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Statement From NYS Conservative Party

January 25, 2024
Contact: Bill O'Reilly, 212-396-9117


Brooklyn, NY…The New York State Conservative Party today released its 2024 Legislative Program and priorities which call for, among other things, lowering spending and taxes, abolishing cashless bail, ending sanctuary cities, supporting parental rights, and preserving existing, court-ordered legislative boundaries.

The Conservative Party publicly submits its agenda each year to make clear its positions and priorities for the annual legislative session in Albany. A link to the complete 2024 Legislative Program is available here.

“The Conservative Party has never been ambiguous about its beliefs,” said State Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar. “This party stands for personal freedoms, constitutional rights, free and fair markets, public safety, and, above all, limited government. In every one of those categories, Governor Hochul’s New York has failed.  Under this governor, and single-party Democrat rule, New York is more expensive, less safe, uncompetitive, and far less free. Is it any wonder that more than 1.3 million people — more than six percent of the population — have left this state under the last two Democrat governors alone?”

Priorities for the 2024 legislative session include:

  • Preserving legally drawn congressional and state senate lines from 2022;

  • Ending sanctuary cities and prohibiting non-citizen voting;

  • Requiring all law enforcement agencies to hold any person in our state illegally for federal law enforcement officials;

  • Repealing so-called criminal justice reforms that have brought crime and chaos into our communities;

  • Safeguarding the rights of citizens to use natural gas in their homes and in new construction;

  • Repealing same-day voting to preserve the integrity of elections;

  • Restoring the right of parents to decide what’s best for their children in schools;

  • Repealing the regressive Congestion Pricing Tax;

  • Establishing term limits for state elected office holders;

  • Passing a Constitutional Amendment establishing Initiative and Referendum and Recall;

  • Prohibiting the use of tax dollars to prevent or end a pregnancy;

  • Fully funding and supporting law enforcement and restoring effective crime-fighting techniques;

  • Protecting home-rule status for local zoning laws;

  • Defeating the so-called Equal Rights ballot amendment that will strip away parental rights;

  • Supporting the Supreme Court’s “concealed carry” guarantee;

  • Opposing any personal income tax increases and efforts to reinstate a stock transfer tax;

  • Adopting a Constitutional Amendment that would require that the NYS Budget be strictly limited to budget items and not programs;

  • Opposing assisted-suicide and supporting palliative care for terminally ill patients;

  • Ending so-called “safe injection sites” and opposing the recreational use of all drugs, including psychedelic/hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Abolishing the divisive Reparations Commission;

  • Prohibiting unelected bureaucrats and commissions from making state laws;

  • Classifying all Emergency Medical Services an essential service;

  • Allowing school districts to have armed personnel and to provide proper firearm training for them;

  • Ending “free” college tuition and opposing efforts to forgive student loans, and

  • Making all higher education available on-line to reduce exorbitant college costs.

“Under this governor and Democrat-led legislature, New Yorkers are reeling from taxes, crime, illegal immigration, government corruption, and a dearth of good-paying jobs,” Mr. Kassar continued. “But things don’t have to remain this way. With proper, common-sense leadership, rather than unchecked progressivism, New York could thrive again. It will be up to the voters in November to begin taking their state back.”


NYS Conservative Party Recommends a NO Vote on 2023 Statewide Ballot Issues

Conservative Party of New York State Recommends a NO Vote on 2023 Statewide Ballot Issues

Brooklyn, NY – The NYS Conservative Party is recommending a No vote on the two statewide ballot issues on the November 7, 2023 ballot, noted Chairman Gerard Kassar earlier today.  The Conservative Party has always considered the fiscal impact of ballot questions, in addition to impending serious need, and has concluded the fiscal impact of these two ballot questions exceed the long-term benefit and will place additional financial burdens on New York taxpayers.

Proposal Number One, An Amendment:

The proposed amendment to Article 8 section 4 of the Constitution removed the special constitutional debt limitation now placed on small city school districts, so they will be treated the same as all other school districts. Shall the proposed amendment be approved? 

Currently the small school districts are limited to 5% of the taxable real estate in the district (there are exceptions to certain expenses); this proposal could double the limit to 10%.  The Conservative Party recommends a NO vote.

