities

 When New Yorkers were asked to flatten the curve of the horrendous coronavirus crisis by staying home, New Yorkers responded to the call and stayed home.  Government told us what to do.  The legislature gave Governor Andrew Cuomo full control and he proceeded to issue shutdown mandate(s) that have paralyzed the entire state, while the epicenter is and has been New York City.

The recently introduced legislation by the Republican Minority in the NYS Assembly seeks to ensure all future state-of-emergency declarations be done on a county-by-county basis and only remain in place for 30 days, with the possibility of being extend by 15 days by the governor.  Any further extension would require legislative approval.

This bill also allows local county or city leaders to request the state of emergency be lifted from their county; should a governor refuse, this bill requires the governor to explain his decision.

The proposal also reinforces that the US Constitution that provides freedom of speech, assembly, worship in stating that any executive order that prevents any fundamental constitutional right be subject to judicial review.

The Conservative Party urges the passage of this proposed bill immediately.

LM 2020-004