Proposal Number Two, An Amendment:

The Constitution limits the debt counties, cities, towns and villages can incur.  This debt limit does not include debt for sewage treatment and disposal construction projects.  The sewer debt exception expires on January 1, 2024.  This amendment extends the sewer debt exception for ten more years until January 1, 2034. The proposal amends section 5 of article 8 of the Constitution. 

This indebtedness has occurred since 1962, renewed each time by a Constitutional Amendment allowing the legislature to prescribe the method by which and the terms and conditions under which the amount of any such indebtedness to be excluded shall be determined, and no such indebtedness shall be excluded except in accordance with such determination.  

Since indebtedness is left to the legislature, taxpayers have little to no control or knowledge as to the indebtedness they are incurring; there is no cap on the costs or what would need to be covered.  The Conservative Party recommends a NO vote.


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2023 Legislative Memo…IN OPPOSITION TO… Medical Aid in Dying Act

S. 2445 Hoylman-Sigal               A. 995 Paulin

Bill Purpose: To provide that a mentally competent, terminally ill patient may request medication to be self-administered for the purpose of hastening the patient’s death provided the requirements set forth in the act are met; provides certain protections and immunities to health care providers and other persons, including a physician who prescribes medication in compliance with the provisions of the article to the terminally ill patient to be self-administered by the patient. 

Party Position: Nothing is more heart wrenching than knowing your loved one will suffer unbearable pain when they are diagnosed with a disease that medical experts cannot cure.  Your loved one does not want to reach the point where the debilitating effects leave them with little dignity.  

The Medical Aid in Dying Act seeks to change New York’s law to allow health care providers to prescribe medication for your loved one to self-administer said drugs if they are terminally ill and mentally competent.  Who decides if the patient is mentally competent?  It is a crucial component of the proposed bill.

When any one is given a diagnosis that implies death is imminent, it is natural to be terrified of the future.  It is also natural for one to want to control as much of what is left of their lives as possible. However, some people become so depressed at the thought of dying they are not mentally competent to decide.  The proposed bill does not ensure that the health care providers provide the best care to their patients to keep them comfortable, with as little pain as possible, rather it allows health care providers to provide medicine to die. 

Medicine has changed.  The Hippocratic Oath is obsolete.  While most health care providers enter the medical field to help patients, there are far too many who have an agenda, Jack Kevorkian, the infamous euthanasia proponent, has many followers.  

The Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) Act is today’s Pandora’s Box.  Canada’s Supreme Court gave the government until June 6, 2016, to create a new law. In June 2016, the Parliament of Canada passed federal legislation that allows eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying. 

In just seven years, Canada’s MAiD law has degenerated to euthanizing its sick and poor.  Guy Benson wrote on December 6, 2022 that Canada’s Euthanasia “Slippery Slope’ Is Real and Horrifying.   Sadly, two bioethicists recently wrote in the Journal of Medical Ethics that patients who choose MAiD know what they are doing … do they really… and their choices must be respected. It isn’t only Canada’s slippery slope, every state/country who adopted MAiD has loosened the original requirements. 

Life is precious, and every effort must be made to protect patients from choosing to end it on their terms. The choice to refuse treatment is always theirs and with palliative care, one will be as comfortable as possible.

CPNYS strongly opposes the Medical Aid in Dying Act’ and urges a NO vote on the pending legislation.

LM 2023 004


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2023 Legislative MemoIn Support of

A.6444 -Santabarbara

Purpose:  Relates to prohibiting the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024; provides that such prohibition will not apply to any interest in agricultural land held by a foreign adversary prior to such date or any federally recognized Indian tribe or its government units and enterprises; defines terms.

Party Position: The New York State Conservative Party will always stand by the rights of the Constitution and protect American land from foreign adversaries as defined by the Department of Commerce. Ensuring United States and New York land goes to Americans and not foreign adversaries should not be a partisan issue. This bill aims to prohibit the acquisition or transfer of agricultural land by foreign adversaries after January 1, 2024. As conservatives, we believe that this bill is crucial to protecting the interests of American farmers and safeguarding our national security.

Agriculture is a vital industry in the United States, and it is essential that we protect our nation’s agricultural resources from foreign adversaries who may seek to exploit them. By preventing these adversaries from acquiring or transferring agricultural land, we can ensure that our nation’s farmers have the resources they need to continue producing food for our citizens.

Furthermore, as conservatives, we believe in protecting our national security. Allowing foreign adversaries to acquire agricultural land in the United States could pose a significant threat to our nation’s security. By preventing these acquisitions, we can prevent potential espionage and other security risks that may arise.

LM 2023-002


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2023 Legislative Memo… In Support of

A. 5301 – Slater

Purpose: To protect New York State and the United States of America’s interests from foreign governments, entities and non-citizen individuals.

Party Position: As noted in the Preamble of the US Constitution, one of the primary responsibilities of government is to protect its citizens. Our state constitution is also charged with protecting people from local threats.

New York State has several areas that citizens rely on to provide its citizens with protection from her enemies; unfortunately, lately our enemies (as defined by the Department of State) are looking to obtain real property near such entities for probable nefarious reasons.

It is the responsibility of the Members of the NYS Legislature to make certain that our government buildings and military bases, as well as any other similar entities designed to protect New Yorkers, and in fact, all of America’s citizens, remain free of foreign countries being able to purchase nearby land or any other means of putting our citizens in danger.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges every elected legislator to place the long term safety of New Yorkers (and all Americans) above the acquisition of real property by foreign countries and entities that the Department of State identifies as places of particular concern.

New York, in its infancy, played a major role in making America the best country in the world; our form of government “by the People” acknowledges that “we the People” will protect our citizens. Now 234 years later, this legislative body must pass this legislation to maintain their commitment to the people who duly elected them and keep them and all Americans as safe as possible.

LM 2023-001

Statement From New York State Conservative Party  Chairman Gerard Kassar On Spectrum Gubernatorial Debate 

Contact: Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117
October 26, 2022

Brooklyn, NY – “I had the pleasure of attending last night’s debate at Pace University, and I was struck by how Governor Hochul lacked basic answers about major challenges facing New York families. Mrs. Hochul had no answer about her $600 million taxpayer giveaway to a billionaire sports team owner; she had no answers about the crime epidemic caused by no-cash-bail — she even expressed surprise that crime is such an important issue to New Yorkers! — she had no answers when asked about her very Andrew-Cuomo-like pay-to-play practices, and she had no answers on the nursing home scandal that left thousands of New Yorkers dead.

“Lee Zeldin, in contrast, was informative, crisp, and passionate, offering clear solutions to New York’s woes. Mr. Zeldin offered specific policy steps to lower crime, reduce New York’s nation-leading tax burden, and to cut mandates to grow the economy.

“With 12 days to go before the election, it’s clear that challenger Lee Zeldin has the vision, backbone, and integrity to guide this state forward. Governor Hochul has nothing.”


Legislative Memo IN OPPOSITION TO… A. 6678-E Walker   S. 1046-E Myrie

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 2022 Legislative Memo


A. 6678-E Walker   S. 1046-E Myrie

TITLE:  An act to amend the election law, in relation to establishing the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New York, establishing rights of action for denying or abridging of the right of any member of a protected class to vote, providing assistance to language-minority groups, requiring certain political subdivision to receive preclearance for potential violations of the NYVRA, and creating civil liability for voter intimidation.

PARTY POSITION:  The accompanying legislative support memo states that the purpose of this bill is to encourage participation in the elective franchise of all eligible voters to the maximum extent, to eligible voters who are members of racial, ethnic, and language-minority groups shall have an equal opportunity to participate in the political process of the State of New York, and especially to exercise the elective franchise; to improve the quality and availability of demographic and election data and to protect eligible voters against intimidation and deceptive practices.

Voting in New York State has never been easier.  Ballots are printed in many languages; early voting takes place for a full 10 days prior to election day, every effort is currently made to be completely inclusive and encouraging to voters.

Simply put this proposal is a method to resolve a problem that does not exist.  It seeks to change a system that has elected a diverse representation that reflects the diversity of New York State.

The proposal would impose civil penalties based on numerous perceived violations.

This proposed bill is unmanageable, extremely expensive and unnecessary.

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this proposal that seeks to provide a “protected class” that Election Law already protects.

LM 2022-007

2022 Legislative Memo IN OPPOSITION TO…  S. 9407-B Kavanagh A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

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 2022 Legislative Memo


 S. 9407-B Kavanagh     A. 10497 Rules (Jacobson)

 Title:  An act to amend the penal law, the general business law and the executive law, in relation to the unlawful purchase and unlawful sale or delivery of a body vest.

Party Position: This proposed bill creates two new sections of Penal Law that seeks to make it unlawful to purchase a body vest when, “not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, they knowingly purchase or take possession of a body vest.”  People who are not eligible to purchase a body vest would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor the first time, and a class E felony on subsequent offenses.  The same penalty would be imposed on the seller or a person who exchanges, gives or disposes of a body vest.

The General Business Law is amended to create a violation punishable by a fine up to $5,000 for the first violation and up to $10,000 for subsequent violations.

Although the Party can conceptional support regulating body armor, ordinary citizens are looking for lawful ways to keep their families and themselves protected from the violent crime rates that, unfortunately, continue to rise.  We are concerned that this proposed bill, which is overly broad, would hamper the ability of everyday people from purchasing similar protection for themselves and their families.

The Conservative Party urges a no vote on this bill.

LM  2022-006

2022 Legislative Memo in opposition to expanding abortion to non New York State residents

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 2022 Legislative Memo


A10094-A Burdick/S 9039-A Biaggi

A.10372-A Rules (Lavine)/S 9077-Krueger

Party Position:

Each of these proposed bills expand the act of aborting an unborn child.

A. 10094/S. 9039 seeks to grant those who travel to New York state for the purpose of obtaining an abortion the “rights” of a citizen of New York state. Known as the “FIRE HATE” (freedom from interference with reproductive and endocrine health advocacy and travel exercise act). It seeks to circumvent the jurisdiction of Courts outside of the State of New York to restrict their state citizens from traveling to New York to exercise the “rights” provided to New York citizens.

A. 10372-A/S. 9077-A seeks to provide legal protections to abortion providers. Similar to the above, the bill seeks to prohibit courts from cooperating with out-of-state civil and criminal cases that stem from abortions that took place legally within New York state.  It also seeks judicial protections by prohibiting law enforcement from cooperating with any anti-abortion states; investigations regarding abortions that took place legally.  It also prevents extradition of abortion providers.

New York allows abortions through all stages of pregnancy almost up until the birth of an innocent unborn child.  It is incomprehensible to allow abortions to be preformed on out-of-state residents, and certainly to not allow New York’s taxpayers to pay for abortions for out-of-staters.

The Conservative Party of New York State is a pro-life Party that believes an unborn child has a right-to-life.

We strongly oppose these bills and any bills that seeks to end the life of an unborn, innocent child.

LM 2022-005

2022 Legislative Memo in Opposition to local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.


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2022 Legislative Memo


 S.6197-C Skoufis A. 8560-C Paulin

Purpose:  Provides that all certain local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.

Party Position:  All politics are local is a much-used phrase used in the art of politics.  It is a known fact that local elections are the closest to the population in city, towns and villages, as these elections have a direct impact.  It is the local elections that has an immediate and long-term impact on residents.

This proposed bill seeks to “fix” an issue that isn’t broken.  There is no confusion in the current system of holding certain village, town and other elections in odd-numbered years.  Voter turnout is shaped by issues, for example, people in villages, towns and other election districts, know that their local mayor or town council member has little influence or ability to curb inflation, but can help with a street light on a corner that has far too many accidents.  If a corner needs a street light, there is always a large turnout.

The failed progressive policies put forth by former Governor Cuomo, followed and enhanced by Governor Kathy Hochul and passed by the Democrat-controlled Legislature are being rejected by New Yorkers.

This proposed bill is just another power grab by Governor Kathy Hochul and the Democratic members of the Legislature to maintain their extremely tight grip on all political levels in New York State.

This proposed bill does not address how current office holders are affected and if it becomes law, it would be effective immediately.  It is a poorly written bill that only seeks to seize power with this disparaging and most likely unconstitutional scheme.

Democrats should take political advisor Bert Lance’s advice, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The Conservative Party is strongly opposed to S. 6197-C/A8560-C.


/ In Legislative Memos / By Shaun Marie / Comments Off on 2022 Legislative Memo in Opposition to local elections held outside of New York City shall be held on election day in November in even-numbered years.

2022 Legislative Memo calling for passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco


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2022 Legislative MemoIn Support of  9095 Byrne / S. 8656 Tedisco

 Purpose:  A concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly proposing an amendment to section 1 of article 2 of the constitution, in relation to allowing only citizens to vote at elections.

Party Position: This proposed amendment to the New York State Constitution, when passed by the voters of New York, will provide that the right to vote is reserved only for law-abiding citizens who meet the requirements to vote in New York State.

Allowing non-citizens the privilege of voting diminishes the voting power of those who are born in America and those who have chosen the process to become American citizens.

Some of the requirements to become an American citizen are to establish residency where they intend to apply, live in the US for a certain number of years as a green card holder, have a basic understanding of English, both spoken and written, as well as demonstrating knowledge of history and government, and to have a good moral character.

New York State has welcomed untold numbers of people wanting to live in America; New Yorkers are proud of the diversity of the residents who chose to live in New York.

New York’s residents must be given the opportunity to amend our constitution to make it perfectly clear that only citizens have the right to vote in our great state.

This proposed amendment seeks to supersede any effort to expand the right to vote to non-citizens at the local level.

If you, the elected members of the legislature, truly believe that you speak for the people of New York about a decision as important as allowing non-citizens the right to vote, you should allow the people of New York decide.  The first step is to pass this proposed amendment this year and again next year.

The Conservative Party of New York State urges the passage of A.9095-Byrne/S.8656-Tedisco.

LM 2022-003

2022 Legislative Memo…In Opposition to S. 8949-Krueger – Governor Program Bill #13

2022 Legislative Memo…In Opposition to

 S.8949-Krueger – Governor Program Bill #13

 Purpose:  This bill would permit a person designated as a candidate for nomination or for party position, or nominated for an office, to decline the nomination when the person has been arrested or charged with one or more misdemeanors or felonies, either by the filing of an accusatory instrument in state court or by the filing of a criminal complaint or indictment in federal court. Additionally, the bill permits declination when the person has been convicted of one or more misdemeanors or felonies under state or federal law. The qualifying circumstances to be eligible for declination under this section must occur after such person’s designation or nomination for office.

Party Position:  Election Law in New York State is quite clear on when a candidate can decline a nomination to any public or party office.  This bill is a blatant attempt to change Election Law to allow former Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin’s name to be removed from the Certificate of Nomination and Designation filed by the State Democratic Committee following their nominating convention held on February 17, 2022.

Brian Benjamin was sworn in as the Lieutenant Governor of New York State on September 9, 2021 and served until April 12, 2022 just hours after he was indicted by federal prosecutors in Manhattan on five corruption-related charges that alleged he attempted to trade a state grant for campaign contributions while serving as a state Senator.

Kathy Hochul was sworn in as governor at the stroke of midnight, August 24, 2021, when disgraced Andrew Cuomo’s resignation took effect.  In her remarks later in the day, the first ever woman governor in New York state vowed to always be “direct, straight-talking and decisive.”

Gov. Hochul’s vetting process for Lt. Governor was either profoundly shallow if a pending federal prosecution was not discovered or purely political to “balance” the democratic ticket.  Either way, Governor Program Bill #13, is an unconcealed attempt to do an end run around her lack of judgement in nominating Brian Benjamin in the first place.

The Democratic State Committee also had a moral obligation to properly vet both candidates prior to their nomination.

Now the members of the New York State Legislature are poised to change Election Law due to the lack of due diligence of all involved in the nomination and designation of the candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor by the State Democratic Party in 2022.

The democrats in the State Senate and State Assembly, beholden themselves to the Democrat Party, are poised to, yet again, cover for the corruption that permeates New York State.  Shame on them.

The Conservative Party of New York State firmly opposes this pending legislation.

LM 2022-002